Research Bibliography of Peer-Reviewed Articles on Covid Vax Adverse Events By Brian Simpson

I saw this bibliography in draft and have published it before, having to reformat the entire document as the formatting was not saved. Talk about labours of love! But, now this research bibliography of Covid adverse effects is up on a website, and ready to download and spread around. Print it off if your GP like my former GP says, there are no adverse effects, it is like having a drink of water. This guy said to me in 2020 before the vax, that he had Covid patients and none of them were too sick. It is just another flu, a problem for the immune-compromised, but most diseases are, he told me. He was taking vitamin C and olive leaf extract at the time. Then when the vax came, and Omicron, he began wearing N95 masks and protective clothing, as if the Black Death was here. No matter that Omicron was milder than what he faced pre-vax. And, of course, triple vaxxed. This GP did not get right my son’s complaint of appendicitis, thinking it was a urinary tract infection. Fortunately, I did not believe him and got the lad to hospital before it ruptured. And, this is the senior doctor in the clinic. After those mistakes, I did not go back.




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Saturday, 22 June 2024

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