Did the CIA Kill Former Beatle John Lennon? Why Should We Care? By Chris Knight (Florida)

I would not be surprised if the CIA or some other dark and sinister murderous US Deep State organisation knocked off John Lennon, former Beatle in December 1980. I just assumed that if someone troublesome to the state gets murdered, then they were politically assassinated. However, I did not know details about the doorman who was at the Dakota’s entrance when the murder of Lennon took place. The guy was Jose (Sanjenis) Perdomo, a trained assassin who killed for the CIA! It seems incredible that such a person was the doorman, filling in for the usual guy who just happened to be sick on that night. I am no fan of Lennon the man or musician, but I do not support people being murdered in cold blood. It always struck me as something terribly odd about the Mark Chapman killing, and why the doorman did nothing. I mention all this because the stakes are now much higher with the Covid New World Order than it was for Lennon leading a new anti-war movement. There have already been threats made to most of the leaders of the Covid critique movement, but as yet, no murders. But as seen with the January 6 peaceful protests, the Deep state will kill when they need to.


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Communists and Organ Donation By James Reed

In the article quoting Dr Mercola below this one today, he says: “No one can demand that you donate a kidney because you have two functioning kidneys and someone else needs one. You have the right to keep both of your kidneys, even if it means the other person dies for lack of organ donation.” But I wonder how this swings with communist doctrine of radical equality, embraced on paper by the Left? Surely if a Leftist has two functioning kidneys, Leftist equity demands that one be donated to the needy? Go on comrades, share all the resources of the world, including your body parts! I wonder how many from the Left would go through with their Leftism right to losing a kidney? We know the answer, for as with the cult of refugeeism, it is always society that has to meet the costs of their so-called humanitarianism. Just look at the Leftists who dominate the universities, who have comfort, while down the street, homeless people sleep on cardboard, and in the day, while the obese academics go to coffee shops for pricey coffee, they pass these people by without a glance. Some humanists.

A Psycho-Political Hybrid War By James Reed

Today at the blog we are giving a plurality of perspectives on out perilous times. Dr Mercola, in as now deleted post, saved here, discusses a video of Joe Rogan interviewing Maajid Nawaz, a former Islamist revolutionary who eventually became an anti-extremism activist. Nawaz’ past history of extremism led to him knowing how best infiltrate and undermine the West. He details the same forces being used by technocrats in the Covid plandemic. This is a “hybrid war,” not kinetic, but based around control of information, thus manufacturing consent, by dismantling former world views, then reassembling reality for total social control. This has been done with the plandemic, with the lockdowns eliminating the once-God given right of freedom of movement, right down to the symbolic slave culture of mask wearing.


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Brandon J. Weichert’s Case Against Putin By James Reed

Here is some more material for balance, least anyone thing some side is taken in the present second Act of the great drama of the Great Reset. Brandon J. Weichert gives a good case for seeing Putin as just another New World Order man, like  Zelensky, and no defender of Western civilisation. Putin has very much an orientalist view of the world, quite consistent with CCP China, and he is naturally gravitating to this Asiatic source. And the West has pushed him in this direction too. “Putin’s brain,” philosopher Alexsandr Dugin, in his doctrine of neo-Eurasianism, puts this it starkly as described below: “An important aspect of the Eurasian worldview is an absolute denial of Western Civilization. In the opinion of the Eurasians, the West with its ideology of liberalism is an absolute evil.”

Putin may have blue eyes and light hair, but those genes given by the Vikings will be gone in the Asian future of Russia as it stands.

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Will Black Hats Now Become White? By Chris Knight (Florida)

Mike Adams had a rare streak of optimism saying he had intelligence indicating that there will be a revolt against Biden by the Deep State who want to survive but seeing America being destroyed. I think the opposing view is more credible, that the Deepers are so psychopathological that they do not care if the West sinks, and as detailed in many posts at Breitbart.com, most are on the payroll of the CCP, and delusively believe that communist China will take them in as the rats desert the sinking ship of the West. Of course, the CCP regards them as useful, but expendable idiots.


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If They Push Hard Enough Then World War III It Will Be! By James Reed

The Burning Platform.com is a site that I often go to via a link from Zerohedge.com, and there is also something thought provoking. Regarding the Ukrainian War, the logical solution would be the compromise of the Ukraine not joining NATO, being independent and to honour the Minsk Agreement of 2014, which grants the democratic right of the Donbas to vote on their own sovereignty as they are Russians and Ukraine today, was merely created by the Soviet Union in drawing borders. That seems preferable to facing down Russian hyper-sonic missiles which NATO and the US have no defence against. However, for twisted theological reasons, probably due to a warped reading of the Revelation of Saint John the Divine, the neo cons want, beyond all things, war with Russia. It is really a mutual death wish.


