Inconvenient fact: Native title can only exist if Australia was settled, not invaded By Sherry Sufi

     January is here and the invasion versus settlement debate is back making news headlines. The Prime Minister wants to keep Australia Day as it is while the Greens are calling for the date to be changed. We’ve all heard the generic talking points. Team ‘Invasion Day’ says 26 January is offensive to some Australians. Team ‘Australia Day’ says 26 January is a day for all Australians regardless. Yet there is a fundamental point which goes to the heart of this debate that literally no one, to date, seems to have picked up on. Hence, this article.

     Native title can only exist if Australia was settled, not invaded. Why? Because international law recognises all territories acquired through invasion and annexation by force, prior to World War II, as lawful conquests. This ‘Right of Conquest’ doctrine was first conceived by the International Law Commission of the United Nations and later adopted as UN General Assembly Resolution 3314. Provided that all citizens of a lawfully conquered territory are granted equal rights by the local law, international law doesn’t consider the descendants of the conqueror and the conquered as two separate peoples. This in turn invalidates any claims to separate land rights under the same jurisdiction. As one of the 193 member states of the United Nations, Australia is not exempt from this doctrine.

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Socialism: The Way of Death By James Reed

     While young tigers at our universities put up posters on round cement structures telling us about the joys of communism/socialism, and how great the Russian revolution was, the reality of socialism is seen in every socialist experiment. Venezuela is the latest failure:

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Christian Faith Set to Become a Hate Crime! By James Reed

     Throughout much of the Middle East, it is downright dangerous to openly profess belief and faith in Jesus Christ:

“Egypt, Jordan, Syria and the Palestinian territories are amongst the most dangerous places on earth for Christians, according to a new report. Although Christians claim the area as their Biblical heartland alongside Israel, persecution and discrimination, especially in the past 15 years, means they now constitute no more than three to four per cent per cent of the region’s population, down from 20 per cent a century ago.

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Letter to The Editor - Intermarriage of Aboriginals with persons of other ethnicity suggest that there is a gradual merging taking place

To THE AUSTRALIAN          In opposition to Fred Chaney’s claim (‘They were first, and they survived - we should listen’, 17/1) that Aboriginals should be recognised as ‘first nations within the nation’, that is no longer true in present time or acceptable to the majority of Australians who will not tolerate any proposal that might lead to dismemberment of our constitutional unity as the nation of Australia.Also questionable is his assertion that the ‘collective identities’ of these ‘first nations’ have survived here.

     The considerable intermarriage of Aboriginals with persons of other ethnicity, as well as the dubious definitions of ‘Aboriginality’ promoted since the first Whitlam government (allowing part-Aboriginals to be viewed as Aboriginals), suggest that there is a gradual merging taking place of different ethnicities, which is good for national harmony.

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Letter to The Editor - A constitutional monarchy is the best guarantee of national wellbeing

To THE AUSTRALIAN          Rebecca Weisser is right to say (‘Look, Mr Keating, they are fleeing their republics’, 15/1) that ‘republics are less stable than monarchies precisely because they are not bound by tradition.’ She could have added that tradition is based in reverence for the sacred and that, without that reverence, public morality wanes and ruthless unselfishness grows.

     Australia, as a nation, as a people, needs, more than anything else a renewed awareness of, and respect for, the holy. Not a return to antiquated dogmatism, but a profound reform of the spirit. Yes, this is mysterious, but it is also the truth. We must shed the post-Enlightenment prejudice that logical reason is humanity’s best guide to building fruitful community. It can neither explain why the universe exists nor inspire the human heart nor satisfy the longings of the human soul. A constitutional monarchy is the best guarantee of national wellbeing.  NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - Better to be poor and free than wealthy and corrupt

To THE AGE          Your scornful description of the decision of the British people to leave the European Union as ‘nativist populism’ (15/1) ignores the big issues behind it: the protection of the monarchy, the retention of national identity, the resumption of a great legal tradition and a return to greater liberty. It is shocking but not surprising that certain powerful individuals and groups are doing everything possible to annul the Brexit result. Other members of the EU had their votes to leave overruled by political chicanery. It is to be hoped that British character and integrity will prevail against it. Better to be poor and free than wealthy and corrupt.  NJ, Belgrave, Vic

The Soviet Psychiatric Strategy By Chris Knight

     Just before the latest moral outrage over Trump by the liberal/Left/progressives, there was the previous move, still going, to impeach Trump because he is, according to the progressives, “insane.” Here, for example is one report:

“A psychiatrist has called for Donald Trump to be physically detained for an “emergency” mental health evaluation, sparking a debate about the professional ethics of “armchair” diagnosis.Dr Bandy Lee, assistant professor in forensic psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine, met with a dozen Democratic politicians last month to “brief” them on Mr Trump’s fitness for office — despite never having met or evaluated the US President".

