A Survey on Beliefs about the Origin of Covid-19 By Chris Knight

This is a measure of how quickly the lab origin hypothesis of the origin of Covid-19 has gained ground, with the majority of Americans now supporting the view.


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Cousin Marriages: The Multicultural Cost By Richard Miller (London)

One of the things not often thought about regarding the creation of a multicultural society is the issue of cousin marriage. Some cultures are big on this. Between consenting adults, all over 18 years, is there a problem here? It seems to be so, given genetic aspects, as detailed below, with human and medical costs.


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On the Fauci Emails and the Claim that Elites Do Not Exist! By Charles Taylor (Florida)


Colin Liddell makes his usual diatribe about what losers the Dissent Right are, “Let's be honest: most of the Dissident Right today is little better than a masochists' club that gets off clutching its pearls at how weak and puny they are, and at how powerful and malevolent their enemies ("the evil elites") are. Really, it is sad, pathetic, and possibly h***-erotic in some weird way. And it is definitely Nihilistic. In fact, much of the Dissident Right is essentially a form of hyper Leftism.” However, Liddell’s main concern in the article reference below, is to attack a Dissent Right conspiracy view of the Covid-19 vaccination push. As he says:

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Fauci is a Dr Frankenstein! By Brian Simpson

Fauci is not alone in his attitude, that science must probe, whatever the costs. Usually they justify their curiosity by saying that the risks are not great compared to the benefits, so the benefits of experimenting on contagious viruses by increasing their infectious potential, was worth the risk of a laboratory accident unleashing a pandemic. Of course, this attitude leads right to the extinction of the human species, since viruses can now be created that completely evade the human immune system. These never existed in nature, so what is being done is madness. There needs to be Nuremburg trials to deal with this; scientists need to be made accountable, and those corporate monsters behind them, who stand to profit. Those responsible for the deaths of 3.4 million people need to be brought to justice, whoever they are.


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US Reported Deaths from Covid-19 Vaccines By Mrs Vera West

Do not confuse the US statistics with the Australian ones, as some anti-vaxxers seem to do. The Australian adverse reactions are not very interesting by comparison. A much larger sample will enable outlier events and all sorts of other weird things to be seen, which may not statistically show up in the much smaller Australian population. That is why we need to keep an eye on what is happening in the US, which probably has already, about five times the entire population of Australia vaccinated, and is thus a much better sample for analysis. As far as I can ascertain, most of the types of adverse effects being reported in the US, documented below, are not observed in Australia, such as heart inflammation. Yet.


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The Significance of the Fauci Emails By James Reed

The Fauci emails re the origins of Covid-19 are dripping in conspiracies, some of which may be proven true. The article from the fantastic childrenshealthdefense.org, summarises what is at stake here:


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The Cancer of Social Decay By James Reed

The material below relates to the US, but reports from our London correspondent, Richard Miller, on the UK and Europe, indicate that the rot is there too, and social decay proceeding rapidly. Of course, South Africa was way ahead of everyone else in this regard. Australia, less so, but clearly the same signs are here. We are probably about five years behind the UK and US on this, but who knows, for today, things happen quickly? Core liberal democratic institutions are being eroded, and this will fast track us to social decay, and ultimate destruction too, unless there is strong resistance, which I am sure the “good men” will soon deliver. If not today, then tomorrow.


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Covid-19 Origins will be a CCP Cold Case By Brian Simpson

All of a sudden the Wuhan lab release hypothesis is being seriously entertained. It will probably go nowhere, since in the time this was suppressed, China would easily have had time to do a complete Spring cleaning of any relevant evidence. We must not forget the role of the US in funding gain-of-function research in Wuhan, the emails of Covid guru Dr Fauci and other things covered recently at this blog. It is likely that the truth, like all the big conspiracies will never get uncovered in public, and if it does, will be simply ignored.


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The Folly of Posting False Adverse Effects of Vaccines News By Brian Simpson

There is never a need to post false news about the adverse effects of Covid-19 vaccines, or for that matter, to post false news about anything. Keep to the facts. False claims are easily discredited, and may break the law. What I have in mind here are false statistics, like totally exaggerated death statistics. As far as I can see, there must be debate permitted about the scientific research that is uncovering issues with say, the spike proteins, since, suppression, as was done with the Covid origins issue, will come unstuck in the end. So, keep honest, keep to the facts, and have a critical scientific faculty about everything. We need to see how this all unfolds. In our blog reports, we all try our best to be objective, with an open mind, allowing readers to make up their own mind. Of course, a free thinking population could well be thought criminals in themselves!


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The Flight, Not of the Valkyries, but of the CCP Drones! By Chris Knight (Florida)

With the CCP having its man Beijing Biden in the White House, they are moving to do things which they would never have done, even under someone as wreak as Donald Trump. Drones are apparently everywhere, collecting information, just like in the past, was done by its migrants, all in prep for the coming war.


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Andy Ngo Needs to Learn Martial Arts … Real Quick! By John Steele

Asian American critic of antifa, Andy Ngo has been almost murdered by crazed antifa mobs again. While Beijing Biden, as we call him here, rattles on about White supremacism, which really means, White existence itself, antifa Marxists are free to burn, loot, and attempt to murder. Some US folk think that Andy should carry a firearm, but really, faced with a mad mob, there would be a massacre, and even if they were armed, the totally corrupt state will not allow self-defence by the lone conservative individual, who is ear-marked to die anyway. Still, much better options are to beef up with powerlifting, get some solid martial arts, boxing and MMA under one’s belt, and practical stick fighting training. Andy is so beaten up now he probably needs a Canemaster’s cane, or one of the many great walking sticks by Cold Steel; Andy needs to get onto EBAY, USA pronto! I have Cold Steel’s African Walking Stick, and would be happy to face off against at least 500 antifa if I was in his shoes! Once a few go down, the rest of the hyenas will run back to their white parent’s rich houses, to lick socialist wounds, and read Karl Marx. Really, less time writing, more time training, for us all.

