Nasty Climate Change Mafia By James Reed

     It began with academic critical of the Left/communism in the 1950s, then extended to race theory, and then gender relations, and immigration, but essentially any academic who opposes the globalist aged of the status quo gets smashed. Well, I guess it is slightly better than being shot in the back of the head, USSR style, since the attempt to starve one to death still leaves the option of eating bush food, weeds, dumpster diving, begging and other scrounging, while working in the community library until closing time of 5 p.m.

“A climate advocacy group called Skeptical Science hosts a list of academics that it has labeled “climate misinformers.” The list includes 17 academics and is intended as a blacklist. We know of this intent because one of the principals of Skeptical Science, a blogger named Dana Nuccitelli, said so last Friday, writing of one academic on their list, “if you look at the statements we cataloged and debunked on her [Skeptical Science] page, it should make her unhirable in academia.” That so-called “unhirable” academic is Professor Judy Curry, formerly the chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Tech, and a Fellow of both the American Geophysical Union and American Meteorological Society. By any conventional academic metric, Curry has compiled an impressive record over many decades. The idea that she would be unhirable would seem laughable. But there is nothing funny about Skeptical Science. Today, Curry should be a senior statesperson in the atmospheric sciences community. Instead, she is out of academia. She attributes that, at least in part, to being placed on the Skeptical Science blacklist and its use, as expressed by Nuccitelli, to make her “unhirable.” I asked Professor Curry about this situation. She explained, “In 2012 I was informed by my Dean that the administration wanted me to step down as Chair. While there were several reasons for this, one obvious reason was extreme displeasure by several activist climate scientists who had a very direct pipeline to the Dean.” So Curry stepped down and started looking for administrative positions at other universities, “At the time, I was getting numerous inquiries from academic headhunters encouraging me to apply for major administration positions, ranging from Dean to Vice Chancellor for Research. I applied for several of these, and actually interviewed for two of them. I did not make it to the final short list.”

The headhunter gave Curry the following feedback from the universities: “They thought I was an outstanding candidate, looked excellent on paper, articulated a strong vision, and interviewed very well in person. The show stopper was my public profile in the climate debate, as evidenced by a simple Google search.” Indeed, in my own Google search of “Judy Curry,” and confirmed by others on my Twitter timeline, the Skeptical Science blacklist page for her appears on the first page of Google results, and for me it was the top listing. How can it be that a website, founded by an Australian cartoonist named John Cook and run mainly by volunteer non-academics and amateur scientists, can rise to the position of not just claiming to arbitrate who is and who is not an appropriate hire for universities, but actually fulfilling that role?”    

     This is where so-called science becomes tyrannical, when legitimate academic debate is crushed by the boots of political correctness. Climate Change, even if it was true has taken on all the elements of a fanatical religious cult, and once actionists set out to destroy the careers of dissenting academics, there is no hope left for fair debate. The question remains; what if the establishment is wrong? Will there be apologies? You can bet there will not be. If because of solar events there is a new ice age approaching, the new big thing will be global cooling, and the need for one world to allegedly fight that, as was advocated by many in the 1960s. The globalists have an answer for everything, because that is their job, and they have infinite loot to pay the intellectual grunters to keep churning out the bs.



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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