Dr Peter Pry on Why Russia Believes Nuclear War is Winnable By James Reed

Canadian Prepper has featured Dr Peter Pry, who gives the argument against the idea that Russia, and China accept the idea of mutually assured destruction, with regards to nuclear defence. Human life is regarded as cheap by countries like Russia, who have taken millions of causalities in wars and have faced invasions over the centuries. This has created a hyper-vigilant culture, that has ingrained the idea that Russia faces genocidal wars, which it does, and that people need to accept the consequences of mass death for the nation to survive, which they do. Pry explains why it is dangerous to play nuclear chicken with Russia. According to Pry, Russia has a major strategic nuclear advantage over the West, with ICBM’s that can strike within minutes, especially with hyper-sonic missiles. Russia for example has underwater cables that enable subs to be informed from the Kremlin, without Western interception. It is an existential threat to be playing nuclear chicken with the likes of Russia, unless the West was directly threatened.





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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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