A Breeze of Covid Sanity in the Land of the Long White Mandate By Bruce Bennett (Former Kiwi)

It is hard to believe, but the socialist republic of New Zealand has now scrapped Covid mandate restrictions. Well those Australian states still clinging to the security blanket of the mandates, if New Zealand can do it, what is your excuse? Beyond, the sweet taste of tyranny?


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At Long Last, Trump Does Something By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Whoa, at long last Donald Trump is doing something about the Hillary Clinton scam that Russia stole the 2016 election, and suing her. Well, the evidence is now in, so it should be interesting. A pity though that nothing is being done along these lines regarding the stolen 2020 election, which is more relevant. Still, if the Donald gets cashed up from this case, maybe he might try the next one.


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Potentially Reduced Brain Immunity Caused by Pfizer Vaccine By Brian Simpson

Evidence is slowly accumulating; here is the abstract of a recent paper that the punchline is that the mRNA vaccines reprograms immune function and effects upon glial cells (non-neuronal cells) “are similar to those we observe for brain cancer vs grade of aggressiveness.” So, why did they say that the mRNA spike protein goo would just obediently stay in the arm, like a good vax? Now it is a Covid vax on the brain!


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A Would-Be Woke Judge Who does Not Know What a Woman Is! By Chris Knight (Florida)

Much is being made by conservatives about Supreme Court of the United States candidate, the one put up by sleepy Joe Biden, Ketanji Brown Jackson, not being able to say what a woman is. The diverse candidate said in reply to the question that she did not know, as she was not a biologist. But, that was a mistake. Surely as a solid Leftoid, she should have said “sociologist,” and should have told Senator Cruz, that the term “woman” is essentially contested in the age of transgenderism. And, she will make decisions based upon what is the Left ideology that is dominant at the times, like the rest of the judges. I say, an “excellent” choice for SCOTUS, an intuition that decided that the state of Texas had no standing to decide the 2020 election fraud issue. Time for secession so we can break away and watch the Left go down the gurgler.


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Woke Poetry Written by Right Wingers; Way to Go! By Richard Miller (London)

Whoa! I just love these hoaxes where Left wing academic journals get taken for a ride by sneaky right wingers, pretending to be oh so woke. Like this poetry story, but there have been others in the past, such as the Sokal hoax, where physicist Alan Sokal published a paper in Left journal Social Text, on the hermeneutics of quantum gravity, which he alleged was nonsense. Still, in a post truth relativist world, the Left could respond that it made as much sense as anything else!


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Oh, It is Just Nuclear Chicken! By James Reed

Both Biden and Russian reps have been talking tough on using their weapons of mass destruction, if necessary. Is this just bluff, a game of chicken to see who will pull away from oblivion first? Maybe. But, if it is not, get ready for life down here in OZ in a Mad Max Road Warrior world. I just need a leather jacket and a double -barrel shotty. And a trusty dog, Bluey. Oh, the hot car like a fuel-guzzling V8 Interceptor; how come these guys drive around when the fuel was all supposed to have been gone? And even if it was made from vege waste, why V8s? It makes as much sense as the nuke sabre rattling:


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Patrick J. Buchanan: Is Victory For Ukraine Worth Risking Nuclear War? By Charles Taylor (Florida)

US former presidential candidate and nationalist, Patrick J. Buchanan has been trumping it, sorry, thumping it, to Americans about the insanity of fuelling, let alone fighting in the Ukraine War, a war supported by people like Soros and the Clintons, which says it all. This war goes on while the US makes no real attempt to stop the tide of illegal to-be-Democrat voters, and terrorists, pouring in through the southern  border, as that is just how a nation desiring to suicide acts.


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Fact Checkers are Far from Factual Themselves but are, in Fact, Information Attack Dogs! By Chris Knight (Florida)

All of the standard fact checking sites, classified the Hunter Biden laptop claims, made during the 2020 US election, as false news and Russian misinformation. This was also said by Joe Biden himself and the Democrat establishment. And, now they are all proven wrong. What this shows is that fact checkers cannot be trusted on issues that may be inconvenient truths to the Left and globalist elites. The Covid plandemic is another example, where these same fact checkers all dismissed the lab origin hypothesis of Covid as an anti-China conspiracy. In fact, it too is likely to be true.


