Popularist Revolt: The Elites - Their Time is Over by Peter West

After the “unthinkable” happening (The Australian, November 10, 2016, p. 21), and the penny finally dropping, that after Brexit and the Trump election, “this was no aberration,”  “mainstream political parties and elite groups like big business have some fundamental questions to ask about their next moves.” That is putting it mildly, because I imagine that the elites and their slaves haven’t slept since the Trump election, working on ways to eliminate or otherwise neutralise him, as they are attempting to do to Brexit. Brexit? Wasn’t that one in the bag?

The Brexit betrayal of Britain is that Britain’s High Court has ruled that the government must consult the British parliament before invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, so that Britain can exit from the EU. The Court ruled that the British prime minister does not have the authority to use the Royal Prerogative to invoke the EU exit. This is widely seen as a “backdoor” way to undermine the Brexit vote.

The political class have been working hard behind the scenes to keep Britain in the EU as a migration sponge, and to undermine democracy. But again, they may not have accounted for the likely anger of voters, who will feel that their vote has been betrayed. They will take it to the streets.

Trump should also be aware that the “empire strikes back.’’ His first concern should be to deal with “America’s Inglorious Tradition of Election Fraud,” as detailed in an eye-opening three part article by L. Scott Smith at the Occidental Observer.net (Part I, November 3, 2016; Part II, November 4, 2016; Part III, November 5, 2016). This has involved many aspects of political corruption, also seen right across the West, by changing “We, the People,” by mass immigration. It was seen most disgustingly in Obama’s interview with Gina Rodriguez, in his response to the question of whether illegals voting would attract the attention of immigration authorities: “when you vote, you are a citizen yourself. And there is not a situation where the rolls somehow are transferred over and people start investigating.”
Apart from Obama’s criminality in opening supporting electoral fraud, that situation must change.

The alternative media exhibited evidence of widespread voting corruption. Some stories at Natural News.com, include “Man Who Disrupted Trump Rally in Nevada has a Dead Grandmother Who is Voting on Election Day” (November 6, 2016); ‘Incredible Video Demonstrates How Election Theft Mechanism Can be Used to Rig the Election” (November 8, 2016); “New Undercover Video Reveals Ease of Voter Fraud in New York” (November 8, 2016); “Black Box Voting Machines Programmed to Switch Trump Votes to Hillary…Blatant Theft of Democracy Under Way in Pennsylvania” (November 8, 2016). Bob Livingston at http://personalliberty.com/election-season-accomplished/, said that he had a relative in North Carolina who voted early and saw her vote changed from Trump to Clinton and it took 30 minutes of arguing to get the vote changed. So, Clinton did “steal’ the election, although she did not win.

Breitbart.com featured some equally incredible stories: “Louisiana Voting Machine Logged Votes Before Poll Opened” (November8, 20160; “Officials: PA Voting Machines Incorrectly Registered Straight Republican Votes” (November 8, 2016); “Philadelphia: Multiple Reports of Voter Fraud Hit Social Media” (November 8, 2016).

The voting of illegals is thought to be sufficient in itself to change the outcome of elections. The Washington Post estimated that 6.4 percent of non-citizens voted in 2008, and 2.2 percent in 2010. These non-citizens overwhelmingly favoured the Democrats, which explains why Obama and Clinton were keen to make non-citizens, citizens. The non-citizen vote may have led to the Democrats picking up the 60th vote that in 2008 enabled filibusters to be overcome so Obamacare was rammed through. Obama’s victory in 2008 in North Carolina was by 14,177 votes, which could have been given by only 5.1 percent of North Carolina’s adult non-citizens voting.

The problem of voting corruption has been well illustrated in the US elections and even given differences in systems certainly exists in Australian elections as well, but it has not yet been exposed to the same degree. This is something that the Independents and One Nation need to examine.



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