Professor Norman Fenton Explains How They Manipulate the Data By Brian Simpson

These two articles at the blog, deal with how the data has been manipulated to exaggerate Covid infections, and death numbers, to create a “pandemic,” more appropriately called a “plandemic,” since, as explained in a video by Professor Norman Fenton, referenced below, the methodologies do not stand up to a moments technical scientific scrutiny. Yet for exposing this, there was a drive to cancel the professor. Yep, that is the modern “intellectual” culture for you!

“One of my readers brought this wonderful video to my attention. I'm a huge fan of Norman Fenton because he tells the truth, regardless of what it does to his reputation. Worth watching!


Check out this video, even if you just listen to the first 3 minutes.

He points out that:

  1. He went from a respected expert to censorship and cancellation,
  2. There is no evidence that the vaccines reduce all-cause mortality,
  3. Even if the claims of harm from COVID were true and the vaccines were as safe and effective as claimed, it still doesn’t justify the lockdowns, vaccine passports, and mandates.

And that’s just in the first 2 minutes (after the one minute intro). In the rest of the video he goes into detail and shows you how they trick you with data.

We need more people like Professor Fenton.”

Unfortunately, the universities across the West, most tax-payer funded, are tirelessly working to eliminate free thinkers. A key example is the cancellation of anyone critiquing CCP China, as this is perceived to threaten the sacred international student dollar. Perhaps the only good thing to come from the Covid lockdowns and state tyranny, is that it sacred off the overseas students, most of whom become migrants anyway, in the great backdoor migration scam for the Great Replacement of whites in Australia.




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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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