China’s Goal: World Conquest By James Reed

     I am not over-reacting, for words to this effect have appeared in the mainstream press: The Australian, October 18, 2017, p. 11.  There it is said that Xi Jinping is rapidly building China into a 21st century totalitarian state.  It is noted that Chairman Mao’s 30 years, which killed millions, is not viewed with any guilt, but accepted as not inferior to the next 30 years of modernisation.  In fact, Xi has taken Mao further building a society of complete IT surveillance. Yes, that is the nation which is set to build a city on our shores.

     What is done in China will ultimately be mirrored in the world as China hopes to rise to global domination. Xi champions globalism, while not practicing it for China which is the most protectionist country in the world, comprised of state run enterprises.

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Letter to The Editor - can all assist in a renaissance

to THE AUSTRALIAN     Kevin Donnelly comments (‘Barbarians at the door after the left’s long march’, 18/10) that ‘the cultural left controls the academy’. Judging by the likelihood of a ‘yes’ victory in the marriage postal vote and by the collapse of the Liberal Party as a defender of conservatism, it seems that the left is gaining control of the nation. Why has this happened and what should traditionalists do about it?     The industrial revolution, the huge growth of cities, the squalid conditions of urban living, the development of mass education, the psychology and behaviour patterns of left-wing agitators (whose disgruntlement leads to a will-to-destroy) and the pseudo-religion of egalitarianism and ‘democracy’ have all combined to produce this tide of communistic barbarianism.     The ruthless nature of the financial system and large corporations has provided ample targets for the leftist indignation.     Only a revival of faith on a large scale can stem the tide. This does not mean adherence to antiquated beliefs and theologies. It means a rebirth of imagination, of attunement of human souls to the beyond, of renewed emphasis on a wisdom that comes from ‘the peace that surpasses logical understanding’.  Poetry, the culture of books, music and the fine arts, protection of the natural environment and the honouring of romantic love can all assist in a renaissance.     NJ, Belgrave, Vic

White Nationalism to the Rescue By Chris Knight

     The New York Times is getting heartburn about White nationalism and the Alt Right – that is, people like us:

     Face it, if you are White and make a squeak about race, immigration, and especially banking and the rule by the global financial elites, then you are a bad guy, according to the cosmopolitanists and globalists:

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Letter to The Editor - more to fear of an Australian republic going communist than of our present Christian monarchy going fascist

to THE AGE     Both the current Spanish crisis (‘Civil war wounds reopened as sides fire up over Catalonia’, 16/10) and ongoing controversy over the events in Australia in 1975 (‘Did Britain have a role in Dismissal?’) are similar in that, behind argumentation about constitutional matters, two different and mutually hostile visions of the political order are embattled.     Historian Jenny Hocking appears to be conducting her research in order to fire up anti-British and pro-republic sentiment. Both in 1936 and today Catalonian separatism has been used to try to move Spain away from Christian monarchy towards secular and atheistic republicanism. This is accompanied by misrepresentation (‘Franco’s Falange’):  Franco was a Catholic patriot, not a fascist, and successfully kept both the Falange and Hitler at arm’s length after the 1939 Nationalist victory. He bequeathed to Spain the present unifying monarchy.     History shows that we have much more to fear of an Australian republic going communist than of our present Christian monarchy going fascist.     NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Living Lives of Our own By James Reed

     Lives of Our Own (Createspace, 2017), is a brilliant new book by leading social credit theorist and philosopher, M. Oliver Heydorn. The subtitle of the book aptly sums up what this treatise is about: Social Credit, Catholicism, and a Distributist Social Order.

     The tone of the book is set with an epigraph from Hilaire Belloc, published in 1934, expressing his support for the rationality and morality of the social credit agenda, of overcoming restricted purchasing power, freeing people from wage-slavery, and ensuring that people are “to be fully fed, well housed, well clothed and given manifold opportunity for the enjoyment of life.” This is no longer a truism, because our world of 2017 is quickly approaching that of the Great Depression era, with record numbers of homeless and unemployed.

