For any association or secular institution to reach its first century is noteworthy and, in our times, remarkable enough in itself. That alone would be sufficient reason for us to join together tonight in this celebration of the centenary of the Fabian Society, brought into formal existence in London a hundred years ago this month. And, incidentally, I trust it will be noted in the appropriate quarters that those of us here tonight associated with the Australian Labor Party and the Australian Labor Government have been so far able to overcome our notorious prejudices as to celebrate a British institution - indeed in many respects a quintessential British institution.


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Sweden: Insane or Just Clown World on LSD? By Richard Miller

     The Swedish police, should be concerned about grenade attacks, friendly people waving around AK 47s and migrant no-go zones:

     But, they are not, happily accepting this as all part of diversity excitement in modernity. However, they have come up with a brilliant politically correct solution to their failure to deal with this social rot: blame the Christians, yes, the Christians:

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Letter to The Editor - They are kith and kin of the majority of us Australians

To The Australian        Australia appears to be shirking a family obligation ("Don't deny us sanctuary, white farmers tell Dutton", 19/6). The government should honour the policy espoused last year by Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton to effect a special refugee intake of persecuted white South Africans. We owe this to these people because they are kith and kin of the majority of us Australians. We admire Jews and Aboriginals for fighting for the interests of their peoples, even if we disagree with some of their policies. So why not the same loyalty to our own? Moreover, they will make excellent new Australians and benefit the whole nation.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - Threatening our internal stability and national security

To The Australian        Neither John Wylie ("Indigenous call deserves response from the heart", 18/6) nor Kenneth Wiltshire ("Voice to Parliament too important to get wrong", 18/6) has provided a successful and convincing case for constitutional recognition of indigenous Australians. As for Wylie's vague, sentimental and untrustworthy assertions, Australians generally are under no obligation, legal, moral or spiritual, to engage in "a generous and respectful accommodation with indigenous Australians." He does not address the questionable status in the context of constitutional change, of Australians identifying as "indigenous" or the consequent doubt as to the validity of their case. As for Wiltshire, it is ingenuous of him to state that "it is hard not to wonder what all the fuss is about regarding this proposal", when he makes no effort to counter the well-established case that constitutional entrenchment in any form would be fundamentally divisive of this nation, threatening our internal stability and national security, and also fundamentally inequitable towards all non-indigenous Australians.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Peak Clown World: Now Facebook Banning for Non-Existent Things! By Paul Walker

     Big Tech is getting into overdrive, banning even anti-racist posts because somehow these violate its sacred standards, but even more interesting are bans on items that have been off platform, which occurred to Natural News. Social critic Matt Forney also got banned for doing nothing but being his loveable self:

“You gotta love the Kafka-esque logic. I was banned for a violation of the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities even though my account was inactive and the only things I had publicly published on it were pictures of myself. I appeal and get told that they can’t tell me what I specifically did wrong, only that their decision to ban me is final. This ban isn’t much an issue for me since, as I said earlier, I had stopped posting or promoting my work on Facebook a long time ago and I only used my account to look at expat/language exchange groups and communicate with a few people (all of whom have other means by which they can contact me). Indeed, I’ve been on the receiving end of Facebook’s censorship for quite a long time: my blog’s Facebook page was banned all the way back in 2014—long before the current censorship wave started—due to repeated false flagging by feminists. Facebook has been dying as a platform for the longest time and I had actually briefly deleted my account outright last summer. However, this ban is more evidence that the noose of censorship is tightening around us all. I was likely put on some list of “white nationalists” or “extremists” due to my work reporting on the 2016 presidential election, and this was probably part of a greater purge of right-wingers from Facebook in preparation for the 2020 election. Big Tech is angry and upset that independent journalists, writers, video hosts, and other content creators were able to help Donald Trump in 2016, and they intend to ensure that that can never happen again.”