I recommend readers have a look at the videos that are attached to the links below to get an idea of the frenzy of these Marxist monsters! There are plenty of good self-defence videos still on YouTube, appearing daily. Try Tim Larkin to get the top level theoretical stuff.

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The CCP, Plotting Away for Global Marxism, Coming to Your Street Soon! By James Reed

Who was it that said that history had ended with liberal democracies? Anyone remember that guy, had an Asian sounding name starting with “F,” ending in “a”? Don’t hear much about the end of history and the last man now do we, as Marxism is back on the menu boys!


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How the Mad Scientists Plan to Destroy the Earth! By Brian Simpson

There I was thinking that the Grand Plan to eliminate us so that a race of lizard extra-terrestrials, most zooming around in the UFO sports vehicles, drag racing each other, some of whom are hiding in broad daylight in human form, running Big Tech corporations (just look at the eyes), would involve disease to wipe us out! But no, our demise will be long and painful, due to climate interference. Imagine all that will go wrong with geoengineering plan to cool the entire planet, especially now the solar minimum is upon us? Why, the screw-ups in science that occur now should make anyone say: No way, Jose! But the technocrats have enormous power now, as the Covid plandemic showed.


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The CDC Report on Breakthrough Covid Infections, Breaking Through By Brian Simpson

Some vaccination critics have been making false claims about the Australian Covid vaccines extent of adverse effects. Doing so may be a crime, and in any case discredits the proponent. Better to keep to the facts. For the US, which has had a more aggressive vaccination program than Australia, arguably, let us keep to the official material from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Surely, no problem there.


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What Happens When They Cyber-Attack the Beer Supply? By Bruce Bennett (former Kiwi)

The authorities think that a Russian hacking group cyber attacked the world’s largest meat supplier, JBS, shutting down its internal computer systems, including its Canadian and Australian branches. The FBI thinks that REvil was the kingpin, but surely it must be white supremacists, if Biden is right that they are the source of all r-evil in the universe! Oh, but it is not so bad, and so far the beer supply has not been affected. No one would be that cruel to take away the sheeples’ soma. It might turn said sheeple into bunting billy goats!


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Dream on You Crazy Diamond! By Chris Knight (Florida)

Buried in the title of this is an allusion to Pink Floyd … who are they? Don’t worry. Anyway, Trump has said that China owes the world big biscuits for giving us the gift of Covid-19. What is the bet they say: to hell with you guys, even if they do admit a deliberate lab release, which they would not do, even with nuclear missiles pointed at them? Look, your economies are destroyed, so just bend your knees and know your place in the Covid New World Order! Really though, there is more to the story, and I suspect that the release of Covid was a plan by those globalists, who control nations, for the Great Genocide of democratic values.


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The UK Official Culture of Rape By Richard Miller (London)

If the crimes involved Whites protesting about mass immigration, or some sort of hate crime, you can be show that the woke Covid New World Order coppers would have so many convictions, the gaols would be over-flowing, and the authorities would be transporting prisoners to the new colonies, such as Australia, to give their civic society a good solid political foundation. No, as the grooming rapes are of White children by non-white migrants, well, why should the system  care? It is just part and parcel of the Great Replacement.


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The Incredible Roaming Covid Spikes! By Mrs Vera West

Here is more information for your consideration about the coronavirus spike proteins, which according to new research can travel from the site of injection, I take it the shoulder, but in the good old days, it was the butt if my memory serves me somewhat well, The problem is what happens when the spike protein starts circulating in the body, if it does? Clearly the best thing to do now is like the origin of Covid-19, to shut down all debate, imprison all recalcitrant scientists, and sing “don’t worry, be happy.” That should solve the problem, yes sir!


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China Plans to Axe Australian Iron Ore with an Australian Iron Ore Axe! By James Reed

As reported in the Australian Financial Review, 22-23 May, 2021, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, has a five-year plan which involves, in part, axing its reliance upon Australian iron ore. Loyal China will seek iron ore elsewhere, from Russia, Myanmar, Kazakhstan and Mongolia, as well as increasing local production and using scrap iron.

Well, doesn’t this show how short-sighted our policies have been, to export raw material, take in foreign students and migrants, and have no degree of self-reliance, not even making masks? It is time for Australia to get economic independence, to use its resources for its own national development. The founding fathers of Federation saw this, there was some movement in that direction, but as usual, the globalist elite moved to squash everything, and here we are. I hope it is not too late to try again. Most of us here at this blog are beaming with optimism, so I will march on once more, forcing myself to smile.

Higher Education in Crisis! Good for Them! By James Reed

While grazing on the rich pastures of the Australian Financial Review, June 1, 2021, I spied an ad which is for the Higher Education Summit. “COVID-19 has smashed Australian universities, with border closures wiping out the international education that accounts for up to a third of revenue.” What is shocking is how this has been allowed to happen, when education should be about nation building, not bringing in Asian migrants, which is what the scheme is really about, as I have documented in numerous articles over the past, decade plus.

While we fear the Covid New World Order, I am pleased that the universities have been smashed, and hope that they continue to be smashed.

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