Fixed into a dungeon with no openings
And watched over, night and day,
By four groups of four guards,
You seem to have reached the end of your road,
Under the sign of ‘No way out’.
Even in sleep you are chained up
Between two most attentive soldiers;
And tomorrow is execution day.
What does it all mean, Peter,
This tale of your immaculate binding?


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Tim Blair, The Daily Telegraph
Your various Nordic/Scandi nations have different ways of dealing with their sudden and massive Islamic infiltration.

Sweden is trying a total capitulation strategy:
In Sweden, a tax-funded TV ad created by a government-backed “charity” called “Individuell Manniskohjalp” (Individual Relief), or IM, informs Swedes that their old country is never coming back.
Translated to English, the slogan for the campaign is #TheNewNation. “There is no way back,” the ad begins. “Sweden will never be like it was. Europe is changing and Sweden is needed as a safe space for people who seek refuge. Now we must look forward and find a way to live side by side.”
As African and Middle Eastern faces intermixed with Swedish faces cycle through on the screen, the ad informs viewers that Sweden is in for some dramatic changes. “It’s time to realize the new Swedes will claim their space, and will take up room with cultures, languages and customs,” the narrators say in Swedish, alternating between male and female voices. “It’s time we see this as a positive force. The new country is about shaping a new future.”

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Letter-to-the-Editor/Opinion Piece

The Battle for our Grasslands and Livestock
Grasslands and arable land cover just 10% of Earth’s surface but (with the oceans) they produce all of our food and fibre. But the productivity and health of our grasslands, farms and livestock are under threat from global warming alarmists and green preservationists.
We are afflicted by methane madness. It is poor public policy that condones restrictions on grazing operations, or taxes on grazing animals, based on disputed theories that claim that bodily emissions from farm animals will cause dangerous global warming.
New Zealand was the first country to propose a “livestock fart tax”. Four hundred farmers then drove 20 tractors to the Parliament in Wellington waving placards and banners saying “STOP THE FART TAX”. The proposal was laughed out of Parliament. But the war on farmers and livestock continues.

Ruminants such as sheep, cattle and goats cannot make long-term additions to the gases in the atmosphere - they just recycle atmospheric carbon and nitrogen nutrients in a cycle-of-life that has operated for millennia
Grazing ruminant animals with their emission products have always been part of healthy grasslands. Only when large numbers of animals are confined on the one patch of land do pollution problems appear.

Many otherwise genuine environmentalists are assisting the destruction of grasslands with their native pastures and endangered grass birds. Blinded by their love for the trees, they neglect the grasses, legumes, herbs and livestock that provide their food. In Australia they pass laws to protect weedy eucalypts invading the grasslands but ignore the valuable and declining Mitchell grass that once dominated Australia’s treeless plains.
Grasslands are also under threat from cultivation for biofuel crops, from subsidised carbon credit forests and from the remorseless encroachment of fire-prone government reserves and pest havens.

Trying to control atmospheric gases with taxes is futile and anti-life. Even if carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere doubled, or more, the climate effect if any, is probably beneficial (warmer at night and near the poles and with more moisture in the atmosphere). More importantly, all life on Earth already benefits from the additional CO2 plant nutrient in the atmosphere, and would benefit even more were CO2 levels to double.
Nitrogen is the most abundant natural gas in the atmosphere, inhaled in every breath and an essential component of all protein. Grazing livestock merely recycle a few compounds of nitrogen, all of which either return to the atmosphere or provide valuable nitrogen fertilisers for the plants they graze on.

We also have the modern methane madness. Mobs of grazing ruminants have been roaming the grasslands since cave-man days. Methane has also been seeping from marshes, bubbling out of oceans, leaking from coal seams and oil seeps and being released in huge quantities from volcanoes. So what more can a few domestic cows and sheep do to affect this? Methane from domestic ruminants is a non-problem.
It is a foolish and costly fantasy to believe that Earth’s climate can be controlled by passing laws, imposing taxes, attempting to manipulate the bodily emissions of farm animals or trying to prevent farmers from clearing woody weeds invading their pastures.

The Clexit (ClimateExit) Coalition, comprising over 190 representatives from 26 countries, has formed the Clexit Grassland Protection Group with nine representatives from five big grazing countries.
This is an important problem. We hope you choose to publish part or all of our report. At least we hope you will read it.
Viv Forbes

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Australia To Search Out And Prosecute Anti-Vax Nurses And Midwives; Calls For Public To Turn Them In


While Australia whines about the lack of democracy and freedom in places like Syria, it is doing everything in its power to ensure that nothing resembling either of those things is allowed within its own borders.

