Australia; Globalist and Ecologically Insane By Brian Simpson

     If the coronavirus, or the next big one is any guide, Australia due to its globalism and deracination, will simply be open to wide contamination. Maybe a good plague might wake up those who survive, but I doubt it:

“Australia's gateways, major tourist destinations, universities and suburbs in Sydney and Melbourne with large numbers of Chinese have emerged as the frontline in the fight against deadly coronavirus. Authorities are closely watching key meeting places around the country for signs of outbreaks as the World Health Organisation declares a global public health emergency. Fears are held thousands of Australians could have been unwittingly exposed to the virus in airplanes, restaurants and shopping centres by nine confirmed infected patients. And every week up to 49,000 people are landing in Australia on 167 flights from China, where 170 are dead and more than 7,700 infected. Many of those arriving are heading to holidays spots such as the Gold Coast, visiting family and friends in suburban Sydney and Melbourne or returning to east coast universities. But first they must come through the international airports, where checks have already been rolled out for those arriving from all Chinese cities.

The Australian cities hit hardest so far by coronavirus are the three most popular tourist destinations for Chinese tourists: Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. Four people in Sydney, three in Melbourne, and two on the Gold Coast have been struck down with the deadly virus which emerged from China in recent weeks. Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane airports welcome 90 per cent of Chinese visitors to Australia and those cities - in that order - host the most Chinese university students. Public concern about coronavirus in Australia has centred on places where those who have recently travelled from China are most likely to have passed through or congregate. Sydney's Hurstville, Chatswood and Burwood and Melbourne's Box Hill and Glen Waverley have some of the highest concentrations of Chinese-Australians. Victoria's Department of Health and Human Services is gathering information on potential coronavirus public exposure sites after a third case surfaced in that state. Thousands of people could have already been exposed to coronavirus by Australia's nine confirmed infected patients in three states. Each one flew in from Wuhan in China's Hubei province where the outbreak began, on planes packed with hundreds of potential victims. China is Australia's largest source of tourists and the top tourism destinations for visitors are Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. Tourism Australia figures reveal 1,442,341 visits from China to Australia in the past year. The three biggest eastern seaboard capital city airports account for 151 of the 167 flights from China to Australia each week. Sydney takes 83, Melbourne 52 and Brisbane 16, followed by Cairns with six, Adelaide and Perth with four and two into Darwin.”

     Ok, reading between the lines, we get it. But, isn’t a nation with freedom and a great brain,  taking better protective action?

“Health Minister Yaakov Litzman on Thursday said Israel will not allow further flights into the country from China amid concerns over the spread of the deadly new coronavirus. Speaking at a press conference at the Health Ministry, Litzman said the ban would remain in effect until further notice. Litzman also said Israelis who visit China will need to be quarantined at home for two weeks. Those asked to remain at home will receive unpaid vacation time, Litzman added, according to the Kan public broadcaster. It was not immediately clear how authorities would enforce this self-quarantine policy. According to the Ynet news site, an Israeli woman was forcibly quarantined after being hospitalized for a suspected coronavirus outbreak at Tel Hashomer’s Sheba Medical Center. The site also reported that 28 Israelis are among the passengers currently being held in a ship off the Italian coast due to concerns over the virus.”

     It is inconceivable that Australia would ever consider closing its borders, even if millions of people were dying in the streets, because that would be contrary to the globalist spirit.



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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