Rape Genocide: Destroying the Swedish Bloodline By Mrs Vera West

     The assault upon Nordic Europe continues, with news that one in eight Swedish women can be expected to be raped over their lives:

“The Swedish bureau of statistics (BRÅ) has released new shocking data: In 2017  7,320 rapes was reported. That is a 10 percent increase in just one year. There are 5 million women living in Sweden. Taking into account an average lifespan of 84 years this means that 607,320 women will be raped during a woman’s lifetime. In other words, there is a risk of 12 percent – or 1 in 8 – that a female will be raped during her life.”

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Letter to The Editor - The essence of academic freedom within the field of history is the right to challenge previously asserted facts and opinions

To THE AUSTRALIAN          You have published an editorial titled ‘Holocaust must not be denied.’ As you have not published any editorial claiming that the divinity of Jesus must not be denied, or the authority of the Koran, I am wondering to what power you are bending the knee in making this sweeping claim. It is astonishing that, as a newspaper given to defence of free speech, you quote the comment of the Israeli prime minister denouncing the new Polish law as ‘an attempt to rewrite history’ without condemning it.

     The essence of academic freedom within the field of history is the right to challenge previously asserted facts and opinions. Glibly you assume that ‘Holocaust denial’ in any form is wrong. Surely you know that in fact the nature and extent of German wrongdoing during World War Two has been extensively debated by many highly intelligent dissidents whose revisionist interpretations cannot be ignored, let alone dismissed, without dishonour. The very term itself is not immune to intellectual challenge.
  NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Objective University Research! By Mrs Vera West

     Now that’s objective university research for you:  shutting down research which does not support the politically correct status quo:

“A researcher barred by Bath Spa University from studying people who regret having undergone gender reassignment says the university is trying to “bully” him out of taking it to court over the decision.
James Caspian, a psychologist specialising in therapy for transgender people, was told his subject was “potentially politically incorrect” and risked triggering attacks on social media. Caspian said he tried to challenge the December 2016 decision in court, but was advised to use the university’s complaints procedure first.

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The Treason of Trump: Immigration By Chris Knight

     While voted in to save Whites in America, Donald Trump has done exactly the opposite and has worked to transform America more rapidly into “Mexamerica”:

“President Trump’s amnesty plan would potentially give a pathway to U.S. citizenship to an illegal alien population that is roughly six times the number of illegal aliens that were given temporary amnesty under former President Obama. An almost final draft of the White House’s expansive amnesty plan obtained by Breitbart News reveals that the Trump administration would be expanding Obama’s federal, temporary amnesty—known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program—to six times the number of illegal aliens who are enrolled in the DACA.

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Finland and Italy Show the Way! By James Reed

     Fortunately it is not all bad news, and there are little rays of hope to keep up possibly sagging spirits.:

“ It appears Europe’s dream lives another day. As we predicted, Pekka Haavisto has conceded defeat against the incumbent Finnish President Sauli Niinisto in the Finnish election vote, with “Trump-lite” Huhtasaari garnering 6% of the vote. The incumbent was on 64.4 per cent of the vote, trailed by the Green Party’s Pekka Haavisto, who came in at 11.2 per cent. Laura Huhtasaari of the populist-nationalist Finns Party and veteran Centre Party politician Paavo Vayrynen, who ran as an independent, garnered 6 per cent of the vote respectively. The results were based on a tally of ballots cast in advance voting. Election officials said 36 per cent of almost 4.5 million eligible voters had exercised that right.

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Why are Vaccinated American Children Dying? By Mrs Vera West

     The flu season is in full swing in America, and already about 44,116 people have died from the H3N2 outbreak:

     It was argued at Natural News.com: that this mortality rate was nor due to natural variation, and that flu-vaccinated children are also dying:

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Just a Jawbone By Brian Simpson

     Here is one of the latest finds in human evolution:

“A jawbone found in a cave in Israel’s Mount Carmel region has reset the clock on human evolution. The fossil, the earliest known record of Homo sapiens outside of Africa, was discovered in 2002 during an excavation of the prehistoric Misliya Cave. After 15 years of intensive research by an international team of multidisciplinary scientists, the unique remains of an adult upper jawbone, complete with several teeth, has been dated to 170,000-200,000 years ago.”

