What the World Needs Now … is Not Love but Mega-“Polluting” Coal-Fired Power Plants! By James Reed

     The more carbon pollution the better I say! If our enemies support it, then it is a methodological principle that we should oppose it, and no-one is as much a bug-eyed fanatic as me … not, that is not right, our opponents are more fanatical, have bigger bugged eyes, and are, to top it off just wrong! I don’t care what thousands of professors say: what would they know? They would not recognise the majestic beauty of a coal-fired power station if they fell down the sooty chimney of one.

“In recent months, emotional eco-activist Greta Thunberg who has become synonymous with the global anti-global warming climate change movement has made consistent appeals at the developed world, demanding an end to its evil, polluting ways. She even went so far as to sue some of the bigger carbon polluters in the world — Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, and Turkey — for violating her rights as a child by failing to adequately reduce emissions. And yet one nation has consistently escaped her steely gaze: China. Which is unfortunate, because whereas many of the nations that have provoked Greta's ire in the past have made concerted efforts to reduce their emissions, it is the world's biggest polluter, China, that has curiously evaded her anger. Hopefully that is about to change because as the FT reports, China is set to add an army of new coal-fired power plants equivalent to the EU’s entire capacity, as the world’s biggest energy consumer ignores global pressure to rein in carbon emissions in its bid to boost a slowing economy. Across China, a whopping 148GW of heavily-polluting, coal-fired plants are either being built or are about to begin construction, according to a report from Global Energy Monitor, a non-profit group that monitors coal stations. Putting that number in context, the current capacity of the entire EU coal fleet is 149GW, or the same as what China is about to add.

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The best compromise would surely be to establish an independent Australian throne

To The Age         It seems, judging by David Crowe's analysis of the recent dinner in Canberra ("The great republican gulf", 29/11), that constitutionally Australia can best be symbolised by a limping kangaroo. The republicans are bedevilled by a major split on how a president should be elected. The monarchists are caught in an awkward position by having to support a head of state who lives on the other side of the world and is not really Australian. The country is split fifty-fifty on whether or not to go republican. To make matters worse, immigration since World War Two has made us "the nation of a thousand peoples", something good for culture and fine dining, but bad for genuine national solidity in times of peril. There is no easy way out of our invidious situation. The best compromise would surely be to establish an independent Australian throne, to be inaugurated by a young person of royal blood from the UK marrying an Australian and founding a new dynasty here.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - Its fun to make fun of royal persons and the institution itself. However...

To The Age          In his elegant and eloquent musings about royalty and crowns ("Irrelevant yet significant, monarchies endure", 27/11) Dennis Altman states that monarchies are "deeply antithetic to democratic principles", but is this really so? It depends how you view the very idea of democracy. This does not necessarily mean equality or "one person, one vote". It can also mean rule with which the people are happy because it is in consonance with human nature and the variety of characters found among human persons and communities, some vastly more gifted than others. An aristocracy without universal franchise could fit the bill, but not a money-based oligarchy. Its fun to make fun of royal persons and the institution itself, whether in Australia or Id. However, at the heart of monarchy are serious values conducive to human welfare to which Altman does not do adequate justice: sacred truth, human dignity, chivalry and ceremonial beauty. Nor is it true that "few of us take much notice" of our ongoing homage to the Queen.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Uncle Len’s Magic Mystery Tour By the Ugly Beetle, Uncle Len

     Roll up, roll up for the magical mystery tour, Adelaide style!

     For the first time in as long as I could remember, I took a bus from the suburbs into town, on Sunday. Yeah, free travel, even with my Senior, dole and other bludger cards. And there I was thinking that I would be the only feral person on the ride. But to my utter delight, at each stop, a new and crazier character got on. The said crazed person dominated the proceedings until the king of madmen got on. He promptly told off an Aboriginal woman with a child in a pusher, for not cleaning ice-cream off her child’s face, a lot of it. He then took the liberty of doing do himself, wiping the ice-cream onto his hand, then smearing it on the seat. Was this a kind thing to do, or was it child molestation? I pondered this as he began a loud conversation with himself about bus timetables and what number bus did what. I thought this was simply random neurons firing due to lack of meds, which could be so, but he seemed to know what he was talking about. The man knew buses as much as I knew dumpster diving. Soon everyone in the bus asked him timetable information, forgetting to even use their smart phones.

