Those Who Have Ruled Us: Blasts from the Past by James Reed

My God, don’t they ever go away?  First Paul Keating has been back in the news, not only making helpful suggestions for the Labor Party, but also because he does not support the constitutional recognition of Aborigines because this does not go far enough.  He wants an indigenous treaty.  Thus, in a letter to academics doing a book on the topic he said: “Why would any of you want or need that document to acknowledge you?” (The Australian, November 14, 2016, p. 4)
Here is the full, classic Keating quote:

“I am not a supporter of the so-called constitutional route to recognition. The route to recognition has to be straight through the front door, with a document acknowledging prior occupation, including recognition and atonement for the dispossession.”
“A treaty is the best way to do this, notwithstanding it has to be 200 years late. If my forebears had been here 60,000 years, there is no way I would be fobbed off with some weasel words in this country’s horse-and-buggy utilitarian Constitution.”

That statement just about has everything in it, and for us in an excellent reason to vote “No” and tell all to do so!

Speaking of Keating, another blast from the past is Gareth Evans – remember him?  He was foreign minister from 1988-1996.  His response to a Trump win is to cut US ties and Asianise, more, more, more. (The Australian, November 14, 2016, p. 9)  You know, the standard line from guys of that era.  But, on the same day The Australian on page 1 proclaimed “Trump Win Worth $10 bn to Budget.”
Gee, what will it be Gareth – political correctness purity, or $10 billion?
Yes, it is a trick question.



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Thursday, 22 February 2024

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