Dragon-slayer: Jordan Peterson Against the Social Justice Warrior By Peter Ewer

     This is one of those link, look and like posts, where you have to see it to believe it:

     Here Canadian free-speech academic Jordan Peterson takes apart some of the leading feminist myths of the Left, such as the gender pay gap, which has become an item of faith for the chattering class. Even the MSM is admitting that Peterson utterly destroyed his opponent’s arguments:

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Women and Survival: We are the Champions! By Mrs Vera West

     According to some researchers women have a survival advantage over men in critical, life-threatening conditions, such as wars, famines and social collapse:

“Women in almost all modern populations live longer than men. Research to date provides evidence for both biological and social factors influencing this gender gap. Conditions when both men and women experience extremely high levels of mortality risk are unexplored sources of information. We investigate the survival of both sexes in seven populations under extreme conditions from famines, epidemics, and slavery. Women survived better than men: in all populations, they had lower mortality across almost all ages, and, with the exception of one slave population, they lived longer on average than men.

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More Doomsday Weapons By Charles Taylor

     The Neo Con artists and globalists who are so desperate to start a war with Russia, maybe because the “Christian” wing thinks that this will bring on a return of Christ, as in the 1970s book, The Late Great Planet Earth, need to seriously read this:

“A leaked copy of the Pentagon’s Nuclear Posture Review states that Russia is developing a “new intercontinental, nuclear-armed undersea autonomous torpedo.” The existence of the weapon, known as Kanyon to the Pentagon and “Ocean Multipurpose System Status-6” to Russia, was first leaked by Russian television in November 2015. A test involving the Sarov-class submarine mothership was leaked in December 2016. The Nuclear Posture Review report, dated January 2018, lists the weapon as part of Russia’s underwater nuclear arsenal….

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Socialism: The Way of Death By James Reed

     While young tigers at our universities put up posters on round cement structures telling us about the joys of communism/socialism, and how great the Russian revolution was, the reality of socialism is seen in every socialist experiment. Venezuela is the latest failure:


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The Rot Starts at the Top By Brian Simpson

The famous Flynn effect, of a rise in IQ levels now seems to be reversing across the West:

“The IQ gains of the 20th century have faltered. Losses in Nordic nations after 1995 average at 6.85 IQ points when projected over thirty years. On Piagetian tests, Britain shows decimation among high scorers on three tests and overall losses on one. The US sustained its historic gain (0.3 points per year) through 2014. The Netherlands shows no change in preschoolers, mild losses at high school, and possible gains by adults. Australia and France offer weak evidence of losses at school and by adults respectively. German speakers show verbal gains and spatial losses among adults. South Korea, a latecomer to industrialization, is gaining at twice the historic US rate.

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National Survival: Behind Trump’s Comments By Chris Knight

     The MSM has been beside itself, doing cartwheels over Trump’s alleged description of places like Haiti as “sh*thole countries.” Trump denies that he used this turn of phrase, but he did indicate that he would like more people from places like Norway. Behind this is a weak racial identity, which the deranged cosmopolitan liberal/Left smelt immediately and pounced on. Writing on the national identity significance of Trump’s remarks, and the savage response by liberals, Patrick J. Buchanan had this to say:

“Still, by contrasting Norway as a desirable source of immigrants, as opposed to Haiti, El Salvador and Africa, Trump tabled a question that is roiling the West, the answer to which will decide its fate. Trump is saying with words, as he has with policies, that in taking in a million people a year, race, religion and national origin matter, if we are to preserve our national unity and national character.

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Christian Faith Set to Become a Hate Crime! By James Reed

     Throughout much of the Middle East, it is downright dangerous to openly profess belief and faith in Jesus Christ:

“Egypt, Jordan, Syria and the Palestinian territories are amongst the most dangerous places on earth for Christians, according to a new report. Although Christians claim the area as their Biblical heartland alongside Israel, persecution and discrimination, especially in the past 15 years, means they now constitute no more than three to four per cent per cent of the region’s population, down from 20 per cent a century ago.

