James Howard Kunstler on the Ukraine Scam By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Sensible man of the Left, James Howard Kunstler has nicely summarised the Ukraine scam in his opening paragraph: ““Did “Joe Biden’s” handlers actually want to start World War Three? They are the same posse who contrived the Russian Collusion hysteria of 2016-19, then launched Covid-19 — and the even more deadly mass “vaccination” response to it — and have now successfully goaded Russia into cleaning up the international hub of grift and mischief known as Ukraine. One thing established for sure as fact: the “Joe Biden” family received plenty of cash off that grift wagon, and those “handlers” have neatly ring-fenced it from official scrutiny. Where does that leave the so-called president of the US in the current crisis?” Of course, with the runaway revelations of the Hunter Biden laptop, that lead right back to Joe Biden, it means Biden’s corruption is open for all to see. If they will look, and can survive the Medusa-like ugliness of it all.


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Dr Robert Malone on CDC Data Fraud By Chris Knight (Florida)

What should be said about the CDC admitting that large slabs of Covid Vax data are not being published because people might “misinterpret the data? Clearly, this amounts to fraud, and as it is done by an organisation with a duty to release such data, there should be criminal proceedings. That would get the data released for sure! “The CDC is using cumulative data from the beginning of the vaccine roll-out in early 2021 to prop up the lie that these vaccines are effective against Omicron,” Dr. Malone believes. “The CDC is clearly hiding the data about safety.” And the only plausible reason here is that they are simply hiding the truth about Covid vaccines, committing data fraud.


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Ron Paul: Putin as the New Covid By Chris Knight (Florida)

Ron Paul has written a much-reproduced article, asking if Putin is the new Covid? The answer is of course; yes! Media fanaticism over Covid has been given a temporary break to focus on the next panic porn, war, and the titillating prospects of nuclear annihilation. Of course, Putin, whatever his real sins, can and is being blamed for all the ills that the Biden regime has brought, and just like Covid, continues the excuse for expanding power. As has been expressed before at this blog, the Ukraine War is the second Act in the Covid Great Reset drama, and it will bring about even more tyranny, such as food shortages, if not starvation. If the population was not terrified enough by the Covid mandates and home imprisonment, they have not seen anything yet.


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Yet More Proof of 2020 Election Fraud By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The 2020 US election fraud exposure continues, with Trump in his gatherings talking about all the latest developments. With Biden’s unpopularity, Trump is certainly on the rise for a comeback, with some postulating that he could be back sooner rather than later as speaker of the House, if impeachment proceedings against Biden, Harris and perhaps Pelosi succeed. We will see. Still, he has plenty of material to work with for the next election, such as video evidence of double-counting of ballots in Georgia.  


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The Ukraine Back Story By Richard Miller (London)

Dr Mercola has given an excellent overview of the history of the Ukraine, which is a place that seems to have been subjected to one invasion after another by imperialist conquering forces. The Ukraine has been surrounded by large, hostile powers for all of its existence, and thus had learnt the art of changing sides, strategically, very early in its history. So, nothing has changed in recent times with the United States being the present dominant power that has made it the playground of the elites.


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Where Informed Consent about the Covid Vaxxes Led By Chris Knight (Florida)

We should not be too hard on the ordinary people who are getting vaxxed and vaxxed forever, since they are not given information about adverse effects. Instead, they are told that the Covid vaccines are the best thing since sliced bread, totally safe, like having a drink of water, one doctor said to a friend. But, what happens when people are given information, all factual, so that they can have fully informed consent? Why, most won’t get vaxxed! Hence the Great Replacement system never told people what they should have been told. Gee, most prescription medicines have a sheet with a full listing of adverse effects, but how many people lining up to be vaxxed get that sheet?


