The case for a universal basic income, no questions asked by Peter Martin SMH


As automation steadily eliminates even the kind of well-paid jobs most of us have always wanted, that time (for a universal basic income-ed) may be approaching.

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Facing Up to China’s “Real Ambitions” by James Reed

The issue of Chinese domination has taken a back seat to other issues, but let us revive the issue.
There was “alarm” by the US about the influence of China in Australian politics, and US ambassador John Berry said, noting that foreign donations were illegal in America: “It is an entirely different matter when the government of China is able to directly funnel funds to political candidates to advance their national interests in your national campaign. That, to us, is of concern. We cannot conceive of a case where a foreign donation from any government, friend or foe, would be considered legitimate in terms of that democracy.” (The Australian, September 14, 2016, p. 1)

Previous to that, an article at, August 30, 2016, reported on the Briefing Book given to all senators and members by the Parliamentary Library, pointing out that “Beijing’s plan to spend billions on infrastructure projects in the region, including in northern Australia, (is) an attempt to gain a strategic advantage and validate its claims over disputed waters in the South China Sea.”
Our Asianised, politically correct, foreign investment-drunk politicians do not appear to be listening to these words of warning.  Time for an Australian version of Donald Trump, only much stronger and cleaner living.

The Gender War Continues by Mrs Vera West

Here are some further disturbing signs of what is to come in the gender agenda. First, a German court has ruled that a 16-year-old-girl can continue having a sexual relationship with her uncle – yes, her uncle, aged 48 – which began when she was 14. The “prohibition of love is a threat to the child’s well-being.” (, November 4, 2016) What!

Forgetting about the incest angle, the age of sexual consent in Germany is 14 so long as a person over the age of 21 does not exploit the child’s “capacity for sexual self-determination.” How could it be otherwise, for it is a child that we are talking about here. What hope have German’s got?
In Ontario, Canada, “mother” and “father” are terms set to be scrapped by the government of Kathbeen Waynne in the Children’s Law Reform Act, being replaced by “birth parent” and “parent,” respectively. Along with sexual and gender identity teachings the social engineering of the family is well underway, as it is in Australia.

Media Predators by Mrs Vera West

Prince Harry has made what the Huffington Post calls an “extraordinary attack on press treatment of girlfriend Meghan Markle” ( Before going on, we should note that Markle is Jewish in terms of religion, and racially is “black,” having an African-American mother. See:, and

Kensington Place on November 8, 2016 issued a statement addressed to the press saying that a line had been crossed with the media harassment of Markle and her family, with smears on national newspapers, “outright sexism and racism” and her mother having to battle reporters just to get to her front door.  Some reporters and photographers even attempted to break into her home.
Bribes were offered to her ex-boyfriend for “dirt” and the reporters harassed anyone from family to friends to get a story on her, the more controversial the better.
It is a shame to see the young love birds having their relationship torn apart by a predatorial media and the British tabloid one is as vicious as the American one and almost as bad as the Australian media.

When Does an Ad Against Globalism Have Anti-Semitic Overtones? by Charles Taylor

This issue has relevance to your section 18 C (I write as an American in Australia). The point arises from Donald Trump’s closing ad which targeted the globalists such as Soros, which has been said to have “anti-Semitic over tunes.” (Huffington November 6, 2016) The ad which defended “Americanism” against “globalism” and used expressions such as “global power structure,” was said by various groups to involve “stereotypes” and “baseless conspiracy theories.”

But the “conspiracy theories” are not baseless. The evidence is clear that Soros is not a helpless man living on the streets. He is in fact a globalist with enormous financial power who acts to further an agenda against nationalism. A multitude of leaked emails confirm this. So, should Soros and others be beyond criticism?
If there was an Australian Trump you can be sure that section 18 C would be cranked up to full volume and used against this hypothetical individual’s many statements about crime, ethnicities and immigration, made in an Australian context. That is one reason why section 18 C is so wrong and why it is a pity that the Australian Constitution, an enabling document, does not have a right of free speech.