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Brightburn as an Anti-Immigration Movie? By James Reed

     I saw the clip for Brightburn (2019) on You-Ban-It-Tube, and did not think much of it. Basically, it retells the Superman origin story, with an evil Superman. Mum believes in her little boy from space, but in the end, he kills every main character, his foster dad with his heat vision, and his mum by dropping her from high up. Then he takes out a plane. Presumably the next movie has him going to the city, destroying that, then facing the military. Oh, his weakness is metal from the space craft that he landed in. Here is a take on all of this, giving it an anti-immigration spin:

“In a remarkable final scene that appears only after the credits have begun to roll, a crazed Alex Jones-type character starts yelling about more reports coming from all over the world of violent happenings similar to those that have been occurring in Brightburn, Kansas. Much to the chagrin of the Leftists, these interstellar “migrants” are actually invaders. It does appear that the various nations are calling such reports “conspiracy theories.” Even as Armageddon looms, the Left cannot admit that it has been wrong all along and that diversity really isn’t our greatest strength. And in the most delicious irony of all, by deplatforming truthtellers like Alex Jones, only the Dissident Right will be aware that it’s time to take defensive actions. The Left would rather dismantle the 9-1-1 system than run the risk of being called racists for reporting an invasion by non-Europeans, even of the intergalactic kind.”

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Why has New Zealanders Ignored the Gun Bans? Is this Shocking Racism? By John Steele

     Here is some news that the local rags are not reporting: that New Zealanders, now that all of the emotion has died down, and the headscarfs put back in the knicker drawer, are ignoring the gun ban:

“New Zealand politicians who rushed to enact nationwide gun confiscation following the Christchurch mosque massacres are befuddled by the lack of enthusiasm from citizens who have yet to comply with the new law. The so-called “gun reform” was expected to rid the vast New Zealand countryside of most semi-automatic firearms, magazines over a specified limit, and shotguns. Two months ago, Reuters breathlessly reported, “New Zealand police expect tens of thousands of firearms to be surrendered by a guns buy-back scheme.” Law enforcement authorities averred that “it could be more.” Pregnant with the expectation that gun owners would trade their firearms for cash, the political class is nonplussed by the results. Only 530 guns have thus far been turned in to the authorities.

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US Preparing for China War By James Reed

     Michael Klare has published a number of books dealing with the issue of resource depletion, and how this pushes the powers in a scramble for what is left, inevitably leading to war. Now I know many believe that there is no shortage of anything (especially bs), but just humour us here. In the end we will know, if anything remains after the next great conflict, which we all know will happen. The quote is long, but good, so pour yourself a nice refreshing  cuppa, butter up a hot scone and enjoy:

“Hawks in the White House, led by National Security Advisor John Bolton, see a war aimed at eliminating Iran’s clerical leadership as a potentially big win for Washington. Many top officials in the U.S. military, however, see the matter quite differently -- as potentially a giant step backward into exactly the kind of low-tech ground war they’ve been unsuccessfully enmeshed in across the Greater Middle East and northern Africa for years and would prefer to leave behind. Make no mistake: if President Trump ordered the U.S. military to attack Iran, it would do so and, were that to happen, there can be little doubt about the ultimate negative outcome for Iran. Its moth-eaten military machine is simply no match for the American one. Almost 18 years after Washington’s war on terror was launched, however, there can be little doubt that any U.S. assault on Iran would also stir up yet more chaos across the region, displace more people, create more refugees, and leave behind more dead civilians, more ruined cities and infrastructure, and more angry souls ready to join the next terror group to pop up. It would surely lead to another quagmire set of ongoing conflicts for American soldiers. Think: Iraq and Afghanistan, exactly the type of no-win scenarios that many top Pentagon officials now seek to flee. But don’t chalk such feelings up only to a reluctance to get bogged down in yet one more war-on-terror quagmire. These days, the Pentagon is also increasingly obsessed with preparations for another type of war in another locale entirely: a high-intensity conflict with China, possibly in the South China Sea.

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Another Day; More Big Tech Bans By Chris Knight

     Now one cannot discuss the immigration status of people, illegal immigrants, without facing Big Tech bans:

     The next site to fall to the Big Tech bans is Natural News.com, being permanently banned by Facebook. Mike Adams has never done anything even mildly racist, and exactly the opposite in fact, openly championing the idea that there is a genocidal policy against Blacks, which could well be true too. But, he has taken on the anarcho-tyrannical system, especially regarding health, so he must go:

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But, That’s Tribalism! By James Reed

     There we go, the great English comic John Cleese saying that London is not English enough! John, you have been too busy making people laugh to pay attention to what has been happening, as London is now majority non-white, so your England is gone, gone, gone. Why Somali parents are sending their kiddies home because of the knife violence, so England as you knew it is at the zombie apocalypse level:

“Hundreds of British parents are sending their teenage children back to East Africa to avoid the knife crime epidemic that has struck London and seen 51 murders this year. And the teenagers say they feel safer there, despite the Foreign and Commonwealth office advising against all travel to Somalia and warning against the threat of terrorism across Kenya. One Somali mother, Amina, was interviewed on the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme and told the harrowing story of how her 15-year-old son was stabbed four times, just 17 days after he returned from a year-long stay in their homeland. She said: 'They damaged his bladder, his kidneys, his liver. He's got permanent damage. 'He was safer there [in Somaliland] than he was here, 100 per cent more safe than in London.' Last year the Foreign Office named Somalia the 13th most dangerous country in the world due to its constant threat of terrorism. And yet two in five Somalian families in London are sending their children home to avoid the knife crime epidemic hitting the capital, according to the mayor of Islington."

