Calling a Riot, a “Riot” is Racist! (Can We Call it a “Rot”?) By Chris Knight

     Yep, it had to happen; calling a riot a “riot” is now said to the racist by the chattering class, so you know a nerve is being probed.

“NPR published an article claiming that calling a riot a “riot” is offensive because it’s “rooted in racism.” Yes, really. The article was written by Jonathan Levinson for Oregon Public Broadcasting, the Portland NPR affiliate. Portland has experienced 93 days of continuous rioting – last night was the first time in that entire period that the city has not seen unrest – but according to Levinson, merely calling a spade a spade is a racist dog whistle. Levinson’s argument for this position is vague to the point of being non-existent. He appears upset that police are able to declare a riot and use crowd control measures to disperse violent BLM mobs. His only point appears to be that because crowd control measures were also used in the 60s during the civil rights era, this means that using them today is racist, despite the fact that the clear majority of BLM protesters in Portland are white. The media now seems to be taking three different approaches to the riots. Claim that they are largely “peaceful,” as both CNN and CBS News did this week. Claim that the riots aren’t even happening at all or are minimal, as CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers did. Or as NPR has done, simply declare that anyone who dares use the words “riot” to describe the mayhem that has plagued American cities for the past 3 months is a despicable racist. Unfortunately for Democrats, the polls suggest that all three of these methods aren’t working because the unrest is turning voters away from Joe Biden in droves.”

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The Kenosha Kid, Kyle By John Steele

     As was seen by the James Field case, without an adequate legal defence, the nationalist guy will always go down. Fortunately, it seems that Kyle Rittenhouse is going to be given such a legal defence by the same lawyer who helped the kid who stared down the hostile American Indian, Nick Sandmann. A 17-year old kid faced an antifa mob, of violent criminals, and he responded like a military professional, doing nothing strategically wrong. He could have emptied a 30-round magazine into the mob, but only shot those trying to kill him, including one punk with a drawn pistol. Many are saying that a 17-yerar old should not be there protecting businesses, but why not, since most older men are totally lacking in T and are not there? If everyone stays home, then we are all in the position we are now, with the “good” men doing nothing.

     What about the “heroes” that Kyle shot? Who are they?

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The Kyle Rittenhouse Controversy By John Steele

     My favourite Latino survivalist Ferfal (see YouTube below), does a great job on the Kyle Rittenhouse incident, where a 17-year old was defending businesses against antifa, when they tried to kill him, and he shot three of them up, bad, killing two. The mainstream press said that he was a white supremacist on a shooting rampage, as is standard, but this time the video evidence clearly shows antifa attacking him, and one had a pistol. And he had an AR 15 rifle, showing that when a crazed mob are after your blood, when the police are just letting it happen, people need the nutritious firepower of semi-auto weapons. Of course, the lad is up on murder charges now, which shows that anarcho-tyranny rules, since if the roles were reversed, antifa would be the heroes. Trump should pardon him on the last day of his presidency, along with pardoning himself and family, unless he wants to be done in like Epstein, then fed to the dogs. You can read the mainstream and usual press whinging on about white supremacy and other bs nonsense, where there is no evidence of this. The establishment wants the antifa to kill, crush and destroy, to force in their New World Order agenda.

     Here is the Leftist take on this, just for a laugh:

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The Corruption of the Universities By James Reed

     We have covered the intellectual and academic corruption of the universities, but the financial aspects are equally as worrying. Thus, we have situations across the country of some senor administrators getting annual salaries of greater than $ 1 million, white junior staff are being laid off, or taking a salary cut, as the Australian universities have come to be funded largely by money from full fee-paying international students. Go figure.

“The rampant commercialisation of Australia’s public universities has been laid bare as they engage in behaviour more expected of multinationals than learned institutions. While huge numbers of teaching staff have been casualised, the sector is reporting bumper profits and eyewatering corporate salaries. Union representatives are concerned that wage theft by universities from their increasingly casual workforce could reach into all of Australia’s 39 public universities. Michael West Media has learned that early results of a survey issued by the National Tertiary Education Union to its members show that the practice is effectively universal in the sector. Alison Barnes, National President of the National Tertiary Education Union told Michael West Media. “We have always known it was going on but because of the casual and insecure nature of employment – that precarity works against reporting of underpayment.” So far, least 10 Australian universities have admitted to underpaying casual staff, having to audit payments to staff or to being in industrial disputes with staff. The 10 universities also collectively posted $1.12 billion in profits for the 2019 calendar year, a 46% rise compared with 2018. Last week, the ABC revealed the widespread underpayment of casual staff across the public university sector, a practice unions describe as wage theft.