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From Swedish Child Brides to the Problem of Crime: A Financial Solution? By Paul Walker

     Here is how migration changes a culture, fundamentally:

     Sweden has legalised child marriages for Muslim immigrants, who have children wives.  This is due to the huge influx of migrants, and many girls, as young as 14, are pregnant:

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The Official Las Vegas Narrative Falls Apart By John Steele

     The sequence of events that the FBI and other authorities have given for the Las Vegas shooting has now, officially, fallen apart:

“At a news conference Monday, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo revised one of the key details on the reported timeline of events that night: when exactly shooter Stephen Paddock injured Jesus Campos, the unarmed Mandalay Bay security guard who came to investigate his floor.“What we have learned is Mr. Campos was encountered by the suspect prior to [Paddock’s] shooting to the outside world,” Lombardo said. He told reporters Monday that Paddock shot Campos at 9:59 p.m. local time on Oct. 1, roughly six minutes before turning his gun on the crowd at the Route 91 Harvest music festival.“Immediately upon being injured, [Campos] notified security of his situation,” Lombardo said. He added that Campos also prevented a maintenance worker from being shot. But Lombardo also acknowledged that police “weren’t aware of [Campos] being shot until they met him in the hallway after exiting the elevator” onto Paddock’s floor.”

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Tales from Swedish Dentists By Paul Walker

     Remember the rhetoric from Obama et al. about all those poor refugees fleeing to Europe with their latest phones and money, were actually children, not young men of military-service age who could fight for their homeland?  Well, a Swedish dentist, Bernt Herlitz revealed that from his observations of molar teeth of migrant patients, 80 percent of the so-called migrant “children” were actually adults. This revelation led to Helitz being fired and he may lose his house.

     This act of war against a native Swede occurred even though it is now openly admitted that the so-called migrant children are adults: purpose is population replacement of Nordics.

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Letter to The Editor - the essence of each struggle is an attack on the traditional Christian religion and culture of the West

to THE AUSTRALIAN     An important aspect of the Spanish constitutional crisis is its relevance to our own ongoing constitutional contest between those for and against our monarchy, since an independent Catalonia would cease its royalist allegiance to become a republic. This is in accord with a regional tradition that goes back to the October 1936 declaration that Barcelona was to become the capital of the new ‘Soviet States of Western Europe’. That was less than twenty years after the communist murder of the Romanovs.     In both nations the issue of regional and cultural autonomy is used, by a sort of confidence trick, as a means of effecting fundamental change in the political order; and the essence of each struggle is an attack on the traditional Christian religion and culture of the West.     NJ, Belgrave, Vic

If X Causes Harm then Ban X! By Mrs Vera West

     Following the Las Vegas false flag massacre, the MSM have been rolling out thick the gun banning rhetoric. Prior to this, the gun amnesty was hailed as a success because each of these intrinsic dangerous guns was turned in.

     Guns, apparently kill people and thus are intrinsically bad, unless they are the guns held by the Deep State, to keep 'You in Line'. Then they are good.

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Gun Control Hysteria By John Steele

     We are seeing a feeding frenzy that would disturb sharks, as the liberals go mad over gun control.  It is their time to strike while the barrel is still hot, and smoking.

     In London, with severe gun restrictions, the Royal London Hospital has seen a dramatic rise in gunshot wounds, exceeding knife wounds, with 50-60 victims per year, a 20-30 percent rise in just 2-3 years. The average age of the victims was getting younger, because these people are primarily gang memebers:

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The Poverty of Australian Conservative Journalism By Peter Ewer

     The differences in coverage of the Las Vegas shooting between Australian and American “conservative” journalists is stark. For example, Ann Coulter, who has published numerous best-selling books, said this:

“If the media are going to keep wailing about how vital a free press is, could they start reporting stuff?There’s a remarkable number of dangling facts about Stephen Paddock’s mass murder in Las Vegas, which the media have shown little inclination to investigate. It’s almost as if they’re worried that too much investigation will ruin it.For example:Who was the woman shouting, “YOU’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!” right before the concert? Is any reporter interested in finding out? Probably a random crazy lady, but that’s not typical pre-concert behavior.Why is it taking so long to find out if anyone else went into Paddock’s hotel room since he checked in last Thursday? I’m perfectly prepared to accept that he was the only one who entered that room, but can we see the surveillance video?The sum-total of the information we know about Marilou Danley, the woman who’s been living with Paddock for years is the following: She was out of the country at the time of the attack. She’s not involved.Paddock had apparently assembled an enormous arsenal of weapons. Did she know about it? Did he tell her why? Had his behavior changed recently? Why wasn’t he with her on her trip? Had they broken up? And why did Paddock recently wire $100,000 to the Philippines?Within hours of the first indictments in the Duke lacrosse case—later, all thrown out—the media was bristling with information about the players’ parents, the homes they grew up in, the ritziness of their neighborhoods, and the tuition at their Catholic high schools. Doesn’t any reporter want to ask Danley anything?”