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Now They Take Down Ricardo Duchesne: The Toxic Empire Strikes Back! By Chris Knight

     First, there was the attack upon Canadian academic Ricardo Duchesne, a far more important thinker and defender of the West and whites than the ever meat-eating Jordan Peterson, and then the announcements of his “retirement.” Well, a better turn of phrase is that he was forced out:

“In 2011, University of New Brunswick sociology professor Ricardo Duchesne published The Uniqueness of Western Civilization, a critique of multiculturalism. In 2017, Professor Duchesne published Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age:

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Life in Diverse, Exciting London By Richard Miller

     A reader asked why I am still in London. Well, someone has to report from the war zone! And war it is, seemingly of all against all, as gay people, among most others, are regularly assaulted. The latest:

“Five teenagers have now been arrested over a robbery and homophobic attack on a couple after they 'refused to kiss' while travelling on a bus, police said this evening. Melania Geymonat, 28, from Uruguay, was with her American girlfriend Chris after an evening out in West Hampstead, London, when they were attacked at 2.30am on May 30. Police say the couple were sat on the top deck when they were approached by a group of males who began to make lewd and homophobic comments to them. The pair were punched several times and left covered in blood before the males ran off the bus. A phone and bag were also stolen during the assault. Four males aged between 15-18 were arrested on Friday on suspicion of robbery and aggravated GBH. The fifth suspect was detained on Saturday morning. "They have been taken to separate London police stations for questioning," a Met Police spokesman said.

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Letter to The Editor - Sheer political power of the "Remain" camp

To The Age        You are right that any new Conservative leader in the UK will need to show good judgment and diplomatic skill in seeking a viable path forward for the nation ("Johnson as PM not a comforting thought", 17/6). However, the "great complexities" of achieving constitutional severance of Britain from the EU are not beyond the power of Boris Johnson or any other prime minister and his team. What may prove more intractable is the sheer political power of the "Remain" camp who naturally do not feel that "a narrowly won referendum" de-authorises their resistance. The British people as a whole need to bring goodwill, integrity, magnanimity and intelligent compromise to bear in this fraught situation. Let us hope they find a fruitful way forward.

  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave

Justifying the Invasion By Charles Taylor

     The new class elites at the New York Times are doing what they normally do, that is advancing open borders world, at least for the West.

This is behind a paywall, which is ironic since the mind virus is limited in its spread, being mainly for the converted who pay. But the essence can be culled from quotes from other sites:

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The Rise of the Police State By Chris Knight

     While the journalists in Australia have been complaining about the police raids that have occurred, which when you think about it, do have, rightly or wrongly, some national security arguments in their favour, the real concern is not Australia, but the erosion of freedom in the US, even with its liberal constitutional guarantees. We have nothing like what goes down in America, and our police are very fair in comparison, even if people don’t like getting speeding tickets! Ok, some female journalist had her underwear drawer searched; was she harmed? Who knows what secret information about the national security could have been hidden there? You simply don’t know if you don’t look, do you? Where is the problem, gloves were worn? Why, in America they do body cavity searches at airports! And, why should Ita be so upset? As see it, the problem is with having vast underwear drawers that police have to go through, knicker by knicker in the search for evidence. Does any one care about that?

But, America has moved to full-on police state, and this is alarming as it shows what the modern police state can do if it wants to. Really, we have not seen anything yet in Australia, and things are far worse in the US, getting worse by the day.  Exhibit number 1:

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First, They Came for the Baby Formula By James Reed

     So, this is why the Chinese warships were here at Sydney Harbour, so seamen could buy baby formula to take home and sell to make big bucks, as Chinese baby formula is … well … not the best:

