Against Lockdown By Chris Knight

     Closed borders? Really? Flights from Wuhan, ground zero of the Wuhan flu, continue to the US, which seemingly cannot shut its borders if its life depended upon it:

“Flights are continuing to land in the US from Wuhan and the rest of China and Europe despite the travel ban put in place to stop the spread of coronavirus. According to Flight Tracker data, people are arriving into the US every day from the countries that have been blamed for sparking the outbreak across America, with flights even touching down from Wuhan where the global pandemic originated. This comes as warnings mount that passengers are not being screened properly for the deadly virus on arrival into the US and as questions are being raised over how - if at all - the mandatory 14-day quarantine for returning travellers is being enforced.
According to Flight Tracker, five flights had landed into New York airports JFK and Newark from London, UK, airports by 4:30p.m. ET since the start of the day Wednesday. More flights are also scheduled to land later into the evening and night.”

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UK Decay By Richard Miller

     Thanks to the site Trad for the references, which show that the UK is even more decayed that I had thought. It is a wide-ranging depressing read, and here I will only give a snip from the child rape grooming article, since this phenomenon brings it all together. If a nation cannot defend its children from predators, and in fact allows it all to occur, then it is finished. All over red rover.

“Earlier this week, Lord Pearson continued his questioning of the government over the recent report on police and local authorities’ failures to tackle grooming gangs. The answer revealed that the government has not even estimated the number of victims over the years.

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If the Left Disappeared … By James Reed

     If Thanos of the Marvel film, Avengers, who has magic gems that enables him to snap his fingers and make anything disappear, decided to do something useful and snap away the Left, what then? I have thought about this, but Brett Stevens writes, perhaps smoking a good cigar, while I drink cheap plonk, not getting very far at all:

“Most of us shared the feeling that if all of the people who needed government were to be moved by freight to Mexico and left there, absolutely nothing would be worse; in fact much would be better, although sandwiches and lattes might be more expensive. The hipsters, neurotics, Leftists, mentally disabled, insane, sociopathic, selfish, schizoid, fatalistic, and hateful people would all just… go away. They did, temporarily, during both the government shutdown and the COVID-19 lockdown. You will not hear this in the media, but people are soul-tired of modern society. It promised them leisure time and instead gave them a treadmill, constantly working to pump up our GDP so we could afford more debt and entitlements for “the poor” and minorities. They realize that the functional parts of society are few, and that those need to stay in play, but if all the other stuff — academia, government, media, diversity, anti-poverty, ideology, the UN, the WHO, consumerism, entitlements — disappears, nothing important will be lost and life will go on better than before. They recognize that Leftism has power over all of the institutions of government and much of industry, as well as all media, and they are rebelling against this Leftism because it has made a miserable existence out of what should be the most prosperous country on Earth.

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The Monster Spawn of Chairman Mao By James Reed

     I always felt that the present regime of political correctness, with its manipulative nasty mind-controlling aspects was much like the Chinese cultural revolution under Chairman Mao, with the enforcement of “correct” thinking and ideas. I saw some white guys who were Maoists at university in the 1960s/1970s, and they were dogmatic “dialectical” fruitcakes. Just read some of crazy Mao’s writings and be afraid. Yet, this regime of communism continues on today, with complete continuity with the past. The Irish, which I have just discovered, does a terrific job nailing this:

“The new Red Guards
Just finished Wild Swans, over 700 pages of densely-packed print but a real page-turner nonetheless. It traces the experiences of a Chinese family spanning three generations up to the late nineties. The author's description of life during Mao's Cultural Revolution was particularly harrowing. And instructive because of the similarities between what happened then under the Red Guards and is happening now under the Woke Generation. Guilt was no longer determined by the rule of law, the presumption of innocence (such as it was) abandoned. Replaced by mob denunciation arising from a perceived lack of ideological purity, or something you said a long time ago, or being once seen in the company of somebody now out of favour. Just like today in the West ritual denunciation was followed by grovelling confessions - which were never enough. In fact as we see with today's "liberals" such grovelling - for some reason - seems only to elicit even greater fury, fuelling demands for re-education but with no guarantee of rehabilitation. Humiliation was a powerful weapon, breaking the spirit of even the most resilient. And the more truthful and accurate the defence the more frenzied became the torment, reminding us of Orwell's "The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it".

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The Right Stuff Indeed. It’s the Vibe! By James Reed

     As was said in the iconic Aussie movie, The Castle, “it’s the vibe.”

