Facebook has to Say that Fauci is Spreading Misinformation about the Sacred Vaccines! By Chris Knight (Florida)

Isn’t faucet, sorry Word spell check, Fauci spreading false information, when in the past he said that one did not need a flu shot if one has the flu. He is saying that natural immunity exists, and in a world ruled by Big pHARMa, and those who run it, there is no place for such thinking!


“You can't make this stuff up. NIAID Director Anthony Fauci says if you got flu, there is no need for a flu vaccine. Facebook and their independent fact-checker have labelled this false information.

In other words, Facebook is telling everyone that Fauci spreads misinformation.

Note: the fact check can't be referring to the post because the post just asks the question, "How has no one in the media found this Anthony Fauci clip sooner?"

Here is a good commentary:


Actually, what the "fact-checkers" (irony alert) are saying is that the flu is not covid-19. Therefore, in their applied logic, the facts of immunity as regards influenza virus do not apply to the facts of immunity as regards corona virus. This distinction without a difference is called special pleading. The fact-checkers are implying -- without evidence -- that corona virus is so special and unique that the immune system does not behave as an immune system. I.e., the immune system is not an immune *system*. Their logic is false on its face. An individual who contracts Covid-19, then mounts an immune response, and then throws off the virus is become .... immune to the virus. Were this not true, the virus would remain internally active and the ill person would remain ill. Fact-checker logical failure #2 is the implicit claim that the immune response to the mRNA spike is also somehow uniquely special and just ever so totally different and better than the natural immune response to the spike on the virus. Notice that fact-checker logic #2 (there exists a coherent immune system) contradicts fact-checker claim #1 (there is no coherent immune system). Fact-check logic: (spike + immune response) ≠ (spike + immune response). So, let's see: a ≠ a. Brilliant. We see in these fact-checkers what happens to reason when exposed to four years of academic literary critical theory. Everything is culture-ridden text and therefore has no unique meaning. For lit-crit fact-checkers, this structural ambiguity now applies to viruses and immune systems. There is no objective coherence to immunology. It's all just culture. Therefore knowledge of what happens with influenza virus cannot apply to what happens with corona virus. See? Simples. When there's no such thing as science, how to think about anything becomes totally clear. And no intellectual work is involved, either. Instant universal expertise is provided by insistence on universal ignorance. How perfect is that?”




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Thursday, 22 February 2024

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