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Western Civilisation: A Jolly Good Idea By Richard Miller (London)

     Here is a conservative article, which warms our heart, but to which there is a deeper critique. First, here is Professor Andrew Roberts defence of the West:

“We all know the joke that Mahatma Gandhi supposedly made when he was asked what he thought about Western civilisation: “I think it might be a good idea.” The gag is apocryphal, in fact, first appearing two decades after his death, but very many people have taken it literally, arguing that there really is no such thing as Western civilisation, from ideologues such as Noam Chomsky to the activists of the Rhodes Must Fall movement at Oxford University who have succeeded in pulling down the statue of the benefactor of the Rhodes scholarships from Oriel College. This belief that Western civilisation is, at heart, uniquely morally defective has recently been exemplified by The New York Times’ inane and wildly historically inaccurate 1619 Project, which essentially attempts to present the entirety of American history from Plymouth Rock to today solely through the prism of race and slavery. “America Wasn’t a Democracy Until Black Americans Made it One”, was the headline of one essay in The New York Times Magazine launching the Project, alongside, “American Capitalism is Brutal: You Can Trace That to the Plantation” and “How Segregation Caused Your Traffic Jam”. When no fewer than 12 – in the circumstances very brave – American Civil War historians sent a letter itemising all the myriad factual errors in the Project’s founding document, The New York Times refused to print it, yet the Project plans to create and distribute school curriculums that will “re-centre” America’s memory. None of this would amount to much if only schools and colleges in Britain, America, Australia and across the English-speaking peoples were not so keen to apologise for and deny Western civilisation, and to abolish or dumb down the teaching of important aspects of it.

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My Money is On Honey! By Mrs Vera West

     Honey, if pure and not corrupted by refined sugar, or watered down, is a super food and medicine, and has  been used successfully in treating even gunshot wounds. But, although winter is about to end, and Spring will probably be here when you read this, keep in mind for next Winter that honey has been regarded as a better treatment for Winter coughs and colds than antibiotics. Yes, grand mum’s old recommendation, of honey with a hot lemon drink, then a warm bed and rest, you can’t beat it, so long as you are over one year of age (possible bugs dangerous to babes in the honey, but ok for older folk).

“Honey may be better than conventional treatments for coughs, blocked noses and sore throats, researchers have said. The substance is cheap, readily available, and has virtually no side-effects. Doctors can recommend it as a suitable alternative to antibiotics, which are often prescribed for such infections, even though they are not effective, scientists from the University of Oxford said. Upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs) affect the nose, throat, voice box and the large air passages (bronchi) that lead from the windpipe to the lungs. There is evidence for honey being used in children – although the NHS warns against giving it to the under-ones because of the danger of botulism – and it has long been used as a home remedy to treat coughs and colds. But the evidence for its effectiveness for a range of upper respiratory tract symptoms in adults has not been systematically reviewed. To address this, the scientists looked at research databases for relevant studies comparing honey and preparations that included it as an ingredient with usual care – mostly antihistamines, expectorants, cough suppressants and painkillers. They found 14 suitable clinical trials, involving 1,761 participants of varying ages. Data analysis of the studies indicated that honey was more effective than usual care for improving symptoms, especially the frequency and severity of coughing. Two of the studies showed that symptoms lasted one to two days less among those treated with honey. However, the researchers, Hibatullah Abuelgasim, of the Oxford University Medical School, and Charlotte Albury and Joseph Lee, of the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, noted that honey is a complex substance and not a uniform product. They also pointed out that only two of the studies involved a placebo, saying more such studies need to be done before definitive conclusions can be reached. Writing in the journal BMJ Evidence Based Medicine, the authors said: “Upper respiratory tract infections are the most frequent reason for antibiotic prescription. Since the majority of URTIs are viral, antibiotic prescription is both ineffective and inappropriate.” The researchers suggest honey might therefore provide an alternative when doctors want to prescribe something to safely treat upper respiratory tract symptoms. They conclude: “Honey is a frequently used lay remedy that is well known to patients. It is also cheap, easy to access, and has limited harms. When clinicians wish to prescribe for URTI, we would recommend honey as an alternative to antibiotics. “Honey is more effective and less harmful than usual care alternatives and avoids causing harm through antimicrobial resistance.”