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Rotten to the Core: From Corruption to Cultural Degeneracy by Chris Knight

Australians need to pay close attention to the US elections because never have we seen exposed, mainly by Wikileaks, the same level of corruption and degeneracy of the Establishment. What many of us writing at this site have been saying for years has been confirmed. Eric Butler, who was vilified for championing the conspiracy theory of history (by contrast to the “idiot theory,” that things just happen by cosmic coincidence), has been vindicated.

Donald Trump called the Clinton operations a “criminal enterprise: and not only Wikileaks, but FBI documents, released on October 17, 2016, confirm that, but the Establishment will not move on their chosen, Hillary. It was revealed that undersecretary of State, Patrick Kennedy, had asked the FBI to declassify or lower the classification of one secret Clinton email that would have been damaging to her as part of a “quid pro quo.” Trump rightly observed that this was “felony corruption by any standard.”

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Rigging the Elections: Lessons about Dumocracy from Experiment-Trump by Charles Taylor

Of all the things which Donald Trump has said, the claim that the system is “rigged” is the one which really upsets the ruling elites because this challenges the legitimacy of the “game.” Hillary Clinton said that Trump is “denigrating … talking down our democracy.” But what “democracy” does America have with a “rigged” media, constantly lying, and much worse, totally corrupt polls with fraudulent voting?

Let’s begin with the media who do not make any attempt to disguise outright bias, even in the face of inconsistency. For example, the New York, October 23, 2016, has an article “Trump Leading in Poll that has Best Track Record Over Last Three Election”: The article cites the Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP tracking poll which has Trump with 42.1 percent and Clinton at 39.7 percent. That would at a minimum, if words and numbers still have a meaning, of indicating a reasonable chance for Trump, surely. But the last sentence of the article quotes a Reuters/Ipsos vote analysis that gives “Clinton a 95 percent chance of winning”. Anyone who knows basic statistics can see that this is a mathematical inconsistency because the voting analysis could not get such a super-high, unrealistic success probability contrary to the best poll. The article doesn’t even address the issue but just dumps the last sentence in to “refute” the poll.

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This Week’s Theme: The System is Indeed “Rigged” by Bruce Bennett

The theme discussed in articles this week – ranging from the philosophical lessons of the US election, to gun control, section 18 C and many other topics –is that “the system is rigged,” to take a meme from the present Trump debates. The idea here is that the “system” – economic, political, and cultural – has fundamental elements of corruption and deception built into it. Social creditors would not be surprised to be told this because they have been aware since at least Major Douglas’ first writings about our flawed financial/economic system, with faults ranging from the lack of purchasing power to the “black magic” creation of credit by banks out of nothing and the debt creation on financial instabilities produced by that.

However, apart from the “big picture” corruption, relating to the fundamental contradictions of the system, we continue to find every week “micro corruptions” in the economic, political and cultural systems. To name a few from economics: there is the “discovery” of a global gold price collusion, where the world’s major banks rigged the price of gold for over a decade: The Australian, October 14, 2016; A Caminschi and R. Heaney, “Fixing a Leaky Fixing: Short-Term Market Reactions to the London PM Gold Price Fixing,” The Journal of Future Markets, vol. 34, no. 11, 2014, pp. 1003–1039.
There is also the failure of politicians across the world to address the seriousness of the exploding debt crisis. While the media falls all over Hillary Clinton, bowing to her globalism, US national debt is now a crushing $US 20 trillion, as Collapse News, October 21, 2016 reports. It would take 18 months, using the entire US GDP – which is obviously impossible – to pay this debt off No-one asks: who is the debt to, and how could a nation become essentially bankrupt? Who lurks in the shadows pulling the strings?

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Scientists Accidentally Found a Great New Way to Convert CO2 into Ethanol... Some of the greatest discoveries in history were found by accident. This could be one of them. by Aaron Brown

The opportunity this technology provides can be considered under the following scenarios: gas refineries emit CO2 to the tune of up to 40% of total production-throughput. This is a large source of CO2 and should be an ideal candidate for genuine environmentalist activists to pursue.
CO2 is emitted as a bi-product of combustion: heaters, boilers, internal combustion engines. This again is a large source of CO2 for conversion to ethanol - power stations, refineries, cars.
If converted at source of these fuel burners, the ethanol can be recycled back as additional fuel.
There is no longer a concern for CO2 caused global warming-ed.  

Scientists in Tennessee have accidentally discovered a method to convert carbon dioxide, one of the most serious causes of climate change, into ethanol for use as a fuel for internal-combustion motors. This newfound ability to recycle the greenhouse gas could potentially help slow global warming.

