Facebook has to Say that Fauci is Spreading Misinformation about the Sacred Vaccines! By Chris Knight (Florida)

Isn’t faucet, sorry Word spell check, Fauci spreading false information, when in the past he said that one did not need a flu shot if one has the flu. He is saying that natural immunity exists, and in a world ruled by Big pHARMa, and those who run it, there is no place for such thinking!


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Suicide of the West By James Reed

  1. R. Piccolo, “Western Suicide,” discusses the thoughts of the late great British conservative political philosopher, Roger Scruton, who like many conservatives and Dissent Righters, saw Western civilisation under threat, precisely because it is “Western.” The primarily Leftist elites seek to destroy this for reasons Scruton does not pin down precisely enough for my taste. But he does make the point that Western civilisation has a universal, transcendental aspect to it: “"an inheritance, constantly expanding, constantly including new things.  It is something which has given us the knowledge of the human heart, which has enabled us to produce not just wonderful economies and the wonderful ways of living in the world that are ours, but also the great works of art, the religions, the systems of law and government, all the other things which make it actually possible for us to recognize that we live in this world, insofar as possible, successfully."  That's why "we shouldn't despair of Western civilization."  We're talking about, he concluded, "an open, generous, and creative thing called civilization."

That is all well and good, and no doubt warms the cockles of the hearts of conservatives while drinking sweet tea next to a roaring fire, in some cosy university, or club. But the bitter reality now is that the West, even as Scruton defines it, is in a state of collapse, and the forces of Leftist destruction seem determined to push on the bitter endgame. One needs only consider the mass riots and burning of cities by the New Class savages in the US of 2020, the child grooming rapes of Europe, and soaring crime, and the immigration invasions leading to a rapid Great Replacement of the race of people who built all of the things Scruton romances about, to see that there are deeper problems facing us than faced the ancient Romans during their period of collapse. Yet conservatives have more difficulty facing what historians have depicted as the inevitable collapse of civilisations, than the average person nowadays has of facing the reality of personal death.


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Food Hyperinflation and Riots By James Reed

It is happening now, just as Mike Adams predicted at Natural News.com, food hyperinflation and riots. In Germany, who has had a history of facing hyperinflation, retail grocery prices suddenly spiking 20-50 percent in just one day, which shows what can, and is likely to happen. In various places in the Third World, such as in  Sri Lanka, riots have broken out over rising food and fuel prices and the government censoring social media and banning public gatherings to combat the riots. This is all a product of the “perfect storm” of the Ukraine-Russia War, reductions in food exports, the world fertilizer crisis, and the impending US currency implosion, discussed eloquently by Mike Adams below. All that we here in Australia can do is prepare for family survival, certainly by stocking up on long-lasting food, tins, dried goods such as beans, grains, and the like. This is covered at numerous sites, including Natural News.com, and the Organic Prepper.com, but a quick internet search will yield all that one needs to know in minutes of research. With concerns about power blackouts, even cyber-attacks, a fridge full of ice confectionary, for example, is not a good survival strategy, as tasty as this sugar fix may be for as day.  Make sure one has an ample supply of warm clothes and bedding for the coming winter chill. We all know from the Covid plandemic what it is like to go to the supermarket and find restrictions, and many needed products not available. Like the much loved, toilet paper. I notice that cheap paper towels are never to be found when I go to my local supermarket.  Maybe I should wait at the door for the store to open, or ask the long-haired hippy guy to save some for me.


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Cancelling the Cologne Cathedral … Too Christian! By Richard miller (London)

This is indeed a sign of the Great Replacement. The City of Cologne in Germany is set to remove the symbol of its iconic cathedral tower from official material because it is too “old-fashioned, even though it is a designated World Heritage Site, and Germany’s most visited landmark and is the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. The real reason is it is too Christian, and part of Western heritage, which the elites seek to destroy, to replace with their version of a Mad Max world where they ultimately get destroyed, the nuclear reactors go into meltdown, and all die, in a happy radioactive depopulation agenda. Then the lizards rule. Or, something like that.


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Pfizer Knew! (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) By Chris Knight (Florida)

The US FDA has released another massive batch of internal Pfizer documents under a court order. Preliminary pursual is indicating to the Covid vax critical movement that there is even more evidence that Pfizer and the FDA knew of  Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) and Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease (VAIDS) were possible consequences of the mRNA Covid-19 injections, including several deaths, but dismissed concerns, claiming “no new safety issues have been raised.” The case for this has been made by a long article in the Daily Exposé, with extracts below, and a summary from Infowars.com.