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On White, Red and Black Pills By Peter West

     Articles come and go, disappearing like the morning dew on a Spring day. I found this of interest about embracing the black pill, the negativities and pessimism. You know, our brief is to always be optimistic, even if like in that episode of Monty Python “It’s Just a Flesh Wound” scene:

     I read the above again and wondered why I noted it first as supporting my argument, since the essay, as I now read it is all over the place, much like me. Anyway, my point is that nothing guarantees victory in saving this world. From a Christian perspective, the Earth, while created with the rest of the universe as being “good,” was never intended to be eternal, it too will pass away, and was something of a testing ground for the spirit of man. The purpose of life was never about accumulating material things, affluence, plenty, but engaging in a spiritual struggle against evil. That epic quest seems to have been lost sight of in this age of consumerism, economicism and materialism.

Vaccine-Derived Polio in Africa By Mrs Vera West

     This was something I was only dimly aware of: vaccine-driven polio. But, say, don’t vaccines offer a magic bullet against disease?

“Many people believe that if they get a vaccine against a certain disease, they won’t get that disease. After all, that is the point of vaccines, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case when it comes to polio in some countries. In fact, there has been a concerning surge in cases of vaccine-derived polio in Africa. Polio is highly infectious and is spread through contaminated food and water. It typically strikes children who are younger than 5, and 1 out of every 200 cases, on average, will result in paralysis. Some patients die when the disease cripples their breathing muscles. The oral polio vaccine, or OPV, has been used globally thanks to its easy administration and low cost. It contains weakened live polioviruses that match wild polioviruses, and they can actually cause the disease when they are “loose in the environment.” That means that in places where hygiene and sanitation practices are questionable, the viruses can get into water sources or be spread through contaminated foods and hands. The weakened virus replicates for a short period of time in children’s intestines and is then excreted through feces. According to researchers, OPV viruses can quickly regain strength when they start spreading on their own, developing mutations that make it nearly impossible to distinguish from the wild virus. It spreads just as easily as wild polio and is every bit as virulent. It is important to note, however, that the version of the vaccine used in Western countries is a more expensive, injectable vaccine that contains inactivated viruses that are not capable of causing polio – although that doesn’t mean it cannot cause vaccine injury.

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CDC: Only 9,210 Americans Have Died of Covid-19 Alone from The Thinking Housewife

August 30, 2020

ACCORDING TO the Centers for Disease Control, only six percent of the reported Covid-19 death toll of 161,392 people died of the virus alone; all others had other serious illnesses or problems, including “intentional or unintentional injury” (apparently some who committed suicide and tested positive are in the total), sepsis, cardiac arrest and the flu. More than half of the total involved those over 75 and most had two other serious health conditions.

See for yourself.

Table 3 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death. The number of deaths with each condition or cause is shown for all deaths and by age groups.

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Problems with the Tests from The Thinking Housewife

August 31, 2020

WE KNOW pregnancy tests are accurate because those who test positive become clearly pregnant. We know a bacterial throat culture is accurate as a diagnostic tool because those who test positive have symptoms of strep throat.

We do not know that the Covid-19 tests are accurate because many who test positive have no symptoms. Furthermore, the tests do not detect the presence of a virus that has been purified, isolated and tested for infection in laboratories. Nor is there a distinctive set of symptoms for Covid-19.

The inventor of the often-used Polychromase Chain Reaction (PCR) test stated that it was not reliable for detecting viral infection. It was designed for an entirely different purpose.

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The Good Sauce on Victorian Totalitarianism By James Reed

     The Good Sauce is a great Aussie Freedom journal with great writers and hard-hitting pieces, dealing with things like Australian crises, particularly Victoria, where the state of emergency is going to be extended forever. Here is an extract from Professor Zimmerman asking if history is repeating itself, and the answer is of course, “yes.”

