Covid Citric Dr Charles Hoffe Facing Disciplinary Action By Chris Knight (Florida)

Medicine is certainly a centralised technocratically controlled institution. It is said that this is for the safety of people, but I doubt it, it is more likely for profit generation, to control opposition from alternative approaches to healing, contrary to the financial interests of Big pHARMa, which is primarily influential in shaping the direction medicine goes. Thus, if it really was the case that the present Covid vaxxes were dangerous, how could this truth get out in a system so rigorously controlled? In short it does not. And, indeed, medical critics instead of being debated, get hit by sanctions, as is now happening to Canadian doctor, and Covid critic, Dr Charles Hoffe. All of his criticisms, do in fact have peer-review support, but the professional body thinks not. How convenient.

“A B.C. Interior doctor who has been touring the province telling the public that the COVID-19 vaccination is “lethal” is facing disciplinary action.

The B.C. College of Physicians and Surgeons issued a citation to Dr. Charles Hoffe this week over allegations of professional misconduct.

Specifically, the citation states Dr. Hoffe violated standards and ethics by “by publishing statements on social media and other digital platforms that were misleading, incorrect or inflammatory about vaccinations, treatments, and public measures relating to COVID-19.”

Dr. Hoffe was based in Lytton, B.C. prior to the community burning. He visited Kelowna in December as a part of a “Doctors on Tour” anti-vaccine event that travelled the province and has become one of the leading doctors in the Canadian anti-vaccine movement.

In Kelowna, he told a crowd of several hundred people gathered at the Embassy Church that “these shots are lethal.”

“This is like Russian roulette. You never know what you're going to get, some people are getting saline, some people are getting the death shot," he said, later calling the vaccine a "clot shot."

The College’s citation highlighted that Dr. Hoffe has publicly said that vaccinated people can cause harm to the unvaccinated, that the vaccine causes infertility in women and that the shots cause microscopic blood clots — all claims with no basis in peer-reviewed science.

The College has also honed in on Dr. Hoffe’s recommendation that people treat ivermectin obtained from feed shops.

Ivermectin is an anti-parasite medication that is also used as a dewormer for livestock. Health officials say it does not appear to be effective at treating COVID-19, although trials are underway.

The medication has become a darling of the vaccine-skeptic community across North America. As a result, there has been a run on the veterinary version of ivermectin at feed stores.

While in Kelowna, Hoffe suggested two feed stores in Kamloops that sell ivermectin “without too many questions.”

The College has been investigating Dr. Hoffe since at least October 2021, but has been comparatively slow to react when compared to regulators in other provinces.

On Sept. 1, 2021 he attended a protest outside the Kamloops hospital carrying a sign saying “say no to the clot shot.” His public statements against the vaccine resulted in him being removed from Interior Health’s emergency roof staff in Lytton last spring prior to the fire.

Dr. Hoffe will have to appear behind a disciplinary panel at a later date that will have the power to level fines and revoke his ability to practice medicine.

The BCCDC reports there have been 386 serious adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine on more than 10.3 million doses.”

Those figures are contested by critics, and are inconsistent with what has been seen in the US VAERS. Even so, 386 serious adverse reactions in other vaccines would have led to them being pulled. See today’s blog article by Brian Simpson, “Research Bibliography of Peer-Reviewed Articles on Covid Vax Adverse Events.”




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Saturday, 22 June 2024

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