"Chinese military personnel were spotted unloading boxes of highly sought after Australian baby formula onto their warship the day before leaving Sydney Harbour. The photograph, taken Thursday, shows military staff unloading boxes of baby formula from a van, along with boxes of whitening sheet face masks and Devondale brand long life milk. Australian brand baby formula has become a highly sought after product in China over the last ten years, after a mass milk poisoning in the region led to the injury and deaths of many babies. Three Chinese warships quietly entered Sydney Harbour on Monday morning, where they landed at the Garden Island naval base. The arrival surprised many Australians, including the premier of NSW Gladys Berejiklian, who wasn’t aware the city would be playing host to the vessels and their 700 crew. Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who was on a trip to the Solomon Islands when the ships arrived, downplayed public reaction and assured reporters their arrive was not a “surprise” visit. “It may have been a surprise to others, but it certainly wasn’t a surprise to the Government,” he said. “They were returning after a counter drug trafficking operation in the Middle East.” The extraordinary photo of personnel loading the formula and other products, including boxes of face masks and long life milk, was taken on Thursday ahead of the warships exit from the harbour on Friday afternoon.

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No Criticism of … We are British You Know! By Richard Miller

     It is only natural that at the end of the West things will go this way, as the body social goes mad through a kind of mad liberalism disease, banning everything in sight and making laws against traditional Britain:

The long-running dispute revolves — most recently — around an effort by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on British Muslims, a cross-party formation of around two-dozen MPs in the British Parliament, to institutionalize the definition of Islamophobia in racial rather than religious terms.

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Will Europe’s Rape Victims Simply be Euthanised? By Mrs Vera West

     The horrors at the end of the West continue at an unpredictable pace; meanwhile outside people are playing music and drinking even though it is only 8 a.m., Friday morning as the long weekend booze up begins:

“A 17-year-old girl who was raped as a young child and felt she could no longer go on living has been legally allowed to die at home after she had sought the help of an 'end-of-life clinic'. Noa Pothoven was allowed to die at home after medics allowed her to refuse food and drink last Sunday. The Dutch teenager from Arnhem felt that life had become unbearable and she could no longer carry on after she was attacked and sexually assaulted on three separate occasions, beginning when she was just 11 years old. In Holland, children as young as 12 can be granted euthanasia if they desire, but only after a doctor concludes that the patient's suffering is unbearable with no clear end in sight.

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Letter the The Editor - Concerning a Bill of Rights

     It doesn’t take much of an issue to generate calls for a Bill of Rights. People believe it will enhance their freedoms. In fact a Bill of Rights can restrict freedoms because it actually prescribes all rights available.  Obviously then, any ‘right’ not mentioned is forbidden. Our system provides us maximum freedom where we have the lawful right to do anything except the minimum number of things which are forbidden. Not having a Bill of rights can be likened to our road rules where we are free to drive wherever we choose provided we obey any road rules like speed limits and “No Entry” signs.
  Ken Grundy

Courage, Truth and Justice: Remembering Dr David Mitchell By Ian Wilson LL.B

     Older readers should well remember Dr David Mitchell, scholar, lawyer, minister and general Christian gentlemen. All of us need to refresh our minds about this truly great man, in the Eric Butler league, by obtaining a tremendous new book by Dallas Clarnette, Courageous for Truth and Justice (2019), which gives a fitting tribute to Dr Mitchell’s life and works.
     Such a book is necessary because Dr Mitchell was one of those quiet workers, who steadfastly keep working away defending traditional Christian Australia, especially institutions such as the constitutional monarchy, over many decades. He saw before many of us the civilizational threats that the 1960s revolution had rung in, most notably in law. Thus, Dr Mitchell engaged in numerous pro bono (none paying cases) to defend those who were being abused by the politically correct legal system. I recall him saying to me, when I asked him, perhaps 15 years ago, about how he got on with judges, “Well Ian, they must just think, here comes Mitchell again!”
     I want people to buy this book and support the author, so I am not one for spoilers. But I cannot resist reporting on an extraordinary case where a Christian group was facing what seems to be an early race-hate case. Dr Mitchell defended the group by the most unusual move of denying that the church as such existed, so there was no defendant! He kept this line of argument up for over a year until the court awarded for him! Dr Mitchell also helped in the famous Noah’s Ark case, aiding the Creationist’s case against an academic who was a critic of Christianity, but now is beloved by us because he is attacking global warming.
     Overall a most worthy book for a truly good man. If only all men were made of the same moral fibre of Dr Michell, we would not be facing the problems we now do. But, alas. Hopefully, the hard times ahead will create other worthy champions of truth, freedom and justice. I would imagine that copies of Dallas Clarnette’s book would be available from the League; nothing comes up on Amazon, which is hardly surprising.