“Victorians have watched their state government use a broad range of extraordinary powers to remove fundamental freedoms and control almost every single aspect of their personal lives. It did so by both declaring a state of emergency and a state of disaster, thus imposing draconian lock down measures after a surge in coronavirus infections. Imposed under the pretense of protecting the health of the people, the state of disaster came into effect in Victoria on August 2. Under the Emergency Management Act a state of disaster can be declared if the Premier is satisfied an emergency “constitutes or is likely to constitute a significant and widespread danger to life or property in Victoria”. But Victoria is also under a state of emergency, which came into effect on March 16. The declaration was made under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008, which allows health officials to detain people, search premises without a warrant, and force people or areas into lock down if it is deemed necessary to protect public health. And now the Victorian Premier expresses his desire to extend the state of emergency for an indefinite period. He is effectively repeating history by revealing his intention to extend his emergency powers indefinitely. The Premier is currently working with the State’s Solicitor General to enact another provision to extend the state of emergency for an indefinite period of time. He claims this is necessary because of ‘the authority and the effectiveness of all the measures that we’ve put in place’.

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Stop. Full. Stops. By. James. Reed.

     Precious snowflakes are getting triggered by full stops. Ok, ban them, full stops like orange man, bad, racist, wah!

“Full stops intimidate young people when used in social media communication as they are interpreted as a sign of anger, according to linguistic experts. Teenagers and those in their early twenties, classified as Generation Z, have grown up with smartphones which they use to send short messages without full stops. And a study from Binghamton University in New York suggested that people who finish messages with full stops are perceived as insincere. Linguistic experts are now investigating why teens interpret a correctly-punctuated text as a signal of irritation. The debate was reignited after writer Rhiannon Cosslett tweeted: 'Older people – do you realise that ending a sentence with a full stop comes across as sort of abrupt and unfriendly to younger people in an email/chat? Genuinely curious.' Several Twitter users expressed disbelief, and, despite her own use of a full stop, one even accused her of 'peak snowflakery'.” 

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Prosecuted for a Crime That Does Not Exist By Ian Wilson LL. B

     Some jurisdictions have a good Samaritan law, where you must help someone in need. I think the last episode of Seinfeld dealt with this, where the crew ended up in prison for allowing someone to suffer while they watched. Generally good Samaritan laws protect people who do help from liability, rather than give a positive duty to help. Finland and Germany are exceptions:

“The Finnish Rescue Act explicitly stipulates a duty to rescue as a "general duty to act" and "engage in rescue activities according to [one's] abilities". The Finnish Rescue Act thus includes a principle of proportionality which requires professionals to extend immediate aid further than laypersons.

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No Jab, No Job, and the Unions Going Along for the Vax Ride By Mrs Vera West

     Welcome to totalitarian tyranny under global capitalism.

“Small businesses are pushing for the right to sack staff members who refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine when one becomes available in Australia. Prime Minister Scott Morrison this week announced the government had signed a memorandum of understanding with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca Australia to secure the promising Oxford University vaccine candidate. The government hopes the coronavirus vaccine will reach Australia by early next year and wants 95 per cent of people to get the jab. Mr Morrison said he would like to make the vaccine 'as mandatory as possible' but does not have the power to make it compulsory. The Council of Small Business Organisations Australia has since proposed law changes that would give employers the power to sack workers who refuse the jab. 'If one of my staff members says, "no, I'm against it", then I'm going to have to say, I'm sorry then, you are a threat to my business',' Council CEO Peter Strong told 7News. 'If you don't sack them, you don't have a business, especially if you're in a high contact area where you've got a lot of customers. It's not discrimination, that's a business decision.' Australian Council of Trade Unions secretary Sally McManus said unions have yet to finalise their response, but are encouraging staff to do all they can to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 'Obviously that will include getting vaccinated when a vaccine becomes available,' she said. Meanwhile, Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt won't rule out stripping welfare payments from people who refuse coronavirus vaccines - and turning them away at the border. 'Our first goal is to encourage as many Australians as possible. I'm confident that a very, very large numbers of Australians will take it up,' Mr Hunt told the Seven Network on Thursday. 'But we reserve the right, subject to medical advice, to take steps that might assist.'”

