Karma Harris, the New Commo Vice President By Charles Taylor

The mainstream media are already all over themselves about America’s first coloured woman president, so Biden was just a stepping stone, and every fool who voted for him, voted for Harris. But who is she? Well, I got this via email, and it had no reference, but it is out there somewhere.

“Here is a timely editorial that exposes the hidden background of Kamala Harris from the Combat Veterans for Congress Political Action Committee that is posted here with permission of the author. CVFC PAC supports the election of US military combat veterans to the US Senate and House of Representatives. The editorial begins:

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Who Wants to Become a Genetically Modified Organism? By Brian Simpson

The new wave of RNA vaccines are set to make takers into, technically speaking genetically modified organisms, many on the net believe. How will the Greenies, who embrace vaccine culture, feel about that? Here is one opinion.


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Can Biden be Taken Down Still? By Chris Knight

There are legal strategies that could in principle defeat zombie president Beijing Biden even now, including following through the revelations on his son’s laptop, as well as the ideas below. But it requires the courts to have guts, and not to be corrupt. Good luck with that one, things are in the cultural collapse stage now.


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Washington DC an Open Military State By Charles Taylor

I thought that the Democrats and insane leftists, like the Hollywood scumbags, hated walls. Then how come there is still a razor wall around the parasites in the swamp?


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Covid-1984 Outback Concentration Camps? By James Reed

I saw this at an American site, no doubt there was mention of it in the Australian press, but there you go. Is this concentration camps in the desert where people will be guarded behind razor wire? Let’s look closer and see how wrong I got it:


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Latest on the CCP Virus as a Leak By Brian Simpson

Here is the latest in the proposition that the Covid-19 virus was a lab construction, by our friends in the CCP. Not that it matters much, as China has got away with it. It was all necessary to take down Trump.


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Gate’s Latest Scheme By Chris Knight

No doubt about it, Billy Gates has his claws in every pie, even the one which your mom out in the country has, which he may soon buy up.


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Monster from the Lost Lagoon, Donald Trump, Slithers Back into the Swamp: The Trump Presidency as a Deep State Psyops By Charles Taylor (Florida)

This video by Tucker Carlson details what is happening post-Trump, with the great Soviet USA purge now beginning. Trump supporters have been defined as domestic terrorists with the implication that they need to be treated like ISIS, only worse. That is the madness that Donald Trump has unleashed. As detailed below, some universities are being petitioned to rescind degrees that Trump supporters have, just for being Trump supporters! People in the military who are pro-Trump have ben culled out, and the FBI has gone even madder, going after the January 6 protesters after letting antifa burn and murder Americia in 2020, which continues, so they are a form of KGB now.


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Chinese America By James Reed

This is post-Trump, and may be dated now that China has their boy in the White House, or is that now, mad House?


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False Optimism as Dangerous as Defeatist Pessimism By Chris Knight (Florida)

Are you sick of losing yet? Natural New had run a type of QAnon line that Trump would save us at the last moment, but prophecy failed didn’t it? Consider:


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Beijing Biden Sworn in as a Zombie President of Whatever the Place is Called By Peter Ewer


Well, Beijingo Biden is now president of what used to be the United States, he soon to be replaced by Karma Harris, because she is a coloured woman. If only she was transgender. But, soon, patience, it will come. Yep, the few things Trump did were undone in about two minutes by Biden’s quivering senile pen. The little bit of the famous Wall, about two feet, will be gone before the electrons on this page dry. Like our American correspondences here, Chris, and Charles, I too am convinced that Trump was a controlled opposition, just an actor, and thus traitorous, and I hope that this idea catches on; it is the next level for Ann Coulter to take on, to make up for her book mistake back in the day. In Trump we should never have trusted. I would like to see him imprisoned, it would be a fitting punishment for his betrayal, and deliver a real message to deplorables, how deplorable things now are. I have come to hate the guy more than I did when he did The Apprentice, an egomaniac show.  

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Facebook Bans Almost Everything! By James Reed

This is the endgame of a gutless president failing to deal with the tyranny of Big Tech. Now medieval re-enactment groups get banned, for having some vague connection to white culture. Really, we lived before the internet, and life can go on without it, even if they ban the whole damned thing. We have become too dependent upon this globalist creation. Start boycotting their businesses and shop local as far as possible.


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Chinese Electoral Interference Suppressed, Naturally By Chris Knight

What a sick joke, this all is. With the Biden Chinese communist rule now up and running the country to the ground, we hear that the CIA suppressed evidence of China’s electoral interference. Why not close down the CIA and just move the Chinese military in?


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Antifa Rampages Against Beijing Biden Now! By Charles Taylor

Enjoy the decline! Antifa is still burning America down even with Biden in! Well, it is blue cities, so why should I care, there is no more America, and I look forward to the breakup of America now.  


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Living Dangerously By Charles Taylor

In these dangerous times, a spot of philosophy from the warrior wisdom of Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) is in order:

“I greet all the signs that a more manly, war-like age is coming, which will bring valor again into honor! For it has to prepare the way for yet a higher age, and assemble the force which that age will one day have need of -  that age that will carry heroism into knowledge and wage war for the sake of ideas and their consequences. To that end many brave pioneers are needed now … men who know how to be silent, solitary, resolute … who have an innate disposition to seek in all things that which must be overcome in them … men accustomed to and assured in command and equally ready to obey when necessary, equally proud in the one case as the other; men more imperilled, men more fruitful, happier men! For believe me, the secret of realizing the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment of existence is: to live dangerously.” From: The Gay Science (1882), looming before the word changed its meaning.

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What Caused Western Birth Rates to Crash? By Mrs Vera West


Whoever the academic/intellectual is writing under the name F. Bardamu, the protagonists name from Celine’s epic novel, Journal to the End of the Night (1930), he needs to keep his identity secret, since the Terror will be after his head. One of his pieces that caught my eye was on monogamy and the survival of the West:

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Lessons from Ötzi the Iceman about Ancient Germanics By Brian Simpson

While the contemporary anti-Germanic genocide regime portrays ancient Germanics, like present day Germanics, as savages, only fit for migrant replacement, the facts of the most ancient European mummy, Ötzi, the iceman show otherwise. The remains were found frozen in a glacier on the Alps on the border between Austria and Italy, the Ötz Valley, and dated to be about 5,000 years old.

Scientists have been able to work out much about life at the time by an examination of his remains. For example, his intestinal contents contained red deer, chamois meat, and einkorn wheat bran, which he most likely ate as bread. There were also hop-hornbeam pollen grains in the stomach contents as well.

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Ancient Egyptians were White! By Brian Simpson

I have been reporting on lesser-known archaeological research which serves to re-moralise Northern Europeans, who have been deracinated and dispossessed by the ruling globalist elites. Thus, I have countered those who have argued that Northern Europe was a backwater. But, taking the fight to the critics is the book by Arthur kemp, The Children of Ra: Artistic, Historical, and Genetic Evidence for Ancient White Egypt:


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The Genetic Origin of the British By Brian Simpson

In an article by Nicholas Wade, “A United Kingdom? Maybe,” The New York Times, March 6. 2007, at:


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China Gets Down and Dirty By James Reed

Those normies in their comfort zone need to keep one eye on what China is up to, as their comfortable life could be disrupted more completely than Covid did. War is coming, and it is will be sooner than most think, for China has already gloated about this.


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