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Bad Google, Bad Doooooogle By Paul Walker

     Former Google employer James Damore, was fired from Google over a memo he released which was critical of the company’s diversity initiatives. He has now filed a discrimination lawsuit:

    Some of the points covered, if true, show that Google is a really weird place to work, if you are a white male:

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Letter to the Editor - The choice of a new monarch is not something that happens ‘just by chance’

To THE AUSTRALIAN          Henry Ergas has provided a well-researched statement (‘Think before it’s Crown and out’, 12/1) as to why Australians may be prudent to retain the monarchy. However, his claim that ‘heredity confers so little political legitimacy’ can be contested. When Prince Charles becomes our next monarch, he will not merely carry on a royal blood line that stretches for over a thousand years, he will bear within himself and embody the history and culture of Britain as well as a profound knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of a British sovereign. That is something which in part ‘comes with the blood’ and is not transferable save to his legitimate successor.

     Tradition (and not merely British tradition) tells us that the affairs of this world are partly shaped by influences from invisible but higher worlds, so that, in metaphysical or mystical terms, the choice of a new monarch is not something that happens ‘just by chance’ but is a conscious and meaningful contribution to the national destiny by higher powers. Royal heredity thus contains deep mystery and an associated authority.   NJ, Belgrave, Vic

More Proof of University Corruption By James Reed

     So much for university types respecting our institutions and the rule of law:

  “Diablo Valley College Professor Albert Ponce has come under fire after a video of him telling students that it’s acceptable to violate U.S. laws circulated around the internet.”

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Letter to The Editor - To change our nation from monarchy to republic is no small matter

To THE AGE          Justin Malbon (‘A simple way to get a president’, 4/1) ingeniously suggests that the republican cause can be facilitated by the addition of the title of ‘president of Australia’ to the office of governor-general. However, this appears to be yet another ethically dubious scheme for getting around the fact that another referendum might well meet the same fate as that of 1999.

     Malbon is right to note that ‘symbolism is potent’. To change our nation from monarchy to republic is no small matter. It has many ramifications, some of them profound (such as the vast difference between sacred and secular authority). Honourable republicans should ensure that no change is effected save by a referendum that has been fairly conducted.  NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Does Australia Need to Liberalise its Gun and Self Defence Laws? By John Steele

     Of course it does, for many reasons, including the problem of gangs and home invasions:

“Victorian police have conceded Melbourne has a problem with African street gangs, after earlier insisting there were no gangs in the city, as the State Government rejects criticism it has dropped the ball on the problem.Police Minister Lisa Neville on Tuesday defended the Government’s handling of youth crime after the Federal Government on Monday said “African gang crime” was out of control in Melbourne because of lenient state policies.The issue has become a priority for both major parties after a series of recent headline-grabbing crimes blamed on groups of young African men, including the trashing of an Airbnb property in Werribee, vandalism in Tarneit and a night of violence at St Kilda Beach involving dozens of youths.”

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Letter to The Editor - No republican president can ever exercise such glorious and spiritual guidance

To THE AUSTRALIAN     David Long is pulling too long a bow in claiming that Australia today ‘is a republic’ (3/1). It is not; it is a constitutional monarchy ruled by Her Majesty the Queen, the Australian Sovereign.

     While it may be true that the monarch and the governor-general have very little personal power to impose their individual will on Australians, they occupy a position analogous to that of the Brahmins in Hindu sacred tradition, being those who advise but do not act themselves. They have, that is, a position of profound influence - and influence for good - on the ongoing life of the nation. They symbolise and embody the nation’s heart.No republican president can ever exercise such glorious and spiritual guidance.  NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - A monarchy stands for a people inspired by holy mystery; a republic is human, all-too-human

To THE AGE         Once more beating the tawdry republican drum (‘A new year, new talk of a republic’, 3/1), you imply that Her Majesty the Queen is not ‘one of our own’, but just what do you mean by that ambiguous term?

