Tucker Carlson on the Great Electoral Replacement! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Remarks made by Tucker Carlson have been proclaimed to be racistTM after he said that open borders immigration will dilute the voting power of people living in the United States, leading to dispossession.  That was given the usual condemnation, with calls for his sacking by the professional race lobby, blah, blah.

Yes, for white Americans to complain about replacement is white supremacist and racist, according to their communist/globalist ideology. But, how so? If whites are to be a minority in about 20 years or less, how is that not “replacement” by definition of the term? Biden a few years back welcomed whites becoming a minority in America, and the Left sing the joy of this, while inconsistently saying that the Great Replacement is a conspiracy. Yes, one they are in and supporting. So, should other ethnic groups accept that it is fine to become minorities in their country too? If not, what is wrong with white Americans kicking up? Double standards, indeed!

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The Nightmare, Not Dream, Team at Work By James Reed

At the moment there is a monster movie Godziller vs Kong, where the two legends fight it out, I suppose. But in the real world, the legends work together to do us over.


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Do They Want Us All Dead? Exterminationism Uncovered! By Brian Simpson

Mike Adams over at Natural News.com, has taken the line that there is a conspiracy for the elimination of humans, maybe to allow UFO (lizard?) creatures to take over the planet, if I understand him, but apologies if I got my wires crossed, or are mixing him up with someone esle. I am not sure if our seemingly human elites are aliens hiding under human-like skin, or are just traitors. Anyway, my own view is that the elites are psycho-pathologically crazed, with nihilistic death wish and probably would be happy to go down with the ship, or to vary the metaphor, burn in the great forest fire, like in the coming movie, Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021), where I cleverly related the theme of the essay to pop culture, which I will never see beyond YouTube clips, but I can work out an entire movie from just a two minute clip, so that I never need to go to movies. Anyway, back to megadeath and our demise.


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CCP Virus Variant Affects Vaccinated People More Than Unvaccinated People By Mrs Vera West

Every day, it seems, there is a new “please explain” associated with the Covid vaccines. Here is a new one.


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Not a Racism Problem, but a police problem By Chris Knight

Each day there occurs police events that would enliven the left’s drive to defund the police. Sometimes the police are justified, but often they over-react with absurd levels of force. The trend I notice, including the case where a cop pulled over a driver because the windshield was tinted too much, is that there are revenue raising events that become inflamed. If the need for police to meet petty conviction quotas was removed, and these are present in the US and Australia, maybe the situations leading to people freaking out would decrease. It would also help if the police did not embrace their role as Covid KGB with such gusto, but were a bit fairer to people. So, the Left are probably focussing on a real issue when they want to defund the police. But, of course, it will lead to further disaster, with out-of-control crime, unless the libertarian road is taken of giving gun carry and robust self-defence rights to the ordinary people.

In this story, linked below, the victim claims that police made an execution threat. The mixed-race guy was a soldier in uniform, leaving a military base, not a drug dealer. So, while we are critical of the present situation with the Chauvin trial, we do not see the police as beyond critique. Across the West, their behaviour on the Covid lockdowns was disgraceful, more like Soviet secret police than defenders to serve and protect.

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No Chips in the Cupboard By Brian Simpson


The cost of semiconductors is skyrocketing, due to increased demand via the Covid plandemic, plus decreases in production, also due to that. This cost increase is naturally being passed on to other consumer products, almost everything in fact. Most of the chips of the West are made in South Korea and Taiwan, according to the ideology of globalisation. Thus, when China invades Taiwan, much of the West, including the military of the decaying United Stares, will be crippled. Anyone would think that there was a conspiracy here to create the Communist Chines New World Order!  With the US dependent upon China for IT bits and pieces, it is really game over before it begins thanks to globalisation, and the corporates.

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The Threat of Big Tech By Brian Simpson

Dr Robert Epstein in  his article, now widely reproduced on the net, is based on a briefing that Dr. Epstein delivered to Gatestone Institute on November 10, 2020, detailing the threat to freedom posed by big Tech. We have seen the obvious with a sitting president of the United States, Trump, being censored by Big Tech for fear that he might do something about the stolen election. If he had any guts at all Trump would have declared martial law and sorted this all out. But, alas. Now we face the full tyranny of big Tech, which alone will decide elections.


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The Communist Cultural Revolution of the West By James Reed

A number of writers have alluded to what is happening in the West as being a replication of Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution, and we have already seen the shape of this with the Soros inspired colour revolutions, although what we are seeing in the US goes far beyond any of that.

