Entropy-Driven Order in a Structured System of Magnets at Equilibrium: Playing Hide-and-Seek with the Second Law of Thermodynamics By Brian Simpson

Somewhat technical, but it has recently been discovered that in a system of tetris spin ice, single domain nanomagnets, can produce order from disorder, all without violating the second law of thermodynamics, that the entropy of a closed system (that receiving no outside energy), increases. For those interested in how this trick is performed, see below. But the practical applications would be a wide-range of advances in materials science. I imagine that the CCP (China) has already stolen this technology.


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Reprogramming Skin Cells to Turn Back the Clock By Brian Simpson

Here is an interesting one for the biology of ageing and regenerative medicine file. Recent research has shown that skin cells can be rejuvenated by up to thirty years. The idea is to induce stem cells, which are capable of becoming, with development, cells of any part of the body. Then by various processes the cells are redirected along the pathway of skin cells, hence growing new skin tissue. It strikes me that this technology could revolutionise the treatment of severe burns patients who may be able to regrow new skin tissue. Fire fighters will be pleased.


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“Educated” US Women Go for Biden (Maybe Book Smarts, Not Life Wisdom!) By Dr. Rebecca Knight (Florida)

Hubby Chris wanted me to write this one, as it might be taken to reflect badly on some women, so it is best for a fellow woman to bring the bad news. The short of the long is that while Joe Biden’s popularity is crashing, college/university educated women are doubling down on Biden and increasing, not decreasing their support. What does one make of this? Well, I think one needs to be frank here and note that a university education is generally a bad thing for women if they depart from STEM and take the usual path of worthless Arts and Humanities degrees. These degrees are little more than institutional brain washing that the basically lower IQ Arts women, by contest to the higher IQ STEM women, cannot overcome. Thus, I am not surprised with the survey. I teach plenty of bright girls, but they are mainly in the sciences. My limited contact with girls and women in the Arts and Humanities (one course) has not been an intellectually rewarding experience. Many are a bit like Biden, maybe more fanatically woke, so it is no wonder that they identify with him. Why, they would even vote for outright rapists, so long as they were Leftist rapists! Some say that they already have.


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Pet Care in the Friendly Covid CCP By James Reed

Not only Shanghai, but other communist Chinese cities are preparing for the lockdowns that have been so “warmly” embraced in Shanghai. Why, there people were welded inside their home prisons, without food, so that they could starve to death, screaming all the way down. Yes, it is all on video, all the screams of the dying. And CCP types going out and killing puppies, just to show that Covid is serious business. What this is all about is a show of force, that the CCP will do this and more to its next subjects. It simply cannot be about zero Covid, as the lockdown measures will not achieve that. It is another CCP show of force; we mean business and we are coming. Why, even  Barnaby Joyce is alarmed: “Barnaby Joyce has warned Australia needs to make its ties with the United States as 'strong as possible' to front up to growing threats from China. The Deputy Prime Minister said China's attempts to 'dig in' to the Solomon Islands was 'a threat to your children and your grandchildren'. 'We've got to try and make sure that your sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters are not put in a position where they're threatened or subjugated or intimidated,' Mr Joyce told Sky New.”


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Tucker Carlson: "Free speech is in fact a crime. It's an act of violence. Women, people of color, trans people... they're all victims of editorial choices that Barack Obama doesn't agree with." By Chris Knight (Florida)

Yep, it is all coming out in the wash now.  Hussein Obama says that free speech undermines democracy. Who would have thought that, with traditional liberal political and ethical theory maintaining that free speech was more fundamental than democracy,  being one of the building blocks of this? And people voted for him. Indeed, some say he is the voice in the head of senile Joe Biden, having his third term in office.


Genital Warts After the Covid Jab By Mrs Vera West

There has been considerable concern by Covid critics about the harmful effects of the Covid vaxxes on reproduction, especially of females. One lesser discussed issue is the appearance of genital ulcers, usually a product of sexual transmission, but not always, following the Covid vaxxes.  Doctors at the Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology Department at Mercy Children’s Hospital in Kansas, Missouri, found that three girls, ages 12 to 15, presented with vaginal ulcers that developed two days after each of them received their second dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot. How this arises is a question requiring scientific investigation, if researchers dare to question the unquestionable.


