At Last Some Stirrings from the Dissent Right on the Trump Conspiracy By Charles Taylor (Florida)

  1. S. Solovyev is one of the few from the dissent right to take up the position that I have been crying in the wilderness about since my canned book attacking Trump in 2017 … namely that there is something not right, and highly suspicious about Trump. The case which I have also presented at this blog for almost a year now, is neatly summarised below, Solovyev does not take the final logical step of concluding that Trump is a Deep State plant, which is important as Trump is set to destroy conservatives once more as we head to 2024, and the final apocalypse. Still, this is a start of a movement in the right direction, exposing Trump.

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Time to Challenge the “Sacred” “Roe v Wade” By Charles Taylor (Florida)

It is good in one respect to see that the Supreme Court of the United States will reconsider the historic leftist pro-abortion case of Roe v Wade. There has been much criticism over the years about the lack of constitutional foundation to this case. But, as with SCOTUS failing to even hear the allegations of electoral fraud, I suspect that they would be too Leftist or too gutless, to over-rule the appalling case. The Left will have an excuse to go mad again and burn everything down so SCOTUS will go to water. Wait until we break away from the corrupt US of A.

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Secession is the Way to Right Wing Victory By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Secession Is the Short Cut to Right-Wing Victory” – that is indeed true for the United States which has been destroyed by diversity, not merely ethnic, but political as well. The fundamental divide is between red and blue states, and it is now at the civil war levels. In fact, as documented in other posts here, Beijing Biden, or those who control him, have declared war upon white conservatives, Trump voters. It is impossible to live with people who want to kill you., Hence the breakup of America is the only way to avoid a coming catastrophe. I call it “the Great Divorce.”

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Is Australia Now North Korea? By James Reed

Overseas commentators are appalled at the way Australia has defected from the Western liberal democratic tradition and embraced a totalitarianism that even the CCP mouth piece The Global Times, was amazed at. Well. Look on the bright side, at least our over-the-top police brutality, and tyrannical state dictates are getting us attention, and on the international scene, we have lacked that. And, just imagine if the people actually defeat this tyranny, how grand will that be? Aussies will once more be alphas as in the ANZAC legends … almost.

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On Non-Solutions to the Covid “Pandemic” By James Reed

Yet another great article from, the high quality Right on-line journals. Here are some thoughts on what Australia is going to look like once the 80 percent Covid vaccination rate is reached. In summary, the vaccines are not magic bullets, and come with risks, and in the long term, an over-reliance may be counter-productive from an evolutionary perspective. “From a biological viewpoint, clinical outcomes of COVID infection are the balance of the host-parasite (virus) relationship. Over time, as the host acquires immunity and the virus adapts, clinical disease evolves from “the dramatic to the mild”, as did influenza in 1919 and 1920. Sweden appears to be close to achieving this with COVID. Will Australia’s focus on maintaining a COVID-free environment paradoxically delay this transition in Australia?” I think that the answer to this is clearly “yes,” and that the present Australian freak-out response is contrary to sound biological and evolutionary understanding.

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Hospital Staff Refuse the Vax and Quit! By Chris Knight (Florida)

Here is one of the first reports of US hospital staff quitting rather than take the mandatory Covid vax. In another post the case of New York was covered, where the governor there will replace quitting healthcare staff with migrant workers. It just shows the true colours of the system.

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Life in a Police State By Paul Walker (Melbourne Covid Inmate)

There are strong allegations of state censorship, such as banning media coverage of the Melbourne protests, through to mobile phone outages. Naturally enough I did not find coverage of this at any mainstream sites, but it was extensively discussed at I thus cannot guarantee at this point that the story is fully correct, but in the present war zone, we take with a bag of salt what information we have. There are reports (and photos posted on social media) of a guy being shot in the head by the police using a rubber bullet, who allegedly died, but no mainstream coverage of this, so who knows anymore? From lockdown, in my own personal prison, I certainly don’t.

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The Evil Mathematics of Covid By Brian Simpson

I would hypothese that many people taking a critical approach to the entire Covid thing, would think that there is at least something “fishy” about it all, certainly an odd odour. Going from the present controversies about the lab release and the likelihood of other CCP/globalist bioweapons being released, there is the controversy about the covering up of adverse effects from the vaccines, also covered in other blog posts today at this site. The material below puts the case that the so-called pandemic is not as deadly as advertised, but the vaccines may ultimately prove worse than the disease. And, we have yet to face the likelihood that real killer pandemics may soon be released, as discussed in another article below today.