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Same Garbage - Different Flies A comment on the Australian Federal budget by Viv Forbes of the Saltbush Club.

“The Australian Budget was a profound disappointment. Not one useless law was repealed, not one tax was abolished and not one bureaucracy was eliminated.

“Here are three essentials that were missing from the budget.

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Australia’s Move to Cashless Society, Some Say by 2024! By James Reed

Here is what I could find today about the likelihood of Australia moving to a cashless society. We have heard this before, and seen how Covid was used to further this, with physical money being said to carry the dreaded Covid germs, as if credit cards did not. The really alarming thing, documented below, is that some commentators see this happening sooner rather than later, by 2024, which is a heartbeat away in political terms. And, we have seen from the Trudeau government’s use of financial cancellation on the Canadian truckers, that a cashless society is a controlled society, with those speaking out, even making donations getting cancelled. This is the next big fight, so get ready. Contact all politicians opposed, and your local member, and opposition, in the runup to the federal election.


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Exploding Heart Attack Rates, Caused by Anything Other than the Vaxxes! By Chris Knight (Florida)

There is now some admission of the alarming rise in heart attacks among the young. The media offers many explanations, all incapable of giving a common cause, including cold weather, hot weather, daylight savings, sex, skipping breakfast and television. Anything but explore whether this is Covid vaccine caused or not. I imagine that the mainstream big PHARMA-backed media will hold out on that story until the bitter end, given their track record of false news, lies and deception.


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Cyber-Attack: The Vulnerability of the Grid By Chris Knight (Florida)

The power grids of most Western countries, including the US and Australia are highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This can be done by hacking, but in the contest of war, it is possible that either Russia, China, North Korea, and perhaps in the future Iran, could detonate a high-altitude nuclear bomb and black out an entire country or more. Certainly, Putin could do this effortlessly with one nuke fired from an unstoppable hyper-sonic missile. This technology, far beyond the West, was developed while the West devoted its energies to woke causes such as replacement migration. I could not find any discussion of these issues in the Australian press. But what happens when the lights go out, and power is down, indefinitely?


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The False Slap that Echoed Around the Internet! By Chris Knight (Florida)

We are only covering this grotty story because even Dissent Right sites like Breitbart have devoted a lot of space to it, as well as others even stronger in the Dissent Right. In short, at the Oscars, Black comedian Chris Rock who was announcing the winner of Best Documentary, or some nonsense, made a joke about Black actor, Will Smith’s wife, who has a shaved head, suffering from  alopecia, a medical condition that causes hair loss and often affects Black women. Rock made a reference to a movie most people have forgotten or never seen, GI Jane, where the lead feminist character has a shaved head. At first Will Smith had a big laugh at the joke, then apparently wifey told him she was upset, so Will charges onto the stage and slaps Rock. Then he uses the f-bomb and sits down. Security did not remove him. Then he collects an Oscar minutes  later, and gives a sob speech about violence etc., and defending the family, being in a film about just that. As I saw someone on the net saying, if one believes that this is not acting, in the epicentre of bs, then Hunter Biden really is an energy consultant, and honest! Nothing about the episode looks authentic, including the slap. Normally someone would not go to the extreme of striking someone for such a light remark. One would have expected Will Smith to have shouted back some witty insult about Rock, perhaps challenging his manhood. But, the strike got people thinking about the Oscars again, as ratings have been crashing. And, that’s show business, bs business.


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Jim Goad Discovers that Putin is Evil Incarnate, and Not a Nice Person, Too! By James Reed

A nice piece of satire by one of my favourite journalists, Jim Goad. He is rough and sardonic, dropping f-bombs all over the place, so I have to look carefully for these words, and censor them from any text reproduced. This used to take a long time, but for my joy I discovered the search function on Word “navigation panel,” so now I am good to go, with a sanitised text. So, without further ado and waffling on, here is Jim explaining why Putin is so evil that a nuclear war eliminating the human race is the least of our problems!


