US Election Special: Professor Kevin MacDonald on the Significance of THE Victory by Peter West

In his article, “An Historic, Quite Possibly Revolutionary Victory!”
Kevin MacDonald  at,  gives an excellent overview of the philosophical significance of the Trump victory, which he sees as “ a victory of White Americans over the oligarchic, hostile elites what have run this country for decades. Trump accomplished a hostile takeover of the Republican Party and won without the support or with only lukewarm and vacillating support from much of the GOP elite.”

He quotes from a previous article which he published in Radix Journal, on the political meaning of Trump, which illustrates how, even if Trump did not set out initially to do so, has changed politics.

•    “Trump has made statements on immigration that have been banned from polite society for 50 years — deport illegals, seal the border, end birthright citizenship, place a moratorium on Muslim immigration, and make immigration serve actual labor needs rather than a moral imperative (ideally with guest workers not given citizenship).  He has deplored Angela Merkel’s policies in Germany and has made statements indicating he opposes the transformation of Western societies via immigration and multiculturalism (“Paris isn’t Paris anymore.”)
•    Trump’s victory will encourage and energize the right in Europe. It is Brexit on steroids — a scream by voters to stop the way things are going. To stop the destruction of their traditional ways of life.  If nothing else, it is throwing a monkey wrench into the system.  Tear it down!  We can’t keep going on like this!  Voters want an end to meaningless wars, an end to importing people who hate us and will never assimilate to our way of life.
•    Trump has unmasked the neocons. The neocons have dominated the intellectual and foreign policy establishment of the Republican Party since the 1980s.  From the beginning of Trump’s candidacy, neocons have been leading the #NeverTrump movement, despite the catastrophic effects of a Hillary Clinton presidency on the GOP.  A Clinton presidency would have ensured a liberal/left voting majority into the foreseeable future given that she would amnesty millions of illegals and dramatically raise total numbers of immigrants and refugees.  Clinton Supreme Court appointments would likely have gutted the First Amendment by enabling “hate speech” laws and they would have gutted the Second Amendment as well.  No one on the right, from traditional “limited government” conservatives to the Alt Right, would want this… The treason of the neocons will be long remembered in GOP circles and will compromise their influence in the future.
I notice on Twitter that Bill Kristol says that the #NeverTrumpers should be magnanimous in losing, but I would be shocked if neocons were given any role in the GOP.  This is Trump’s party now.  It is incredibly heartening that he wants a good relationship with Russia at a time when neocons and NATO have been clamoring for confrontation and aggression.  It is incredibly heartening that he supports the legitimate Assad government in Syria.  I have no doubt that he will act in concert with Russia to end the rebellion and bring peace and stability to the region.
•    Trump has highlighted the chasm between the overwhelmingly White Republican voting base and the GOP donor class intent on globalist policies of mass immigration, free trade, and a … anti-Russian foreign policy.  The pre-Trump GOP was dominated by a neocon foreign policy establishment and a pro-Chamber of Commerce, pro-big business economic policy.  This party did not represent the interests of GOP voters and can’t be resurrected.  Even if Trump had lost, his energized supporters would be a new and important force within the GOP.  His victory will ensure that the GOP will be a populist party for the foreseeable future.
•    Trump has unmasked the media.  The media have always been liberal, but this time around, even much of the usual pro-Republican media has been hostile to Trump, and a survey by the Media Research Center found an astounding 91% of media coverage hostile to his candidacy.  Who can forget the hostility from mainstream conservative media like National Review, The Weekly Standard, and other neocon outlets?  This feeds into the narrative that there has been a unified establishment from the far left to the neoconservative right that has opposed Trump’s populist policies favoring the middle class and the traditional White majority.
•    Trump has put the Alt Right on the map.  There have been numerous articles and commentary on the Alt Right because of Trump’s candidacy.  The Alt Right has been the only identifiable intellectual perspective supporting Trump, although we understand that he is not one of us and would not attempt to do much that we would like to see in our ideal world.  We are the only intellectual perspective that takes race seriously and accepts the social science research not only on race but on the disastrous costs of imposed multiculturalism for White majorities and the horrifying future awaiting Whites if indeed they do become hated, despised minorities.  Traditional conservative intellectuals simply cannot explain what is happening with their usual intellectual toolkit.  They can’t explain the anger and the very legitimate fears of the White majority.  They can’t understand the racialization of politics.  We understand it and are able to analyze it in very sophisticated ways that are entirely within the scientific mainstream.”

In summary, Professor MacDonald has exactly pinned down what the US election was about.  Regardless of Trump, it was a symbolic vote about whether Western white civilisation survives or not.  And the people were aware of this. 

A Reuters/Ipsos National Election Day poll of over 10,000 people who had already cast their ballots in the US presidential election found the following:
- 75 percent agree that "America needs a strong leader to take the country back from the rich and powerful."
- 72 percent agree "the American economy is rigged to advantage the rich and powerful."
- 68 percent agree that "traditional parties and politicians don’t care about people like me."
- 76 percent believe "the mainstream media is more interested in making money than telling the truth."
- 57 percent feel that "more and more, I don't identify with what America has become."
- 54 percent feel "it is increasingly hard for someone like me to get ahead in America." Source:

There is a point of view that needs to be kept in the back of our minds that Trump really is a plant and the Deep State’s real choice and will prove to be deceptive of the ordinary American’s interests.  This position is taken by Linh Dinh, “The Trump Ploy,” November 11, 2016, at who argues that the Deep State is so powerful that they would not permit a renegade reporter, let alone a renegade president, and by extension, a renegade movement such as Brexit, or perhaps social credit as well.  It is possible that Trump will be simply neutralised, but this line of thought leads to absolute defeat, with the Deep State being seen as invincible and all-controlling. The Saker, also at accepts that Trump is one of the 1 percenters, but says that elites do turn on each other, which seems to have happened here. 

Even if Trump is a disappointment, he has intentionally or not, done all of the things listed above, which puts us in a better position than if Hillary Clinton was dictator.  And then there is the scenario given by Paul Craig Roberts, a respected member of Reagan’s administration on the Richie Allen Show:
Paul Craig Roberts: “The good thing about the election is it showed the American people could defeat the establishment; it could defeat the oligarchs; it could defeat their candidate.

So that is a good thing; it shows that the people finally woke up.  They understood that a lot was at risk.  They were not being served by the government – and the fact that they realized this.  They are not as insouciant as they have been.  They are more aware. They were determined; they were not influenced by the propaganda against Trump.  And so that’s what’s good, and this will stay.  I think this will be permanent.

Now if Trump pulls and Obama and sells them out, the question is will they get demoralized and give up, or do they get more angry and the next time we see a bloody revolution.  You know, sometimes, when you had so much corruption – in the United States, every institution is totally corrupt, everyone.  The oligarchy have corrupted everything.  When you get so much corruption, sometimes you can’t have a change without bloodshed.  People have to die.
Richie Allen: “And you’re a pacifist.”
Roberts: “Our founding fathers were aware of this. Thomas Jefferson was explicit about it. So what we may see if Trump is blocked or he gives up or nothing can happen, people they could just give up or they could just get angry.”


Professor MacDonald says that the fight is now just beginning.  The scene at the end of the movie, The Two Towers comes to mind, and to paraphrase Gandalf, “the globalists’ wrath will be terrible, their retribution swift. The battle of the US election is over. The battle for Middle Earth is about to begin.  All our hopes now lie with those who will fight for freedom, coming in from the wilderness.”



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