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The Illusion of Evidence Based Medicine By Brian Simpson

Drs Jon Jureidini and Leemon B.  McHenry have published a highly relevant academic paper, on the failure of evidence based medicine, elaborating on their joint book,  The Illusion of Evidence-Based Medicine: Exposing the Crisis of Credibility in Clinical Research (Adelaide: Wakefield Press, 2020). Their thesis is simply that evidence based medicine has been corrupted by corporate interests, failed regulation, and commercialisation of the universities. Part of the problem is the way big Pharma controls data, which cannot be critically evaluated, due to commercial interest being at stake. This was seen with the Covid vaccines, but  while they do not say it, we can hum it.


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Dictatorship of the Worst Kind By Richard Miller (London)

I can’t think of anyone else more deserving to be crowned as being a dictator of the worst kind. Several EU parliamentarians called out Canadian PM Justin Trudeau for his violation of fundamental human rights over the heavy-handling of the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa. At least it did not go the way of the recent Oscars slapping incident, probably acting, what else among a gaggle of actors?, when presenter Chris Rock made an off joke about Will Smith’s wife lack of hair, leading to the Black actor charging up on stage and decking him, or what looked like it, but, hey, it’s show business! Just like politics.


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Masks and Microplastics in the Blood By Mrs Vera West

A study published in the journal Environment International has detected microplastic pollution in human red blood cells. What I find interesting is that these plastics come not only from consumption, but inhalation. This implicates masks, which we all know from wearing these cursed monstrosities, seeming come apart when we wear them. I often end up with bits of my mask after wearing one shopping. So, who knows where this is going to go, with no end in sight to the insane wearing of masks, the cargo cult of our age of outrage.


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Climate Change, Diversity, Equity and other Scams By James Reed

Thinker and writer Vivek Ramaswamy has said that the woke Left with their climate change and diversity/equity agendas are now working to get the corporates to do their dirty deeds. “They tend to come in three-letter acronyms: ESG DEI, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility,” Ramaswamy said. “There are three-letter acronyms that word salad that are designed to hide the essence of what is going on, which is using corporate power to get done through the backdoor, what could not get done through the front door in our political process.” And behind all of this are two mega-financial organisations, pulling the strings, Ramaswamy warns. It too, is a grand conspiracy, all part of the Great Reset and beyond.


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Sugar and Autoimmune Disease By Mrs Vera West

No medical or health advice is offered here, only thoughts for information purposes. That said, a recent academic paper has put the case that the consumption of excess sugar and carbohydrates puts people at risk of developing autoimmune diseases such as chronic inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, type 1 diabetes and chronic inflammation of the thyroid gland. The “good news,” if it can be called that from the coming food shortages, that President Biden has said are coming, will lead to most of us little people not being able to get much of these relatively pricey carbohydrate sugarised food anyway. Perhaps the new motto will be “famine makes fitness,” at least for the obese West. We are fast descending into the Dark Ages.


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Patrick J. Buchanan: Is the Ukraine Worth Nuclear War? How about Two Nuclear Wars! By James Reed

Here is an article by former US presidential candidate Patrick J. Buchanan, putting the case that many of us agree with, that the Ukraine is not worth risking nuclear war over. Articles today at the blog explore aspects of this position, especially what the Russians are thinking in terms of existential threats. I agree that some sort of negotiation would be preferable to nuclear annihilation, but who am I, wanting to merely live, when US neo cons, Leftist, Democrats and Hollywood freaks, seek the bliss of glowing in the dark, a weird shade of green.


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Unanswered Covid Questions that Deserve a Response By Chris Knight (Florida)

Here is a concise summary by Steve Kirsch of unanswered Covid vax questions, that directly challenge the received Covid narrative. He poses this as a direct challenge to the establishment, to answer him and he will shut up. But, there has been no answer. I imagine that the system if pressed by some power would say: we don’t deal with those on our list of dangerous suppliers of misinformation, the standard response by the mainstream. But another take is that they have no answer, and fear going down in debate, and having the power, can ignore critics.


