The Battle for Australia By Paul Walker

     Following on from the usual politically correct outbursts over Australia Day, we have the first indication of movement at the front. Labor Part elites are suggesting that a referendum be held on January 26 on the Republic and Aboriginal recognition: 

“Anthony Albanese has called for referendums on the republic and indigenous constitutional recognition to be held on a January 26, as a way of creating a national “platform of unity’’ and ending ¬divisions over the date of Australia Day. Mr Albanese, who was deputy prime minister in the second Rudd government and rival to Bill Shorten for the Labor leadership after the party lost power in 2013, used a speech at a citizenship ceremony in his Sydney electorate of Grayndler to suggest how January 26 could be kept as Australia Day, with the support of indigenous people, by holding ballots on two major issues confronting that ¬national identity.

Mr Albanese’s call came as Malcolm Turnbull said the overwhelming majority of Australians were celebrating the national day that was, above all, “a story of enormous achievement’’. But the Prime Minister, who also opposed any changes to the flag, said Australia Day should also include a focus on the recognition of indigenous Australians. “Our history, Australia’s history, overwhelmingly is a bright story of success,’’ Mr Turnbull said. However, he added:

“The ¬impact of European settlement on Aboriginal Australians was tragic; of course it was. We understand that and there are many wrongs that were done in the past, which we seek to right today.’’

     All this and more is certain to fall upon this long-suffering land after King Mal is defeated in the next election and the Labor Party reign of terror begins. Begin preparing for it now, as life is an unending battle.



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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