All the Fun and Games of Davos By David Williamson

     The members of the open conspiracy to tear down nations and all that we hold dear were at Davos, with the World Economic Forum. George Soros was there to attack President Trump and social media, because, well, George does not get a good run in social media, does he?

     One would have thought that an “open society” would happily embrace the social media and full freedom of thought: certainly the originator of the open society concept, Sir Karl Popper would have:

     Popper was opposed to all forms of totalitarianism, and globalism/cosmopolitanism is just another version of communism, communism for global elites to exploit the entire planet, under the false moral guise of universal ethics.
According to the Left wing billionaire with the bags under his eyes, Trump is hurtling the World towards nuclear war by refusing to accept that North Korea has become a nuclear power. Oh, but it is a different story with Iran, isn’t it? And, along with the neo-cons, who have been constantly baiting Russia, would this constitute an even greater danger of nuclear war? So too, would the unending attacks on national sovereignty, and Soros has vowed to continue to fight nationalism:

     Saying that “Russia is now the resurgent power, based on nationalism.” So, by implication, he will continue to fight Russian nationalism. That can hardly aid in the prevention of nuclear war, and will make it inevitable.
Cosmopolitans like Soros cannot just allow people to live in peace, on their own.  Their crazy ideal of one-world will spell the end of all things. But, I think that it is better for humanity to perish in a radioactive frenzy, than for us to be ruled by the universalists, in a global gulag. The end result of the globalists’ lust for unending growth and power will be the slow death of the planet, so it is far better to go quickly into the night, than to choke to death on pollution. But, the better option though is to beat them.

     The globalists have turned entire nations such as Sweden into essentially war zones, from their push for uncontrolled mass migration and frantic desire to reduce local white populations to minorities:

     The global elites are not even consistent with their own climate change rhetoric, flying to the meeting in their private luxury jets:

     This is the future which the globalists want, but it is paradoxically, one in which capitalism and elite riches come to an end, as societies spiral into chaos and violence.



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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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