What is Behind the Chinese Covid Lockdowns? By James Reed

Clearly at this late stage of the game, it has been shown that lockdowns do not produce zero Covid; evidence for this has been given in other blogs over the past months summarising research. Further, one reason is that the Covid virus spreads quickly and probably has already infected a large portion of the population before the lockdown commences. Then as people are allowed out to shop, it is all pointless anyway. Commo China realises these limits and has welded its worker bees into their hives, literally welding shut factory doors, locking down apartments. It will not produce zero Covid, only mass deaths from starvation.

So why do it? Some suppose that it is a way of harming the West by stopping essential exports. But this does seem a bit like cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face, if I got the old saying right. Probably it is a show of force to local populations that the CCP means business and that they will need to be prepared to suffer big time as China goes to war with America. Or, maybe, it is the brain child of some technocrat in the CCP cob web who thought it would be a cool idea, and was eager to flex his bureaucratic muscle. Whatever; it has naught to do with disease control.

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New Zealand High Court Upholds Challenge to Vax Mandates By Bruce Bennett

There have been only a few successes dealing with the Covid mandates in the courts, which should wake up the freedom movements to the limits of the common law to dealing with upholding basic freedoms. Still, it is not totally hopeless, and the few victories that have occurred should be rejoiced. One recent one was the upholding of a High Court challenge questioning the legality of Covid-19 vaccination mandates for Police and Defence Force employees. The High Court of New Zealand determined that the government mandate was an unjustified incursion on the Bill of Rights, something New Zealand has but Australia does not. Justice Cooke held that “The associated pressure to surrender employment involves a limit on the right to retain that employment, which the above principles suggest can be thought of as an important right or interest recognised not only in domestic law, but in the international instruments.” Thus, in this case, the Bill of Rights actually did something in preserving fundamental rights.


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USSR Psychiatric Abuse of Covid Questioning Doctors Now in the West By Chris Knight (Florida)

Covid tyranny has not gone away, just because some restrictions have been relaxed for a little while, now quite capable of being reimposed at the drop of a hat, or is it virus? For example, here is this story from Canada, of how a doctor who questioned the mainstream Covid narrative, while previously quite capable of practice, was subjected to USSR style psychiatric assault, then worked over by the medical technocratic system, literally. Frightening stuff, because it can be done anywhere in the West today, without protection from any of the institutions that the freedom movements of the past looked to for resistance, such as the common law, another great mythology. There have been some victories in the courts, but hardly enough, but it is always worth a try. You never know your luck in a big city, as the saying goes.


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WHO to Control Future Pandemics By Chris Knight (Florida)

We all should remember the disgraceful way the World Health Organization dealt with Covid. In the beginning it conducted a flawed investigation of the origins of Covid, seeing CCP China as being in no way at fault; first by dismissing the Wuhan lab origin hypothesis, and then by ignoring how CCP China then allowed the virus to spread from its borders. This globalist anti-West organisation then set about giving us all of the associated tyrannies that we faced with Covid, with the mandates and imprisonments. It never opposed the construction of Covid concentration camps, which by the way, are not discussed much now, but presumably are still in operation. Giving these globalists more power would be a total disaster for liberty. In fact, all of these organisations which undermine national sovereignty, such as the UN should be shut down. Here is Steve Kirsch, leading Covid critic wading in on this one:


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The Covid Snake Venom Hypothesis, Refuted! By Chris Knight (Florida)

In recent days there has been considerable debate amongst Covid critics about the claims made by Bryan Ardis that instead of a virus, the real Covid problem is that it is snake venom. Mike Adams at Natural News.com, has given air to this idea. And, all such ideas should be debated. Here is material showing that the snake venom idea is flawed and cannot explain key facts about Covid, such as transmission, however this is viewed.