“We discovered somewhat by accident that this material worked,” said Adam Rondinone, an author on the research group’s study journal, in a press release. “We were trying to study the first step of a proposed reaction when we realized that the catalyst was doing the entire reaction on its own.”
Researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory found that by putting copper and carbon together to create nanospikes on silicon, exposing the matter to carbon dioxide dissolved in water, and electrifying it, the solution was transformed into a surprisingly-highly-concentrated blend of ethanol.

“By using common materials, but arranging them with nanotechnology, we figured out how to limit the side reactions and end up with the one thing that we want,” Rondinone said.

As Popular Mechanics notes, unlike other CO2-to-fuel converting processes, this method puts more common materials—carbon and copper—to use. Also, the final product is ethanol, which is already a relatively commonly-used fuel that has plenty of engines capable of burning it.

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Update from Bernard Gaynor

The battle to maintain our freedom and our culture in Australia continues. In recent days we've seen the Australian Human Rights Commission commence an investigation into Bill Leak, a cartoonist for the Australian newspaper, because a small number of people were offended by his cartoon highlighting family dysfunction in some Aboriginal communities.

Meanwhile, the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board has commenced its 32nd investigation into me. However, it refuses to let me know exactly what it is 'investigating'. I have been given until Friday to respond...
This should not be surprising. These bodies are essentially the political police force for left-wing radicals. They were always designed as such and they are simply doing the job that they were always established to do. The solution to this intolerable situation is not to tinker with sections of legislation that are probably unconstitutional anyway. Instead, the entire apparatus of the anti-discrimination industry must be destroyed.

Letter to The Editor

To The Australian
David van Gend is right that 'anti-discrimination laws should not be used to silence dissenting voices' ('Conscience demands we debate unimpeded', 26-27/12). He correctly adds that dissenters are not the problem, but 'the existence of laws that suppress free argument on matters of public importance.'

Tim Wilson is equally adroit in noting that 'free speech is being restricted by ill-defined anti-discrimination law' ('Outing clear harassment doesn't need elaboration', 26-27/12). He wisely objects to tests for restricting speech 'based on subjective and loose terms' and rightly points out that the fashionable phrase 'hate speech' is vague and ambiguous. However, his proposal that legal prohibitions should be supported against 'conduct that intimidates' and 'expressions designed to deny another person's humanity' does not itself escape from unacceptably subjective terminology. Moreover the 'particular concern of the Jewish community after the experience of the Holocaust' should not be allowed to make that topic off limits to supporters of revisionists with dissident perspectives, such as Gerard Menuhin and Nicholas Kollerstom.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Extreme Environmental Activism in Australia is Being Funded by International Groups by Cory Bernardi

The news that extreme environmental activism in Australia is being funded by international groups with links to the Clinton campaign should set alarm bells ringing.
These groups appear to have misused their domestic tax-deductible status and green credentials to engage in a shameless political campaign designed to damage our national interest by shutting down the Adani coal mine. Their financial (and other) links to the US Democratic campaign machine demonstrates what the agenda of a Clinton presidency might really have in store, irrespective of her campaign statements.

For this exposé and for many other insights into the Left’s political agenda, we have WikiLeaks to thank. Without them, the dishonest and co-ordinated global movement driving the Leftist agenda might only be tinfoil hat territory. Instead, the culprits are exposed and convicted by their own words.

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Letter to The Editor

To The Australian
Graham Hyde rightly advocates the removal of curbs on free speech that are 'vague', 'subjective' and 'imprecise' (25/10), but then recommends new restrictions that are just that ('intimidation', 'inciting hatred' and 'an anti-bigotry clause'). His phrase 'a single national test' is meaningless.

No, we do not need 'a new equal freedom of expression act' (whatever that might be), because it would implicitly indicate that government has the right to give us free speech and hence the right to remove or curtail it. We just need government to butt out by repealing 18C; and, until that happens, we need brave citizens to speak out publicly on contentious issues of race and thus challenge the iniquitous legislation to the point that it collapses under public odium.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor

To The Australian
Keith Windschuttle is not, as Gerard Hore claims (24/10), engaging in irresponsible 'fear-mongering' ('Separation, not integration, will result from recognition', 22-23/10), but issuing a wise warning which Australians will ignore at their peril. The threat of the disintegration of our nation, with the ill effects that would bring, is something genuinely fearful. Common sense, not merely 'self-interest', demands that it be opposed. Nothing immoral about that.

