Time to Vote for Change By Viv Forbes

All electoral comment, written and authorised by K. W. Grundy
13 Carsten Court, Happy Valley, SA.


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David Mamet: The New Occupation By James Reed

Some profound comments from David Mamet who says much better what I have said previously, that the last two years have seen the birth of a new monstrous religion. “Those currently in power insist on masking, but don’t wear masks. They claim the seas are rising and build mansions on the shore. They abhor the expenditure of fossil fuels and fly exclusively in private jets. And all the while half of the country will not name the disease. Why?” Because of the culture of fear these elites have created to rule their new dystopia.


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Falling Down into the Abyss of Dumbness By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Ten years ago, Professor Mark Bauerlein published, The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future. The blame was put upon an over-dependence upon IT, reducing natural cognitive processing capacity such as memory. The bad news is that all the objective statistical measures, such as SAT scores, confirm this downward trend. And, the controversial Flynn effect, of supposedly growing IQs, has now ended, and IQ, like almost everything else, is going down the proverbial drain. This factor alone is enough to crash civilisation, since unlike ancient Rome, our world depends upon having a large number of higher IQ technicians to keep it ticking over and to allow the woke bs in the cultural sphere to continue. Also to supply food sand he modern womb-like life support system, to a people who have long lost the capacity to survive in any new frontier.


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Wall Street Analyst Says Covid Vaccines the Greatest Fraud in History! By Chris Knight (Florida)

That is the opinion of Edward Dowd, a Wall Street insurance analyst and Wall Street executive being a former portfolio manager for the multinational investment firm BlackRock. Now, that is over-qualified for you. So, if he calls fraud, I believe him. And, to paraphrase a popular song, he is not the only one.


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The Fall of the Athletes By Brian Simpson

We have discussed the situation observed all over the world of athletes collapsing, usually clutching their hearts, often having heart attacks. Many have died.  The lame stream media has either ignored this, or said nothing to see here, peek fit athletes curl over during sporting matches all the time! Dr Mercola does not think so, and sees this phenomenon as yet another manifestation of the workings of the vax.


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The Mark of the Beast: The Internet of Bodies By James Reed

Today’s, shock, horror, the internet of bodies, which many, myself included, see as the Biblical Mark of the Beast, certainly metaphorically. Dr Mercola in a now deleted piece, details how implantable microchips are a key thing in the World Economic Forum’s Internet of Bodies (IoB), to create a system of “an unprecedented number of sensors,” including emotional sensors, “attached to, implanted within, or ingested into human bodies to monitor, analyze and even modify human bodies and behavior.” This is an extension of the Internet of things, only humans are now the “things’ hackable and controllable just as in any dystopic movie, only this one is real. To my mind these developments go even further than those described in the last book of the Bible, as your entire life and identity will be controlled by such implants. Step out of line to any degree and face what the Chinese live under in the CCP.


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Populism Against the Davos Man in the Time of Covid By Chris Knight

Dr Robert Malone has another great piece exposing the globalists, in this case what he calls Davos man, after the infamous cabal who meet and plot, and gloat about world control. His comments are in response to the article “Davos Man, How the Billionaires Devoured the World” by NY Times Global Economic Correspondent Peter S. Goodman, which he sees as having an anti-populist bias, which I suppose is part of the gig going for a globalist paper such as The New York Times. Still, even given this the article, behind a pay wall of course, says that the super-elites, the Davos man, have devastated the world. “Davos Man has managed to turn every crisis into a opportunity for his further enrichment, finding in dire public health emergencies and financial conflagrations a justification for public relief, and implanting in every bailout a mechanism that steers public money his way.” “Davos Man’s gluttony is threatening our entire ecosystem. His extreme overconsumption has undermined faith in governance, giving rise to rage among the other creatures in the biosphere…. Davos Man’s relentless plunder is the decisive force behind the risk of right-wing populist movements around the world.”

Biased, yes, but still on the money for the evils done by Davos man. And, let us hope populism is to the rescue, because they have only got away with it as the sheeple grazed unknowingly. Sheep must become wolves, politically.

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Dr Ryan Cole on the Dangers of mRNA Spike Proteins By Brian Simpson

Dr Ryan Cole has spoken out on the issue of the dangers of the mRNA spike proteins many times before, but believes that the evidence is even stronger now, producing blood clotting, hear conditions, and even cancer. Here is the root of the problem: “[In] normal mRNA, you have cells making messages all day long … mRNA is generally broken down within minutes to maybe an hour or two. mRNA should not persist. … “But when you put this synthetic pseudouridine [in your body],” said Cole. “The body doesn’t know what to do with it, and it looks at it and says, ‘Hmm, I don’t know what to do. So I’m not going to break it down.’ And so it evades that breakdown process, and it also evades an immune response. But it also turns down our immune system, which is not a good thing because other things—cancers, viruses—get to wake up.” And, the rest is statistics as seen in VAERS.


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Gospel or Gaia? By James Reed

UK column news, recently ran a detailed investigative journalist account of a multi-trillion-pound church of England investment/fund raising fiasco. The word “trillion” is correct, as staggering as that figure is. So, are they tackling global poverty or some other crisis of human life? No, while churches are being sold off, for mosques, the elite of the church are raising truckloads of cash to support woke causes such as climate change, and who knows what else. Here are the details for those interested in these troubled times. Overall, I am not surprised.


