Where Informed Consent about the Covid Vaxxes Led By Chris Knight (Florida)

We should not be too hard on the ordinary people who are getting vaxxed and vaxxed forever, since they are not given information about adverse effects. Instead, they are told that the Covid vaccines are the best thing since sliced bread, totally safe, like having a drink of water, one doctor said to a friend. But, what happens when people are given information, all factual, so that they can have fully informed consent? Why, most won’t get vaxxed! Hence the Great Replacement system never told people what they should have been told. Gee, most prescription medicines have a sheet with a full listing of adverse effects, but how many people lining up to be vaxxed get that sheet?



“Army surgeon Dr. and Lt. Col. Pete Chambers gave a proper vaccine informed consent speech (approximately 30 minutes) to 3,000 soldiers and just 6 of them opted to take the “vaccine.” All the others refused to take the shot.

So what happened to Dr. Chambers? He was relieved of his duties because he failed to achieve the goals set for vaccination by the military brass.

The army had no problems at all with what was said. It was all accurate.

They just didn’t like the fact that nobody wanted the vaccine when they were told the truth about how safe it was (or wasn’t in this case).

The inevitable conclusion: the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin thinks that achieving 100% vaccination of the troops is more important than their health. He’s basically perfectly happy giving soldiers a vaccine they don’t want and disabling them, possibly for life, in order to please President Biden and meet the President’s vaccination goal.

Chambers knows vaccine safety first hand: he was severely injured by the COVID vaccine

Dr. Chambers himself is an expert on vaccine injuries because he took the COVID vaccine himself and became injured with severe vertigo. That injury almost cost him his life.

So he can give a very personal informed consent briefing.

The key point is: given a full informed consent, hardly any soldiers would voluntarily take the vaccine.

That is precisely why mandates and coercion is required to achieve the vaccination goals set out by President Biden.

This is a symptom of a very corrupt society.

And make no mistake: the military brass knew full well that the vaccines were harming our soldiers. Instead of stopping vaccinations, the evidence indicates that they ordered that the medical database be manipulated to cover the safety signals. We believe this occurred sometime around mid-April, 2021. There is no doubt of the deliberate manipulation (only the exact date is in question).

The only question is how high up the chain of command this went.

But that is easy to infer.

The fact that Defense Secretary Austin has never ordered an investigation pretty much implicates him as having authorizing the coverup

Any honest leader would have ordered a full investigation right after attorney Thomas Renz blew the whistle on the DMED data on January 25, 2022.

Even if Secretary Austin didn’t hear of the Johnson event, it’s guaranteed he got the letter written by Senator Johnson bringing the data corruption to his personal attention.

The response: crickets. The DoD just responded to PolitiFact, but not Senator Johnson.

Since there was no investigation, it’s pretty much a sure thing Secretary Austin knew the vaccines were dangerous and authorized the cover up.

If there is an alternate explanation that fits the facts, let me know.”





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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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