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The Payment Mechanism of the Corrupt Bidens By Charles Taylor (Florida)

While there has now been mainstream acceptance of the authenticity of the Hunter Biden laptop, and Hunter Biden’s $4.8 million received in payments from a Chinese energy company, the alleged payout mechanism by which the Biden family likely profited from vice-presidential influence has not been mentioned. The reason is that the corruption most likely points right back to Joe Biden, who was, according to Hunter Biden’s emails, receiving 50 percent of some unspecified relative’s “salary” for a 30-year period. The emails do not reveal when the 30 years began or ended and whether Joe Biden is still a part of the payment scheme as president. If this was Trump as president, he would already be impeached, for the Demon-crats went after him even after the presidency ended, in an act of Satanic vengeance, as only the Left can.


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Sebokeng, South Africa and the Normality of Sewage By Eric Kruger

If you think that life is tough for you in Australia, then at least look on the bright side, that your basic infrastructure, such as sewage disposal still works. Not here in parts of South Africa, as the place is falling apart. Sebokeng is but one example, a poor, largely Black settlement, seemingly forgotten by our oppressive masters in Jo-Burg. The conditions from failed infrastructure are so bad that one would be forgiven for wanting to go back to ancestorial ways, of living in the bush in huts. Certainty the air would be fresher.


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Orban Beats Soros! By Richard Miller (London)

Speaking in Budapest, Viktor Orbán said, “We’ve won a victory so big that you can see it from the moon. You can certainly see it from Brussels. Don’t be afraid, hold on, the motherland is with you.” Yes, indeed, Viktor Orbán’s nationalism has won the day against a massive campaign by Soros to bring Hungary in line with the rest of the degeneracy of the West. Everything was done in a sensible nationalist fashion, including being neutral in the present Ukraine/ Russia/New World Order War. It looks like the globalists, as in the Ukraine, took desperate messages, such as joining with the ultra-far Right, although I doubt that these groups were anything more than plants, and totally controlled opposition, in the first place, like in the Ukraine.


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Technocracy More Dangerous than Communism? Surely, They Parasite Off Each Other? By James Reed

The position has been made that we are facing a technocracy more dangerous than communism. As I see it, one cannot separate the two, as totalitarianism is built into the very essence of a technocracy, which involves centralised control by technocratic elites, as we saw in both the USSR and now in CCP China. And, from the Covid plandemic, it is now a growing cancer in the West, and our elites having tasted the power to smash down their fellow citizens, will not let up. Unless politically resisted.


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Here Comes the Son of Covid Omicron! By Chris Knight

Here is a report from the mainstream media about the next Covid crisis, BA.2, a subvariant of the highly infectious Omicron. It reminds me of Bananas in Pyjamas, my favourite kids show, and vaccine policies makes less sense than a kid’s cartoon, anyway.  BA.2 is now the dominant version of the coronavirus in the United States and around the world. Will history repeat itself, and another wave of lockdowns occur, until “save” by a new round a miraculous vaxxes? Then guess what?


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New World Order Becoming a Mainstream Issue By James Reed

After President Joe Biden speaking of the endgame of the Ukrainian War creating a New World Order (NOW), the topic, once a concern of conspiracy theorists, has gone mainstream, proving that a conspiracy today, is truth tomorrow. Below are some US takes on the NWO, but a more recent one comes from South Australian Senator Alex Antic who detailed to the parliament how the Great Reset of the World Economic Forum (WEF) is but the latest manifestation of the communist drive for the destruction of national sovereignty and total global control, as embodied in the new mantra, “you will own nothing, and be happy.” Senator antic detailed how the Covid mandates, with the harshest restrictions, derived from WEF policy. And it is not surprising that the WEF has this influence upon parliaments, since WEF founder Klaus Schwab himself, has claimed to have implanted WEF Young Global Leaders in world government cabinets, gloating, “We penetrate the cabinets… I know that half of this cabinet or even more than half are actually Young Global Leaders of the WEF.” Good for the senator for expressing this in parliament.


