Cranky Fred Reed on How America Ends By Bruce Bennett

     I have not contributed much to the SHTF apocalypsism   of this blog being a more down to earth kind of guy, without the philosophical sophistication of other journalists. Still, I was motivated to have a captain cook at the old Unz Review, and noticed that there is a lot of material along the same lines, showing that great minds think alike.

“Hoo-boy. She’s ready to explode, go high order. Smoking ruins, dead bodies, seething hatreds, and a country that can’t be put back together. It may not happen, but she looks ready. No one is in charge in this collapsing shell game of a country. In Louisville hundreds of armed blacks threaten to “burn the mother****** down,” meaning Louisville, if they don’t get their way. All cringe before them, with reason. They have guns. Larger numbers marched in Georgia, armed, ready to rock and roll. BLM says it will “go into the suburbs” to get Whitey. Who will stop them? Not the government. It fears them. Weimar Kentucky. An American Freikorps. America today in video. Scroll down to the New York footage. It’s Planet of the Apes. Gun sales are way up. A friend in Rhode Island went to a gun shop and found a long line outside. A columnist in Virginia was told that the other stores report long waitlists for prize arms, notably the AR 15. People are afraid, or fed up. They are arming. The spring winds. There is no leadership, no one in charge. In Trump we have perhaps the weakest President in history, mouthy, preening, ineffectual, much talk and no action. He did nothing while the rioters looted, burned, and vandalized, then disengaged himself from the pandemic, leaving decisions to the states. Much cawing and gaudy feathers, but no bird inside. Congress does nothing, one parry neutering the other and all bought and paid for by special interests, by Wall Street and the arms makers and the big corporations. Local governments submit to the rioters or stand aside as the burning goes on. This is not society. It is chaos. To collapsing countries these usually comes a man on a horse. A man with a big stick. You know, 1789, 1917, 1933.

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A Simple Question about the Coming Mandatory Covid-19 Mass Vaccine By Mrs Vera West

     My question is: if Big Pharma is given total legal immunity for the Covid-19 vaccine, if and when it comes, what incentive is there to ensure the maximum safety for people? If you were given total immunity for all driving offences, would your driving safety increase or decrease?

“You have no right to say no, in other words, but you also have no right to sue if their product turns out to be faulty and causes injury or harm. This is now the status quo of the lawless, anti-human vaccine industry and all its corrupt collaborators such as Big Tech, Big Media, medical schools and complicit medical journals. The vaccine will be forced upon you, in other words, regardless of its safety status. Long-term trials are being completely skipped. Animals trials have been largely abandoned. And … , the most prominent vaccine manufacturer on the covid-19 scene, has publicly admitted that 100% of clinical trial subjects experienced negative side effects in the high dose group, during the second round of injections. Bill Gates is now publicly stating that “multiple doses” of coronavirus vaccines will need to be forced on people around the world, yet we already see that even during the second dose — not the mention third or fourth doses — side effects hit every single person, indicating they get cumulatively worse with an incremental number of doses. The utter lack of financial liability means that vaccine manufacturers have no incentive to follow quality control measures. Since they can’t be sued when their faulty vaccine products cause injury or death, there’s no incentive to make their vaccines safe during manufacturing. Instead, the priority is to rush everything into production as quickly as possible in order to maximize profits and be among the first to market. Adding to the conspiracy, tech giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter will of course censor all reports of vaccine injuries, making it nearly impossible for anyone to lodge an honest online complaint about vaccine safety. Here’s how that will work: The CDC will declare the faulty, dangerous vaccines to be “safe,” then anyone who questions that will be censored by the tech giants for “not following CDC guidelines” or some similar excuse. Due process has just been obliterated. You have no right to any trial. You have no right to say no. You must comply or lose your job, and you might in fact be denied access to public transportation or even public shopping spaces. You are now living in a medical police state, run by Big Pharma tyrants and junk science quacks who pretend to be the high priests of “truth.” All those who oppose them will be silenced, and you will be injected against your will with a toxic cocktail of experimental medicine that might just kill you. If you complain, you will be de-platformed. If you sue, your case will be thrown out. If you die, your death will be recorded as a “covid-19” death in order to push more justification for more vaccines. On top of all that, the vaccines probably won’t even work.”