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The Case that Covid is Bioweapon, and Genetic Vaccines are Genocide, Brought to International Criminal Court By Brian Simpson

Lawyers Worldwide, attorney Melinda C. Mayne, and Kaira S. McCallum submitted a 27-page
‘Request for Investigation' to the International Criminal Court (ICC) at
The Hague back in April 2021. A case makes expert evidence witness reports from cardiologist Dr Richard Fleming, virologist Prof. Luc Montagnier, and neuroscientist Dr. Kevin W.
McCairn. The material below, summarises the case. It is doubtful that there will be a positive decision for these plaintiffs, given what is at stake here, since courts are very much status quo affirming entities, and this is particularly so for internationalist courts such as the ICC.  Still, it is good that such legal action was taken since it stirs the pot and raises the issues, putting things in sharper focus.
“Lawyers Worldwide Submit New Evidence to International Criminal Court
Alleging World Leaders & Scientific Advisors Have Used Covid-19 & the
Injections to Commit Genocide and Crimes against Humanity

Charles Burris

Lawyers Worldwide Submit New Evidence to International Criminal Court
Alleging World Leaders & Scientific Advisors Have Used Covid-19 & the
Injections to Commit Genocide and Crimes against Humanity.

New evidence, including sworn affidavits from leading experts such as
Professor Luc A. Montagnier, has been submitted to the International
Criminal Court by lawyers in several countries alleging Government's
across the world and their advisors are complicit in genocide, crimes
against humanity and breaches of the Nuremberg Code.

Attorney Melinda C. Mayne, and Kaira S. McCallum submitted a 27-page
‘Request for Investigation' to the International Criminal Court (ICC) at
The Hague back in April 2021 alleging the UK Government and its advisors
were complicit in crimes against humanity in the name of Covid-19.

On the 28th of April 2021, the pair received a formal acknowledgement
from the ICC and were assigned a case number – ‘141/21'. Since then the
pair have been gathering new evidence to use in their ICC claim and have
established connections with lawyers and research scientists from around
the world.

A new press release released on the 17th August, which can be viewed
here, confirms that the pair have received sworn affidavits from leading
experts including research scientist and nuclear cardiologist Dr Richard
M. Fleming, the Nobel Laureate virologist Professor Luc A. Montagnier,
and Dr Kevin W. McCairn, a neuroscientist and expert on neurological

Professor Luc A Montagnier, who won a Nobel prize for his work on the
HIV virus, claimed in April 2020 that he believed the novel coronavirus
was created in a laboratory. Then in May 2021 the expert virologist
stated that "Mass vaccinations are a scientific error as well as a
medical error. It is an unacceptable mistake. The history books will
show that, because it is the vaccination that is creating the variants".’

Aerosolized Skin-Penetrating Nanoparticles and Other Bioweapons! Coming to Your Favourite US City! By chris Knight (Florida)

Covered in a previous article was the story about how there was a planned release   of aerosolized, skin-penetrating spike protein nanoparticles into wild bat populations in China to immediately leap to humans, a real story right out of fiction like On Her Majesties Secret Service. DRASTIC has confirmed that the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) created 180 strains of coronavirus bioweapons and put them under the control of the communist Chinese. It has been alleged that CCP-run bioweapons deployment teams have crossed the US border, carrying MERS-augmented biological weapons with at least a 30 percent fatality rate. These teams will be on the ready to release the disease into US cities. I suppose the Democrats who are still alive will blame white supremacists, the punching bags of today.

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The Covid Conspiracy Theorists were Pretty Much Right about Everything! By James “Conspiracy” Reed

Mike Whitney, at Unz Review gives a neat summary of all the controversial points in the present great Covid debate. In short, almost all the points made previously by the so-called conspiracy theorists, like Alex Jones, have come true, an important one being the lab origin of Covid, and the dark backstory of gain of function research that generated Covid as well as far more lethal viruses that will also be released when convenient. Covid was simply a test-run, a warm up for the main event, yet to come. We have not seen anything yet.

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The Conspiracy to Suppress Data about Covid Vax Adverse Reactions By Brian Simpson

Whistle-blowers from the US Department of Health and Human Services,  have claimed there is a federal conspiracy to suppress widespread injury and death caused by the Covid-19 vaccines. This is done by the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) creating a set of  coding rules that hospitals are required to adhere to. The result of the application of these rules is that doctors routinely mis-classify severe illness and death in the recently vaccinated, coding it instead as an unvaccinated Covid case or an unvaccinated Covid death. Bingo, instant inflated Covid figures, and more fuel for vaccine hysteria. And, other whistle-blower insiders are reporting that hospitals are downplaying, of simply not reporting adverse effects from the Covid vaccines.