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Why, Wi Fi? By Brain Simpson

     I found this article while wondering through the Amerika.org site, on the health dangers of Wi Fi, and the dangers are many, including zapping sperm, which is the last thing most of us need, well, maybe not the blokes who write here, who are mostly over the hill, and coming down the other side, but the young blokes, eager to sow wild oats. Good luck with that one, all you young and hot blooded agriculturalists:

“Repeated Wi-Fi studies show that Wi-Fi causes oxidative stress, sperm/testicular damage, neuropsychiatric effects including EEG changes, apoptosis, cellular DNA damage, endocrine changes, and calcium overload. Each of these effects are also caused by exposures to other microwave frequency EMFs, with each such effect being documented in from 10 to 16 reviews. Therefore, each of these seven EMF effects are established effects of Wi-Fi and of other microwave frequency EMFs. Each of these seven is also produced by downstream effects of the main action of such EMFs, voltage-gated calcium channel (VGCC) activation. While VGCC activation via EMF interaction with the VGCC voltage sensor seems to be the predominant mechanism of action of EMFs, other mechanisms appear to have minor roles. Minor roles include activation of other voltage-gated ion channels, calcium cyclotron resonance and the geomagnetic magnetoreception mechanism. Five properties of non-thermal EMF effects are discussed. These are that pulsed EMFs are, in most cases, more active than are non-pulsed EMFs; artificial EMFs are polarized and such polarized EMFs are much more active than non-polarized EMFs; dose-response curves are non-linear and non-monotone; EMF effects are often cumulative; and EMFs may impact young people more than adults. These general findings and data presented earlier on Wi-Fi effects were used to assess the Foster and Moulder (F&M) review of Wi-Fi. The F&M study claimed that there were seven important studies of Wi-Fi that each showed no effect. However, none of these were Wi-Fi studies, with each differing from genuine Wi-Fi in three distinct ways. F&M could, at most conclude that there was no statistically significant evidence of an effect. The tiny numbers studied in each of these seven F&M-linked studies show that each of them lack power to make any substantive conclusions. In conclusion, there are seven repeatedly found Wi-Fi effects which have also been shown to be caused by other similar EMF exposures. Each of the seven should be considered, therefore, as established effects of Wi-Fi.”

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Going for Gandhi By Michael Ferguson

     Gandhi? Isn’t he the next level up from John Lennon, a real man of love and peace, who did amazing things to keep British imperialism in line all non- violenct? No, the guy was a racist, they say:

“Demonstrators hit the streets of Manchester today calling for a soon-to-be unveiled statue of Mahatma Gandhi to be scrapped. A nine-foot figure of the anti-colonialist campaigner is due to be presented outside Manchester Cathedral on Monday, but not everyone is happy about it. The Alliance Against Gandhi Statues (AAGS) criticise him for calling black Africans ‘savages’ and ‘animals’ and raised concerns over his ‘celibacy tests’ with teenage girls. They also call him an ‘apologist for fascism’ based on his letters to Adolf Hitler and comments about Jewish people. On his way in from London, AAGS spokesman Dr Shreekant Borkar told Metro.co.uk Gandhi opposed racist laws as a lawyer in South Africa for selfish reasons.

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Getting Hysterical about Hilarious Climate Hysteria! By James Reed

     Think of me as being like a kindly mother bird, collecting anti-climate change material to feed to you, not just any random worm of information, but choice, warm and wriggling ones, still with life in them:

“The Earth's average temperature is rising. It's risen 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880. The U.N. predicts it will rise another 2 to 5 degrees this century. If that happens, that will create problems. But does that justify what's being said? "We have 12 years to act!" says Joe Biden. "The world is going to end in 12 years if we don't address climate change!" adds Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Twelve years? That's the new slogan. The Heartland Institute invited some climate alarmists to explain the "12 years" and other frightening statements they keep making. The alarmists didn't even show up. They never do. They make speeches and preach to gullible reporters, but they won't debate anyone who is skeptical. Over the years, I repeatedly invited Al Gore to come on my TV shows. His staff always said he was "too busy." At a Heartland Institute event I moderated, climatologist Pat Michaels put the 12-year claim in perspective by saying, "It's warmed up around 1 degree Celsius since 1900, and life expectancy doubled in the industrialized democracies! Yet that temperature ticks up another half a degree and the entire system crashes? That's the most absurd belief!" Astrophysicist Willie Soon added, "It's all about hand-waving, emotion, sending out kids in protest. It has nothing to do with the science."

