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They Can’t have it Both Ways By Charles Taylor

     President Trump has been pounded by the liberal/Left for his alleged comments (which he denies making), about not wanting to take migrants from “sh*t hole countries.” It was crude, but this is the real world, and there are numerous accounts of the much worse foul language used by Hillary Clinton, as abuse of staff:

     As expected this debunking site says “unproven”:  but, of course it would be difficult to prove claims made by such agents, anonymously. Nevertheless, MSM agrees with the foul-mouthed Hillary scenario:

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Wow…This One has Everything …Fabians… “Racists”… By Michael Ferguson

“Pro-Trump protesters stormed a speech being made by Sadiq Khan, shouting pro-Brexit slogans and calling for the London Mayor’s arrest. The disruption led to the temporary suspension of the speech.Khan had just begun his address at a conference for the Fabian Society, a socialist group, in London when demonstrators in the audience started calling for his arrest. Some of the group held US flags and anti-EU banners as their supporters clapped and heckled the Labour mayor.The demonstration follows US President Donald Trump’s cancellation of a planned visit to the UK capital next month. Khan, a vocal critic of the  US president, responded to news of the cancellation by saying Trump “had got the message” that Londoners were opposed to his policies.”

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The Death of Bees By Brian Simpson

     As reported at: honey bee is facing extinction:

“For many years now, scientists have been warning us of the decreasing honey bee population. A new research reveals that honey bees could soon go extinct due to the increased uses of chemical pesticides and the severely low amount of food supplies for these poor creatures. A University of California, San Diego study shows that chemical pesticides, as well as a lack of food for honey bees, are threatening their already low population.Clothianidin and thiamethoxam are two of the neonicotinoid pesticides that are killing off these vital insects. Researchers found that these chemicals, combined with low nutrition, highly impact the life span of honey bees, and severely increased the number of bee deaths by 50 percent. The effect of both these lethal factors are the same as giving poison to a person suffering from malnutrition – both are lethal individually, but together accelerate mortality. The chemicals as mentioned above affect honey bees by decreasing their hemolymph (bee blood) sugar levels and cause the insect to lose energy.”

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President Oprah: Prepare for the End By Peter West

     At present, the Liberal/Left are excited about the prospects of TV agony-aunt Oprah Winfrey running against Trump in the 2020 presidential elections. As one would expect in a media-saturated, dumbed-down culture like America, an opinion poll has shown that 48 percent of the grunters would vote for Oprah, while 38 percent would vote for Trump:

    Here is a good example of white pathology, for according to some media reports, this saint of the TV thinks that old whites, who are racist, have to die out:

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Who Now Dares Speak of White Genocide? By Michael Ferguson

     Paul Craig Roberts is a distinguished academic and was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic policy under President Reagan. We has recently asked “Are Whites Being Setup for Genocide?’ and here is, in part, his answer (spoiler alert: yes).

“Every white person needs to read this article — — to understand how they are being demonized and marginalized to the point of oblivion. By focusing primarily on white heterosexual males, Identity Politics tries to split white women off from white men by the use of the pejorative “misogynist”, but, as the article reports, white women, such as Taylor Swift, are also publicly demonized for their whiteness.

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European Economic Collapse By James Reed

     As detailed here: is an economic time bomb, with most of the major players having disturbing debt to GDP ratios. For example, Germany is conventionally cited as having 75 percent as its debt to GDP ratio, but according to Axel Weber, the head of Germany’s Central Bank, Germany has a  real debt to GDP ratio of over 200%.

     Jagadeesh Gokhale of the Cato Institute published a paper in 2009 claiming Germany’s unfunded liabilities are in fact closer to 418%, so one could imagine what it really is today.

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Bad Google, Bad Doooooogle By Paul Walker

     Former Google employer James Damore, was fired from Google over a memo he released which was critical of the company’s diversity initiatives. He has now filed a discrimination lawsuit:

    Some of the points covered, if true, show that Google is a really weird place to work, if you are a white male:

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Letter to the Editor - The choice of a new monarch is not something that happens ‘just by chance’

To THE AUSTRALIAN          Henry Ergas has provided a well-researched statement (‘Think before it’s Crown and out’, 12/1) as to why Australians may be prudent to retain the monarchy. However, his claim that ‘heredity confers so little political legitimacy’ can be contested. When Prince Charles becomes our next monarch, he will not merely carry on a royal blood line that stretches for over a thousand years, he will bear within himself and embody the history and culture of Britain as well as a profound knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of a British sovereign. That is something which in part ‘comes with the blood’ and is not transferable save to his legitimate successor.