“A student activist, facing expulsion from the University of Queensland over his activism criticising Chinese influence on campus, has walked out of a disciplinary hearing at the university. Drew Pavlou faced a disciplinary hearing Wednesday morning following his protests and social media posts last year criticising UQ’s ties with Chinese -government institutions and of the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s record on human rights. The 20-year-old philosophy student, who organised a campus protest last July in support of the Hong Kong independence movement, attended the hearing with his barrister Tony Morris QC, a well-known advocate of freedom of speech. After walking out, Mr Morris said the disciplinary panel had denied a request that Mr Pavlou be allowed access to certain internal documents he sought for his defence. Mr Morris also questioned the integrity of the disciplinary process, saying two of three panellists were paid employees of the university. Before the hearing, Mr Pavlou said he expected to be expelled from the university and would appeal the case in Brisbane’s Supreme Court and the High Court, if needed.  “I’m confident, it’s Mabo – it’s the vibe,” Mr Pavlou said, quoting the famous line from the Australian movie The Castle about a suburban family who successfully fought the forced resumption of their home in the High Court. After the hearing, Mr Pavlou said UQ was “demonstrably carrying out a political vendetta against me”.

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Blacks Protest Against China’s Racism By Chris Knight

     This is technically a problem for the “only whites are racist” brigade:

“The radical New Black Panther Party launched a nationwide boycott of “Chinese merchants” on Tuesday — including restaurants, beauty salons, and other businesses — to protest China’s treatment of Africans, among other grievances. Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz announced the boycott campaign, which he also described as part of a “Buy Black Offensive,” as a protest against discrimination in the People’s Republic of China, as well as the behavior of Chinese companies in Africa. The protests targeted over a dozen businesses across the country, none of which had any apparent affiliation with the Chinese government.”

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Life After the Collapse By John Steele

     Some of us have been bold and brave enough to speculate about what the collapse of civilisation will bring. Will it be total Mad Max/The Walking Dead lawlessness? I doubt it. What is most likely is that humans, as tribal animals, an anthropological point uber-liberal do not like, will bind together to deal with those threatening the tribe, as it has always been, and is beginning, now:

“Midnight gunshots in early April in Abule-Egba, a densely populated district in Nigeria’s largest city of Lagos, startled Victor Osadiaye. He stood by his window, watching the scenes unfold in the street outside his home. The violent robbery ended about 20 minutes later. “I have never seen anything like this all my life. It was like war,” he said. “Not just me, everyone was shocked because this doesn’t always happen.” A small crowd of men, women and children gathered in his neighbourhood later that morning, he recalled, and the local community made plans to make sure it wouldn’t happen again. However, Abule-Egba wasn’t the only community targeted by the armed gangs. Since Nigeria’s first lockdown was announced on March 30, crimes soared in places like Lagos – the largest commercial city in Africa with 20 million residents. Low income and densely populated neighbourhoods have been worst-hit. Some arrests were made and weapons seized. But the sheer size of the city, protected by a relatively small police force, has left much of the population without adequate security. That drove some people like Osadeiye to form community vigilante groups to protect their neighbourhoods. “There is no need trusting the security forces with the lives of your family,” he said. “A responsible man should take responsibility for his safety and that of his household.” At sunset, armed with an iron rod and flashlight, Osadeiye joined other young men for night watch duties. After exchanging pleasantries, they would divide into smaller units to patrol darkened streets, occasionally using their rudimentary weapons to hit metal structures they walked past to make their presence known to outsiders. In the past few weeks, Abule-Egba’s neighbourhood watch model has been copied by other streets in nearly other parts of Lagos state after violent attacks.”

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Security concerns sufficient to 'break China's lease on the Port of Darwin'

May 19, 2020,     Liberal Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells says it's time to start looking at how Australia could “get out of the contract” which allows China to lease the Port of Darwin for the next 99 years. The clause in the Port of Darwin lease, renders the deal null and void in the case of a national security emergency. “I have advocated for us to look at a plan to decouple from China, to reduce the dependency we have on the communist regime and also examine ways we can recover billions incurred as a consequence of the virus,” Ms Fierravanti-Wells said. The circumstances, particularly those relating to security, are such that we should seriously look at “breaking the lease”. She added “the predicament we are facing today is symptomatic of the attitude we have taken towards the communist regime which regrettably has erred on the side of appeasement instead of standing up to often bellicose and illegal actions of the communist regime in Beijing”. According to Ms Fierravanti-Wells, “it’s vitally important to overhaul the critical infrastructure framework, the foreign investment framework and most importantly revisiting the whole issue of the national interest”.