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Covid Snake Oil, or Universal Toxin? By Brian Simpson

Dr Brian Ardis, a Covid critic, has caused a “storm” of controversy with his claim that the Covid spike protein is related, if not derived from snake venom. And, to top it off, apparently this venom has been put in water supplies, much the way hippies in the 1960s threatened to put LSD in the water supply, until they actually went to a reservoir and saw how big these things were. Anyway, the needed material is sited below. Briefly, these is no strong evidence from a molecular biological perspective linking SASR-CoV-2 to snake venom, even though there are similar effects in some aspects. But all toxins have some effects in common, and this does not prove identity.


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The Magic Vax Causes Hepatitis in Children? By Richard Miller (London)

Here is yet another adverse effect from the Covid vaxxes that has been under-discussed and under-researched, the occurrence of hepatitis in children.  The UK Health Security Agency has announced that it has recently detected higher than usual rates of hepatitis among children. The authority has ruled out the common viruses that cause hepatitis. An   urgent investigation has been launched, but it is not clear whether the Covid vax will be targeted for the inquiry, or what the cause could possibly be if they have already ruled out the most common causes of hepatitis. The Covid jabs certainly should be investigated since Pfizer’s own study proves that the mRNA jab accumulates in the liver. It is an obvious smoking gun, or is that syringe?


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Visit to Australia by Dr Benny Peiser, a British Energy and Climate Expert By Viv Forbes

Dr Benny Peiser, who heads the London based Global Warming Policy Foundation (https://www.thegwpf.org/), is visiting Australia and speaking at three major events in Sydney 26 April, Brisbane 27 April and Melbourne 28 April. With Lord Lawson, Benny Peiser launched the GWPF in 2009 in the run-up to the Copenhagen Climate Summit. It provides a platform for educational research and informed debate on measures to cut greenhouse emissions in an attempt to limit man-made climate change. 


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Communist China’s Covid Lockdown Moral Outrage By James Reed

The Shanghai lockdowns top it all, with people starving to death in their home prisons, not even being able to go out for food. Thousands are locked into factories. Pets are being killed. This is an insane society, since more death and harm will done by the tyrannical measures of the lockdown that the mild Omicron would do. Thus, it is not just the West which has Covid mass formation psychosis.


As in “Team America” Everyone’s Got AIDS! By Chris Knight (Florida)

One of the few movies parodies of Hollywood is Team America, cleverly based upon puppets, as a song sequence where the lead puppet sings a song, “Everyone’s Got AIDS.” That is a neat summary of what seems to be about to happen, with the vaccinated failing down to VAIDS, an AIDS-like condition, hypothesised to be due to the vaccine’s effects upon the immune system.


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Crazed Environmentalists By James Reed

This must have seemed like a good idea to some environmentalist socialists, letting down the tires of SUV drivers. The decision was made that these drivers were eco-criminals having too high a carbon footprint, so the environmentalist thought that they were justified in letting down people’s tires. This creates the risk of accidents if it is not noticed, and also the possibility that women and the vulnerable could be stranded. People may need a SUV for transport in hills areas with unsealed roads. It is not for a bunch of punks to make such a decision. They need to be jailed in a highly diverse jail.


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Boosters Associated with Higher Death Rates By Chris Knight (Florida)

The following Substack lacks punctuation, but makes up for it in sheer logic. The covid boozers, sorry, boosters,  are associated with higher death rates. It is a pity this scientist writes without capital letter, but after a while one gets used to it.


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At Long Last, a Human Rights Commission Takes a Stand Against the Vax Mandates By James Reed

Wonders will never cease! The Queensland Human Rights Commission has submitted an opinion to the Queensland Supreme Court, that the Covid vaccination mandates on teachers and early childcare workers are unjustified, and that Queensland Chief Health officer John Gerrard acted outside of his power, ultra vires, by mandating vaccination for teachers without prior consideration of less severe alternatives.  It was argued that the most recent direction on February 4 was contrary to section 58(1) of the Human Rights Act (Queensland), which provides that “it is unlawful for a public entity in making a decision, to fail to give proper consideration to a human right relevant to the decision.”