     For those of us who cherish the current reality that Australia is a nation founded by the British and constituted within the sacred tradition of Christianity, the Queen is most certainly one of us - indeed, pre-eminently so.A monarchy stands for a people inspired by holy mystery; a republic is human, all-too-human. Changing from the one to the other would not be a ‘fresh start’ but a profound slipping into decadence.  NJ, Belgrave, Vic

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Making Sex Illegal By Mrs Vera West

     I have been waiting for this one, the endgame of feminism and Metooism, making sex “illegal,” and Sweden, the capital of white race suicide is about to do it:

“The left-wing Swedish governing coalition is looking to drastically tighten the country’s sexual consent laws which will require prior verbal or written consent from both partners in the near future.The government has said the new laws, which will go into effect in July of next year, will require both partners to have explicit verbal or written consent in order to engage in sexual activity, or be open to potential rape charges Die Welt reports.Previously Swedish law stated that sexual relations were deemed consensual as long as neither partner said “no” except in cases of extreme intoxication. The new legislation claims to only require oral permission beforehand but many have speculated that in a potential rape allegation it would be wiser to have the permission written down on paper.”

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Can We Even Take a Guy Whose Name Sounds like Candy Seriously? By John Steele

     Rapper, or is it candy wrapper, Eminem, is at it again:

“Following Eminem’s controversial freestyle rap “The Storm,” he continues to slam the President and other political figure(s) with whom he disagrees with. On his latest album, “Like Home,” the 45-year-old rapper expressed his desire to place First Daughter Ivanka Trump in his car trunk and rape conservative commentator Ann Coulter, as reported by Breitbart News.”

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Speaking of Justice… By Chris Knight

     We have come to accept that even if you are 90 or 100 years old, if you say something politically incorrect, then you will be smashed. This is what tyrannical regimes do; it is the modern Inquisition. However, if you are old, it is not just thought crimes that you need to be aware of:

“Juanita Fitzgerald was spared having to spend her 94th birthday in the Lake County jail when she was released Thursday after having been locked up for two days in the medical ward.The trouble started when Fitzgerald was evicted Tuesday from the senior housing community at the National Church Residences’ Franklin House in Eustis.  Police said she was given notice of her eviction the day before, but she refused to leave the lobby.“Unless you carry me out of here, I’m not going anywhere,” she told police before being arrested Tuesday morning, the report shows.Lake County sheriff’s spokesman Fred Jones said a deputy on the scene tried to connect Fitzgerald with family members and other housing resources, but she refused. He added that she also rejected an offer of a place to stay from a nurse who was there.Eustis police showed up shortly after the eviction notice was served. Spokesman Jim Franquiz said officers offered several options to find housing for her elsewhere, but Fitzgerald did not want to move.On Thursday, Fitzgerald was released from jail by a judge on her own recognizance and was being turned over to a caregiver, Lake County Sheriff’s Office spokesman John Herrell said.”

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Will Trump Learn Anything from the Moore Defeat by the Elites? By Charles Taylor

     More bad news, but at this late time in civilisational collapse, it is to be expected. In America’s version of the same sex marriage vote, pro-abortion, and all-round political corrector Democrat Doug Jones beat conservative Alt Right candidate Judge Moore. The establishment, and our old friends, poured money into this to make an example of Moore. It was a show of power, with the standard New World Order overlords playing the game, as usual:

     Black men voted 93 percent Dumbocrat,  6 percent Moore; Black women 98 percent Demobat, less than 2 percent Moore, which is higher than their vote for Obama. Who says race does not matter? Only brainwashed whites.

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Bubble, Bubble, Toilet Trouble! By Mrs Vera West

     Relax, let an old lady handle this one. There is a growing cultural war over toilets, with something of a trend to create unisex toilets:

     Urinals are on the way out, with the sort of standard toilets we all have at home coming to the fore. Thus, men, being extremely poor aims, will make these toilets unhygienic for women.  Ladies, you know what I mean! All in the name of political correctness.

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Discriminationism Self-Destructs By Chris Knight

     We have seen concern, and quiet murmurs issued by conservatives, about parliament’s complete failure to protect religious freedom.  Indeed, “our” politicians saw fit to vote down all amendments that would have protected religious freedom.  Even proverbial blind Freddy could have seen this coming, yet the 62 percenters went along with a “Yes” vote with no guarantee of any protections.

     As noted here:

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