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The Ugly Left By Brian Simpson

“Since good-looking politicians win more votes, a beauty advantage for politicians on the left or on the right is bound to have political consequences. We show that politicians on the right look more beautiful in Europe, the United States and Australia. Our explanation is that beautiful people earn more, which makes them less inclined to support redistribution. Our model of within-party competition predicts that voters use beauty as a cue for conservatism when they do not know much about candidates and that politicians on the right benefit more from beauty in low-information elections. Evidence from real and experimental elections confirms both predictions.”


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Confronting the Threat of China By James Reed

     An agreement has been struck between Japan and Australia to conduct military exercises out of Darwin, as part of a regional strategy to counter China’s growing military might:

“The wide-ranging agreement, which will also allow military equipment and ammunition to be transported far more easily between the countries, will be progressed during the Prime Minister’s trip to Tokyo next week, as Australia faces a growing row with China over government criticism of Beijing’s Pacific aid. After official Chinese media branded Australia an “arrogant overlord’’ in the Pacific this week, Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Aiono Sailele Malielegaoi yesterday added to the diplomatic storm, saying he was shocked by International Development Minister Concetta Fierravanti-Wells’ public criticism of China’s Pacific aid and demanded a formal apology from Canberra. “I think she should apologise — and apologise very soon to stop the further damage in the relationship between Australia and Pacific leaders,” Mr Tuilaepa told The Weekend Australian.

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The African Crisis By Tom North

     There has been debate about whether there is an “Africa crime crisis” in Australia, with victims saying that there is, and the government and police denying it:

     Here though is the real situation summed up in a hard-hitting article:

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The Green Empress has No Clothes By Viv Forbes

     During December 2017, Germany’s millions of solar panels received just 10 hours of sunshine; and when solar energy did filter through the clouds, most of the panels were covered in snow. Even committed Green Disciples with a huge Tesla battery in their garage soon found that their battery was flat and there was no solar energy to re-charge it. The lights, heaters, trains, TV and phones ran on German coal power, French nuclear power, Russian gas, Scandinavian hydro, plus unpredictable surges of electricity from those few wind turbines that were not iced up, locked down in a gale, or becalmed.

     Germany has long supported two incompatible ideas – engineering excellence and green totalitarianism. Angela Merkel’s support of climate alarmism while preaching energy efficiency continues this discordant tradition.
But King Winter has exposed the weak underbelly of Germany’s energy policy. Empress Merkel now faces a hostile political climate with no clothes.

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Letter to The Editor - Intermarriage of Aboriginals with persons of other ethnicity suggest that there is a gradual merging taking place

To THE AUSTRALIAN          In opposition to Fred Chaney’s claim (‘They were first, and they survived - we should listen’, 17/1) that Aboriginals should be recognised as ‘first nations within the nation’, that is no longer true in present time or acceptable to the majority of Australians who will not tolerate any proposal that might lead to dismemberment of our constitutional unity as the nation of Australia.
Also questionable is his assertion that the ‘collective identities’ of these ‘first nations’ have survived here.

     The considerable intermarriage of Aboriginals with persons of other ethnicity, as well as the dubious definitions of ‘Aboriginality’ promoted since the first Whitlam government (allowing part-Aboriginals to be viewed as Aboriginals), suggest that there is a gradual merging taking place of different ethnicities, which is good for national harmony.

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Letter to The Editor - A constitutional monarchy is the best guarantee of national wellbeing

To THE AUSTRALIAN          Rebecca Weisser is right to say (‘Look, Mr Keating, they are fleeing their republics’, 15/1) that ‘republics are less stable than monarchies precisely because they are not bound by tradition.’ She could have added that tradition is based in reverence for the sacred and that, without that reverence, public morality wanes and ruthless unselfishness grows.