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Unemployed Rocket Scientists in Sweden By Richard Miller

     The economic myth poured over Australian heads is that more people via immigration equals more money. Well, not for us deplorables, but maybe in the shorter term for the vile elites who rule us, the local versions of the 1 percenters, maybe for us 10 percenters, our elites being a wee bit challenged in that department. Anyway, everyone needs to have a stiff drink and a sober look at Sweden, the paradise of diversity and moral superiority:

“New figures from the European Union's statistical bureau, Eurostat, show that unemployment is rising in Sweden. According to Eurostat, unemployment there was 7.4% in August, whereas the EU average for August was 6.2 %. This leaves Sweden, on Eurostat's unemployment ranking of countries, at number 24 out of 28. According to the daily newspaper Expressen, one of the main reasons for Sweden's high unemployment happens to be the large number of immigrants that the country has taken in. As late as February 2019, Sweden's Minister of Justice and Migration, Morgan Johansson, mocked those who worried that migration would lead to mass unemployment: "Do you remember when the doomsayers were squawking that migration would lead to mass unemployment?," he tweeted. "Now: unemployment continues to fall among foreign-born and young people. For domestic-born it is at a record low". He cannot mock anyone now. In 2013, Social Democratic leader Stefan Löfven, who has been prime minister since 2014, said he would ensure that by 2020, Sweden would have the lowest unemployment in the EU. That is evidently not about to happen.

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Abolish prisons? Oh, Mad Leftoids, Go Ahead! By Charles Taylor

     Talking, no arguing, with my Democrat neighbour (substitute Labor or Green party for Australia), I was taken back by his absolute confidence that he was right about every controversial social policy, even crime control. Prisons are racist, because they are full of persons of color. Cops are racists who target colored people, even the Black cops, who are soaking up white privilege. Where did all of this bs come from? His university education, made him a bloody moron:

“Students at Brown University gathered in November to teach their peers about the merits of doing away with the U.S. prison system. A student group by the name of RailRoad held the event titled "Prison Abolition 101" on Nov. 8. The group seeks to ensure that the American prison system is "destroyed" and believes that incarceration is inherently unjust and unproductive. RailRoad member Grace Austin stated during the event that “the end goal is to not have prisons as any form of incarceration," and that "punishment at any stage doesn’t guarantee any kind of growth," according to a report by The Brown Daily Herald. The student group's stated mission is to create a "world where the Prison Industrial Complex in all of its forms has been destroyed and built in its place are systems of accountability that allow for healing and growth." "Prisons were founded in the ideas of punishing the poor, punishing people of color,” presenter Aida Sherif said, adding “I don’t see it as an institution that can ever fully break away from those foundations.” “Our society is constructed in a way that would have us believe prisons are absolutely necessary,” Sherif said. “People perceive it as crazy, unreasonable, dangerous, too radical. Abolition is not anarchy.” The event reportedly did not present concrete plans or a timeline to achieve this "abolition," but rather emphasized that the complete dismantling of the U.S. prison system was a realistic long-term goal. In October, Railroad presented a proposal calling upon the university to cease the consideration of criminal aspects such as conviction history in its hiring processes, and even to implement a quota of "formerly incarcerated community members."

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The Power of Solitude By John Steele

     Things are beginning to slow down for the Christmas period, people are going to sleep, and the elites are working full steam now to roll civilisation while we sleep e.g. impeaching Trump while he eats a big fast food Christmas dinner, before being taken away in chains. Anyway, on relaxing, there are some good videos by Viking bushman Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen, that a lot of people from the Dissent Right are quoting because these pieces hit a mark. Manhood, the craziness of the climate change hysteria, bushcraft, many things discussed, only in the snow and cold. It hits a spot with me. Here is a good one of the peace that can come from being alone in the bush, getting a fire going, having a pot of billy boiled tea, and then having the freedom to have a pee on a bush without any violations of local pollution laws!
Yes, it is a world that most blokes in their hearts miss:

     On the other hand, watching Eddie Hall, world deadlift record holder guts down masses of food in record time is enough to put me off of meat for life, and gives me severe indigestion just watching the gluttony.