Political Correctness, USA by Charles Taylor

What happens in America usually comes – like a disease – to Australia, hence it is wise to watch what is happening across the “pond.”
On the negative side, an academic from the Northwestern University had “argued” that Christian fundamentalism poses a greater threat to the United States than Islamic terrorism. (, October 27, 2016) Apparently radical Christians have access to all those nuclear weapons that could blow up the world. This academic also argues that Jesus would be a socialist and advocate for “the just sharing of the world’s resources.” Ok, let the Pope start the process, as Peter West has said.

On the positive side, an African-American professor at Harvard University, James Sidanius (et al), “Ethnic Enclaves and the Dynamics of Social Identity on the College Campus: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly,” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, vol. 87, 2004, pp. 96-110, has shown that “safe spaces” for minorities does more harm than good, primarily by damaging relationships with other ethnic groups. Your Queensland student case may be an illustration of this principle.

Those Who Have Ruled Us: Blasts from the Past by James Reed

My God, don’t they ever go away?  First Paul Keating has been back in the news, not only making helpful suggestions for the Labor Party, but also because he does not support the constitutional recognition of Aborigines because this does not go far enough.  He wants an indigenous treaty.  Thus, in a letter to academics doing a book on the topic he said: “Why would any of you want or need that document to acknowledge you?” (The Australian, November 14, 2016, p. 4)
Here is the full, classic Keating quote:

“I am not a supporter of the so-called constitutional route to recognition. The route to recognition has to be straight through the front door, with a document acknowledging prior occupation, including recognition and atonement for the dispossession.”
“A treaty is the best way to do this, notwithstanding it has to be 200 years late. If my forebears had been here 60,000 years, there is no way I would be fobbed off with some weasel words in this country’s horse-and-buggy utilitarian Constitution.”

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Communist Pope Needs To Put His Money Where His Mouth Is by Peter West

As a cradle Catholic, but no longer practicing, I demand my multicult rights to make this criticism, with years of tears of frustration at the direction of the Mother Church.  Not only does Pope Francis welcome what he described in his own words as an “Arab invasion,” but when asked about the election of Donald Trump, he said that while he did not want to pass judgment on politicians, contradicting himself, that he wants us to “understand the suffering that their approach causes the poor and excluded,” meaning refugees and migrants. (, November 12, 2016)

Well if he feels so strongly, here is what he should do.  Liquidate the Catholic Church!  Sell up the Vatican, all of the countless trillions and zillions of dollars of riches accumulated over the centuries.  Land, artworks, schools, universities, the lot should be sold.  Go back to the poverty of Jesus!  Have church services in rented community centres.  Then pool this great wealth and buy up vast amounts of land in Africa.  Let the refugees go there and live very well.  Let the Africans live well too, thousands of time better than they do now.
So Pope Francis, time to show humanity an example.  Do this, and I will return to the flock.  I promise.

Washington DC: A Satanic Paedophile Ring, or Just Dirty Politics? by Charles Taylor

My wife is a strong evangelical Christian (me, just “ordinary”) and she is convinced that the hand of God was behind the US election because Hillary, or “Hellary” as she calls her, is “satanic.”  I took this as being merely a strong moral criticism, but recent revelations by alternative US journalists should have us making a critical re-assessment.

Alternative news sites have stories such as “Guccifer: Hillary Clinton is a High Priest in Satanic Shadow Group,” November 7, 2016, at http://collapsenews/2016-11-06/guccifer-hillary-clinton-is-a-high-priest-in-satanic-shadow-group.html;  “Clinton Underground Child Sex Scandal Part I,” November 5, 2016, at; “Full Show: Clinton Pedophile/Satanic Network Blown Wide Open by Wikileaks,” November 5, 2016 at

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Beer and Immigration by James Reed

The British business elites who champion unending mass immigration because it “is good for business,” are worried about government plans to crackdown on foreign workers;
Business leaders were crying in their beer that Theresa May’s proposal to use tests to ensure that foreign workers do not take jobs that British people could do, and were muttering words along the usual lines of “reckless, divisive and uncaring,” and of course, harmful to their pagan god, the Economy.