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Globalist Going Full-On Anti-Free Speech By James Reed

From the lockdowns to a war on free speech, that is now the agenda of the globalists, but was always part of the long-term plan. With the success of forcing people to be locked in their own self-funded prisons, something the elites must have laughed about over good wine, they now move for total censorship of the internet. Many are alarmed that Elon Musk might buck the plan and allow free speech on Twitter, such as restating president trump’s deleted account. Just imagine their power of censoring a sitting president, who does not do what the Democrats would have done, and declare martial law to sort it out. Pathetic man, this Trump fellow. And, I see the elites breaking Musk just like they have done to renegade members of their class in the past.


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One More Reason to Vote for Le Pen: Macron Opposes Self Defence! By Richard Miller (London)

This case has disturbed France while in election mode. A farmer in a rather isolated spot, somewhere where it would take some time for the police to reach, even if they could be rung in time, shoots dead one in four home invades. Loopy  Great Reset President Macron says that he is opposed to self-defence and that the farmer should have waited for the police. Yes, for the police to begin the process of removal of the farmer’s body, and the of his raped child. All this is said while France has no-go zones, festering with crime, and where leading military officers have warned of looming civil war. France, like most of Europe, thanks to mass migration, is already more dangerous than the mythical Wild West, a state of affairs created by the policies of macron’s kind.


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Rumbling the Ruble! By James Reed

Talk about committing economic suicide. With the measures of financially cancelling Russia, all that has happened is that Russia moves outside the drag net of US dollars, and trades in rubles, especially for natural gas. It marks the end of US dollar dominance, as other dissent countries will soon follow the lead, already encouraged by China. But, dismantling the West was always the plan of the New World Order with its oriental focus.


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US Secession Report: The Great Divorce Plans Continue By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Here are the latest developments in the US secession movement, the plan to breakup America into a smaller, more decentralised unit, mainly along red and blue state lines. The core idea is that the corruption of the US has now gone so far that the Great Divorce is the only answer, next to civil war, and perhaps with civil war. And I expect that when the November mid-terms are stolen as well by the Democrat election fraud machine, secession will really take off. At long last.


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The Vaccine Mandates and the Destruction of Liberty By James Reed

I stumbled over this log from the internet, giving us an example of where the Great Reset elites intend to take us with the vaccine passports and associated totalitarian social controls. As was seen with the cancellation of banking for the Canadian truckers, the elites are aiming for the same sort of control over all aspects of life. An advanced case of this, which has used Covid as the trigger mechanism, is Sacramento, the United States. There are also advanced plans to regulate what is said on the internet to especially control what the elites define as false news, being anything critical of the Big pHARMa vaxxes. The hate speech laws were a test run for this, and now the globalists move on from that victory to the next agenda, while the sheeple blink mindlessly and graze on, while there is still pasture left.


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Now the Greens Say Three Years to Climate Disaster … Well, Better do Something about CCP Emissions! By James Reed

With all the crises going on now, from Covid and bird flu, to war and starvation, I thought it was odd that the climate change gurus were not throwing climate catastrophes into the ring as well. But now they have, proclaiming that there are only three years to save the planet. Now, I keep records, and most of these fanatics, with eyes on stalks, have been saying that there are only ten years to save the planet, for at least the last 20 years! So, the three-year figure is not bad, it shows that they can count, but not get computer modelling of clouds right. As well, the largest greenhouse gas emitting nation, communist China, is given a free run, being non-white and beyond climate change sin, since all nations must be given the same chance to develop even if it destroys the Earth (according to their assumptions)! Anyway, with only three years left, I suggest that one light up a good Cuban cigar, and enjoy what time we supposedly have left. Actually, in  three years’ time, we will still be here, nothing much would have changed, and we will be dealing with the same mess and problems, as it was meant to be. You know, original sin, something not spoken about much in this age of materialism and gas emissions. And bugs.


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Is Apocalyptic Bird Flu, the Next, and Last Pandemic? By Brian Simpson

Ice Age Farmer has an instructive, informed and alarming video presentation about gain-of function research in bird flu viruses, making them extremely lethal to humans.


