The African Crisis By Tom North

     There has been debate about whether there is an “Africa crime crisis” in Australia, with victims saying that there is, and the government and police denying it:

     Here though is the real situation summed up in a hard-hitting article:

“THE Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police Graham Ashton perfectly illustrates how political correctness now rules and how public policy is decided by virtue signalling and making excuses for so-called disadvantaged victim groups. In one of his first interviews since returning from leave, Ashton, instead of admitting the reality of Melbourne’s North African gang crisis, evaded the issue with a series of generalities and lame excuses.
The Police Commissioner happily asserts it’s not about gang violence but instead it’s “public disorder, public behaviour by groups of young people”.Ignored is the fact that the so-called majority of offending “young people” are clearly of North African and Sudanese background who instead of assimilating and recognising how privileged they are to live in Australia, consistently break the law and terrorise members of the public.”

     None of this is new, and it was seen with the police in the UK with the grooming gangs, and with migrant crime. It is more important to be politically correct, than address the issue:

     If there is no problem then such a taskforce is pointless.



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Friday, 12 July 2024

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