Daughters of Europe fight Back By Mrs Vera West

     I have mentioned the movement 120db:
which is a fast growing movement of German women fighting back against the rape of European women by migrants. Feminists have not only failed to speak out against this genocide, but have worked with the Left to actively suppress discussion, as this video in English mentions:

     In dramatic images, it tells it all for those who still “just don’t get it,” or have their heads buried in the sand. Required homework for today.

You have No “Traitors” to Match Our “Traitors”! By Charles Taylor

     I quote the word “traitor’ from this article:

Donald J. Trump
“The four page memo released Friday reports the disturbing fact about how the FBI and FISA appear to have been used to influence the 2016 election and its aftermath....The FBI failed to inform the FISA court that the Clinton campaign had funded the dossier....the FBI became....
11:10 AM - Feb 4, 2018
 Donald J. Trump
...a tool of anti-Trump political actors. This is unacceptable in a democracy and ought to alarm anyone who wants the FBI to be a nonpartisan enforcer of the law....The FBI wasn’t straight with Congress, as it hid most of these facts from investigators.” Wall Street Journal
11:23 AM - Feb 4, 2018

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#MeeTooism as Moral Panic Against Men By Mrs Vera West

     We live in strange times. While women are being openly raped in Europe, and young White children, by the millions groomed by rape gangs in Britain, there has been a growing movement to out and expose powerful men, mainly in the US entertainment industry for sexual misadventures. We have covered the #MeeToo movement before, noting that there are certainly legitimate cases of rape and that the men responsible need to be brought before the law.  However, as observed by Claire Berlinski in a recent article at The American Interest, these fully legitimate concerns have ballooned out of all proportion, and have grown into another feminist assault upon men:

“If you are reading this, it means I have found an outlet that has not just fired an editor for sexual harassment. This article circulated from publication to publication, like old-fashioned samizdat, and was rejected repeatedly with a sotto voce, “Don’t tell anyone. I agree with you. But no.” Friends have urged me not to publish it under my own name, vividly describing the mob that will tear me from limb to limb and leave the dingoes to pick over my flesh. It says something, doesn’t it, that I’ve been more hesitant to speak about this than I’ve been of getting on the wrong side of the mafia, al-Qaeda, or the Kremlin?

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Brave New Politically Correct World By James Reed

     It is now well known that their universities engage in brainwashing of students, primarily by the time old method of indoctrination. But, things have moved to a whole new level, with the use of Soviet-style psycho technics, as seen in the old movie Clockwork Orange, to force them to be politically correct:

“Some San Diego State University students are undergoing what organizers acknowledge is a “disturbing” series of “sensory experiences” in an attempt to drive out students’ prejudicial tendencies and help make them less oppressive. The annual workshop, “Journey to a Shared Humanity,” is described on the university’s website as a way for organizers to get students to “step outside their comfort zone and into the shoes of those who are struggling with oppressive circumstances.” This year, some students were required to attend the event as part of their classes. During the experience, students are walked through a darkened multipurpose room to view a series of theatrical vignettes acted out by campus leaders.”

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12 Rules for Life By James Reed

     Read any good books lately? Well, yes,  I have, Jordan Peterson’s latest book, 12 Rules for Life, (Random House, 2018), which is hot from the press. I was delighted to get the review copy of this from our noble editor in Adelaide, who posted this great work to me in steamy Melbourne. Readers will need no introduction to this Canadian intellectual, who has attacked all aspects of poetical, sorry I mean political  correctness, yet has still landed on his feet, so far. He has demolished feminists with ease, using cold fresh logic.

     They simply cannot stand this, being used to hysterical screaming, chanting and other irrelevant devices. If you go to YouTube you can see all of his videos, which are sheer delights. We at this site are very impressed with this youngish man (compared to old timers like me), and look forward to others joining the fight once they see that the system has feet of clay.

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Cucking Canada By Charles Taylor

     We are not surprised to hear almost anything coming from the politically correct land of Canada, which seems to have a national death wish, rivalled only by Sweden. The latest is to change the national anthem so that all male pronouns are removed:

     I must admit that I was surprised because surely the really inclusive thing to have done would have been to put the entire 32 genders into the song, so that the song became a song about gender. No wonder humanity has not yet got a colony on Mars.

Treason is Their Day Job By Chris Knight

     The great memo is out, and here is what Natural News.com had to say, in part about this “treason” by the Deep State to keep Trump out of the White House:

“The shocking revelations uncovered in yesterday’s release of the FISA memo reveal a pattern of treason among top officials at the FBI and DOJ, warns  Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona. The FISA memo documented how the most powerful law enforcement elements of the United States government were weaponizedunder President Obama to illegally spy on Republican political targets. A secret FISA warrant application that gained approval for the spying operation was fraudulently engineered, relying largely on a fictional “dossier” of salacious lies that was largely funded by the Clinton campaign.

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Bill Gates On the AI Future By James Reed

     I guess it is real easy to be optimistic about the future when you have so much money that you can just throw bags of it away, to suitable beneficiaries, as Bill Gates does. Now, he is telling all who will listen that the AI revolution will take away all jobs, but, not to worry, all will be well:

     People, he believes, will be able to focus on leisure. Now in principle social creditors have no objection to this because the purpose of life is not to work, work presently being a means to an end. But, for all of this to happen, with the sort of unemployment levels Gates is contemplating, there must be a rethinking of the economy along social credit lines. Merely tinkering around the edges of the system will not do, as the experts have shown:

Warriors of Hope? By Peter West

     Here we go again, with the commo Pope:

“Pope Francis flew to Bologna, Italy, Sunday and met with a large group of migrants and refugees, calling them “warriors of hope” while insisting that nations open broader avenues for immigration. During a full day in Bologna, Francis spent an hour meeting hundreds of migrants personally while posing with them for selfies under light drizzle. Later, the pontiff hosted a luncheon for asylum-seekers and prisoners in the St. Petronius basilica. He even donned a yellow plastic ID bracelet used by asylum-seekers to express his solidarity with them. “Do you know what you are? You are ‘warriors of hope’!” Francis exclaimed during his address to the many migrants present, urging them not to give in to disappointment or despair.”