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Andrew Bolt Asks the Forbidden Asianisation Question By James Reed

     I have raised this question at this site many times, and at long last someone in the mainstream is seriously considering the principle of dual loyalties, or rather where does the loyalty lie:

“China is at war with Australia, hitting us with cyber attacks and trade boycotts while recruiting dozens of academics to steal Australian-funded science. How many of our 1.2 million ethnic Chinese would help its dictatorship, asks Andrew Bolt. It’s the question multicultural Australia is too scared to ask: how many of our 1.2 million ethnic Chinese would help China’s dictatorship? In fact, how many already help China as its leader instructs its military to “prepare for war”? This is not an idle question. China is already at war with Australia, launching cyber attacks and punishing us with trade boycotts. Meanwhile, it is recruiting dozens of Australian academics — many ethnic Chinese — to steal their Australian-funded science under its secretive “Thousand Talents Plan”. China is also openly appealing to the patriotism of Chinese Australians — to their love of China, not Australia. As former prime minister John Howard observed in a panel discussion in London on national security: “One million (Australians) are of ethnic Chinese background, terrific citizens making an enormous contribution to our nation, but it remains the case that China is very interested in the capacity to use those people to further her power and her interests.” This danger is now too real to ignore. A paper in the Australian Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies this week warns China’s military build-up will help create “a much higher threat environment” for us over the next two decades.”

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     For years I have screamed in conservative ears that John Howard was a greater Asianiser than Keating. Asian immigration under Howard reached record highs - on the books 70% and rising - but for various back door reasons (e.g. New Zealand immigration) it was higher. Yet the "Howard illusion" was that he was still holding to his 1988 opposition to the pace of Asian immigration. Neither Professor Blainey, as I read him, nor the 1980s Howard, opposed the ultimate Asian takeover of Australia, primarily by the Chinese. Peter Wilkinson in The Howard Legacy (2007) has written the book that I wish I had. He shows that the Howard government's policy of selecting skilled Asian, predominately Chinese immigrants, has effectively selected Asians of higher cognitive ability and is changing the demographic nature of our elites, the professional and management classes. Chinese are in the majority in most of the important scientific and medical fields in the Australian education system and are an overall majority at the University of New South Wales. However, it is not just the best and brightest that get degrees. Many international students (= Asians) often are given degrees and passes when they should fail because failing these students affects financial viability. Conceded a pass, international students then get residency and jobs that Australian-Australian students could have got. Australian-Australians who passed stringent exams at that! The universities have become corrupted because government-funding policies have directed them this way. Readers who do not fear a Chinese takeover of Australia from within should ponder these words by Michael Backman in "Asian Eclipse: Exposing the Dark Side of Business in Asia" (2001). Editor's comment: How many Australian-Australians watched with interest and alarm the highly organised 'invasion' of Canberra by the pro-Chinese Chinese, to ensure no disturbances of the Olympic torch run? Not too many concerns about the human rights of the Tibetan people here. And what about the Chinese ship waiting to deliver arms to Mugabe? Again human rights of others are not a priority for the Chinese. It is only the stupid, gullible westerner who allows his own traitorous elites to sell his people and his country out to foreigners.”

     True in 2008; true in 2020.

Shutting Down Nature By Charles Taylor

     It is getting hard to pick, but here is my choice of politically correct Leftist absurdity of the week.

“The Grampa Simpson “old man yells at cloud” meme is funny, to be sure. But leave it to black folks to go it one better by screaming at a lake. Last month, “Afro-Latinx” singer-actress Naya Rivera drowned while swimming in Lake Piru in Ventura County, Calif. Rivera had grown up in the area; the lake was not unfamiliar to her. It was an accident, and nothing more. Still, a black life was “taken,” so a petition was created to “cancel” Lake Piru.
“Lake Piru needs to go down. Now and forever. It’s taken too many lives,” brayed signatory Erin Jordan. “Naya Rivera and others deserve f**king justice. Nobody deserves to f**king drown or possibly be dead bc of this river,” bellowed Linnell Lilliston. Other comments: “Shut this sh*t down please.” “The lake shouldn’t have the right to be open anymore.” “Shut this place down!!!” “This lake is very dangerous and a threat to people. Not a single death more.” “This place should be drained.” “Use it for drinking water or drain it completely.” “Shut down Lake Piru for good.” Many of the 4,400 signatories simply chimed in with “justice NOW!” or “where’s the justice?” or “we need justice!” How one can extract “justice” from a lake is unclear. What is clear is that the notion of yelling at clouds seemed ludicrous until a bunch of low-IQ lunatics began doing it for real. A step up from demanding justice from a lake is demanding it from a tree. I mean, at least trees are living organisms. Robert Fuller was a crazy-ass black man in Palmdale, Calif. (well, to be fair, all of him was crazy, not just his ass). Beset by mental illness, the poor bastard hanged himself from a tree outside the Palmdale City Hall on June 10. Fuller had a history of auditory hallucinations, institutionalization, psychotic outbursts, and suicide attempts. He used his EBT card to buy the rope he employed in the hanging (from a Dollar Tree, noch).