     Australia, as a nation, as a people, needs, more than anything else a renewed awareness of, and respect for, the holy. Not a return to antiquated dogmatism, but a profound reform of the spirit. Yes, this is mysterious, but it is also the truth. We must shed the post-Enlightenment prejudice that logical reason is humanity’s best guide to building fruitful community. It can neither explain why the universe exists nor inspire the human heart nor satisfy the longings of the human soul. A constitutional monarchy is the best guarantee of national wellbeing.
  NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - Better to be poor and free than wealthy and corrupt

To THE AGE          Your scornful description of the decision of the British people to leave the European Union as ‘nativist populism’ (15/1) ignores the big issues behind it: the protection of the monarchy, the retention of national identity, the resumption of a great legal tradition and a return to greater liberty. It is shocking but not surprising that certain powerful individuals and groups are doing everything possible to annul the Brexit result. Other members of the EU had their votes to leave overruled by political chicanery. It is to be hoped that British character and integrity will prevail against it. Better to be poor and free than wealthy and corrupt.
  NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Aliens at the Airport? By Brian Simpson

     I am not a UFO-er, but I did find the 2006 Chicago International airport incident interesting:
“At approximately 16:15 CST on Tuesday, November 7, 2006, federal authorities at Chicago O’Hare International Airport received a report that a group of twelve airport employees were witnessing a metallic, saucer-shaped craft hovering over Gate C-17.

     The object was first spotted by a ramp employee who was pushing back United Airlines Flight 446, which was departing Chicago for Charlotte, North Carolina. The employee apprised Flight 446’s crew of the object above their aircraft. It is believed that both the pilot and co-pilot also witnessed the object. Several independent witnesses outside of the airport also saw the object. One described a “blatant” disc-shaped craft hovering over the airport which was “obviously not clouds.” According to this witness, nearby observers gasped as the object shot through the clouds at high velocity, leaving a clear blue hole in the cloud layer.[1] The hole reportedly seemed to close itself shortly afterward.

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The Soviet Psychiatric Strategy By Chris Knight

     Just before the latest moral outrage over Trump by the liberal/Left/progressives, there was the previous move, still going, to impeach Trump because he is, according to the progressives, “insane.” Here, for example is one report:

“A psychiatrist has called for Donald Trump to be physically detained for an “emergency” mental health evaluation, sparking a debate about the professional ethics of “armchair” diagnosis.
Dr Bandy Lee, assistant professor in forensic psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine, met with a dozen Democratic politicians last month to “brief” them on Mr Trump’s fitness for office — despite never having met or evaluated the US President".

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UN Migrant Push By James Reed

     Get ready for the nest assault on the West as the UN plans a new global mass movement of migrants to the West, of course, through the UN global compact on migration. Here is the standard justification for this, which we have all heard before:

“This year, governments will negotiate a global compact on migration through the United Nations. This will be the first overarching international agreement of its kind. It will not be a formal treaty. Nor will it place any binding obligations on states. Instead, it is an unprecedented opportunity for leaders to counter the pernicious myths surrounding migrants, and lay out a common vision of how to make migration work for all our nations.
This is an urgent task. We have seen what happens when large-scale migration takes place without effective mechanisms to manage it. The world was shocked by recent video of migrants being sold as slaves.
Grim as these images were, the real scandal is that thousands of migrants suffer the same fate each year, unrecorded. Many more are trapped in demeaning, precarious jobs that border on slavery anyway. There are nearly six million migrants trapped in forced labour today, often in developed economies.

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Food for Thought

     This is a new authorless section where we will post links to self-explanatory articles, requiring no comment.


They Can’t have it Both Ways By Charles Taylor

     President Trump has been pounded by the liberal/Left for his alleged comments (which he denies making), about not wanting to take migrants from “sh*t hole countries.” It was crude, but this is the real world, and there are numerous accounts of the much worse foul language used by Hillary Clinton, as abuse of staff:

     As expected this debunking site says “unproven”:
but, of course it would be difficult to prove claims made by such agents, anonymously. Nevertheless, MSM agrees with the foul-mouthed Hillary scenario:

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Wow…This One has Everything …Fabians… “Racists”… By Michael Ferguson

“Pro-Trump protesters stormed a speech being made by Sadiq Khan, shouting pro-Brexit slogans and calling for the London Mayor’s arrest. The disruption led to the temporary suspension of the speech.
Khan had just begun his address at a conference for the Fabian Society, a socialist group, in London when demonstrators in the audience started calling for his arrest. Some of the group held US flags and anti-EU banners as their supporters clapped and heckled the Labour mayor.
The demonstration follows US President Donald Trump’s cancellation of a planned visit to the UK capital next month. Khan, a vocal critic of the  US president, responded to news of the cancellation by saying Trump “had got the message” that Londoners were opposed to his policies.”


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