The Hyper Beast, Bill 6666: You have to be Joking!!!!! By Charles Taylor

     The US TRACE Bill, which is House Resolution 6666, “COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyon,” has as its aim, to track everybody, and to “trace and monitor the contacts of infected individuals, and to support the quarantine of such contacts, through mobile health units and, as necessary … at [citizens’] residences.” Although this is denied by all the sites set up to deny such things, clearly a truly rotten government will misuse such an Act to invade your house and force you to have a Covid-19 test, possibly an anal probe thermometer, and if positive, keep you locked in your home. Why else have all of hose apocalyptic 6’s and mark of the beast? Was it simply to troll Christians?

“Reopening our economy and getting back to normal will be all but impossible if we do not step up our testing efforts and implement robust and widespread contact tracing,” Congressman Rush said in a statement. “The COVID-19 TRACE Act will allow us to do this by creating a $100 billion grant program for local organizations to hire, train and pay individuals and to purchase supplies to run mobile testing units and door-to-door outreach as is safe and necessary.”

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The Absurdity of Open Borders Law By Richard Miller (London)

     Many utterly illogical judgments have been delivered by the Higher courts, usually motivated by politically correct ideology, thus leading to absurdity, and here is the latest:

“Britain’s Supreme Court has thrown the country’s deportation policies into chaos by ruling that a foreign criminal cannot be deported to a country with poorer free healthcare than the United Kingdom. Justices including the top court’s infamous former president, Lady Hale, and two colleagues who also serve as ad hoc members of the European Court of Human Rights, agreed with a Zimbabwean migrant who should have been deported more than a decade ago that his removal would breach Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which states that “No-one shall be subjected to torture or inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”. The migrant’s lawyers cleverly reinterpreted this European article, understood by most to be a prohibition against physical torture and holding people in unsanitary conditions, as a right for his client to remain in Britain so long as his home country could not provide him with the same expensive, taxpayer-funded HIV medication as the British National Health Service (NHS) free of charge — and the Supreme Court concurred. The court also “ordered that no one shall publish or reveal the name or address” of the Zimbabwean, restricting the freedom of the press to provide the public with the full facts of the case — although it did reveal that he was “convicted of battery” before the government ordered his deportation and further convicted of “offences including possession of a firearm and ammunition” after the order was given but not carried out. The government, already deporting ever-fewer migrants amid ever-rising levels of illegal migration, now fears the precedent set by the judgment will jeopardise many more deportations, including that of ISIS fighter-linked gang rapist Yaqub Ahmed — who was on the verge of finally being flown out of the country in October 2018 before a mutiny by passengers, who were seemingly never punished, allowed him to stay and lodge more appeals.”

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European Style National Suicide By Richard Miller

     This sums up Europe in a nutshell; native Europeans rot in lockdown, while illegal migrants do what illegal migrants do:

“While Europe is experiencing an economic shock without precedent, and tens of millions of Europeans have lost their livelihoods, migrants in Europe illegally are being showered with free housing and healthcare. The actual number of illegal immigrants in France is unknown but was estimated to be between 300,000 and 400,000 in 2017, according to the Pew Research Center. Considering the waves of mass migration since then, the number is probably well above a half-million. Britain has up to 1.2 million illegal immigrants, a quarter of all those that have unlawfully entered Europe, according to the Pew Research Center.... The UK's leniency appears to have sparked another wave of illegal immigration. Since the coronavirus lockdown began on March 23, nearly 900 people have illegally crossed the English Channel from France, according to Migration Watch UK. "There is great discontent among the [German] population because everyone who arrives here immediately has many or even higher rights and rights to benefits or medical care than someone who has worked here for their entire life." — Interior Minister of Saarland, Klaus Bouillon (CDU), interview with Die Welt. "Muslim countries currently have 300 million males under the age of 15. This is not a forecast, but already a reality. Scientists like Gunnar Heinsohn assume that a maximum of 100 million can obtain a position in the society of their home country. The remaining 200 million will try to emigrate or otherwise fight for their place." — Anabel Schunke, political commentator, German blog Die Achse des Guten.