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Marcon Gassing and Shooting Everyone! By Richard Miller

     What a mess France is, not considering even the ethnic/migration issue, crime and no-go areas and all that.  At the yellow vest protests, the police are going mad, shooting tear gas at will, and some journalists, only doing their job are getting their faces blown apart. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video, an entire article, so have a look at this. The yellow vest protests are about the harms of globalism, and the system controllers would rather the entire planet be blown to atoms, that to do the right thing. That is what we are all up against:

Banning the Blood of Christ in the U Decay By Richard Miller

     It is a hard time to be a Christian, getting back to the persecution mode of the Roman era, especially for those who evangelise:

“The latest assault on Christians is happening in Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park. A Christian man has been told that he can no longer display his banner, which declares nothing more than “The blood of Jesus Christ.” Whether this ban on signage is a new law that will be applied to any and all posters being hung by every religious denomination, as well as the rest of the speakers who pontificate at the park, remains to be seen. As a victim of homophobic abuse from a bunch of Muslim regulars at Speakers’ Corner, which I reported to the police at the time of occurrence, I was told that had the death threats against me happened just metres from where I was standing (outside the park), then the police could make arrests. Speakers’ Corner, as it happens, is outside the law of the UK, according to the Met police. Anything goes, they told me. Anything except a declaration of an allegiance to Jesus. Call for jihad in the name of Muhammad and it’s fine, but make calls for people to come together in Christ and that’s a step too far for the cops in Hyde Park.

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Behind Extinction Rebellion By James Reed

     Here is a good one; the academic dude who formulated the crazy Gaia idea of the earth as a self-regulating super-organism, has slammed Extinction Rebellion, as far as a 100-year old can slam anything:

“James Lovelock, the world’s most distinguished environmentalist, has come out against Extinction Rebellion (XR). They are a bunch of “silly buggers”, the 100-year-old told me this week. Dr Lovelock — independent scientist; inventor of Gaia Theory; creator of the first device to measure the CFCs causing a hole in the ozone layer; environmental campaigner over many decades — told me that he has no sympathy with the Extinction Rebellion mob and their claims to be saving the planet. “No, I don’t [support Extinction Rebellion], I think the silly buggers are going far over the top. It’s all very well to mount a barrier, but make sure when you jump off you don’t crash on the other side!” The eminent British scientist — who celebrated his 100th birthday earlier this year and is still going strong — was laughing at the expense of the Extinction Rebellion activists at Canning Town station in the East End of London, who climbed onto tube train carriages only to be dragged off by angry commuters.”

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Biological Realities and the Gender Agenda By Mrs Vera West

     The failure of the gender agenda is all-round us, but lies and deception continue to hold the system up. Thus, women across the West struggle to pass even a basic military fitness test, but the military still marches on with the equalism myth:

“Barack Obama hasn’t been president for going on three years, but many of his policies live on, including some he pushed on the US military. Worse, the policies are having a deleterious effect on women who are trying to serve in combat roles they aren’t suited for because of their gender, according to a new report. The Center for Military Readiness, which supports traditional gender roles for men and women in the military, notes that 84 percent of women who take the new Army combat physical fitness test do not pass it. The group says that’s merely one of the signs that Obama’s “social experiment” with the military is not effective. “In December 2015, former Defense Secretary Ashton Carter overturned policy and authorized women to serve in direct ground combat (infantry) units. These are the fighting teams that attack the enemy with deliberate offensive action – missions beyond the experience of being ‘in harm’s way,'” the report said. Mind you, Cabinet secretaries serve at the pleasure of the president and they are there to enact his policies, not their own. So this decision by Carter was not made in a vacuum; it came from the then-commander-in-chief. CMR, in its report, noted further that women “are serving with men as they always have.” However, “in two major categories — unequal physical capabilities and sexual misconduct — signs of a failing social experiment are increasingly obvious.”

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Universities Eliminating Conservatives? Done and Dusted! By James Reed

     In the US the critics from the Dissent Right have just discovered that the universities are eliminating conservative academics, in a type of culling process. This was conducted long ago in Australia, so that there is no opposition to the bs that the universities push:

“Professor Richard Vatz of Towson University in Towson, Maryland, says that despite academic world priding itself on “supporting the marketplace of ideas and academic freedom,” there has been “an increasing and unremitting effort to eliminate conservatives” in areas of higher education. The professor added that when he brought up his concerns with the National Communication Association, “they couldn’t care less.” “There has been an increasing and unremitting effort to eliminate conservatives and conservative thought in the humanities and social sciences in the American academy,” wrote professor Vatz in his recent Baltimore Sun op-ed, entitled, “Towson professor: Higher ed discriminates against conservatives.””