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Are Antifa Really ‘Nazis’? By Peter West

     This article by Professor Gottfried argues that the antifa are literally Nazis. That was something I had seen made metaphorically, but not seriously argued for before.

“The antifascist left, about which I have just finished writing a book, resembles the Nazis in a striking way, particularly when these earlier advocates of violence were on their way to power. I am drawing this parallel while being fully aware of the qualifications that I am constrained to offer. Yes, I am aware that, unlike the Nazis, American Antifa members and German Antifaschisten loathe their own race and nation and are doing everything possible to weaken them. They also favor filling their country with third world immigrants, preferably non-Christian, to change its inherited cultural and ethnic character. Further, these rioters and subversives are working to bring shame on once-celebrated national heroes and call for tearing down their statues and banishing national literatures. As I write, Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) have just torn down a statue of George Washington in Portland, Oregon. Elsewhere, Confederate memorial monuments, statues of Columbus, and other tributes to the onetime heroes of my youth are being smashed or defaced. If all these things are true, then how do antifascists resemble those whom they claim to be combating?

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The More Promiscuous the Greater the Cancer Risk By Mrs Vera West

     This applies to women, but I am sure there would be equivalent health problems for men too. The more sex partners (over 10!) a woman has the greater the cancer risk:

“Now, according to an alarming study published in the journal BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health, researchers have discovered that women who have multiple sexual partners are also more likely to be diagnosed with cancer.

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Corona-Fascism; Walk a Dog, Go to Jail By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     I know that you Aussies in Melbourne are suffering from the stage 4 lock downs. Well, here in the land of the so-called free, we have big freedom problems too. Like the couple who were arrested merely for taking their dog for a walk. Who would have thought that things would get to this?

“Jose Freire Interian was walking his dog near his Key West, Fla. home when a neighbor began recording him on her cellphone. Hours later, police came knocking on his door with an arrest warrant, and whisked Freire and his wife to the county jail. The charge: violating quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19. As a national debate swirls over masks and self-quarantines, communities are grappling over how aggressively they should enforce myriad rules meant to control the spread of the novel strain of coronavirus, which has now infected more than 460,000 in Florida and killed nearly 6,600 of its residents. “It’s a national debate up until the health department tells you to quarantine, and then there’s no more debate," Key West City Manager Greg Veliz said Thursday. “If the law allows someone to be arrested for violating a quarantine order and they continue to thumb their nose at the law — yeah, they should be arrested," Veliz said. Intense debate over masks, business closures and social distancing have raged since the start of the outbreak. Arrests have been rare, but there have been occasional flare ups. In May, a Kentucky woman infected with the virus was arrested while shopping for groceries. Authorities accused her of “wanton endangerment” and “criminal mischief." That same month, a coronavirus patient was chased down and arrested in Nashville after being placed under quarantine by public health officials. In Hawaii last month, 21 travelers were arrested for breaking the state’s mandatory 14-day quarantine. None tested positive for the coronavirus.”

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The Future Timebomb, Exploding Now By Charles Taylor

     This is a big problem, as nearly one half of all young people are so brainwashed by leftism, that they think that it is fine to fire people who support Trump. Just think about that; this moves beyond free speech, and moves to actual warfare against supposed enemies, even someone as weak as Trump.

“The Cato Institute just released a new report showing that 62 percent of Americans are inclined to self-censor what they say politically “because others might find them offensive.” Even moderate leftists report they feel increased fear of offending the offendable, while only the most “staunch liberals,” as Cato described them, feel free to speak their minds. The “very conservative” have been pushed deepest in the closet: they are most likely to refrain from saying what they think politically, at nearly twice the rate of the “very liberal.” Buried deeper in the report, however, is a stunning data point that might be one of the most troubling current cultural indicators. Forty-four percent of Americans younger than age 30 believe a company is correct in firing an executive because he or she personally donated to President Trump’s reelection campaign. The companion finding was also disturbing. Twenty-seven percent of people under 30 said they were fine with an executive being fired because he or she donated to the Joe Biden campaign. The means that of Americans under 30 years old, 73 percent think it would be wrong to fire an executive from a company for donating to the Biden campaign, while only 56 percent believe it would be wrong to do so for a Trump donation. While this problem is most pronounced among those under 30, it isn’t exclusive to young people. Across all age ranges, 78 percent said it would be wrong to fire an executive for making a personal donation to Biden, while only 69 percent believe it’s wrong to fire one simply for being a Trump donor.

