Foo Fighters Drummer Could Have Died from the Vax By Chris Knight (Florida)

A number of high-profile people are either getting sick in mysterious ways, or dying. An example of the latter is Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. These cases are complicated by the presence of drugs, but Steve Kirsch makes a prima facie plausible case that the Covid vax might have been the cause, with drugs as co-factors. The autopsies to definitely establish this are not being done.

“Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins dead at 50: The inside story on what likely caused his death

The public evidence, as well as information from insiders, shows that the most likely cause of his death was vaccine-induced myocarditis. Drug use may have exacerbated the problem to some extent.

Here is a summary of the evidence I’ve pieced together from both public and private sources (who knew him personally).

You can draw your own conclusions. The evidence is consistent with the primary cause being vaccine-induced myocarditis. It fits the facts like a glove. No other hypothesis I’m aware of can explain the evidence. His drug use, which as far as I have been able to determine was limited to smoking weed, played only a minor role.

PolitiFact says that the vaccine didn’t cause his death, but AFAIK they are always wrong on their fact checks, so that is additional confirmation.

I’d be thrilled if PolitiFact would debate me on this, but they no longer talk to me after I publicly exposed them as not interested in getting to the facts on a story (see the original story and the fallout).

PolitiFact’s analysis is so bad, that any critical thinker can see that without reading the story but just reading the summary which is essentially, “we don’t know what killed him, but it wasn’t the COVID vaccine.” Wow. I’m surprised anyone can take them seriously with a summary like that.

Here is what I know:

  1. He was found dead in his hotel room on March 25, 2022 after complaining about chest pains.
  2. Press reported he died of cardiac arrest. That is really important. The vaccine causes death by cardiac arrest. Marijuana and heroinand the other drugs aren’t consistent with the symptoms observed before he died. He appeared to be perfectly normal other than chest pains.
  3. Taylor Hawkins was all about the music and his fans. Those were his passions. He was not in it for the money or any other reason. He was just a great guy. [inside source]
  4. He was married for 17 years and had two kids. He had everything to live for.
  5. Toxicology reports from the Columbian authorities claim there were 10 substances found in his bodyincluding opioids, benzodiazepines, marijuana and antidepressants but there was no mention of the amount of each substance. People have mentioned that drug reports from Columbian sources can be unreliable.
  6. An autopsy also found Hawkins’ heart weighed at least 600 grams, as reported by Colombian publication, Semana. This is about double the size of a normal heartfor a man of his age [Source Source].
  7. We know that the COVID vaccine can cause a heart to double in size and then kill you. This can happen in as little as 5 days after injection. One of the most public examples of this is the death of the son of Ernest Ramirez. His son died just 5 days after his first doseof Pfizer and his heart was double in size at the time of his death. I checked with one of the world’s top cardiologists (Peter McCullough) who confirmed that yes, your heart can double in size in just 5 days. McCullough looked at the medical records for Ernest’s son and concluded his death was due to the COVID vaccine. FEMA offered Ernest Ramirez a lot of money to change his story and say that the death was caused by COVID. Ramirez refused.
  8. Hawkins had a history of drug use, and a 2001 heroin overdose left him in a coma, according to the Los Angeles Times. However, he “made clear he learned his lesson in 2001, and had lived a solid family life with perhaps occasional drug use here and there.”

So it seems unlikely that he just decided on a spontaneous heroin/benzo/cocaine bender right before a show, called for help, then died of an overdose.

