How Soon Before Hillary Causes Nuclear Doomsday? by James Reed

Why should Australians be concerned about a Hillary Clinton presidency?
Back in March 23, 2016, Leftist John Pilger wrote a piece for New entitled “Why Hillary Clinton is More Dangerous than Donald Trump.” He pointed out that under Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama, who pledged to make the world free from nuclear weapons, more nuclear weapons have been built than under any president. The greatest military build-up since World War II has occurred along Russia’s western frontier. Pilger sees the Democrats Obama and Clinton as itching for war with Russia, while Trump just wants trade.

Putin’s ally Vladimir Zhirinovsky recently made world news by saying that America should vote for Trump or face all-out nuclear war. Hillary Clinton, he believed would trigger World War III: “It will be a short movie. There will be Hiroshimas and Nagasakis everywhere.” He saw Trump’s isolationism meaning that he won’t interfere in countries such as Libya and Syria, thus turning down global tensions.

Putin has moved nuclear missiles into Kaliningrad, in central Europe. The, has reported that the US is testing Stealth bombers armed with nuclear weapons in preparation for war: In response Putin has ordered all Russian children and relatives studying abroad to return to Russia in preparation for World War III. Defence drills for 40 million Russian citizens have already commenced. Bunkers have been built in Moscow capable of housing 14 million people.

Russia is preparing to test fire the “Satan 2” nuclear bomb, powerful enough to destroy a country the size of France and equipped with stealth technology able to evade radar systems. China has the Dongfeng 41 nuclear missile which has the longest range of any ballistic missile in the world. It can wipe out any city in the West.

Clinton is inflaming tensions in claiming that Wikileaks is a “Russian propaganda arm.” Meanwhile the CIA is preparing for a possible cyber strike against Russia because Obama thinks Russia is helping Trump. Yes, with the world on the brink, that is how the fools think. And, as Israel Shamir points out in his take on all of this, in the Unz Review, October 9, 2016, the US media continues to vilify Russia as an “outlaw state” comparing Putin to Hitler, and even Trump. “Now nuclear war is quite likely – unless the US leaders will come to their senses.”

Don’t expect President Hillary Clinton to do that.
So, the world may die in a radioactive holocaust, but at least it will be a progressive, politically correct one.



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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