     Tradition (and not merely British tradition) tells us that the affairs of this world are partly shaped by influences from invisible but higher worlds, so that, in metaphysical or mystical terms, the choice of a new monarch is not something that happens ‘just by chance’ but is a conscious and meaningful contribution to the national destiny by higher powers. Royal heredity thus contains deep mystery and an associated authority.   NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - ‘victimhood is a thriving industry’ and that ‘self-identifying minorities are demanding, and receiving, preferential treatment

To THE AUSTRALIAN          Alan Scott (11/1) rightly opposes the tyranny in universities of ‘dominant theories’ used ‘to control people for the benefit of those at the top of the particular professional tree’. At the same time, and very relevantly, Maurice Newman warns (‘We’d better start swimmin’ or we’ll sink like a stone’) that ‘victimhood is a thriving industry’ and that ‘self-identifying minorities are demanding, and receiving, preferential treatment.’

     The most egregious example of this cultural corruption is the continuing refusal to allow in public forums open and free discussion of the Holocaust. Last month John Wear published his essay on ‘The Chemistry of Auschwitz/Birkenau’, examining scientific claims for and against the accepted story, and concluded that the alleged gas chambers ‘could not have been used to exterminate hundreds of thousands of people.’  Is this likely to be discussed in the major Australian media? It should be.  NJ, Belgrave, Vic

More Proof of University Corruption By James Reed

     So much for university types respecting our institutions and the rule of law:

  “Diablo Valley College Professor Albert Ponce has come under fire after a video of him telling students that it’s acceptable to violate U.S. laws circulated around the internet.”

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Snowing on Global Warming By James Reed

     Guess what? It has been snowing in the Sahara desert, near the town of Ain Sefra in Algeria. About 16 inches fell.

     There is some thought, outside of the conventional global warming priesthood, that the sun is a solar minimum and that a new ice age is on the way:

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Trick Question: What is the Connection Between Bitcoin and Porn? By John Steele

     Yeah, this is a John Steele topic, for sure. The answer to the question is that according to the environmentalist priesthood, is that both of these things are causing global warming. Take time to scratch your head on that one:

     There are so many billions of porn viewings, that any savings by computer dematerialisation has gone, well up in a puff of smoke. Bitcoin mining uses up even more energy than porn; if Bitcoin was a country it would rank 61st in terms of energy consumption, and is set to gobble up even more electricity. I heard one Greenie on the radio say something along the lines that given mining trends, Bitcoin would chew up all of the world’s electricity in a few years. sheer nonsense, of course.

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The War on Whiteness Continues By Brian Simpson

     A Georgie Soros funded panel has attacked white women, who the Leftoids are now labelling “racist”:

 “Appearing on the Sirius XM Progress Channel’s Make It Plain, three organizers of the anti-Trump “Women’s March” spoke about the need to confront white womanhood itself while attacking any white person who didn’t vote for anti-gun Democrat Doug Jones in the recent Alabama Senate election.“More white women voted percentage wise for Roy Moore than did for Donald Trump,” the panel’s host breathlessly claims. “So this is why this is such an urgent conversation, such an urgent panel to have quite frankly.”As noted, “The panel largely centered around making white women feel guilty for their alleged complicity in upholding white supremacy.”

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The Industrial Revolution and Elite control By John Steele

     Probably I will be in the minority here, but I am not one to really like technology and a world dominated by machines. Give me the homely self sufficiency of a John Seymour any day:

     In this context I came across a surprising essay by neo-masculinity writer Roosh, arguing that despite all the creature comforts industrialism and scientific progress have given us, it has resulted in more power for the elites:“The industrial revolution has allowed for two key events:

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Letter to The Editor - Australians generally are not averse to having some of their taxes used to help those in genuine need

To THE AUSTRALIAN          Is it possible that ‘indigeneity’ should no longer be a category to be considered in the distribution of GST revenue to states and territories (‘GST rewrite for indigenous aid’, 10/1), but that only non-ethnic categories, such as ‘poverty’, should be used? Australians generally are not averse to having some of their taxes used to help those in genuine need, but doubts have persisted ever since the first Whitlam government brought in a new definition of ‘Aboriginality’ that rorting of the system has resulted in the provision of public moneys in various contexts.

