Brave New Politically Correct World By James Reed

     It is now well known that their universities engage in brainwashing of students, primarily by the time old method of indoctrination. But, things have moved to a whole new level, with the use of Soviet-style psycho technics, as seen in the old movie Clockwork Orange, to force them to be politically correct: 

“Some San Diego State University students are undergoing what organizers acknowledge is a “disturbing” series of “sensory experiences” in an attempt to drive out students’ prejudicial tendencies and help make them less oppressive. The annual workshop, “Journey to a Shared Humanity,” is described on the university’s website as a way for organizers to get students to “step outside their comfort zone and into the shoes of those who are struggling with oppressive circumstances.” This year, some students were required to attend the event as part of their classes. During the experience, students are walked through a darkened multipurpose room to view a series of theatrical vignettes acted out by campus leaders.”

     Typical nonsense practiced by the manic universities. It proves nothing because with operant conditioning and enough electric shocks you could probably convince a man that he is a fish. But that would not allow him to live, unaided, under water. The mere fact that the politically correct regime needs to engage in Soviet-style torture to enforce their worldview shows that their position has feet of clay, with the foundational cracks getting bigger every day. No doubt the universities would be only concerned about so-called “white racism.” Yet on US campuses, and the trend is coming here, anti-white racism is becoming common too:

“ it is nearly impossible to deny the fact that there is a war being waged on white people in this country, and although it exists inside of almost every single one of America’s institutions (Hollywood, the mainstream media, Washington D.C., etc.), it is perhaps most aggressive on college campuses. Last October, for instance, a philosophy professor at Emory University by the name of George Yancy was caught lecturing his white students on their “inherent racism” and how important it is for them to recognize their “white privilege. ”Professor Yancy argued that many white students have never really had to sit down to think about how the color of their skin could be problematic, and that he wants his white people “to acknowledge their inherent racism and fight actively against it.”

Many other schools have created programs similar to the events being held at the University of Oregon, whereby white students are separated from students of color to learn about “white privilege” and other social justice nonsense. If this isn’t a blatant example of reverse racism, then what is? It’s a shame that the school administrators at the University of Oregon are creating and promoting such divisive programs for their students to participate in, and even though some of them may have good intentions, they have to realize that they are making our country worse, not better.”

     This is not restricted to the US. Here in Australia in the Arts, Humanities, and especially the Social Sciences, if it can be called that, all matter of politically correct nonsense is poured over students. In particular, it is common for a white lecturer to get on her high horse and go on about “white privilege,” while ignoring the elephant in the room, namely that she/he is white and highly privileged, with a salary that working people would die for, instead of just dying from over-work. Somehow, these degenerate liberals see themselves as morally pure and above the lies they preach.

     Thus, as always, I urge you to support my campaign to end this by closing down the universities and putting in their place a new system of higher education, that eliminates the “Farts’ topics, pardon the French, and focuses on vocational training and jobs. Let the Leftoids fund their own political weapons, not long-suffering taxpayers.



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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