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Our Great Trade Friend China Does a Bit of Hacking on the Side! By James Reed

     It is good to have friends, especially in trade and business, friends to do things for you, or too you, like hack your computers. Something to do, to keep busy during lock down, instead of the doodles that google suggests each day:

“The first West Australian Premier Mark McGowan knew of an attempted cyber attack against his office, reportedly originating from China, was through a news article in the New York Times.
Key points:

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The Cardinal and the Cultural Wars By Peter West

     I have written many articles criticising the politically correct Pope, but there was good reason. From the beginning I thought that the Pell case was flawed, and I read, I think, a brilliant piece by Andrew Bolt that took it to pieces. Now, after winning on appeal, Pell notes that the whole thing was part of the cultural wars, an attack upon a conservative, and I agree:

“Cardinal George Pell says he believes "culture wars" and his conservative views on social issues contributed to him being prosecuted and jailed on child sexual abuse charges — convictions that were overturned by the nation's highest court last week. Key points:

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Hungry Stands Against the Tide By Mrs Vera West

     Hungry is standing up for Western civilisation against the globalist forces. Witness the latest act of resistance and wish that Australian politicians had one once of this raw guts:

“Hungary’s parliament has passed a declaration against signing the Istanbul Convention on preventing and combating violence against women because it smuggles in provisions declaring gender a “social construct” and allowing “gender-based asylum claims”. Dr Zoltán Kovács, Secretary of State for International Communication and Relations in Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s government, reported that the Hungarian legislature had passed its declaration against the seemingly unimpeachable Council of Europe convention in an official blog post. The protection of women and the fight against domestic violence have always been of central importance to the government,” he insisted, noting that Orbán had put domestic violence on a new footing in the criminal code in 2013, after the first of three consecutive election wins — but added that the Istanbul Convention, in his view, goes “far beyond this”. He noted, for example, that “the Convention defines ‘gender’ as ‘socially constructed roles, behaviours, activities and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for women and men'” — which puts it at odds with the Hungarian constitution, which defines marriage as the union of a man and a woman. Adopting the Istanbul Convention with its “social gender” definition would “void” the Hungarian constitutional position that there are “only two biological genders, male and female,” he explained.”

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The Drive to Destroy What Little Remains of Liberty By James Reed

     Yep, you can predict it; there is always something annoying being said by an academic ever second of the day. They are like mossies buzzing around your ear when you need to sleep.

“Harvard University Law School Prof. Adrian Vermeule thinks it would be just dandy to use the pandemic as an excuse to reinterpret the meaning of the U.S. Constitution – specifically, to implement policies that destroy the concept of “free speech ideology” and “property rights.” What’s really ironic is that this guy actually teaches constitutional law at Harvard, so you can get a pretty good idea of what his students think of our founding document: That it’s a malleable piece of scrap paper subject to the whimsical ‘in the moment interpretation by ‘scholars’ and ‘the enlightened.’ Writing in The Atlantic, Vermeule argued that historic interpretations of our founding document have “now outlived its utility,” making it time for the U.S. government to simply assume a much stronger, more centralized role in our lives. The professor argues that “circumstances have now changed” because of COVID-19 (they haven’t) making it possible to imagine “moral” constitutionalism, which he claims is not “enslaved to the original meaning of the Constitution” – because the rights and restrictions contained in our founding document are impediments to would-be tyrants like Vermeule. Claiming the pandemic has also “liberated” us from the “relentless expansion of individualistic autonomy” (our personal privacies and liberties), this egghead now believes it’s time for a new interpretation of the Constitution, which he refers to as “common-good constitutionalism.”

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We are All Communists Now, Like It or Lump It! By Richard Miller

     The Left are falling over themselves here in the UK at the creation of a socialist Big Government society beyond the Orwellian politically correct cesspool that the UK was before the Covid-19 panicdemic.

“More than half of British adults are now receiving money from the state, it emerged today - as Chancellor Rishi Sunak warned the situation is 'not sustainable'. The scale of the impact of the coronavirus lockdown is becoming clearer after the government revealed it is subsidising the wages of 6.3million workers under its furlough scheme. Meanwhile, more than 1.8million new claims for Universal Credit have been received, as people find their incomes slashed by the crisis. If the unemployed, 5.4million public sector workers and 12million pensioners are taken into account, the state now pays just over half the 52million UK adults. It came as new data suggested the UK economy is on course for a downturn deeper than anything seen in living memory as the service sector plummeted to a new record low. The closely watched IHS Markit/CIPS purchasing managers' index (PMI) for services dropped to 13.4 in April, by far the worst score since the survey started in 1996. In an interview last night, Mr Sunak tried to reassure workers and businesses that they will not face a 'cliff edge' of subsidies being withdrawn immediately when lockdown measures are eased. But amid signs of strains within government about the huge burden on the country's finances, Mr Sunak pointed out that the furlough scheme could soon be costing the same as the NHS budget. 'I'm working, as we speak, to figure out the most effective way to wind down the (furlough) scheme and to ease people back into work in a measured way,' he told ITV. 'As some scenarios have suggested, we are potentially spending as much on the furlough scheme as we do on the NHS, for example. Clearly that is not a sustainable situation.'" 

