Pet Care in the Friendly Covid CCP By James Reed

Not only Shanghai, but other communist Chinese cities are preparing for the lockdowns that have been so “warmly” embraced in Shanghai. Why, there people were welded inside their home prisons, without food, so that they could starve to death, screaming all the way down. Yes, it is all on video, all the screams of the dying. And CCP types going out and killing puppies, just to show that Covid is serious business. What this is all about is a show of force, that the CCP will do this and more to its next subjects. It simply cannot be about zero Covid, as the lockdown measures will not achieve that. It is another CCP show of force; we mean business and we are coming. Why, even  Barnaby Joyce is alarmed: “Barnaby Joyce has warned Australia needs to make its ties with the United States as 'strong as possible' to front up to growing threats from China. The Deputy Prime Minister said China's attempts to 'dig in' to the Solomon Islands was 'a threat to your children and your grandchildren'. 'We've got to try and make sure that your sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters are not put in a position where they're threatened or subjugated or intimidated,' Mr Joyce told Sky New.”

“Several Chinese cities appear to have recently prepared their populaces for potential Chinese coronavirus lockdowns in the coming days, indicating the country may see a nationwide spate of lockdowns in the coming weeks, the state-run Global Times reported Monday.

“Considering the lessons from Shanghai’s response to the Omicron resurgence, a number of provinces and cities across China are taking more decisive preventive measures to screen out possible COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus] infections through massive nucleic acid testing,” the newspaper observed April 11.

“Some cities are accelerating the construction of Fangcang makeshift hospitals to be well prepared for potential new outbreaks, echoing the country’s dynamic-zero strategy,” the Chinese Communist Party-run Global Times relayed.

The newspaper named specific examples of cities enacting the proactive epidemic measures, such as the Hubei province cities of Yichang and Jingzhou, which are located a short distance from one another.

“After Central China’s Hubei Province reported 33 asymptomatic cases on Sunday [April 10], cities in the province such as Yichang and Jingzhou began citywide nucleic acid testing on Monday [April 11],” the Global Times reported.

The publication suggested Yichang government authorities ordered all 3.8 million of the city’s residents to undergo Chinese coronavirus testing as a precautionary measure, as Yichang had not reported any new cases of the disease in recent days.

China has experienced a resurgence of the Chinese coronavirus across the country over the past few months. One of the nation’s latest outbreaks sparked in Shanghai in early March. Chinese Communist Party officials ordered all of Shanghai’s nearly 26 million residents to observe a stay-at-home edict on April 5, just a few days after locking down one half of the city at a time from March 28 to April 5 to conduct mass testing for the Chinese coronavirus. The sequence of events during Shanghai’s current anti-epidemic battle suggests that other cities, such as Yichang and Jingzhou, may be headed toward lockdowns in the near future.

The Global Times on April 11 cited another example of a city that may enter a Chinese coronavirus-related lockdown in the near future.

“After neighboring Jize county, North China’s Hebei Province reported some 40 asymptomatic cases in early April, the Nanhe district of Xingtai city put the entire region on standstill. That has been the case for nearly two weeks, with the district locking down residential communities, suspending business and launching seven rounds of nucleic acid testing,” the newspaper observed.

The Global Times said it “learned from a local official that in the face of pressure from neighboring regions, Nanhe district acted quickly to avoid the spread of Omicron within the city.”

“Other urban regions of Xingtai city also started to collect information of residents as preparation for mass nucleic acid testing if the neighboring region’s epidemic expands,” the publication revealed.

“Local health workers in some Chinese cities are breaking into people's homes and killing their pets while the owners are in quarantine, prompting outrage online.

In one case, a dog owner named Ms Fu witnessed through her home security camera as people clothed in hazmat suits entered her home and beat her pet corgi to death with iron rods while she was away in a quarantine facility. She tested negative for the coronavirus.

"The dog ran into another room and out of sight, but its whimpers were audible. After a few minutes, the workers took out yellow plastic bags and said they were taking the dog away," Fu wrote in a long social media post. Her security camera video has gone viral on China's social media site Weibo, attracting millions of views from internet users who are largely furious with the way cats and dogs have been disposed of out of fears the animals could transmit the novel coronavirus to humans.

Under immense pressure to keep COVID-19 infections near zero, local health authorities have been taking extreme measures to prevent local transmissions. In the northern city of Harbin, a woman reported that her three cats were killed in September while she was completing quarantine, garnering anger online as well. Authorities in the cities of Chengdu and Wuxi have similarly entered private homes while their owners are in quarantine and killed their cats.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says people can transmit the coronavirus to their dogs and cats, though the chance of infection happening the other way around is "low." Various studies suggest transmission from pets to their owners is "unlikely" and lacks evidence.

Fu wrote that she was suddenly called to quarantine in the city of Shangrao after contact tracers found she had been in close contact with someone who was later diagnosed with COVID-19. She was not able to quarantine with her dog, but community workers assured her the corgi would be taken care of in her home while she was away.

Shangrao municipal authorities later apologized and said the workers who killed Fu's dog had been fired for "the harmless disposal of a pet dog without having fully communicated with the pet owner," according to a statement posted online.


Killing pets today, who know what levels will be reached tomorrow.




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Thursday, 20 June 2024

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