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Conspiracies USA Style By Charles Taylor

     The Establishment was deeply upset, Deep-State-upset, by the events of Charlottesville,  where the Alt Right demonstrated against the removal of the General Lee monument. The event which was pounced on to show presumably conclusively, that White men are bad men, was the alleged murder by car by James Alex Fields, of Heather Heyer. This event was used to remove many Alt Right sites from the web.    However, it now transpires that Heyer, who was, shall we say, weight challenged, like big time, died of a heart attack, according to an NBC interview that her mother made:

     There is some debate on the web about whether or not Heyer was even hit by Field’s car, although most believe that she was. Opinion has it that Fields was under attack by antifa, and fled, striking the people whom he hit. Heyer had a heart attack from the stress, and thus did not die of blunt trauma. The authorities have not released the autopsy report, so we can be sure that they are hiding something.

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The Las Vegas False Flag? Maybe By John Steele

     The Las Vegas shooting could prove to be America’s Port Arthur, designed for the same purpose, that of gun banning. At first, I did not think this was other than a tragedy, but too many questions remain open.

     First, while the gun banners have been jumping up and down with glee, using the shooter, Stephen Paddock as an example of an ordinary gun guy, who went “postal,” so by implication, all White men could do so as well, it was actually a private security guard who stopped the massacre. Dean Weingarten explains:

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Antifa Plans for Revolution By John Steele

     The violence which we have seen of the antifa in American and Europe, will no doubt be replicated here in Australia. It is well known now, that antifa protestors, who break the law, get treated with kid gloves by the corrupt legal system, while those of the Right get smashed with an iron fist:

     The antifa types who assaulted people, including a pensioner, during the Pauline Hanson protests of the late 1990s, as far as I have ever been able to ascertain, got away with it. Those who have smashed up offices and damaged property, never have been charged, or if charged, imprisoned. Yet, we need only put one hair out of line, and whack!

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Gun Banning on Steroids By John Steele

     America has had its worst shooting, with gunman Stephen Paddock slaughtering primarily White Americans at the Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest festival:

     The ISIS convert, is one theory, and it may fit in with claims that about 45 minutes before the shooting a Hispanic women said that “you’re all going to [rude f  word] die”:

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No Hopes over the Family law Act By Mrs Vera West

     Long-suffering men, don’t get your hopes up over the suggestions of an overhaul of the Family Law Act. This Act was an early politically correct attack upon men and the family, and has brought untold misery to many, the brainchild of Fabian socialist Lionel Murphy.     The reforms are basically to save money and court time, so that disputes are solved faster: The Australian, September 28, 2017, p. 1. Yes, but so what if the initial basis from which this law starts is flawed?      No fault divorce, said to be necessary for feminism and all that jazz, has been a disaster. Put reform of this law, on a long list of “things to do after the collapse.”    Here is what one lawyer, who was on the receiving end of family law thinks about it:

Same Sex Marriage: About More than Religious Freedom By Mrs Vera West

     John Howard has been copping it from the chattering class for saying that the same sex marriage debate encompasses issues of religious freedom: The Australian, September 19, 2017, p. 4.     It is hard to see how the issue does not, since the issue has already  angered multicultural Australia, with Chinese Christian churches fearing that same sex marriage would open their children up to radical gender theory in schools, as well as ringing in legalised polygamy: as above. Religious leaders now say that once same sex marriage is legalised it will become illegal to preach that marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman. After all, it will not be.     At the base level, Christianity is under threat. It is an illusion to think that there can be some protection for religious freedoms when the entire point of this movement is to deconstruct the past. The debate brings out all the issues of centrism, identity politics and political correctness that have been with us since, well, when Adam met Eve, I mean, Steve.     Are you out door knocking on this issue? If you are old, use your phone. If not, and it gets in, don’t complain. I will not listen to you.

Warriors of Wolves: Thinking Racially By Tom North

     A Chinese movie, Wolf Warriors II was shown in Australia, with attending Chinese singing the national anthem of China and waving Chinese flags: bad guys are Whites, of course. Ok, Rambo had Asian villains, but the real difference is the audience reaction:

“At the end of the film the red cover of a Chinese passport is shown, alongside the message: “Citizens of the People’s Republic of China: When you encounter danger in a foreign land, do not give up! Please remember, at your back stands a strong motherland.”

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The Meaning of the End of White Christianity By Peter West

     The issue of White Christians becoming a minority in America, Britain and Australia, among other places in the West, screams out for analysis. How did this happen? Basically, because of two trends. First, mass immigration of non-White people, who are predominantly non-Christian, and more significantly, a trend of secularisation, brought about by increasing materialism, affluence and leisure:

     This is all problems, problems, problems, for our worldview. The displacement of Christianity, which provide the metaphysical foundation for Western civilisation, would have been beyond comprehension for most traditionalists, in the 1960s, yet it has happened. Likewise would be the creation of White minorities through mass immigration of non-Whites.

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