Will China Destroy the Space-time Continuum? By Brian Simpson

     I think that we all should be worried if China can make a laser strong enough to tear apart the space-time continuum:

“The Chinese are building a laser that is 10 trillion times more intense than the sun and could rip apart space. Physicists say that this laser could be operational as early as 2023. Physicist Ruxin Li and colleagues are breaking records with the most powerful pulses of light the world has ever seen. At the heart of their laser, called the Shanghai Superintense Ultrafast Laser Facility (SULF), is a single cylinder of titanium-doped sapphire about the width of a Frisbee. After kindling the light in the crystal and shunting it through a system of lenses and mirrors, the SULF distills it into pulses of mind-boggling power. The end goal is to create a laser so powerful it can produce 100-petawatt laser pulses or 100 million billion watts.

To put that number in context, that’s 10,000 times the power of all the world’s electrical grids combined. These immense and powerful pulses could be targeted at incredible precise spots measuring just three micrometers across – that’s 2000 times less than the thickness of a standard pencil. This means the researchers could achieve a laser intensity 10 trillion trillion times greater than the sunlight striking earth. According to the Science Mag, this laser would be so powerful it “could rip apart empty space.”  Physicists hope to achieve a phenomenon known as “breaking the vacuum,” whereby electrons are torn away from positrons (their antimatter counterparts) in the empty vacuum of space.”

     The Chinese, of course, are saying that such  laser would have all sorts of interesting scientific uses, which no doubt could be true. But it is clearly a military weapon, designed to destroy US missiles. Apart from that we do not know what would happen if space itself was literally ripped. Would this mean that space is like a sheet of paper, and that the rip would cause the universe to fall apart, destroying everything? Even if there was a chance of this, scientists cannot control themselves and will do the experiments anyway, no matter the cost. For our military/industrial Dr Frankenstein techno-slaves, it is better to know than to live.



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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