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Learning from Israel By Charles Taylor

     There has been much angst here from the Left about Trump building a wall, but Israel has built a wall which has been successful in keeping unwanted people out, and good for them:

     It is not widely known, walls are being built by various South American countries for the same reason Trump wants one, namely to keep people out:

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Flipping Over the Poles By John Steele

     I might flip my eggs and bacon over the campfire out here in the Victorian scrub, but while I am doing this, something geophysically more dramatic could occur; a polar shift:

“Scientists from the University of Colorado in Boulder are sounding the alarm that the Earth’s magnetic poles are showing signs of reversing.  Although the pole reversal, in and of itself, isn’t unprecedented, the solar winds that would take out the power grid and make parts of the globe uninhabitable could cause widespread disasters. The Earth has a fierce molten core that generates a magnetic field capable of defending our planet against devastating solar winds. 

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Social Construction, Social Destruction By Mrs Vera West

     Another day, and like everything else, the power elites march ahead relentlessly with the gender agenda. As an example, the terms “husband” and “wife” are now being red-flagged even in Catholic universities, even with gay marriage, which is a sign of the times:

     This worldwide trend has not been without criticism, with critics seeing it as the product of an “intellectual disease,” with the hatred of the West being the new “cool”:

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Will China Destroy the Space-time Continuum? By Brian Simpson

     I think that we all should be worried if China can make a laser strong enough to tear apart the space-time continuum:

“The Chinese are building a laser that is 10 trillion times more intense than the sun and could rip apart space. Physicists say that this laser could be operational as early as 2023. Physicist Ruxin Li and colleagues are breaking records with the most powerful pulses of light the world has ever seen. At the heart of their laser, called the Shanghai Superintense Ultrafast Laser Facility (SULF), is a single cylinder of titanium-doped sapphire about the width of a Frisbee. After kindling the light in the crystal and shunting it through a system of lenses and mirrors, the SULF distills it into pulses of mind-boggling power. The end goal is to create a laser so powerful it can produce 100-petawatt laser pulses or 100 million billion watts.

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Blood in the Streets of Europe By Mrs Vera West

     Everyday various internet sites report on violent attacks/sexual assaults in Europe, with a focus on recently arrived migrants:
     (Warning, this one has a shocking photograph, graphic.)

     These attacks have led to a massive rise in small arms sales in Germany:
which I was surprised to read given the generally strong anti-gun nature of socialist Europe. Nevertheless, the fear is out there.

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Fake News; Fake Boos By Charles Taylor

     Want proof of fake news? Well, here it is:

“German public broadcaster ARD has been blasted after admitting it “boosted” the sound of booing at the speech given by U.S. President Donald Trump late last week.
President Trump gave his speech at Davos on Thursday, again delivering sharp criticism to the mainstream media. He stated: “it wasn’t until I became a politician that I realized how nasty, how mean, how vicious, and how fake the press can be.”

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Spermageddon By Mrs Vera West

     I have discussed this some time back, but the topic is important enough to revise: the decline in the quality of sperm throughout the developed world:

“Last summer, scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem found that male sperm counts had fallen by almost 60 per cent in 40 years. In what was the largest study of its kind, they analysed data from 43,000 men from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, taking in 185 studies from 1973 to 2011. Its lead author, Dr Hagai Levine, decreed the result an ‘urgent wake-up call’.”

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America’s Revolt Against Immigration By James Reed

     Keep in mind the Reduce Immigration Write-on, whenever you vote, or whenever the issue of immigration comes up:

     Do not give up! A recent US (and we are usually just behind the American wave),  Harvard-Harris poll found that more Americans now support zero, repeat, zero legal immigration each year than support current legal immigration levels of about 1 -1.5 million migrants per year. The majority of Americans, which is a staggering 81 percent, wanted immigration levels reduced to less than one million migrants per year, while 9 percent wanted zero immigration and 7 percent were happy with the present levels:

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Say Goodbye to the Soy Boy! By Mrs Vera West

     Young men are told to drink their soy, and to dilute their “toxic masculinity,” because women like weak, sensitive guys. There is even a move to promote “cuckolding,” as part of the new politically correct gender relations for the last remaining heterosexual males:

     The problem is that women do not like these soy boy males, but instead, go for the traditional John Wayne style man:

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The Super Confusing Memo By Chris Knight

     However this turns out, it is certainly a victory for conspiracy theorists everywhere, those who see the power elites working away in semi-secret to achieve their evil purposes. The present US example is “memo-gate,” which I will try to sum up simply, without all of the names and sub-plots. Basically, it seems that there is a memo based on classified documents that links up the activities of Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the “Russia-influenced the election” frenzy, showing that there was a conspiracy by Deep State entities, including the FBI and the Department of Justice.

     The material involves, allegedly, the Obama administration illegally spying on the Trump campaign during the election, through to the dirty deals done by Clinton, and then the fraudulent Russian conspiracy campaign, and other attempts to impeach Trump. In summary, the entire US establishment is rotten to the core and corrupt. There is even a hint of this in mainstream reports:

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The End of Liberal Democracy By James Reed

     Back in 1992, Francis Fukuyama proclaimed that history was over with the victory of liberal democracy and consumer capitalism, in his book, The End of History and the Last Man:

     He did not anticipate the radical jihadist challenge, mass migration and white genocide, or the populist revolt against these things:

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