Happy Invasion Day! By David Williams

     Just tap “Invasion Day” into Google and be truly amazed at the spectacle of the cultural war which you will see, with hatred and bile against traditional Australia, a plenty:

““F--- Australia, hope it f-----g burns to the ground,” Invasion Day organiser Tarneen Onus-Williams said. “If you celebrate Australia Day, f---er, you’re celebrating the death of my ancestors. “All you fellas with the Australian flag should be so embarrassed with yourself, it’s embarrassing. It’s embarrassing that you celebrate people’s deaths, the people of this land’s death. You make me sick to my stomach.”

     Oh, these comments “should not be taken literally,” whatever that means:

““Invasion day” rally organiser Tarneen Onus-Williams does not apologise for saying she hoped Australia would ‘’burn to the ground” but says her words should not be taken literally. Ms Onus-Williams stood on the steps of Victoria’s Parliament on Australia Day in front of thousands of people and told the crowd: “F--- Australia, hope it burns to the ground.”

     It is not clear what else the remarks really could mean because it is hardly the words of peaceful reform. If Australia did collapse, which is very likely from economic reasons, most of the people protesting, urbanites, would be the ones severely affected. How many of them, Black, White or whatever colour, could go bush and live off the land? Almost everybody, especially the welfare-dependent, will “burn.”

     However, let’s get to the main point. If there really was an invasion, then native title and Mabo go out the window, because invasion and conquest was accepted at international law, as a legally legitimate acquisition of territory. Sorry, you can’t have it both ways. Second, the “logic,” if it can be called that, of the invasion rhetoric is White Europeans should go back to Europe and leave this land and all of its goodies to the descendants of the original inhabitants, and presumably the Left.

     But, is that fair, given the contribution made by Whites? Perhaps it would be argued that it was justice reparations for sins of colonisation? If so, what happens to mixed race individuals? Are they partly colonist descendants, or are they the race they identify with? That problem would need to be solved before dismantling Australia.

     Finally, even if guilt ridden Whites did leave Australia, other races do not share in this orgy of guilt, and rightly so. Nothing prevents China moving in to take over the vacated land. Would there still be protests under a communist Chinese regime? You can bet there will not be. Would the Chinese government tolerate what Australians now put up with? Remember that the same political movement supporting all of this, also wants infinite migration, which will ultimately change the demographics of the population in ways the Leftoids will not like.

     Perhaps a solution may come from my proposed #YouGoFirst. Let the White protestors show good faith by leaving Australia first, because they are invaders too, and merely squawking about it, and marching, does not resolve the guilt, their guilt. Then, we can make up our minds about what to do, while Australia “burns.”



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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