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Fear, Covid-Like Penetrating Nanoparticles! By Brian Simpson

When I first read about penetrating nanoparticles that the Wuhan lab had intended to work on and release, I thought it was a fringe dwelling right-wing racist conspiracy, but, not so. Recently leaked documents reveal that researchers working at and connected to to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) were trying to obtain grant money for genetically engineered (GMO) bat coronaviruses that are capable of infecting humans, “skin-penetrating nanoparticles” containing “novel chimeric spike proteins” were to be used for transforming otherwise bat-only coronaviruses into highly infectious coronaviruses that could infect humans. And, there were other deadly viruses also in the research requests, with Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance behind them. Tony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) was also in the scheme, for gain of function research. And, we all know where that ended.

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The Great Covid Replacement of Workers is On! By Chris Knight (Florida)

In other posts we will cover the next stage of the Covid plandemic, how even health care workers are resigning rather than get the mandatory Covid vax jab. So, how will, and in fact is, the tyrannical system deal with this? Why, as usual, by turning to their beloved migration, to bring in replacement workers. This, though, is a bit more difficult than replacing manual labourers such as fruit pickers. But, they will try, because THEY never give up, never rest, never even close an eye.

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SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant Poised to Acquire Complete Resistance” to the Existing Vaccines: Japanese Study By Brian Simpson

Japanese research is indicating that SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant “is poised to acquire complete resistance” to the existing vaccines. So, what does that mean for the Australian position? Well it is back to the drawing boards, as the country is locked down until the new vaccine, which will also soon be useless because of mutations. Thus, either Australia goes the way of natural immunity, or faces economic collapse. If the ICUs get overwhelmed, that is just the cost we should face. Build more, using all those vacant buildings from businesses that have gone bankrupt from the lockdowns.

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The Nuclear Pot Calling the Kettle, Black! By James Reed

North Korea has lashed out at the AUKUS strategic alliance, saying that it could launch a nuclear arms race. As I covered in another article about China’s nuclear arms build-up, this is is already occurring. Australia stand defenceless against nuclear attacks, and we either get weapons or perish. It is a “deep” as that.

“North Korea responded to the announcement of the AUKUS strategic alliance on Monday by calling it “irresponsible” and warning it could launch a “nuclear arms race.”

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Covid Vax Menstrual Blues By Mrs Vera West

Australian Left feminist singer Robyn Archer once sang a song about the menstruation blues. I looked at the song on YouTube and was too alarmed to post a link; I spare the reader, I suffered for you! Anyway, maybe that might be relevant today in a new post-feminist context with Covid allegedly causing changes to periods as well as unusual vaginal bleeding. The standard view is that this is nothing to worry about, and will not affect fertility. Oh, since this is a new experimental vaccine, how do they know? There has not been time to adequately test it, the vaccines being developed at “warp speed,” recommended by that silly fellow, Donny Crumpet, no Trumpet.

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The Great Covid Vax Booster Controversy By Brian Simpson

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) advisory committee on September 17 overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to distribute booster shots of Pfizer and Covid vaccine to the general public. However, that has not stopped lobbying for the boosters to be delivered, and the word on the street is that it is only a matter of time, because what Big Pharma wants, Big Pharma gets. National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Dr. Francis Collins believes that  COVID booster shots will  be recommended for  Americans in the upcoming weeks. This too will be the pattern for Australia, where even getting one, or two jabs will still mean that without endless booster shots, one remains “unvaccinated.” Covid is forever.

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Another Warning of Impending French Civil War By Richard Miller (London)

A little while ago there were a group of French generals warning of an impending civil war. Now conservative presidential candidate Xavier Bertrand is also warning that France faces the risk of a “civil war” due its problems with gang violence and uncontrolled mass immigration. Well, an election is coming so I suppose these sorts of noises will be made. Really though, when are the French going to put down their wine and hot snail-filled croissants, and get down to the nitty gritty of civil war? Personally, from what I have seen of France, the place will fall apart sooner than that. It is almost as bad as my dump, Not-Great Britain.

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Importing Diverse Diversities By Chris Knight (Florida)

The Afghan migrants that the West are so eagerly importing bring with them cultural enrichment beyond the wildest conception of deracinated, decultured whites. Each migrant comes with their own beatific halo, if the dream team financed by George Soros is correct. If only the entire country of Afghanistan could be towed back to the United States and transplanted here! Then we will know true happiness. I don’t see why we should worry about diseases coming along for the ride, as we have diseases enough in this country here to share. Isn’t that on the Statute of Liberty, or is it Statute of Mass Migration?


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