Lord Bilimoria, Indian-born entrepreneur, chairman and founder of Cobra Beer, a beer to drink with curries, also lashed out at the proposed immigration cuts, saying that Australia will end up with the extra migrants. That will no doubt be so, because apart from running a record high immigration level, our local elites want to double this, and eventually create an open border society, because we folk here have not shown them the resistance they deserve.
It’s so depressing I just might as well drown my sorrows in curry and Cobra Beer!

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Letter-to-the-Editor/News Piece : The Paris Treaty is now a Toothless Tiger

The Clexit Coalition has pledged to assist any government or politician seeking to exit the Paris Agreement and curb the wasteful and destructive UN/IPCC.
The Secretary of Clexit (Climate Exit Coalition), Mr Viv Forbes of Australia, said that Clexit could call on over 190 well-qualified climate realists from 26 countries to provide scientific, business, legal and political support and advice.
Clexit sees four main priorities:
Firstly, de-fang the Paris Climate Treaty by refusing to sign it, by ignoring any deals signed by others without a supporting referendum, or by giving notice of formal withdrawal.

Secondly, de-fund the global warming industry – no tax payer funding for the UN/IPCC, no money for climate tourism or conferences, no government grants for climate propaganda posing as “research”, no tax exemptions for green “charities” and no government subsidies for green energy.
Thirdly, de-staff all government climate bureaucracies.

And fourthly, re-educate – ensure that the climate curriculum in schools and universities is based on good science and real evidence, and not political agendas.

These four actions - de-fang, de-fund, de-staff and re-educate will cool the climate hysteria, with huge and immediate benefits for tax payers, jobs, industries and energy cost and security. It will also end the doomsday horror stories terrifying our young people. And if there is additional carbon dioxide in the air, our Earth will be greener and produce more food.
Trump is likely to Slash and Burn Obama Climate policy:

Brexit and the Trump revolution are just the start. Have a listen to what happened in Australian Parliamentary offices recently:
(Both Senator Roberts of Australia and Tim Ball of Canada are Founding Members of Clexit).

The same sceptical questions are being asked in France, Poland, Hungary, UK, Canada, Russia and even Germany.
Viv Forbes, Rosevale, Qld

Popularist Revolt: The Elites - Their Time is Over by Peter West

After the “unthinkable” happening (The Australian, November 10, 2016, p. 21), and the penny finally dropping, that after Brexit and the Trump election, “this was no aberration,”  “mainstream political parties and elite groups like big business have some fundamental questions to ask about their next moves.” That is putting it mildly, because I imagine that the elites and their slaves haven’t slept since the Trump election, working on ways to eliminate or otherwise neutralise him, as they are attempting to do to Brexit. Brexit? Wasn’t that one in the bag?

The Brexit betrayal of Britain is that Britain’s High Court has ruled that the government must consult the British parliament before invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, so that Britain can exit from the EU. The Court ruled that the British prime minister does not have the authority to use the Royal Prerogative to invoke the EU exit. This is widely seen as a “backdoor” way to undermine the Brexit vote.

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Time to Drain the Swamp that Section 18 C Is by Ian Wilson LL.B.

Now that the Federal court has thrown out the Queensland student race vilification case, with one person withdrawing their complaint over the Bill Leak cartoon, and the remaining complainants saying that they want to drop the case (The Australian, November 15, 2016, p. 1), the government has moved into damage control to protect their darling law of the multicult, section 18 C.

It seems to be the case that the section will be retained, as it is the holy of holies to the powerful multicult lobby, but there will be modifications to eliminate petty claims. I suppose it all depends on what the globalist New World Order elites who run the show say that the pollies are allowed to do. Even though academic lawyers have shown in great scholarly detail that section 18 C is unconstitutional, and thus not good law at all, that issue is being ignored by our puppet parliament. A joint parliamentary committee will investigate how it can make section 18 C work, not whether the section is law at all. Nothing substantial will change because the entire jurisprudential basis of the section is fundamentally flawed.