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There Goes the Easter Eggs… By Tom “Chocoholic” North

     In Britain, which in many ways is even leading America in the politically correct stakes, many manufacturers of fine Easter eggs, have removed all reference to Jesus, Easter and the Cross, so as to not offend other groups, which presumably means Muslims:

     I am pleased to note that there is a backlash against this, and in Britain, one can still buy traditional Easter eggs, at least for the time. Really though, this is something that consumers can influence, simply by not buying the politically correct eggs.

Neurobiology and Free Will By Brian Simpson

     Academia never ceases to amaze me. If it is not producing absurd politically correct material, then it delights in producing debunkings of the “life world” of common sense reality. This applies to physics right through to biology and neuroscience. There, the research strategy has been to deny the existence and/or causal powers of the mind, and to reduce the mind to the brain, and eliminate the mind. The less than hidden agenda is to get rid of the soul, so this is all a long argument against Christianity. Readers almost certainly have not heard of the attack by neuroscience on the idea of human freewill, so here is a good summary of what they are up to:

“It is quite likely that a large range of cognitive operations are necessary to freely press a button. Research at least suggests that our conscious self does not initiate all behavior. Instead, the conscious self is somehow alerted to a given behavior that the rest of the brain and body are already planning and performing. These findings do not forbid conscious experience from playing some moderating role, although it is also possible that some form of unconscious process is what is causing modification in our behavioral response. Unconscious processes may play a larger role in behavior than previously thought.

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Happy Invasion Day! By David Williams

     Just tap “Invasion Day” into Google and be truly amazed at the spectacle of the cultural war which you will see, with hatred and bile against traditional Australia, a plenty:

““F--- Australia, hope it f-----g burns to the ground,” Invasion Day organiser Tarneen Onus-Williams said. “If you celebrate Australia Day, f---er, you’re celebrating the death of my ancestors. “All you fellas with the Australian flag should be so embarrassed with yourself, it’s embarrassing. It’s embarrassing that you celebrate people’s deaths, the people of this land’s death. You make me sick to my stomach.”

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The Battle for Australia By Paul Walker

     Following on from the usual politically correct outbursts over Australia Day, we have the first indication of movement at the front. Labor Part elites are suggesting that a referendum be held on January 26 on the Republic and Aboriginal recognition:

“Anthony Albanese has called for referendums on the republic and indigenous constitutional recognition to be held on a January 26, as a way of creating a national “platform of unity’’ and ending ¬divisions over the date of Australia Day. Mr Albanese, who was deputy prime minister in the second Rudd government and rival to Bill Shorten for the Labor leadership after the party lost power in 2013, used a speech at a citizenship ceremony in his Sydney electorate of Grayndler to suggest how January 26 could be kept as Australia Day, with the support of indigenous people, by holding ballots on two major issues confronting that ¬national identity.

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The TPP and the Treason of Trump By Charles Taylor

     Most Alt righters in the US see Donald Trump as surrendering on his key election promises, and there is an atmosphere of gloom, mixed with anger as the realisation comes that there will not be a voting box solution to our problems. And, when in history has there ever been? One of Trump’s promises was that the US would not join the TTP, and for a while Trump held to this. Be aware my Aussie friends that he has back tracked on this one under pressure from his buddies in the US business community, and has now said that the US would joint the TPP if it got a better deal:

     There is no better deal for any of us, as the TPP is just a bill of rights for the corporate elites to plunder the world. We looked to Trump as the last politician to take a stand against globalism, as he said he would in his last TV ad during the election campaign. He lied, and thus is worse than Hillary Clinton, because he has betrayed the trust of ordinary working Americans who looked up to him to save them from the degradation of globalism. But, in the end, we can only save ourselves.

All the Fun and Games of Davos By David Williamson

     The members of the open conspiracy to tear down nations and all that we hold dear were at Davos, with the World Economic Forum. George Soros was there to attack President Trump and social media, because, well, George does not get a good run in social media, does he?

     One would have thought that an “open society” would happily embrace the social media and full freedom of thought: certainly the originator of the open society concept, Sir Karl Popper would have:

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What’s New in the Church of England? By Peter West


“The Church of England has rejected a proposal for a new service to mark a congregant’s sex change – but has given the nod to using an existing ‘reaffirmation’ baptism service, instead. The decision by the Anglican House of Bishops to reject proposals for the development of a new special service to mark gender transitions was criticised by LGBT activists within the church. The ruling, revealed on Sunday, comes after the General Synod voted overwhelmingly in favour of introducing such church services in July.