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The Weekly VAERS US Deaths and Adverse Effects Report By Brian Simpson

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), is the principle government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S. New data showing a total of 1,195,396 reports of adverse events following COVID-19 vaccines were submitted between December. 14, 2020, and March 18, 2022. The data listed a total of 26,059 reports of deaths, an increase of 418 over last week, and 211,584 reports of serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period. This was up 3,375 compared with last week. VAERs vastly underreports, with a factor of 41 to 100 being hypothesised, so the injuries are appalling and as critics like Dr Jessica Rose argue, and constitute a knock-down argument for halting further vaccines jabs. But, good luck with that one.


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Biden Unleashed Will Bring on World War III! By James Reed

The hidden voices that are beamed into old Joe Biden’s ear piece need to lift their game because he recently sent waves of anger cascading down the halls of the Kremlin, like the noises old men in nursing homes tend to do. He said that there needs to be a regime change in Russia, meaning goodbye Vlad. Well Vlad did not like this, and the Russians, as to be covered in other posts, are saying that the US is now at war with them, which is no doubt true. Of course, the White House out house had to qualify the remarks made by Biden saying that it was not part of the prepared speech, meaning senile old puppet rattling on. Still, the Russians took it seriously, and it is one more step on the road to nuclear war.


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Paul Craig Roberts on the Prospects of Nuclear War By Chris Knight (Florida)

Global Research.ca does not support Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, and believes that a bilateral peace agreement is needed. The site takes very seriously the prospects of nuclear war. Paul Craig Roberts writes along the same lines, seeing the West falling into nuclear confrontation with Putin, and Russia too making numerous mistakes, making this very dangerous times indeed.


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This Will Get Up the Snouts of the Elites! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

There is a plot to return Trump perhaps as president, and certainly to the political stage, if the Republicans gain the balance of power in both Houses, and impeach both Biden and Harris and Pelosi. If Trump is made Speaker of the House, then he could become president again. Unlikely I think, but worth a try.


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Dr Peter Pry on Why Russia Believes Nuclear War is Winnable By James Reed

Canadian Prepper has featured Dr Peter Pry, who gives the argument against the idea that Russia, and China accept the idea of mutually assured destruction, with regards to nuclear defence. Human life is regarded as cheap by countries like Russia, who have taken millions of causalities in wars and have faced invasions over the centuries. This has created a hyper-vigilant culture, that has ingrained the idea that Russia faces genocidal wars, which it does, and that people need to accept the consequences of mass death for the nation to survive, which they do. Pry explains why it is dangerous to play nuclear chicken with Russia. According to Pry, Russia has a major strategic nuclear advantage over the West, with ICBM’s that can strike within minutes, especially with hyper-sonic missiles. Russia for example has underwater cables that enable subs to be informed from the Kremlin, without Western interception. It is an existential threat to be playing nuclear chicken with the likes of Russia, unless the West was directly threatened.


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False News or a War Crime? By Charles Taylor (Florida)

I am taking no side in this New world Order war, but some things are concerning. There is shocking video footage of Ukrainians torturing Russian soldiers. It is linked at Infowars.com, and is too shocking and graphic for us to post a direct link, so be warned, viewer discretion advised. This is not viewing for the faint-hearted. But the issue is, is it authentic or not, Russian propaganda? We are not able to tell, but certainly if it is true, torturing prisoners of war is a war crime, contrary to the Geneva Convention and totally contrary to what we would expect the god guys wearing the pure white hats to do. I suspect that Russia is not going to take this lightly, and who knows, might respond in kind.


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The Total Hybrid War By Richard Miller (London)

The Russians are getting nervous, and angry like giant bears, about US treatment, such as throw-away remarks made by Joe Biden, off programming. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has accused the West of launching a “total, hybrid war” against his country, saying that a recent wave of sanctions aim to “exterminate” its economy, and hence destroy the nation. The West should head the warning here, since Putin has said before that he is quite prepared for an apocalyptic battle to the death against what he perceives as the enemies of Russia attempting to destroy it, since, Russians will go to Heaven. Really, should the West fight this country over … what … the Ukraine? What about all of the other wars going on in the world which are ignored by the mainstream media, such as the Yemeni Civil War, the largest humanitarian crisis today, with 20.1 million people requiring food assistance?


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