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Now it is Bible Burning, but Not Qurans By Chris Knight

     It was only a matter of time before the Bible was burnt by the leftists. The reason is simple: the Bible stands against the very direction taken by the antifa and others, so burning it is a symbolic act:

“Protesters flocked to the Justice Center and the federal courthouse in Portland again on Friday night, lighting fires and burning American flags and Bibles in the streets. According to the Portland Police, which did not engage with demonstrators, the crowd lit several fires, including a large bonfire in the middle of the street in front of the federal courthouse. One video shows protesters feeding a small fire with Bibles, which were engulfed in flames: Portland Police did not engage with the demonstrators but did respond to a nearby shooting, where over 150 rounds were shot. One round struck a woman, per the Portland Police Bureau: One round struck an adult female victim in an arm. Responding officers applied a tourniquet and she was transported to the hospital by ambulance with what are believed to be non-life-threatening injuries. No other injuries have been reported to police, however bullets struck at least 8 occupied apartments and 7 vehicles (unknown if occupied). The violent chaos has continued in Portland for well over 60 days. Early Friday morning, Portland protesters dumped a pig’s severed head on an American flag, put a cop hat on it, and set it ablaze.”

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600 Million Immigrants and Counting By Richard Miller (London)

     The prospect now arises here in the UK, of demographic swamping in shorter times than previously anticipated, with 660 million migrant set to land, and end what remains of traditional Britain for good.

“Migration Watch UK has warned that Boris Johnson’s so-called Australian-style point-based immigration system leaves Britain open to around 660 million migrant workers, as it has no cap on overall numbers. Migration Watch has calculated the number of people beyond the European Union who would be eligible to apply for visas under the new system “to be at least 590 million”, according to an analysis sent to Breitbart London. The think tank estimates that, on top of this, “the likely pool of EU nationals will be 77 million” — leaving employers “able to draw on a worldwide pool of more than 667 million.” Migration Watch UK has long warned that the fabled “Australian-style points-based immigration system” long advocated by Nigel Farage, first as UKIP leader and then as Brexit Party leader, before it was taken up by Boris Johnson during his time as frontman for the Vote Leave campaign during the 2016 EU referendum, could actually increase net immigration if points are too easy to come by and there is no fixed annual cap on incomers. Johnson, despite being by turns hailed and vilified by many Conservative voters as a migration hawk at the head of a “hard right” Cabinet, has never displayed any serious opposition to mass migration, and even campaigned for potentially millions of illegal aliens to be given an amnesty as Mayor of London and Foreign Secretary — and one of his first acts as Prime Minister was to scrap the Conservatives’ long-standing (if empty) pledge to reduce annual net immigration “from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands”.

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Now with the Maxwell Documents We Know That Old Bill was on Child Rape Island By Charles Taylor

     If Trump had a millilitre of manhood left he would be moving to use the latest revelations for maximum damage. It, at the very least should shut Hillary Clinton’s large mouth.

“Documents about dealings between Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were publicly released on Thursday by a U.S. court, where the British socialite faces criminal charges she aided the late financier’s sexual abuse of girls. Among the materials released were email correspondence between the pair in early 2015, including an email in which Epstein told Maxwell she had “done nothing wrong.” U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska had ordered the documents’ release by Thursday, saying the public’s right to see them outweighed Maxwell’s interests in keeping them under seal. However, two depositions remain under seal after Maxwell filed an emergency motion with the federal appeals court in Manhattan earlier on Thursday to keep them from becoming public. That court has yet to rule, and the depositions will remain sealed until at least Monday. Lawyers for Maxwell have said that in one of those depositions, filed in April 2016, Maxwell was asked “intrusive” questions concerning her sex life, and that its release could make it “difficult if not impossible” to get a fair trial. The second is a deposition by an unnamed Epstein accuser.”