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Where to Go at World’s End By John Steele

     Here is an interesting article for Plan C people, who like me feel that things have gone so far, that we will be down to survivalist strategies in a post-collapse world:
The possibility of economic collapse, let alone breakdown from war and nuclear strikes, is a realistic threat today:

     Rural areas will not have the problems associated with high density population centres, which would quickly become disease pits after only a few days of collapse of essential services, such as electricity, rubbish removal and sewage management. However, as the article notes for the US, and this is applicable in Australia too, most rural towns are under-funded and not prepared for any grid down situations. This is so especially in Australia, where rural townships have been economically gutted, so that foreigners can buy up land cheaply, thanks to our local traitorous elite. Nevertheless, one will still be safer in the country than the city, for no other reason than that the cities have been basically lost.

My Camel is Sexier than Yours! By Peter Ewer

     The subtle pleasures of diversity: camel beauty contests!

“A beauty contest in Saudi Arabia disqualified twelve camels after their owners were found to have used Botox to make them look more handsome, Reuters revealed.
The King Abdulaziz Camel Festival in Riyadh expelled the camels and their owners for violating the competition’s rules, updated last year.

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Germaine Greer Socks it to #MeToo By Mrs Vera West

     Germaine Greer was one of the founders of second wave feminism in Australia, during the radical 1960s era, where Left wing uni types thought that the revolution was right around the corner. It was, but was not what they thought. Greer has  been critical of some aspects of the contemporary gender agenda, saying that trans women are not women:

     Now, however, she has thrown a spanner in the works of the #MeToo campaign of sexual harassment, saying that women have left things “too late’:

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The Cucking of Guns By John Steele

     Colonel Jeff cooper, the father of American pistolcraft, some say, was as manly as they come, and this John Wayne toughness was reflexed in his writings in Guns & Ammo magazine, “Cooper’s corner,” and in his numerous books, including his modern version of The Art of War, Principles of Personal Defense:

     This book is recommended reading as society heads ever-closer to chaotic violence from multiple causes of degeneracy. One interesting Cooper article appeared in Special Weapons magazine, 1984, “The Fighting Rifle, Forgotten but Not Gone.” Cooper, who while in the marines trained soldiers, came to profoundly dislike the M16, with its .22 round, the 5.56 X 45 mm. He described this round as a “poodle shooter,” and inferior to past weapons:

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The Religious Will Rule the Earth By James Reed

     The march of secularism seem unstoppable, with religion falling into disarray. But, is it? Lee Ellis et al., believe that from a biological perspective, this trend is only short-term, and in the longer term, the rule of fertility, will, rule:

“For over a century, social scientists have predicted declines in religious beliefs and their replacement with more scientific/naturalistic outlooks, a prediction known as the secularization hypothesis. However, skepticism surrounding this hypothesis has been expressed by some researchers in recent decades. After reviewing the pertinent evidence and arguments, we examined some aspects of the secularization hypothesis from what is termed a biologically informed perspective.

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Letter to The Editor - the celebration of our nation’s legitimacy on Australia Day is justified, but not without a sober and humble acknowledgment of past flaws and wrongdoing

To THE AUSTRALIAN          Once again Geoffrey Blainey contributes marvelously to public debate (‘Australia Day doubters misread our past’, 26/1) with his combination of extraordinarily detailed knowledge of Australian history and sound common sense. Yes, Governor Phillip did not intend an invasion; a negotiated treaty in 1788 was impossible for two such different peoples; the settling of Australia was part of an irresistible ten thousand years-long worldwide development; and the Aborigines by no means lived in a paradise before the British arrived.

     On the other hand, reactionary triumphalism should be avoided by us on the conservative side of politics, as Robert Martin reminds us (Letters, 26/1) in his perceptive analysis of the limitations of the nation that sent the First Fleet here: gross social inequality, harsh administration of law, lack of free speech and unpleasant religious dogmatism. On balance, the celebration of our nation’s legitimacy on Australia Day is justified, but not without a sober and humble acknowledgment of past flaws and wrongdoing.
  NJ, Belgrave, Vic