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US Election Special: Professor Kevin MacDonald on the Significance of THE Victory by Peter West

In his article, “An Historic, Quite Possibly Revolutionary Victory!”
Kevin MacDonald  at,  gives an excellent overview of the philosophical significance of the Trump victory, which he sees as “ a victory of White Americans over the oligarchic, hostile elites what have run this country for decades. Trump accomplished a hostile takeover of the Republican Party and won without the support or with only lukewarm and vacillating support from much of the GOP elite.”

He quotes from a previous article which he published in Radix Journal, on the political meaning of Trump, which illustrates how, even if Trump did not set out initially to do so, has changed politics.

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American Revolution 2.0 by John Steel

It is action on the streets of the old US of A, with the Left going bat-raving mad about the Trump victory. There are so many diverse and diffuse acts of violence that it is difficult to summarise them all, so I will be selective.

Fighting from “below” against Trump is the Leftoid “underman” and commo, revolting against civilisation and shutting down freeways.  In Portland Oregon, anti-Trump protesters wrecked businesses and lit fires.  The internet is also full of reports of acts of violence against Trump supporters and voters, with even children getting beaten to a pulp: incidents also include beating up a 74-year-old man, pounding his head into the sidewalk; a Muslim woman falsely claimed that two white males with Trump hats had attacked her – she will be prosecuted for the false claim, and numerous accounts of children being beaten up. S
ee for example, “California High School Student Brutally Beaten for Supporting Trump,” at

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Calling Out The Australian on the US Election Coverage by Charles Taylor and Chris Knight

The coverage of the US election by “our” national newspaper, The Australian, was little short of appalling. Journalists made little attempt to offer balance and instead engaged in outpourings of hatred against Trump, primarily because he broke the sacred convention of attacking immigration, the golden calf of the elites.
Sure, Trump said that he liked sex with women, but there was little coverage of the Bill Clinton rape saga. It was mentioned, but one would have thought that rape allegations by live subjects were more important that a ten-year-old tape of a private conversation about wanting to have sex with some woman. The imbalance and bias here is so blatant that one becomes numb by just observing it.

The Australian did not learn any lessons from Brexit, and almost moronically adopted an uncritical belief in the opinion polls, all of which were defective in various ways – proved by their utter failure to predict the election results once again.  The “silent majority” of voters just don’t reply to opinion polls, or give interviewers what they want, then vote against the elites. The chattering class did not see it, and it has hit them like a punch out of the blue.

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Letter to The Editor

To The Age
Greg Barns and Anna Talbot do not sufficiently value intellectual freedom as an indispensable bulwark against the political correctness that so easily slides into tyranny ('Turnbull attack on 18C case based on serious error', 14/11). Laws allegedly aimed at preventing vilification and hatred have been ruthlessly used overseas in a number of nations in order to suppress honourable intellectual dissidents and revisionist historians. That may happen here one day if 18C is not repealed.

'Protecting people's rights' is not ethical if it tramples on other people's different rights; nor does it produce 'social cohesion'. Appeals to the UNO are unconvincing because that body has been tainted from its inception; and playing the Nazi card while saying nothing about the tyrannies of the Soviet Union and Red China suggests that Barns and Talbot actually have a partisan political agenda in defending 18C.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor

To The Australian
Paul Keating is on weak ground ethically in advocating 'a formal document of reconciliation or a treaty' with Aboriginals ('Indigenous treaty more meaningful: Keating', 14/11). He brushes aside one obvious impediment - that such a treaty would be '200 years late.' He ignores simple facts: that the tribes here in the late 18th century failed to defend their land and that now the nation of Australia exists in its own right with full de iure status.

The interests of the vast majority of Australians will not be served, nor dealt with justly, by nefarious political manipulation that takes no account of the reality that most Aboriginals today carry in part other ancestry, often derived from the European incomers, and benefit from their membership in our nation and enjoyment of its provision of peace, security and a high standard of living.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Social Credit Warriors are Here!


What is Social Credit and Why Is It So Important in this fourth industrial age?

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