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Castrate All the Wounded? Now why Would the “Good Guys” Do That? By Richard Miller (London)

There is apparently a great castration controversy, with the head of the Ukrainian military’s medical service allegedly stating that “strict orders” were given to Ukrainian soldiers to “castrate all the wounded” Russians who are captured. This is according to Gennadiy Druzenko, formally with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), who is alleged to have said Russians “are cockroaches, not humans,” and thus deserve to be castrated. He denied that he said this, and who know what is true here; maybe it is false news.

 Still, let’s run with it. How would one castrate a cockroach? I caught one of the giant London types, they measure almost three or so inches in length, wearing of course, six pairs of rubber gloves, and wearing my ever-handy Covid mask had a good look at it using a magnifying glass. I could not for the life of me see how one would castrate such as creature, assuming that I caught a male in the first place. How does one determine the sexes of cockroaches anyway? But I guess if the good doctor had used a mammal metaphor, like the male bear, that would have lost impact; far too masculine. Far better to say things that make one look like a goose!

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Is The Great Revolt Occurring Now? By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Is there a faint whiff of optimism in the air, or to change the metaphor, a glimmer of light in the darkness, that is not an on-coming out-of-control train, hurtling towards us? Hopefully, yes. While we may fall into despair about the ineptness of the majority, still there is an active resistance beginning, as seen in the trucking protests, which are continuing but not getting much media attention, with the focus now being feeding the masses what has been called “war porn.”  Like Mike Adams says daily, rising fuel costs and food prices are beginning to hit home hard, and perhaps this is the spark that will get the engine of revolt going.


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Why do Vaccinated People Seem prepared to Risk World War III? Is it the Spike Proteins Spearing the Brain? By James Reed

A poll has shown that vaccinated people are more likely to risk World War III over the Ukraine situation than unvaxxed people. Of course, that is not how the mainstream media interpreted the poll results, as for them, intervention in the Ukraine was the woke, politically correct thing to do. But, whatever, it is all the same in the end, if NATO intervention does lead to a nuclear holocaust. The interesting thing to speculate about is why this result exists, and it cannot be explained by my usual mechanism of insane Left-wing ideology, as the majority of the population are now vaxxed. Insane no  doubt, but not exclusively Left anymore.


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How Many Times Will Fully Vaccinated Jen Psaki Get Covid? Bet! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, is a vaccinated as they come. But, she caught Covid last year, and has it again. Not to worry she said, it is a mild infection, as the magic vaccine protected her. How so? Shouldn’t she have not got infected at all? Isn’t that what the word “immunity” means? Apparently not for the Covid vaxxes that defy science, and cold hard reason.


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Biden: From the Great Reset, Back to the New World Order By James Reed

Joe Biden in his senility gives revealing speeches, sometimes. Recently he dropped Great Reset talk and went back to speaking of the New World Order, explicitly. The Ukraine crisis, he explained, would have the endgame of leading the West right into this globalist dystopia. Brett Stevens over at Amerika.org, does a good job analysing this Bidenism. As well, he continues his theme of critiquing the sham democracy we live under, which is equated with diversity and equalitarianism, essentially forms of communism, antagonistic to true individual freedom. Even not agreeing with all writen, it is time for a debate about all of this.


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The Case for Mandatory Autopsies After Covid Vaccinations By Chris Knight (Florida)

Steve Kirsch has given the Covid vax establishment a put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is challenge, to have mandatory autopsies of people who die within two months of having a Covid vaccine. This would certainly clear up all the points about the vaxxes being safe or not. There could be an official investigation of the long stringy blood clot issue being seen by embalmers, who are at present keeping anonymous to keep their jobs. But it won’t happen, as it would blow the Covid vax safety issue out of the water.


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Joe Biden, Criminal as Trump Said! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

I saw a video of former president Trump saying to a reporter that Joe Biden was a criminal, as revealed by the Hunter Biden laptop, that creates a money trail going right to sleepy Joe. And to his credit, Trump said that the media was also criminal, covering up the lap top issue at the time of the election, and not reporting on it. They all deserve criminal prosecution in my opinion, and I hope Trump’s, and that one day, justice will prevail.