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Citizens, the New Police By Chris Knight (Florida)

     Peaceful protesting Portland USA, according to some MSM outlets. Sure, if tossing explosive devices is re-defined in this Orwellian world as “peaceful”; none dare call it insurrection:

“The rioters who have besieged the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse in Portland, Ore., for weeks are ramping up their attacks against the vastly outnumbered federal agents assigned to protect the enclave of the Judicial Branch from being overrun and destroyed. In recent days, federal officials have discovered ‘caches’ of weapons including loaded ammunition magazines and Molotov cocktails that the ‘peaceful protesters’ of Antifa and Black Lives Matter have stockpiled for use against the federal enclave. Last weekend, the violence became more intense, as rioters hurled explosives laden with nails and the fiery bottles of fuel at the courthouse — and the federal agents charged with defending it. Portland Police did not assist federal law enforcement in dispersing the crowds and did not make any arrests late Sunday or early Monday morning. The violence coincided with police recovering a bag filled with loaded rifle magazines and Molotov cocktails near Lownsdale Square Park. Portland Police provided a picture of the discovery on social media. Meanwhile, Anarchy Democrats continue to deny that there’s anything going on in Portland, or a dozen other cities were federal agents and local police are under attack nightly. In a separate report, Breitbart Texas noted that investigators discovered that domestic terrorists placed nails in commercial-grade fireworks used against the Atlanta Field Office for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement service:

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Start the Day, the Economist Way! By James Reed

     A great poem by social creditor C. J. Dennis, a poem sometimes quoted, but it should be put on everyone’s fridge door, next to the shopping and to-do list:

Another Economic Riddle
by C.J.Dennis

I venerate economists
As very learned blokes,
But when in paradox they speak
Their meaning oft I vainly seek,
Suspecting subtle jokes.
They say the whole world’s down and out;
But here’s what I can’t see:
If every land, beyond all doubt,
In all the world is up the spout –
Then who’s the mortgagee?
Do we owe money in the moon,
Or some celestial land?
Or have we creditors in Mars,
Or other fixed and unfixed stars,
Who hold our notes of hand?
If not, why all the fuss and fret?
I’ve conned it o’er and o’er,
And find no clear solution yet.
If all the earth is deep in debt,
Who is the creditor?
When men go into bankruptcy
The case is plain as day:
What is not in the dear wife’s name
Grim creditors will promptly claim,
And assets melt away.
But when a whole wide world’s in soak
And cannot raise the tin,
Here’s where I half suspect a joke:
When all the earth goes stony broke,
Who puts the bailiffs in?

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On the Inevitability of Collapse of the West By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     The present Covid-19 freak out is nothing compared to what is waiting down the track, as we have seen from the June/July events in the US, and lesser madness and White pathology, elsewhere. An insightful essay, as usual by cultural critic, F. Bardamu. He argues that we are in the endgame of the Leftist strategy to destroy the White West, and it is almost complete, due to the strength of the enemy, and their relentless drive, compared to the weakness, stupidity and apathy of normies, even those who should be aware of what is going down.

“This demonization of white racial dissidents reflects an even deeper animus against the traditional right. Racial dissidents threaten the Establishment’s multicultural project at its foundations, if not literally, then ideologically. In the world of leftism, the demographic transformation of the country is what is called an ideological non-negotiable; it cannot be jettisoned without compromising the entire leftist belief-system. As an ideology of all-consuming, overwhelming psychotic white racial self-hatred, leftism loses its raison d’etre when deprived of its need for race replacement, the leftist’s all-purpose solution to the “problem” of whiteness. Racial self-hatred fuels the white leftist need for mass non-white immigration, or more accurately, the white leftist psychological dependence upon it for their own general well-being, as if it were some very addictive, very potent narcotic. Given the absolute depths of white racial self-hatred, it seems only a natural catastrophe can derail plans for a  majority-minority America by 2040. We have already seen how it took COVID-19 to shut down borders and bring air traffic to a grinding halt. One shudders to think what it would take for America to end her program of mass migration for good. A devastating race war? A severe economic depression that puts most Americans out of work? A plague that kills off half of America’s population?