     Is it possible that we have reached a stage where ‘Aboriginals’, many of whom are only part-indigenous in ancestry, should no longer be especially favoured over other Australians? Many indigenous Australians in the basic meaning of the word have no Aboriginal blood at all.  I am one such. Nor has anyone living in Australia today himself or herself been living here ‘since the beginning’. Another matter of concern is that ‘disadvantage’ caused by a person’s own unwise behaviour does not necessarily deserve any financial support at all.  NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - Evidences of degeneration are all around us; and the fact that some republics function fairly well does not cancel out the horror

To THE AGE          Leo Gamble asks (7/1) for evidence that a change to a republic would be a ‘profound slipping into decadence’. There is a huge literature available about the decline of the West from Spengler on. Julius Evola’s book ‘Revolt against the Modern World’ is a good example and pertinent to Australia in its insistence on the importance to nations and peoples of sacred tradition and respected monarchs.

     Just look, for one thing, at the poor standard of public dress in our streets today, compared to that of seventy years ago. Or the appalling noise marketed as modern music. Evidences of degeneration are all around us; and the fact that some republics function fairly well does not cancel out the horror. Remember: after Kerensky came the Bolsheviks!  NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - ‘Discrimination between’ is a good thing, frequently requiring subtlety of approach and vital for the wellbeing of society

To THE AGE          Perhaps not surprisingly, as she represents a rationalist group, Tosca Lloyd appears to be unduly unsympathetic to the interests of religious people and thus unfair to them in considering laws against unjust discrimination (8/1). In some contexts what she sees as ‘discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation’ may be justified defence of the right of religious people to practise their faith without being forced to dishonour their conscience.

     One wonders on what basis, having dispensed with divine authority, Lloyd can claim that there is something called ‘human dignity’, possessed by all, which is to be protected. Another problem is that zealots opposed to ‘discrimination against’ too often forget that ‘discrimination between’ is a good thing, frequently requiring subtlety of approach and vital for the wellbeing of society.  NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Fire and Fury: Stump the Trump By Chris Knight

     I have just sped read the new book on the Trump presidency by Michael Wolff, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, (Little Brown, 2018). The Trump inner circle hates this book, but really as a critique of Trump, it falls very short.

     This genre of investigative reporting aims to bring new insights via interviews about hot topics. While the book is an interesting read, and quite professionally written, indeed to the highest standard, it really does not measure up to the cut and thrust that I am used to in the wild world of the internet sites. Thus, while the book briefly deals with Trump’s womanising, it does not, unless I missed it in my haste, discuss the court cases against Trump on alleged sexual abuse issues. It does not relate this material to the ongoing moral panic of “zippergate,” the exposure of sexual misadventures of Hollywood movers and shakers, and other powerful men.

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Kill All Men? By Mrs Vera West

     Here is the next level of madness of feminism, as Jayson Veley notes:

“Recently, an editor for the Huffington Post declared on Twitter that she wanted to see women band together to kill all men. The tweet was deleted shortly after, but that didn’t stop some conservative news outlets from picking up on it. The tweet came from Emily McCombs, a radical feminist who serves as the Huffington Post’s “Editorial Director of Parents.” Even though McCombs deleted the post after realizing how sick and twisted it was to publicly declare her support for the murder of millions of innocent people based solely on their genitalia, The Daily Caller was thankfully able to record the exact Tweet before it was deleted.“New Year’s resolutions: 1, Cultivate female friendships. 2, Band together to kill all men,” McCombs wrote on Twitter on December 29. Obviously, this editor for the Huffington Post is lacking a few brain cells, not only because she believes that the entire male population should be wiped out, but also because she thought it would be a good idea to announce such an extreme view on social media.”

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