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Biden Sees Cyber Attacks A Coming … Even if They Have to Do it to Themselves! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The internet dissents have thought that the next big thing of the Great Reset of the World Economic Forum (WEF) will be a global cyber-attack, for this was given a dummy run in the WEF Cyber Polygon in 2021. Biden in his senility has the tendency to let the cats out of the bag, and has recently warned that Russia may be launching a cyber attack of this magnitude. And it is true that Russia is a major cyber attacker, along with communist China; they do it daily. Still, the perfect cover is being set up. And what a mess this will be if it is as bad as predicted and the net goes down, not merely getting a few holes in it. Banking could crash, people may not be able to purchase food from the supermarkets, and maybe water will not flow if the electricity grid goes down. I would imagine that after such a thrashing, people will be begging for big government to go as authoritarian as possible, dwarfing Orwell’s 1984.


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Nicholas Wade on the Deficiencies of Science Writers on Covid By Brian Simpson

Nicholas Wade is a leading science writer, who should be credited with being one of the first mainstream science writers to objectively, and with balance, put the case for the lab origin of SARS-CoV-2, which he evaluated in the context of the then prevailing animal origin hypothesis. He has some more recent material elaborating on this case. But what he deals with in even more penetrating detail is the lack of objectivity and balance in most science writers in this field, who may have held to the lab origin hypothesis in private, but proclaimed it as a conspiracy that would damage China, in public. What this campaign did was obscure and create a smoke screen in the early period, making the search for the origin of Covid, a cold case. Still, as I see it, in the end, the truth may out, and many will need to be taken to court, some to jail.


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Covid Vaccines, HIV Motifs, and Immune Deficiency By Chris Knight (Florida)

Here is some more material updating the argument that repeated Covid vaxxes impair the immune system. The connection between HIV and the Covid mRNA vaxxes is made clear. French virologist, Jean Claude Perez and Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier claimed to have identified 18 gene sequences in HIV-1 that are present in the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, including the gene sequence gp120, that facilitates the attachment of the spike of HIV to host cells as well as helping HIV target CD4 T cells, although their claim was disputed by the mainstream. However, they proposed that the this gp120 gene sequence disrupts T cells and suppresses CD4 T cells. This begins a process of undermining the integrity of the immune system, leading to VAIDS (vaccine-induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). It is not known at present what percentage of the world’s population will get VAIDS if this hypothesis is correct, but given that the majority of the populations outside of the Third World are vaxxed up, numbers succumbing to VAIDS may be sufficient to collapse advanced techno-industrial civilisation itself. One can only hope that Perez and Montagnier are wrong.


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French Court Holds that Death from Covid Vax, Suicide, as Experimental Drug By Brian Simpson

Steve Kirsch makes an interesting point, that life insurance companies across the West may not be paying out from life insurance policies to the estate of deceased people who died from taking the experimental mRNA and other vaxxes. A French court has held that as this is an experimental medicine, taking it implied the acceptance of risk. Of course, the vaxxes are not disclosed to the general public to be experimental, or in any way a risk, so governments must be the targets of liability in future litigation. As well, it might be an idea to drag all of the major drug pushers in each jurisdiction into court to sue for personal liability.



“If you die from the vaccine, your life insurance company may not pay out. I've heard this many times. Here's a video on it. What are your experiences with this?


Watch this very short video which explains why insurance companies may not cover you if you die from taking an EUA vaccine:”


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The Australian Media Fumbles Around the Heart Attacks in the Young Issue By Brian Simpson

This is one to watch, for the issue of the rise of heart attacks in youth is discussed. Research is quoted saying that the causes are largely unknown but one hypothesis is that mutations in the genes are leading to artery damage. That hypothesis raises more problems than it solves. Why have these mysterious mutations occurred right now? Why was nothing seen previously, before the vaccine roll out, as genetic changes are slow? Anything to avoid discussing the herd of elephants in the room, the adverse effects from the Covid vaxxes.


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