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Transhumanist Biofascism By Brian Simpson

A common theme being discussed at the blog is the battle against technocracy. This is detailed by Kimberly Clarke in her article today about the rise of consultancy firms constituting what amounts to a shadow government for corporates. However, technocracy comes in other forms, the best known being biological control and biofascism, as seen with the Covid plandemic. Naturally, there are intellectuals who are championing this world view, such as Yuval Noah Harari, beloved philosopher of the World Economic Forum. However, none of this technocratic control is new in essence, merely that the form is now more intense and has built upon past successes. The problem has been that people passively accept technology and science as defining reality, and being for humanity’s good, when this is quite open to intellectual scrutiny. Being given as few crumbs people are bought off. Thus, we little people have the internet, but the elites have vast global IT resources which has enabled surveillance and the creation of social control beyond that of the dictators of the past, finally attempting to control the human mind and soul as Harari foresees. Humanity becomes hackable, controllable, and then disposable.


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The Weekly US VAERS Covid Vax Deaths and Adverse Events Report By Brian Simpson

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), is the principal government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S. New data shows a total of 1,205,755 reports of adverse events following Covid vaccines between December 14, 2020, and March 25, 2022, including a total of 26,396 reports of deaths, an increase of 337 over last week, and 214,521 of serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period,  an increase of 2,937 compared with the previous week.


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Heart Damage in Teens from the Covid Jabs By Chris Knight (Florida)

A recent peer-reviewed study has shown that over two-thirds of adolescents with Covid-19 vaccine-related myopericarditis had persistent heart abnormalities months after their initial diagnosis. This is an indication that these effects could be long term, and contrary to the establishment, will not disappear quickly to be forgotten. It is possible that the Covid vax, really is forever.


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Biden, Most Corrupt US President of All Time! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

I agree with Mark Levin that Joe Biden is the most corrupt US president, and he certainly has some competition, such as from Bill Clinton. But, apart from the “laptop from hell” revelations, the crime of the century as the stolen 2020 election, and the Demon-crats got away with it.  The stole the candy right out of baby Trump’s plump hands.


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Yuval Noah Harari on COVID-19 Biometric Surveillance By Brian Simpson

We will be doing a more detailed article on world Economic forum philosopher Yuval Noah Harari. But, for the moment, a quote to indicate where he stands:

“WEF advisor says COVID-19 is critical to convince people to accept total Biometric Surveillance… “Covid is critical because this is what convinces people to accept total biometrics surveillance

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Critical Studies on Vaccine Efficiency By Brian Simpson

This article at the highly informative site, Brownstone.org, with the pleasant brown printing, by Dr Paul Alexander goes back to October 28, 2021, so it is dating in a fast-evolving, or is it mutating, field. Still for reference purposes, here is a neat summary of studies to that time raising doubts about vaccine efficacy, challenging vaccine mandates. Keep it handy for the next round of the plandemic, as it is far from over. As the elites know, “when you are onto a good thing, stick to it.”


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The Cholesterol Debate By Mrs Vera West

We are not offering health or medical advice, and this is for information purposes only. That said, Dr Mercola in a now deleted post details what he believes are the myths surrounding cholesterol. Far from being a biotoxin, cholesterol is needed for the formation of cell membranes and for neurological functioning. Most of the body’s cholesterol is made by the body itself. More remarkably, a 2014 study found higher levels of cholesterol were associated with a reduced risk for amyloid plaque deposits in the brain. The cholesterol story is biochemically complicated.


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Foo Fighters Drummer Could Have Died from the Vax By Chris Knight (Florida)

A number of high-profile people are either getting sick in mysterious ways, or dying. An example of the latter is Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. These cases are complicated by the presence of drugs, but Steve Kirsch makes a prima facie plausible case that the Covid vax might have been the cause, with drugs as co-factors. The autopsies to definitely establish this are not being done.


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Breastfeeding Sheds Vaccine to Infants By Brian Simpson

Igor Chudov in his recent substack pursues the idea that breast feeding by Covid vaccinated mothers leads to the spike proteins being transferred, and in turn, adverse effects. As cited below, according to Pfizer’s 

Igor Chudov in his recent substack pursues the idea that breast feeding by Covid vaccinated mothers leads to the spike proteins being transferred, and in turn, adverse effects. As cited below, according to Pfizer’s own research, out of 133 breastfeeding vaccinated mothers reported, there were 17 cases of adverse events in breastfed infants and three of them were “serious.” The scientific significance of these black swan events are being pursued at a snail’s pace, and much too slowly to actively prevent, give the manic, comprehensive vaccine steam roller, rollout, that has encompassed pregnant women, and now babies. Apparently, the government has no thought: what if this is all another Zantac (see article yesterday on Zantac.)

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