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Covid-19 and Race By Brian Simpson

     US journalist, Lance Welton, wrote from very early in the Covid-19 freak-out, that there were racial differences in susceptibility, and that Blacks, Hispanics, and East Asians were more susceptible than Whites (although this goes somewhat against the type of hierarchy of American Renaissance/race realism, where East Asians are superior to Whites in almost everything, but rank above Blacks and Hispanics – look Mom, I’m not a racist!).

“It emerged that non-whites in the West were the worst hit, even when controlling for socioeconomic status. This appears to be due to Vitamin D deficiency indirectly caused by dark skin in an environment with low light—which also helped to explain why Africans in Africa were resistant. In essence, non-whites in countries with low light are Vitamin D deficient because they cannot so easily absorb sunlight via their skin and synthesize it into Vitamin D. But others likely also played a part. For example, the fact that Iran and southern Europe were particularly hard hit raised the possibility that, for these people, lack of genetic resistance to flu was significant.
Rounding up all that we now know on race differences in Covid-19 prevalence in the US, Andy Slavitt, former Acting Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, has now concluded that the impact was clearly greater on non-whites. Based on the report by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [Characteristics of Persons Who Died with COVID-19 — United States, February 12–May 18, 2020 July 17, 2020], Slavitt tells us (in an extended Twitter thread)  that 13% of whites who died were under the age of 65, compared to 30% of non-whites. The median age of death from Covid-19 for those under 65 was 44 for whites but only 31 for non-whites.”

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At Least 500,000 Rapes and Counting By Mrs Vera West

     The rapes of tens of thousands of white British girls and children should be seen as one of the greatest crimes of the post-World War II era, but, since it directly refutes the mantra that immigration is of infinite benefit, it is side-lined by the establishment. If there are riots over the death of one Black man, then it is amazing that something like this unspeakable evil is ignored by a people who have allowed their nation’s  children to be, as one book puts it, “easy meat”:

“Ella Hill is a survivor of a Rotherham Muslim rape gang. Recently she was interviewed on Triggernometry, a British interview and discussion program run by two comedians, Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster. During the interview, she revealed that Muslim rape gangs may have sexually abused as many as 500,000 non-Muslim girls over the last forty years. The victims were particularly white girls, but there have been many other victims as well, such as Sikh girls. This is unbelievable. It is a national scandal which politicians still fail to mention. Many argue that the number of victims abused by Muslim rape gangs actually exceeds one million, but even if Ella Hill is correct and there have been only half a million victims, that is bad enough. Many more survivors of these “grooming gangs” are now speaking out. Their cases are unbelievable, as they explain how the Muslim gangs tortured and intimidated young non-Muslim girls. The UK Home office has still failed to publish its report on the “grooming gangs.” Its reason for keeping the report under wraps most likely involve the fact that the rape gangs were made up of the wrong perpetrators, and targeted the wrong victims, for the mainstream narrative. Furthermore, Ella also emphasised the fact that when she was abused by the Muslim rape gang, authorities and police did not even care in the slightest, because they feared being called ‘racist’ for doing their job. The scandals that have been exposed in numerous cities are horrific. The failure of the police is horrendous. Another survivor, Sammy Woodhouse, stated that when she was raped by Muslims, the police arrested her while she was in bed with the rapist, instead of arresting the rapist. That is how shocking this rape jihad is.”

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Gates and Vaccination Mania By Mrs Vera West

     The vaccination regime is getting into full swing, with the likelihood of compulsory vaccines for the whole world. Money! Money! Money! Taste the honey. Just ask old dollar bill:

