American Revolution 2.0 by John Steel

It is action on the streets of the old US of A, with the Left going bat-raving mad about the Trump victory. There are so many diverse and diffuse acts of violence that it is difficult to summarise them all, so I will be selective.

Fighting from “below” against Trump is the Leftoid “underman” and commo, revolting against civilisation and shutting down freeways.  In Portland Oregon, anti-Trump protesters wrecked businesses and lit fires.  The internet is also full of reports of acts of violence against Trump supporters and voters, with even children getting beaten to a pulp: incidents also include beating up a 74-year-old man, pounding his head into the sidewalk; a Muslim woman falsely claimed that two white males with Trump hats had attacked her – she will be prosecuted for the false claim, and numerous accounts of children being beaten up. S
ee for example, “California High School Student Brutally Beaten for Supporting Trump,” at

As usual there is a minimum of information about arrests, although some of these terrorists have been arrested. If nationalists did the same the Left would have the Establishment round up everybody just to be on the safe side.

Jennifer Oriel, “The Deplorables, United, will Never be Defeated,” The Australian, November 14, 2016, p. 12, said: “It took Trump’s victory to unmask the true character of the PC Left.  What began with scenes of Clinton’s collective strewn across floors in the foetal position turned into violent rage organised in protests against democracy. Socialists, Islamists, anarchists and black supremacists have mobbed US cities with some threatening to murder people who dissent from the PC line.

Fox news reported that in New Orleans, anti-Trump activists defaced a memorial with race hate speech “F*** White People” and “Die Whites Die.” That is incitement to genocide. On Twitter, Left mobs are calling for people to kill Trump at his inauguration.”

There are enough death threats against Trump on social media to fill a moderate side phone book if printed out, but seemingly no interest from the authorities to go after these individuals, even where they are clearly identified. Recall how the US Secret Service and FBI were kept busy chasing every kid who made the slightest threat against President Obama. Consider the case of one Latina woman, probably an illegal, who said to CNN that there will be violence so that illegal aliens would remain regardless of what Trump does; “There will be causalities on both sides, “ “People Have to Die”: Anti-Trump Protester Calls for Violence on CNN,” November 10, 2016 at

Then there is the “Yes California’ movement which seeks for California and other states including Nevada, Oregon and Washington, to secede from the United States. This may not be a bad idea after all, if all the illegals and Libtard/Leftoids go there and create a gun-free “paradise.” Let their bankrupt social welfare systems deal with them! After all, it would quarantine Hollywood from the rest of America, which has to be a good thing.

More of a concern in the short-term for Trump is a scenario discussed in the New York Post (November 9, 2016, at The members of the Electoral College could simply refuse to vote for Trump and ignore the electoral result, and there is a petition by celebrities to do just that: This would be a problem if there was no Republican-controlled congress, and if Clinton was put into the presidency this way they would vote to void it. 
Otherwise America has Civil War II.



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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