Charles Hugh Smith has thought this through in detail and outlines the parallels. What I find particular insightful is the metaphor of the pendulum, which having seemingly been to the Right, now goes crazily to the Left. Trump gave the illusion of pushing things to the Right, while doing nothing but idly tweeting, giving the Left the excuse to go bloody mad. I now agree with Charles that Trump was a Deep State plant. After all, he has said that if he runs again he will run with pence who betrayed him. That alone gives the game away, apart from the Democrats not moving on him. A deal has been done.

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Corporates to Decide Vaccine Passports, and Everything Else By Brian Simpson

While people, especially in the US are fighting to prevent the federal government from bringing in the vaccine passports, what has not been seriously considered to the same degree of concern, is that there may still be vaccine passports brought in by the corporates, who effectively rule the modern worlds anyway. The private sector, such as airlines and even pubs will require some certificate to plat ball, and before you know it, a de facto vaccine passport will arise.  Merely require it for things the great unwashed crave, like booze and sports, and people will accept anything, then it will be pushed for shopping, and Bob’s your uncle, the vaccine passport is in, easy. Here is some information about this.


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BLM Hypocrisy, Totally Predictable By James Reed

I have often chuckled into my ale, when I read about the new class preaching social justice and the like, but rolling in loot and having posh homes. Hollywood is full of this, but lower down the scale are Left academics, who enjoy high salaries at the tax payers’ expense, while working tirelessly to bring down Western civilisation. Disgusting indeed.


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How to Drink a Beer in Covid Fascist UK By Richard Miller (London)

We have to still wear masks in many situations in London, such as pubs. When I go for an ale at the local, it is necessary to take a snorkel, to tip the beer down behind the mask, to conform to the mask dictate of the Covid fascist state. But some people are just drinking the beer thought the mask, sometimes swallowing the mask and all. At that point the Covid police pounce and beat them senseless. Joke, but near the truth, sadly.


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The War on Whiteness By Chris Knight



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Crimes Against Asians: It’s All Trump’s Fault! By Chris Knight

Predictably enough, Trump is being blamed for crimes against Asians. Now, Trump has none little more than gust over the Prime Minister of India, so it can only make sense to criticise him for the Chinese aspect, and it is not clear how many people from Wuhan have been harmed in the US; I say probably zero.


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Attacking Mathematics: Waking Up in Fright to Woke By Brian Simpson

The problem with the woke attack upon science is that while science should not be regarded as value free, and there are clear political implications of scientists selling themselves to the globalist corporates, producing dangerous technologies, the woke critique goes in the wrong direction, seeking to destroy all of science rather than reform it. The end result, if not stopped, just like all of the 1960s toxic ideologies, will be to tear down Western civilisation and usher in a New Dark Age, if it is not already here.


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Abandoning the Rule of Law By Mrs Vera West

Millions of rapes of non-Muslims girls but, only 222 rapists have been convicted. But, when it comes to lockdowns you better not be out exercising on the greens of Britain; what out for the Covid police! Too bad about the mental health of a generation.


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The Myth of Bottled Water By Mrs Vera West

One of the great consumer myths of our times is that bottled water is somehow healthiest, five stars. You see the young, and not so young, people going everywhere with their bottles of designer water, to keep hydrated. But, what is really in this water, beyond H2O?


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Will that be One Blood Clot or Two? By Brian Simpson

When I was about to submit this article, I was told that Mrs Vera West had done a paper on the blot clot issue, but I hope that there are some new things in mine. Blogs are like an infinite desert, always insatiably thirsty, gobbling down hours of work in seconds, then onwards to the next, and the next …


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Is a Cyber Attack the Next Big thing? By Brian Simpson

Survivalist types, and that should be all of us little people by now are trying to second guess what the globalist new World order is planning next to take away freedoms. Strong contenders are another plandemic, with an all-new virus as the star of the show, and even a cyber attack. More on the latter:


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A Real Deep State Execution By Charles Taylor

I was one of the few internet writers to express outrage over the killing of Ashli Babbitt on January 6, by some unnamed Deep State assassin. I am glad that this death has been ruled a homicide. That it was, a true disgrace, with her blood also on Trump who started all of this, and has been let go even by the Democrats, which smacks of a “deal.” If Whites had the same mentality as Leftoids and antifa, America would have been totally deconstructed for this. But, we are the “law and order” folk who just take it until replacement, working away like busy bees to keep the system going, and all who seek to replace us, full with food. Does that make sense, I ask?


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A Recipe for Cultural Suicide! By James Reed

Here is a reference to a program featuring philosopher Peter Boghossian, a free thinker and critic of both Trump and the Left, especially postmodernism, putting the case that woke culture is a recipe for cultural suicide, that jobs us of our power of thought. There is a suggestion of defunding universities which go down this woke road. Yes, most of them are, so defund totally the lot, that is, close them down! It is good to hear someone say the stuff I say, but much better educated, which is not a contradiction, a good education did exist once, and some lucky duckies got them.


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