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More Bad News for the Covid Vax Cult By Chris Knight (Florida)

There are reports that the medical journal, The lancet, has published a paper claiming that both messenger RNA (mRNA) injections from Moderna and Pfizer were found to not save lives, having no effect upon over-all mortality. Among the 74,000 patients who participated in the trial, 31 vaccinated patients died while only 30 unvaccinated patients died. The study stated: "Based on the RCTs with the longest possible follow-up, mRNA vaccines had no effect on overall mortality despite protecting against fatal COVID-19." How that was possible was not explained, but at least the paper was published. Small mercies and all that.


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CCP and the Covid Concentration Camps By James Reed

While we have our Covid oppression in the West, the gold medal has to be handed out to communist China. What is it with having the lights on all the time? Sure, torturers must torture, but don’t complain when they get their power bill. Oh, wait, it is a commo country and it is all absorbed by the hive mind!


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Fauci Declares You Use Lockdowns to Get People Vaccinated By Chris Knight (Florida)

Well, the Covid king, Dr Fauci has come clean and said it: you use lockdowns to get people vaccinated. And it is true; the lockdowns made people so vulnerable that some would have done anything to get back to the pubs and clubs. I have seen it personally, in my own family and former friend network.


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The Elites Want World War III By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Greg Hunter puts the case through an analysis of the thought of financial analyst Martin Armstrong, that it is no coincidence that war is immediately following on from the Covid plandemic. In fact, the Great Reset needs war as part of its diabolical globalist plan. Lockdowns eventually were wound down, and the fear of the super-elites is that the operant conditioning effects of this on the sheeple could wear off. But war will kick start tyranny to the next level.


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Does Elon Musk Really Care about the Future of Free Speech and Western Civilisation? By James Reed

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man says lots of weird things, as techno geeks do any way. At present he has proclaimed that he wants to buy Twitter to let the bird of free speech fly free once more. Yet, if he really wanted to do this to save Western civilisation, what has taken him so long, for he would have stated a new platform yonks ago? Why, I even have a name for it: Elon! Instead of tweets, which is a bit corny, people make “musks.” And he could have the symbol of a musk rat at a computer, frantically at work. So, Elon, I am available for a job in your think tank, with my own requirement being plenty of toasted cheese sandwiches to be washed down with nice red wine. What do you say?


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Is Finland Expendable? By James Reed

Patrick J. Buchanan, asks, should we commit to fight Russia for Finland? The answer is the same with the Ukraine, no. Bringing Finland into NATO is likely to lead to world War III sooner, rather than later, and some believe that this war is already under way, with the Ukraine just a proxy for NATO, who in any case are supplying most of their toys of death.


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Will Spengler Ride Again? By James Reed

Being a collapse theorist, in an amateur way, I like a bit of Spengler in the morning, which gives me the pretence of being an intellectual. So, I got out my pipe, put on my smoking jacket, and sunk back into the old armchair to read the latest Spenglerian discourse about the new culture that will arise from the ashes of the decadent West. Sure, assuming that a thousand other things do not polish off the remnant. But, always look on the bright side of life as Monty the Python told us.


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The Great Replacement of Germany Going like Wild Fire By Richard Miller (London)

It won’t be long before white Germans disappear completely. Sadly, this is the same story occurring right across the West. It is an overload of disasters that have been dropped upon these populations since the beginnings of the 20th century. It is how great civilisations collapse, and we are seeing it in real time. What more can I say.


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Bill Gates Bites Back! By James Reed

While we are on the subject of conspiracy theories, Bill Gates has lashed out, if “lashed” is something he could do, about fringe dwelling people who misguidedly think that he has been playing a big part in some diabolical globalist agenda, such as depopulation. No, I am not a dark lord, but a white knight, saving lives, says Bill. Yes, he should be given a dozen Nobel Peace Prizes, along with that Swedish climate change girl (no, not given her; she should get a carbon neutral prize too), whose name escapes me because she has been so quiet during the plandemic. Wait … it is Greg, I mean, Greta Thunderburger! I mean to say, a good climate apocalypse does not wait for a virus does it?


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When You Wish Upon a Woke Gay, Lesbian Trans Star By Charles Taylor (Florida)

What would Walt Disney think if he could see it all unfolding now? I have not been following the Disney woke gay lesbian trans proposals closely, being world weary and generally fatigued by the whole thing. But, it looks like it is imploding, which is good. I think back to being a kid and watching the Disney show in black and white on the old box-like TV, with equally as old Walt Disney coming on to present it, with all the different worlds. (We never saw “tomorrow land.”) But, that world of black and white has ended, to be replaced by 50 shades of grey, literally.


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To Jab or Not to Jab: Vax Hesitant Doctors By Chris Knight (Florida)

It is always interesting to look at insiders in any controversy, to see what they are doing, if they give the game plan away. Take doctors. As far as I know, your average garden grub variety of GP, who is basically a script writer for Big Pharma drugs, with little knowledge or concern about holistic health, even proper exercise regimes (“go see a physio”), would presumably be Covid vax fanatics. And indeed, most are. But not all, for some doctors, while they might jab patients, hesitate themselves. Here are their stories.


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