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The Scientific Mistake of the Lockdowns By Brian Simpson

     While the Victorian government controls virtually all our bodily functions now, including bowel movements, in some cases literally, a leading UK scientist has stated that the lockdowns were a scientific mistake:

“A scientific advisor to the UK government says the coronavirus lockdown was a “panic measure” and a “monumental mistake on a global scale.” Infectious diseases expert and University of Edinburgh professor Mark Woolhouse acknowledged that the decision to lockdown in March was a “crude measure” that was enacted because “we couldn’t think of anything better to do.” “Lockdown was a panic measure and I believe history will say trying to control Covid-19 through lockdown was a monumental mistake on a global scale, the cure was worse than the disease,” said Woolhouse, who is now calling on the government to unlock society before more damage is done. “I never want to see national lockdown again,” he added. “It was always a temporary measure that simply delayed the stage of the epidemic we see now. It was never going to change anything fundamentally.” The professor asserts that the impact of the response to coronavirus will be worse than the virus itself. “I believe the harm lockdown is doing to our education, health care access, and broader aspects of our economy and society will turn out to be at least as great as the harm done by COVID-19,” said Woolhouse. Richard Sullivan, professor of cancer at King’s College London, previously warned that there will be more excess cancer deaths over the next 5 years than the number of people who die from coronavirus in the UK due to the disruption caused by the coronavirus lockdown, which is preventing cancer victims from getting treatment. Figures also show that there were more excess deaths during the 2017-18 flu season (around 50,000) than the total number of people in the UK who have died from coronavirus (41,433). However, a survey conducted last month found that Brits thought around 7 per cent of the population, 5 million people, had been killed by COVID-19.”

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Kenosha Firefights: Civil War 2.0 Update From Battle Ground USA By Charles Taylor

     According to the liberal press there are now “peaceful clashes” in Kenosha, Wisconsin, with the radical Left turning to guns, with bodies everywhere. It is getting to be like Rambo: Last Blood. There is also ironic footage, maybe still up on the net of the Black Lives Matter lunatics setting church on fire and the church sign says “we support black lives matter” while the church and all the cars in the parking lot are burning. Way to go, liberals!

“Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth refused to deputize citizens to prevent rioting and mayhem in the city, while police also ordered armed business owners to stop defending their own property. Three people were shot, two fatally, during a second night of chaos in Kenosha that also saw numerous buildings set on fire and properties trashed. The unrest is a reaction to the police shooting of wanted felon Jacob Blake, who fought with police, may have been carrying a knife and was also seen reaching into his vehicle before cops opened fire. With many armed citizens vowing to defend their safety and property from increasingly violent Black Lives Matter agitators, it appears they are not getting much support from authorities. The Journal-Sentinel also reported how “a group of armed men with long guns” were observed “standing guard at a dry cleaning business on Sheridan Road near 59th Street, some on the roof.” “Police told them to get off the roof and a person shouted back: “Officer, this is our business.” Police did not ultimately order them off the roof. Police did not ultimately make them get off the roof.”

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The Case Against Black Lives Matter By Charles Taylor

     With a name like “Richwine,” you know that the writing must be good, as rich as wine, anyway. Here is his critique of BLM, which many have made, but this is concise and easy to pass on:

“Although they operate under the banner of social justice, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and its allies are a pernicious force. The false narratives, the toleration of lawlessness, and the punishment of dissenters have left our society in disarray. Americans of all races and political stripes should reject these tactics. The problems with BLM start with its false claim that white police and civilians are systematically killing black people. Allied media have promoted cases that seem to fit this narrative, such as the deaths of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, but the outrage is selective. In a country as large as the United States, reporters can find individual incidents to support just about any narrative they want. The statistics on race and crime tell a very different story than the one advanced by the anecdotes favored by the media. First, black Americans are far more likely than non-blacks to commit violent crime. Blacks accounted for 37 percent of all arrests for violent crime in 2018, including 53 percent of murder arrests, despite constituting only 13 percent of the population. It is this fundamental disparity in base rates of crime that generates so many encounters between blacks and police in the first place. Once we adjust for base rates, police are less likely to fatally shoot black suspects compared to white suspects—a fact that is entirely at odds with the BLM narrative.

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