Letter to The Editor - A constitutional monarchy is the best guarantee of national wellbeing

To THE AUSTRALIAN          Rebecca Weisser is right to say (‘Look, Mr Keating, they are fleeing their republics’, 15/1) that ‘republics are less stable than monarchies precisely because they are not bound by tradition.’ She could have added that tradition is based in reverence for the sacred and that, without that reverence, public morality wanes and ruthless unselfishness grows.

     Australia, as a nation, as a people, needs, more than anything else a renewed awareness of, and respect for, the holy. Not a return to antiquated dogmatism, but a profound reform of the spirit. Yes, this is mysterious, but it is also the truth. We must shed the post-Enlightenment prejudice that logical reason is humanity’s best guide to building fruitful community. It can neither explain why the universe exists nor inspire the human heart nor satisfy the longings of the human soul. A constitutional monarchy is the best guarantee of national wellbeing.
  NJ, Belgrave, Vic



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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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