  1. He still smoked weed. This was well known [Insider]. This probably elevated his risk, but he’d been smoking weed for decades.
  2. On or about March 25, 2021, Hawkins made it very clear he was against masks, lockdowns, and the COVID vaccines [Insider who spoke with him about this]
  3. Approximately two months later, Hawkins was under pressure from both Dave Grohl and the band manger to take the vaccine [Insider who was a party to the conversations]
  4. Grohl and vaxx zealot Mick Jaggerreleased a song on April 13, 2021 called “Eazy Sleazy” which was a pro-vaccine song. The June 18 show at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, California required everyone to be vaccinated.[Source]
  5. Hawkins’ heart was likely already somewhat damaged from an earlier vaccine dose when he reported that he “just found out” that his doctor said he had a “big heart.” [Rolling Stone interviewon June 15, 2021] So the timing on this suggests that Hawkins had his first and/or second dose before the medical exam. Also, the way Hawkins described it in the interview suggests that this was new news from the doctor about a big heart. Otherwise, if he knew this before, why would his doctor all of a sudden bring it up. So this is all consistent with a damaged heart on an earlier vaccine shot.
  6. Hawkins got a booster on Feb 26, 2022 [Insider], just a month before he died.
  7. Large study in JAMA said most heart problems surfaced 3 weeks after the vaccine.

One of the people who knew him personally told me he was a healthy, active, nice guy who suddenly dropped dead for no reason. This person was “100% certain” it must have been the vaccine (and noted that he/she is not a doctor so this is just an opinion).

My best guess is:

  1. He likely got vaccinated around May 2021 with his first two doses after pressure from Grohl and the band manager.
  2. His medical exam done after his first vaccination(s) showed he had an enlarged heart for the first time. This was our first clue of vaccine injury. But clearly the doctor wasn’t that concerned since he didn’t tell Hawkins he was at any risk at all.
  3. The booster on Feb 26, 2022 took 30 days to damage his heart for the final time. As I noted early, it took only one dose and 5 days to kill Ernest Ramierez’s son who was completely normal until he died. For Hawkins, it just took longer.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there will ever be an autopsy by a competent pathologist who knows how to spot vaccine injury (or embalming by a vaccine aware embalmer), so we’ll never know for sure, but all of the evidence is consistent with the vaccine hypothesis. It fits all the facts like a glove.

Fact checkers hypothesis don’t fit the facts

Note that even PolitiFact couldn’t come up with a hypothesis consistent with all the evidence nor could fact-checker Adrian Wong.

Wong said Hawkins died solely from a drug overdose, but that is simply inconsistent with the facts. It is impossible to eliminate the role of the vaccine in this case from the information that Wong summarized.

Wong is being disingenuous by saying that people only die from myocarditis “within a few days after getting the vaccine” and that he wouldn’t have been able to fly if he was vaccine injured. Both of those are false. We know that troponin levels can be elevated for months after vaccination suggesting subclinical heart damage. Different people are going to progress at different rates. Some people have huge troponin levels, others not so much. I would love to debate Dr. Wong on this, but he doesn’t seem anxious to engage with me or Peter McCullough. I’ve posted the link to this story on his “fact check” but it has to be approved by him to appear.

Wong also wrote, “In case you are wondering, vaccine-induced myocarditis (a rare risk factor for mRNA vaccines) cannot cause the heart to enlarge to such a large size in a matter of days.” Again, Wong is wrong. Peter McCullough disagrees. And besides, he was boosted 30 days before he died, giving his heart plenty of time to double in size.

Note that:

  1. Hawkins reported chest pain before he died.
  2. There was no evidence (other than the Columbian report) that Hawkins used anything but THC. The drugs listed in his system don’t cause a heart to double in size.
  3. There aren’t any public reports of drug usage causing any observable events since 2001.
  4. Hawkins was observed shortly before his death and appeared not under the influence of drugs (see image above for example).
  5. His heart was double in size at the time of his death. That could easily have been caused by a booster and the VAERS database shows that the rate of myocarditis increases after the first dose of the vaccine.
  6. Recreational drug use would normally take 5 to 10 years to double the size of your heart. How did Hawkins go from slightly enlarged heart to double size in just over 6 months? There had to be something more.
  7. We know from many cases that there can be virtually no adverse symptoms of before vaccine-induced myocarditis. Ernest’s son had no symptoms at all before he died with a heart that was twice normal size: it happened instantly, without warning just 5 days after the vaccine in his case.

Bottom line: drug use may have exacerbated the problem, but it’s very clear that the hypothesis that BEST fits the evidence is that his problem was primarily caused by the COVID vaccines that he was forced to take to continue playing in the band.

If you have a better hypothesis, I’m all ears.






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