They Can’t have it Both Ways By Charles Taylor

     President Trump has been pounded by the liberal/Left for his alleged comments (which he denies making), about not wanting to take migrants from “sh*t hole countries.” It was crude, but this is the real world, and there are numerous accounts of the much worse foul language used by Hillary Clinton, as abuse of staff:

     As expected this debunking site says “unproven”: 
but, of course it would be difficult to prove claims made by such agents, anonymously. Nevertheless, MSM agrees with the foul-mouthed Hillary scenario:

     As for Trump’s comments, although his term was crude, the MSM itself has committed worse sins in itself attempting to justify its immigration mania by portraying the same countries depicted by Trump as “sh*tholes,” as just that, “dirty,” “shabby,” “dangerous” or otherwise “unpleasant”:

     Migrants need to come to the West because their homelands are precisely that, “violent”:

     However, I do not believe that Trump is right in a blanket dismissal of these countries. There is nothing wrong with the culture of South America, countries I have visited on business. There is massive crime, but there is massive crime here too in my home of Florida. The South American people are generally friendly, and quite beautiful, and there is no need for them to want to migrate to the US in the first place, or to feel any shame about their countries. Poverty is relative, and community is far more important than the craze for money that dominates my country, the US: 



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Friday, 12 July 2024

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