Objective University Research! By Mrs Vera West

     Now that’s objective university research for you:  shutting down research which does not support the politically correct status quo:

“A researcher barred by Bath Spa University from studying people who regret having undergone gender reassignment says the university is trying to “bully” him out of taking it to court over the decision.
James Caspian, a psychologist specialising in therapy for transgender people, was told his subject was “potentially politically incorrect” and risked triggering attacks on social media. Caspian said he tried to challenge the December 2016 decision in court, but was advised to use the university’s complaints procedure first.

He said Bath Spa delayed the process so it was not yet finished when the case first came to court. As a result, his legal action was thrown out. Bath Spa then applied for, and was awarded, costs of just under £5,000 against Caspian. He has offered to pay the money at £200 a month but has received what he describes as a “nasty” and “aggressive” email from the university’s solicitor demanding immediate payment.”

     We should not be surprised to see things like this given the present politically correct direction of the universities in the West. I have come to agree with James Reed that it would be best to shut down the universities and rework higher education on another more vocationally orientated model. We are not going to get to the truth of many matters through the universities, so why waste time and money trying to reform them? Meanwhile we have already the virtual university, of which through the internet,  of which we are all a part.

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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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