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New Zealand Drops Open Borders By James Reed

     At least Madame Corona has done a little bit of good, in hitting some aspects of globalism. Just ask the socialist/ feminist/gun banner across the merky pond:

“New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says the country will not have open borders with the rest of the world for "a long time to come". Ms Ardern was speaking after attending part of Australia's cabinet meeting via video link. The meeting discussed a possible "trans-Tasman bubble", where people could go between Australia and New Zealand freely, and without quarantine. But she said visitors from further afield were not possible any time soon. Both Australia and New Zealand have closed their borders to almost all foreigners as part of their Covid-19 response. What did Jacinda Ardern say? Ms Ardern said New Zealand and Australia were discussing a "bubble of sorts between us, a safe zone of travel". She stressed there was "a lot of work to be done before we can progress...but it's obviously been floated because of the benefits it would bring". But, in response to a question about the country's tourism sector, Ms Ardern said: "We will not have open borders for the rest of the world for a long time to come."

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How Feminism Re-Rapes Rape Victims By Mrs Vera West

     When it suits them, feminists and the Left push “believe women,” on sexual assault offences/allegations, when the agenda is to take down a conservative, but when one of their own commits alleged sexual offences against women e.g. Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, why they all join ranks and attack the victim. It that is not corruption, nothing is!

“What’s happening to Tara Reade at the hands of the corporate media, feminists, and Joe Biden is a disheartening return to the 1990s, to the infamous Bill Clinton era. Reade has come forward with one of the most credible sexual assault allegations we have seen in a very long time. She alleges that in 1993, while working in his Senate office, then Sen. Biden (D-DE) sexually harassed her, sexually assaulted her, and then fired her in retaliation for filing a harassment complaint. Tara Reade is Joe Biden’s eighth accuser. Tara Reade has five witnesses who corroborate she told them about the alleged assault at or near the time. If her claim is eventually debunked, Tara Reade risked prison last month by filing a formal criminal complaint against Biden. We now have video of Tara Reade’s anguished mother calling into a 1993 edition of CNN’s Larry King Live to ask advice about her daughter’s problems with a “prominent senator.” Tara Reade has challenged investigative reporters to dig into her story. Finally, Tara Reade is calling for Biden to make his Senate papers available in the hopes her harassment complaint will be found. Tara Reade is behaving like a woman with nothing to hide. Joe Biden denies the allegation, but is behaving like a man with everything to hide. And in an effort to allow Biden to hide straight through to the November election, and in an effort to personally destroy Tara Reade, Biden, feminists, and the media have decided to resurrect the Clinton-era Playbook. Those of us old enough to remember the 1990s, the way in which the media and feminists circled the wagons to protect Clinton, are very familiar with these cynical tactics.

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False History By James Reed

     Getting a Pulitzer Prize does not mean that one got one’s history right. Consider this gem:

“The Pulitzer Prize Board announced Monday that Nikole Hannah-Jones had won a Pulitzer Prize for her essay published as part of the New York Times Magazine's 1619 Project, in which she made the claim that American colonists sought independence from Great Britain because “they wanted to protect the institution of slavery in the colonies.” But as Campus Reform previously reported, Hannah-Jones asked Northwestern University history professor Leslie Harris to fact check the essay before it was published and, according to Harris, she flagged the portion of the essay claiming that American colonists' motivation in claiming independence was to maintain the institution of slavery. Harris noted that while that may have been one of the factors that led to the Revolutionary War, it was not the primary determinant. Despite the historian's concern, however, the New York Times and Hannah-Jones published the essay anyway. On Monday, it won a Pulitzer. Media Research Center's TechWatch Vice President Dan Gainor previously told Campus Reform, “The New York Times 1619 Project wasn’t about history, it was about rewriting history." Journalism doesn’t really deliver news now; it delivers narrative. To the Left elite like The Times, there’s no narrative they want to destroy more than American exceptionalism," Gainor continued. “If America had been more evil from the founding, then everything it created must be destroyed - the Founders, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, religious freedom, gun rights - everything Americans hold dear." "The actual truth of American history isn’t the narrative that the Times cares to report," Gainor added. Harris told Campus Reform Tuesday, "I agree with the New York Times's clarification, as printed on March 11, 2020."

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Even Our Water is Sold; Pathetic By James Reed

     In the driest continent on Earth, which is perennially in drought, with endless battles over limited water resources, the endgame is to let China buy water from the Murray Darling; my God, why don’t they just give it to them!

“Chinese state-owned enterprises have acquired water entitlements in Australia and some foreign water investors face limited scrutiny by the Foreign Investment Review Board.
Key points:

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