“Bill Gates has warned that any vaccine against coronavirus could take several doses to be effective, as he described 'serious mistakes' made by the Trump administration and said some schools may not be back to normal until the fall of 2021. The Microsoft founder, who now directs much of his time and energy to his global health foundation, said that the closure of schools was, after deaths, the 'biggest cost' of the pandemic. And, in an interview with Norah O'Donnell on CBS News, aired on Wednesday night, the Seattle-based billionaire was critical of Donald Trump's handling of the crisis. 'Some of the policies were a mistake,' said Gates. On the issue of a vaccine, Gates said he had faith in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finding a safe and reliable vaccine. But he warned that it would take 'unbelievably big numbers' of doses to wipe the virus out. 'None of the vaccines at this point appear like they'll work with a single dose,' Gates said. 'That was the hope at the very beginning.' Gates, who has been warning about the threat of a global pandemic since 2015, admitted that 'there will be a lot of uncertainty' about the efficacy of any vaccine, but stressed that it's a solution 'that will improve over time.' Gates said that he was dismayed by the response from the Trump administration, although he conceded that some of the 'serious mistakes' were made 'because we didn't understand the virus very well.' Among those mistakes was not encouraging people to wear face masks, and reopening too quickly, he said. He said Europe, in general, responded better. 'Their leadership communicated with a clear voice; their scientists were encouraged to go on tv rather than banned; and their population benefited,' he said. 'Just the idea that the CDC isn't being heard from, and that Fauci is being limited - you'd never have predicted that. It's really unexpected that you'd not have the experts able to share.'”

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Coin Shortages By James Reed

     There is apparently a coin shortage in the US, which is no doubt part of the conspiracy to create a cashless society. The new Black Death was part of this too, as physical money became too dirty to touch. I imagine that down the track, given the enormous New World Order success of this pandemic, the next one will eliminate cash forever.

“Last month, the Federal Reserve warned coin disruptions were coming due to the COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown of the economy. Here's an excerpt of the warning: "The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted the supply chain and normal circulation patterns for U.S. coin. "In the past few months, coin deposits from depository institutions to the Federal Reserve have declined significantly, and the U.S. Mint's production of the coin also decreased due to measures put in place to protect its employees." In late June, supermarket chain Meijer Inc. told customers at 250 stores that "self-checkout registers" will only accept "electronic payment only" due to a "national coin shortage."

The Great China Corona Cover Up By Brian Simpson

     This has been covered before, but now The Australian is taking this up:

“A Chinese virologist has claimed she fled Hong Kong to expose the truth about a Beijing cover-up over the initial outbreak of COVID-19. Li-Meng Yan, a scientist at the Hong Kong School of Public Health, feared she would be killed for speaking out in China and chose to escape to the United States, where she is hiding at an undisclosed location. According to the researcher, the Chinese Communist Party and senior university staff suppressed evidence that coronavirus could be transmitted between humans as early as last December. Dr Yan, who grew up in mainland China, said she was among the first scientists asked to investigate a small number of cases in Wuhan. She claimed the Chinese government refused to let overseas experts, including those from Hong Kong, conduct research in China. On December 31 she turned to her contacts on the mainland for more information, including an expert at the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. One said that there were cases of “family clusters”, indicating human-to-human transmission, she claimed. Dr Yan said when she reported to her boss, Leo Poon, an Oxford-educated supervisor at the university, he ignored the information. The Hong Kong centre is used by the World Health Organisation as a reference laboratory and specialises in viruses. On January 9, it released a statement supporting Chinese claims that the virus “does not transmit readily among people”. A few weeks later Wuhan was quarantined. One study by Chinese and British experts found that had the lockdown begun at the start of the year, the number of cases could have been cut by 95 per cent, according to the Daily Mail. In a statement, the Hong Kong centre said Dr Yan’s reported comments had “no scientific basis but resembles hearsay”.

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Hey Uncle George, Where Does all the Money Come From? By Michael Ferguson

     The question needs serious exploration; where does all the money that George Soros splashers around come from? It cannot be his small change, because there is now so much of it. Witness the latest:

