UN Migrant Push By James Reed

     Get ready for the nest assault on the West as the UN plans a new global mass movement of migrants to the West, of course, through the UN global compact on migration. Here is the standard justification for this, which we have all heard before:

“This year, governments will negotiate a global compact on migration through the United Nations. This will be the first overarching international agreement of its kind. It will not be a formal treaty. Nor will it place any binding obligations on states. Instead, it is an unprecedented opportunity for leaders to counter the pernicious myths surrounding migrants, and lay out a common vision of how to make migration work for all our nations.
This is an urgent task. We have seen what happens when large-scale migration takes place without effective mechanisms to manage it. The world was shocked by recent video of migrants being sold as slaves.
Grim as these images were, the real scandal is that thousands of migrants suffer the same fate each year, unrecorded. Many more are trapped in demeaning, precarious jobs that border on slavery anyway. There are nearly six million migrants trapped in forced labour today, often in developed economies.

How can we end these injustices and prevent them recurring in future? In setting a clear political direction about the future of migration, I believe that three fundamental considerations should guide discussions of the compact.
The first is to recognise and reinforce the benefits of migration, so often lost in public debate. Migrants make huge contributions to both their host countries and countries of origin. They take jobs that local workforces cannot fill, boosting economic activity. Many are innovators and entrepreneurs. Nearly half of all migrants are women, looking for better lives and work opportunities.

Migrants also make a major contribution to international development by sending remittances to their home countries. Remittances added up to nearly $600bn ($445bn) last year, three times all development aid. The fundamental challenge is to maximise the benefits of this orderly, productive form of migration while stamping out the abuses and prejudice that make life hell for a minority of migrants.
Second, states need to strengthen the rule of law underpinning how they manage and protect migrants – for the benefit of their economies, their societies and the migrants themselves. Authorities that erect major obstacles to migration – or place severe restrictions on migrants’ work opportunities – inflict needless economic self-harm, as they impose barriers to having their labour needs met in an orderly, legal fashion.”


     This will be the TPP on steroids, basically permitting open borders migration. Kiss jobs for our young, and the environment goodbye. We are already drowning in immigration.
As our director has said:

“As if the world has not seen enough calamity from recent refugee policies; the UN is advocating even more extensive translocation of people.  This is likely to include migrants and refugees.  Of course, western nations will be the hosts.  Very few seek a better life elsewhere when the Christian west offers a pleasant lifestyle with generous medical, education and welfare.
It is vital that we notify our Federal MP’s and Senators that Australia should not participate in the planned UN scheme. Tell them in firm terms that we have observed the events in Europe and the UK where the masses from African countries ‘invaded’ during the last few years.  The social problems have been enormous as enclaves develop. The police cannot maintain law and order as robbery and rape etc become common offences.  Victorian readers are well aware of what is happening around Melbourne.
In addition, employment positions are declining as robotic technology handles more of the production cycle.  Where will more migrant/refugees find work?  Will they add to welfare queues?
If Australia wishes to assist overseas people suffering hardship, it would be far better to help them in their own country.
The UN plan needs to be ‘nipped in the bud’ so send a letter to your paper and your MP today and report the results to League Head Office.”

     Here, here, friends, get to work writing letters and lobbying your MP. Send Pauline Hanson a reminder that Australia needs her to go into action on this one.



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Friday, 12 July 2024

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