Communists and Organ Donation By James Reed

In the article quoting Dr Mercola below this one today, he says: “No one can demand that you donate a kidney because you have two functioning kidneys and someone else needs one. You have the right to keep both of your kidneys, even if it means the other person dies for lack of organ donation.” But I wonder how this swings with communist doctrine of radical equality, embraced on paper by the Left? Surely if a Leftist has two functioning kidneys, Leftist equity demands that one be donated to the needy? Go on comrades, share all the resources of the world, including your body parts! I wonder how many from the Left would go through with their Leftism right to losing a kidney? We know the answer, for as with the cult of refugeeism, it is always society that has to meet the costs of their so-called humanitarianism. Just look at the Leftists who dominate the universities, who have comfort, while down the street, homeless people sleep on cardboard, and in the day, while the obese academics go to coffee shops for pricey coffee, they pass these people by without a glance. Some humanists.



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Thursday, 20 June 2024

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