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The Ukraine Torture Issue By Richard Miller (London)

There is still controversy about the videos, extremely graphic, depicting torture of captured Russian soldiers, many of whom were post-capture, shot in the legs. If true, this is a war crime, but we do not know if the videos are authentic, as so much false news has been poured out in this war. Hence, we need to hear both sides of the story. Here is the Russian side from a site that is pro-Russian. When I find an Ukrainian response, I will post that for journalistic objectivity.


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Direct Evidence of Synthetic Biology on a 75 Percent Lethal Nipah Virus Inside the Wuhan Institute of Virology (CCP China) in December 2019!!! By Brian Simpson

The article abstract and reference below, details how in patient samples sequenced by the friendly Wuhan Institute of Virology, Nipah virus vector sequences were found. Nipah is a BSL4-level pathogen and CDC-designated Bioterrorism Agent. I wonder when someone cooking bat soup down the road from the Wuhan Institute of Virology will release this virus to our happy globalised world, and enrich us with its bio-diversity? Of course, the bats did it!


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Professor Norman Fenton Explains How They Manipulate the Data By Brian Simpson

These two articles at the blog, deal with how the data has been manipulated to exaggerate Covid infections, and death numbers, to create a “pandemic,” more appropriately called a “plandemic,” since, as explained in a video by Professor Norman Fenton, referenced below, the methodologies do not stand up to a moments technical scientific scrutiny. Yet for exposing this, there was a drive to cancel the professor. Yep, that is the modern “intellectual” culture for you!


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The Fabrication of the Covid Pandemic = Plandemic By Brian Simpson

Dr Mercola, in a now deleted post, details the means by which the Covid infections were exaggerated and magnified into a pandemic, leading, as in the case of Melbourne, to the longest lockdown on the planet.  There was clear evidence of hospitals counting as Covid deaths, people who died WITH Covid, not FROM it. This would be a failed methodology in an Epidemiology 101 course, but the medical technocrat authorities sought social control, all the way down the line, to put in place key components of the Great Reset. You will be imprisoned in solitary confinement in your own self-funded prison (homes), and be happy, or else …


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Dr Robert Malone on What Can be Done about the Spike Proteins (Nothing) By Brian Simpson

As detailed in the statement by mRNA technology inventor, Dr Robert Malone, nothing can be done about the circulating mRNA spike proteins, beyond hoping that somehow the immune system can clean them out. This is worth noting, as some alternative medical folk, well-intended, are recommending various treatments, which probably are more placebo than anything else. However, if the spike proteins get integrated into DNA itself, according to one hypothesis under research (as covered in a previous post) … good luck with that one!


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The Corruption of Evidence-Based Medicine By Brian Simpson

I have been following the issue of the corruption of what is known as “evidence-based medicine,” after an academic paper in the British Medical Journal blew the lid on it. In fact, the British Medical Journal has been good on exposing this issue, and also had an editorial some months back (use Alor.org search engine by those key words), about the lack of evidential transparency with the original Covid trials. This is one of the major problems today with the evidence-based medicine approach – the lack of data/evidence to even get the process going, let alone technical methodological disputes about statistical methodologies, such as significance tests. Above all else is the corrupting influence of medicine being at the mercy of Big pHARMa money, which, as detailed below, has a corrupting impact all the way down the medical/health food chain.


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Woman Dies of Rare Brain Disorder After mRNA Jab By Mrs Vera West

One of my sad tasks is to report on Covid vax tragedies, since the mainstream media, especially Australia’s vax-brain dead media, does not report on this. Nothing must challenge the sacred vax. Anyway, here is story of a pre-vax healthy woman getting two mRNA jabs,  and shortly after dying from Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), a fatal degenerative brain disorder, caused by prions. Prions are disease causing proteins, more primitive than viruses. So, how did the so-called “safe” vax cause that? It is a disease, if I understand it correctly, that is often associated with activities such as eating infected meat!


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Why Did Hunter Biden Have DoD Encryption Keys on His Laptop? By Chris Knight (Florida)

Hunter Biden, son of false President Joe Biden was doing shonky deals with various agents, as revealed by the contents of his abandoned laptop, now accepted by the mainstream as authentic, and no longer “Russian misinformation.” Apart from the damming information on the laptop, it has been discovered that the laptop also has a number of US Department of Defense encryption keys on it. It is speculated that Hunter used this unauthorised IT to send encrypted emails, to escape police surveillance, if there was any. But the important thing in all of this is how the vice-president’s son got the keys in the first place. Could Joe Biden have broken the law and allowed him to have them? Will we ever know?


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