“With America burning and teetering on the brink of socialism leftist Hungarian billionaire George Soros announced he was donating an additional $220 million to the “Black Lives Matter movement,” with much of the money going into efforts to control 2020 voting systems. “This is the time for urgent and bold action to address racial injustice in America,” said Alex Soros, George Soros’ son and deputy chair of the Soros family’s “Open Society Foundations.” “These investments will empower proven leaders in the Black community to reimagine policing, end mass incarceration, and eliminate the barriers to opportunity that have been the source of inequity for too long,” said Alex Soros. Soros’ group blamed America’s founding for racial injustice and vowed to stop it. “We recognize that the struggle to dismantle systemic racism is an ongoing one; it has existed from the dawn of the republic to the present day, and is embedded in every level of government and in our penal and justice systems,” said Open Society Foundations President Patrick Gaspard. “But the power surge of people who have taken to the streets to demand that this nation do better—people of all ages, from all backgrounds and in every corner of this country—gives hope to us all,” said Gaspard. “We are honored to be able to carry on the vital work of fighting for rights, dignity, and equity for oppressed people the world over started by our founder and chair, George Soros,” Gaspard said. While $150 million of the funds are part of a five-year plan, Open Society Foundations says a $70 million will be immediately spent on plans for “ongoing efforts to fight voter suppression and disinformation and ensure safe and secure elections in the midst of the pandemic.” This likely refers to vote-by-mail programs and overturning ballot security laws.”

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Google Shows its Colours: Red By Chris Knight

     I have noticed that when searching for some politically incorrect article, merely typing the title seldom brings it up on Google. So, I use other search engines, simple. And, here is what Zucky is up to: US election interference, worse than any Russia conspiracy.

“A few days after the 2016 election, at an internal meeting later leaked to Breitbart News, top Google executives, including Sundar Pichai, Sergey Brin, and Kent Walker, lamented President Trump’s victory, comparing Trump voters to “extremists” and discussing their desire to make Trump’s election and the populist movement a “blip” in history. True to their word, four years later, Google is deliberately working to interfere with the reelection of Trump in 2020. There are several ways in which Google is interfering in the 2020 election, but this article will focus primarily on one of them: political search bias. Google Has Been Purging Breitbart Content from Search Results Since the 2016 Election. Search visibility is a key industry measure of how findable a publisher’s content is in Google search. New data shows that Google has suppressed Breitbart’s search visibility by 99.7 percent since 2016. On April 4, 2016, Breitbart ranked in the top ten search positions (i.e., on the first page of Google search results) for 355 key search terms; but now, as of July 20, 2020, Breitbart ranks in the top ten search positions for only one search term. And, on April 4, 2016, Breitbart ranked in the top 100 search positions for 16,820 key search terms; but now, as of July 20, 2020, Breitbart ranks in the top ten search positions for only 55 search terms. Moreover, organic Google search traffic to Breitbart (measured by unique visitors) is down 63 percent when comparing the first half of 2016 with the first half of 2020. The following chart shows the visibility of Breitbart content in the Google search engine since 2011. It shows that Google has nearly eliminated Breitbart content from its search results.”

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Africans Part of the Slave Trade Too By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     With all the white guilt flowing over the African slave trade about the past, isn’t it about time that everyone responsible gets caned too? That will mean Africans, who originally grabbed the slaves in Africa for the slave traders. And, isn’t that the worst thing of all, because it got it all going? So, Africans will have to join the whipping line, won’t they? No, only Euro-American Whites are to be guilt whipped; no other races or ethnicities, of course. Maybe all Whites are guilty by association from the colour of their skin.

“Professor Abiola Félix Iroko gave an interview on Benin Web TV where he contradicted the notions of the history of colonialism as represented by cultural Marxists. He recalled that blacks themselves sold black slaves. Beninese historian Abiola Félix Iroko gave an interview to local media Benin Web TV. He reminded viewers of the real history at a time when anti-colonialists are busy unbolting statues from their plinths and shouting that white privilege should be abolished because of slavery. He explained how Africans themselves took advantage of the slave trade. This professor at the history and archeology department of the University of Abomey-Calavi (Benin) declared on July 25: “When we talk about the slave trade, people only accuse whites. But they came (to Africa) as buyers and we [Africans] were sellers.” He assured viewers that the sale of slaves was not only an isolated phenomenon, since “the king himself sold them”. Abiola Félix Iroko detailed these transactions: “King Adandozan sold the mother of his consanguineous brother (Prince Gakpe) who later became Guézo”. As the Salon Beige website pointed out, he was the ninth king of Abomey between 1797 and 1818. This historian – holder of a doctorate in letters and human sciences from the University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne – did not mince his words: “There are no buyers without sellers, we (Africans) were sellers.”

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