My Camel is Sexier than Yours! By Peter Ewer

     The subtle pleasures of diversity: camel beauty contests!

“A beauty contest in Saudi Arabia disqualified twelve camels after their owners were found to have used Botox to make them look more handsome, Reuters revealed.
The King Abdulaziz Camel Festival in Riyadh expelled the camels and their owners for violating the competition’s rules, updated last year.

“Camels that are found with drugs in the lips, shaved, dyed in any parts of the body, or with changes from the natural form are not allowed,” the contests rulebook says.
The festival, which lasts for 28 days, awards around $57 million in prizes for camels based on their overall beauty, but also in subcategories including camel racing, obedience training, camel hair art, and camel photography.”

     Now no doubt the Islamophobes and racists will make fun out of this, but when you think about it, it is not so unreasonable to judge livestock by aesthetic qualities. Show animals in the West are constantly judged in this way, so if it is good enough for cows and dogs, it is not so unreasonable for a desert people to have pride in their animals. After all, in a desert a camel could very well save your life, while a cow will probably not make it very far before keeling over. Camels are highly intelligent animals that do not deserve the bad press they are given, and these animals may be smarter than even horses: 

     Civil rights for camels is long overdue!



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Friday, 12 July 2024

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