Warriors of Hope? By Peter West

     Here we go again, with the commo Pope:

“Pope Francis flew to Bologna, Italy, Sunday and met with a large group of migrants and refugees, calling them “warriors of hope” while insisting that nations open broader avenues for immigration. During a full day in Bologna, Francis spent an hour meeting hundreds of migrants personally while posing with them for selfies under light drizzle. Later, the pontiff hosted a luncheon for asylum-seekers and prisoners in the St. Petronius basilica. He even donned a yellow plastic ID bracelet used by asylum-seekers to express his solidarity with them. “Do you know what you are? You are ‘warriors of hope’!” Francis exclaimed during his address to the many migrants present, urging them not to give in to disappointment or despair.”

     It seems that the Pope is trying to outdo himself, with each news cycle producing a more extreme Leftist, politically correct comment. There is not much Bible left in his remarks, as he pumps out the New World order religion of migrants and open borders. But, I expect, that unlike the first fall of Rome, this time the walls of Vatican city itself will be breached, and made home for the poor of the world, who may find comfort from the Italian cold burning so-called priceless art works to keep warm.



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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