It has been apparent for many years that the push for 'constitutional recognition' masks a separatist political agenda. Windschuttle, with his customary thoroughness, has now provided the needed substantial documentation of this new Trojan horse. However, his article does not explore the mystery of why there is so much support in high places for such an obviously destructive policy that is against the interests of most Australians. Perhaps Senator Malcolm Roberts can explain this.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor

to The Australian
One does not have to be a fan of Eustace Mullins to feel that there is truth in some of his views as quoted by Senator Malcolm Roberts ('Senator rejects Jewish slurs', 22-23/10). Surely no-one seriously disputes the facts that the founding of the US Federal Reserve came about largely through the proposals of Jewish banking interests and that Jewish influence is very powerful among Western European nations thanks to financial power wielded by some Jews.

To what extent that influence promotes socialistic world government through the UNO or uses climate change fears are surely questions that can be debated in our public forums without any need to invoke the pejorative term 'anti-Semitism'. One reason for advocating the removal of section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act is that it could be used unfairly against someone reasonably - and not unreasonably - critical of certain Jewish activities.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor

It appears that Professor Jenny Hocking may have a political agenda - presumably republican - in her publishing of material about Gough Whitlam and the Dismissal ('Legal push to force release of Kerr's Palace letters', 22/10). This presumption comes from the peculiar claim she is reported to have made that the fate of the Governor-general's letters 'should be decided as a matter of Australian law, not by the arcane edict of a distant monarch.'

Constitutionally the Queen is not distant from our nation at all. In terms of air flight she is less than two days away, of email only a few minutes. Moreover, 2027, when the letters will be made public, is not far away, so why the hurry?
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Now Even Supporting German Families is “Nazi” and “Racist” by Paul Walker

The elites appear to have decided that ethnic German people should disappear from the face of Earth. The NPD party in Germany’s Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania parliament suggested that special benefits be given to support German families to increase the birth-rate. The proposal was screamed down by other politicians as “racist” and “Nazi”.

In less than 20 years, due to mass migration, migrants will be a majority in most major cities. Endless migration will ensure a replacement of ethnic Germans, and those who object will be called “racist” and will be expected to roll over and die.

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Cyber-Terrorism, Australia by Brian Simpson

According to the 2016 Threat Report, terrorists will be able to break into once-secure Australian government networks and cause chaos within three years. Foreign powers, not naming any trading partners, are the main threats. Already 1,095 serious cyber assaults have been launched in the past 18 months to June 2016. (The Australian, October 12, 2016, p. 1)

The Islamic terrorists are a little behind in this field, but catching up. They are the ones who will be able to cause chaos in three years; China can do it now. Potential targets are utilities, hospitals, air traffic control systems, electric and nuclear power stations and transport networks.

How Soon Before Hillary Causes Nuclear Doomsday? by James Reed

Why should Australians be concerned about a Hillary Clinton presidency?
Back in March 23, 2016, Leftist John Pilger wrote a piece for New entitled “Why Hillary Clinton is More Dangerous than Donald Trump.” He pointed out that under Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama, who pledged to make the world free from nuclear weapons, more nuclear weapons have been built than under any president. The greatest military build-up since World War II has occurred along Russia’s western frontier. Pilger sees the Democrats Obama and Clinton as itching for war with Russia, while Trump just wants trade.

Putin’s ally Vladimir Zhirinovsky recently made world news by saying that America should vote for Trump or face all-out nuclear war. Hillary Clinton, he believed would trigger World War III: “It will be a short movie. There will be Hiroshimas and Nagasakis everywhere.” He saw Trump’s isolationism meaning that he won’t interfere in countries such as Libya and Syria, thus turning down global tensions.

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The Latest Victim of the Race/Cultural War by Ian Wilson LL. B.

Cartoonist Bill Leak of The Australian is facing a section 18 C racial hatred complaint. The matter arises from a cartoon featuring three Aborigines. An Aboriginal policeman is holding a youth and confronts the lad’s father, who has a tin of beer in his hand. The officer says that the father needs to talk to his son about personal responsibility, and the father agrees and asks the officer what the lad’s name is. The cartoon was widely criticised, I think not without some justification, for its portrayal of a crisis in parenting.

The complaint alleges:

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The Politics of Domestic Violence by Mrs Vera West

There was a very good article by Jennifer Oriel (“There Can be No Reasoning with PC Bigot Rights Advocates,” The Australian, October 17, 2016, p. 12) discussing the race hatred complaint about the Bill Leak cartoon. That’s not my area of interest, but I did notice her argument that the UN’s aim of universal human rights has “been replaced by minority rights championed by socialists and Islamists.”
As well “The Marxist dictatorship of the proletariat has been replaced by the neo-Marxist dictatorship of manufactured minorities.”

She notes that the “UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, recently demonised conservative politicians of eight countries for opposing his agenda. The UN has endorsed a new campaign to classify dissent from its open border policy as “xenophobia” and “intolerance.” ”

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