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Food Shortages Begin By Chris Knight (Florida)

The issue of looming food shortages has not received as much mainstream attention as it deserves, and as usual the Australian press is quiet. Here in the US, Tucker Carlson has waded into the issue, saying that it is no longer a matter of food shortages in places like the Sudan, but now Main Street, Your Town, USA. Make that Australia too, soon. I guess on a positive note, we will see an end to the obesity epidemic; be grateful for small mercies my mother used to say!


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Nukes Do Work By James Reed

Pat Buchanan, in examining the Ukraine/Russia war, and the care that NATO has taken not to prod the bear with too sharp a steel rod, observed that nuclear missiles are the key ingredient here. And, Australia had British nuclear tests on its soil without even a thought about getting nuclear missiles of its own. Instead, to gain on short term profits for the local elites, it was “populate or perish,” a mindless migration project that ignored the realities of the technological age, and remained still in the 19th century, as well as beginning the Great Replacement of Anglo Saxon Australia, now complete. The mantra in fact should have been “populate and perish.” Just see how long we last against communist China, when the invasion is already half complete.


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The Coming Resource Wars By James Reed

Michael Lind, a liberal nationalist, gives a quite reasonable account of the looming resource wars. There seems to be a perfect storm of events spiralling the West into planned chaos, beginning with the crisis of supply caused by the Covid lockdown mandates and restrictions, through to shortages of key productive elements such as fertiliser, and now the fallout from the Ukraine War, which lingers on, and has diminished grain production. And as detailed below, this is only the beginning, for the Taiwan invasion by communist China will crash the Western IT sphere producing chaos that we have not yet contemplated.


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The Financial Crisis of Ancient Rome before the Collapse; Much like Today By James Reed

It seems that ancient Rome, in its fall, had most of the problems we in the West face today. Its currency was being debased, with coins that had been pure silver before 90 BC cut with up to 10 percent copper five years later. People began to lose faith in the currency, as is happening today with the US dollar. In Rome, this decline was noted by Marcus Tullius Cicero in his essay on moral leadership, De Officiis, which could have been written about today.


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The Conversation of Western Civilisation By James Reed

Paul Krause has given a spirited defence of the Humanities arguing that they are important for defining the human condition. In particular he has in mind the traditional canon of Dante, Shakespeare Goethe and maybe a scattering of more modern writers, but I doubt it. Now, I agree, but Krause is also aware that the modern university is now going in the opposite direction, in opposing the teaching of the Western canon in favour of Leftist diverse whinging authors, whose work is entirely parasitic upon the culture of complaint, as I call it. Clearly the Western canon will not survive in the present universities, and must be defended by outside organisations. That requires putting up funding to keep traditionalist scholars afloat. I have always been amazed how Soros that the like can put up millions, but none of the tight wag conservatives part with their loot. It will not help them when Western civilisation collapses and the barbarians are literally at their gates.


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Jack Dorsey to Blame (In Part) for State of the Internet By Brian Simpson

Jack Dorsey of Twitter fame is jumping ship, and is common with these events has given a confession of guilt, that the internet is not living up to the expectations of the heady days of its birth, and he has had his part to play in its decline. Fine, but what is he doing about correcting this and paying for his sins? He has paid a large role in political censorship, especially of president Trump, utter unheard of until it was done. Nothing.


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The Happiness of Marriage; Real but Fewer Want It By Mrs Vera West

A survey from the US Pew Research Center has concluded that for U.S. adults, 56 percent, are not interested in romantic relationships or even going on casual dates. That is not even considering marriage and reproduction. Add this to the other problems such as the crash of sperm, and Houston, we have a big demographic problem. It is mainly whites who are impacted, of course, but the situation is even worse in japan. The affluent, atheistic materialist society is collapsing around our ears.   


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China has been Planning Military Bases on Our Backdoor, Surprise, Surprise By James Reed

A secret document, now not a secret, has revealed that communist China has been seeking a base of operations for its navy for some time, and it intends to do so, well, for eternity. Right in our backyard, knocking over the supply chain objection to the threat of Chinese invasion of Australia.  Why should we be surprised about this? Wasn’t anything learnt from World War II and the attack by imperial Japan? Apparently not.


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