Hopefully this argument is accepted by the Supreme Court of Queensland.

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Research Bibliography of Peer-Reviewed Articles on Covid Vax Adverse Events By Brian Simpson

I saw this bibliography in draft and have published it before, having to reformat the entire document as the formatting was not saved. Talk about labours of love! But, now this research bibliography of Covid adverse effects is up on a website, and ready to download and spread around. Print it off if your GP like my former GP says, there are no adverse effects, it is like having a drink of water. This guy said to me in 2020 before the vax, that he had Covid patients and none of them were too sick. It is just another flu, a problem for the immune-compromised, but most diseases are, he told me. He was taking vitamin C and olive leaf extract at the time. Then when the vax came, and Omicron, he began wearing N95 masks and protective clothing, as if the Black Death was here. No matter that Omicron was milder than what he faced pre-vax. And, of course, triple vaxxed. This GP did not get right my son’s complaint of appendicitis, thinking it was a urinary tract infection. Fortunately, I did not believe him and got the lad to hospital before it ruptured. And, this is the senior doctor in the clinic. After those mistakes, I did not go back.


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Covid Citric Dr Charles Hoffe Facing Disciplinary Action By Chris Knight (Florida)

Medicine is certainly a centralised technocratically controlled institution. It is said that this is for the safety of people, but I doubt it, it is more likely for profit generation, to control opposition from alternative approaches to healing, contrary to the financial interests of Big pHARMa, which is primarily influential in shaping the direction medicine goes. Thus, if it really was the case that the present Covid vaxxes were dangerous, how could this truth get out in a system so rigorously controlled? In short it does not. And, indeed, medical critics instead of being debated, get hit by sanctions, as is now happening to Canadian doctor, and Covid critic, Dr Charles Hoffe. All of his criticisms, do in fact have peer-review support, but the professional body thinks not. How convenient.


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The Dangers of Musk: Technocratic Transhumanist By Brian Simpson

Elon Musk is viewed by many as some sort of exception to the mainstream super-capitalist, funky and with it, making criticisms here and there. However, how exactly is he any different? He has said that he believes that humans will eventually be able to download their brains into robots, hence gaining immortality. And who will do this? Why, the super-capitalists of course, not the great unwashed! Further, Musk is working to this transhuman agenda with his project, Neuralink, working to develop “brain-machine interfaces” that — according to Musk— could one day allow people to “store your memories as a backup, and restore the memories.” Musk is thus a part of the transhumanist team.


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Disturbing Gain-of-Function Experiments By Brian Simpson

The likely origins of SARS-CoV-2 in the virology research lab in Wuhan has enlivened journalistic investigations into gain-of-function research in general. As reported below, it is more common than was once thought. It is possible that research, merging into bioweaponry has been conducted by the US in the Ukraine, and other places. These experiments which are not explicitly in the production of bioweapons are said by the Dr Frankensteins to be needed to prepare vaccines for viruses which will inevitably mutate the way that the gain-of-function research had gone, so it is an anticipation of nature. However, evolution seldom makes the totally radical jumps that the gain-of-function research does, and mixing the genes of dangerous pathogens, which may escape or be deliberately released is worse than the original disease in nature.


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China Colonises Africa By James Reed

Not a pip of criticism from the Left about this, but China, through its Belt and Road   Initiative is ensnaring most of Africa’s resources, from dubious loans to dictators who spend the money on projects largely irrelevant to the common good. The Left had an industry producing books on US imperialism and neo-colonalism in the 1970s. But I remember when a book came out by Ted Wheelwright and I think A. David about the rise of Asian capitalism, about the time of the Multifunction Polis project, the Left went crazy, even though the book was scholarly and fair. As I see it, it was never about the morality of capitalism, but always about deconstructing the West.



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The Biden Crime Family Album By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The New York Post is doing a splendid job exposing the crimes of the Bidens, that look like running all the way to the senile, ice cream-licking, child-hair- sniffing president. The evidence is that Biden and son, a bit like Steptoe and Son only with cocaine, mingled finances. So, if Hunter was shonky, that flows on to the “Big Guy,” and if any justice exists, Joe Biden should go down. If the roles were reversed and it was Trump, Trump would have been in jail long ago.


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