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Climate Change Little Princess is Not a Time Traveller! By James Reed

     There is an amazing photo published of a girl from 1898, who looks like climate change princess, Greta Thunberg. The internet line being run, is I suppose is that she is a time traveller sent back to save us. Well, I guess the feminist movie Terminator: Dark Fate is still running and is fresh in their minds:

     The problem with the time traveller hypothesis is that the photo is from the past, and she is supposedly here now. So, where does the future come in? And, wouldn’t she tell us that she was from the future, if she was, because one thing this little gal can do is talk, and talk, and talk, increasing carbon emissions. And why not go back further in time and just terminate capitalism in the beginning? And, where are her advanced weapons from the future? No, I am far from convinced! Yes, I imagine that the idea that everyone has a double is true. In fact, most leftists look pretty much alike, coming out of the same genetic engineering factory.

Now Shutting Down the Questioning of the Climate Dogma By James Reed

     The crazed Left has moved on from smashing racists, and now equate even those who question the climate change mania, as evil, with no right to speak. The conference that they stopped below has apparently been rescheduled at a secret location. Thus, free thinkers are forced into hiding in this most repressive of regimes.

“The NH Hotel Group will no longer host the 13th annual “alternative climate conference” in Munich featuring scientists skeptical of climate change alarmism following protests at its hotel. Each year, the Jena-based European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE), Germany’s leading private think tank on climate and energy issues, has rented out the NH Congress Center Munich for its alternative climate conference and did so once again this year until the hotel abruptly terminated the agreement this past week. The hotel group cited “security” concerns for its cancellation of the event after activists from the “Anti-Capitalist Climate Society,” whose motto is “system change, not climate change,” staged a protest of the conference including the formation of a flash mob in the hotel lobby, causing a disturbance and distributing flyers to hotel guests. “The safety and well-being of our guests and staff is always our top priority,” hotel management declared in its cancellation letter. “Due to the polarizing effect of the EIKE association, we could not guarantee this security for our hotel guests or for the participants of the event. For this reason, our responsibility as hosts requires you to cancel this booking.”

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On Erasing Distinctions By Chris Knight

     International men’s day is as good a time as any to erase distinctions:

“The ACLU is trying to erase the fundamental and useful distinctions between women and men from dictionaries, culture, and the law. “Men who get their periods are men.” the ACLU tweeted on International Men’s Day, as it pushed the claim that pregnant or menstruating women can become men by declaring they have a male “gender identity.” The pro-transgender tweet continued: Men who get pregnant and give birth are men. Trans and non-binary men belong.”

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More Evidence of False News from the Mainstream Media By Charles Taylor

     Here is a great article showing that the mainstream media is only interested in sinking its opponents, not in getting the truth:

“The media ran wild Monday with the fake news 100,000 children are currently being held in U.S. migrant detention centers. Someone named Manfred Nowak, who heads something called the U.N. Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty, told a bunch of corrupt reporters, “We have more than — still more than — 100,000 children in migration-related detention in the United States of America.” Among others, the Associated Press (and by extension all those who republished the AP), the AFP and Reuters, ran with it. Here’s the real news [emphasis added throughout]: But on Tuesday, [Nowak] told The AP that [100,000] figure was drawn from a U.N. refugee agency report citing data from 2015, the latest figure his team could find. That was before U.S. President Donald Trump, whose policies on migration have drawn criticism, was elected. Tee hee. The data is from 2015, y’all… Guess who was president in 2015? But there’s more…

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Is There an Insect Apocalypse? By James Reed

     As you all know, we are all climate change critics here, even Brian Simpson, who is so scientifically cautious about bloody everything that he normally does not have a position on most things, thus writing the least articles of the team, except Mr Ian Wilson, whom I do not know (Sydney scene). Why, he even rejects IQ, and has a beef about American Renaissance magazine, while I like it. I even have a picture of Jared Taylor on my bar fridge.  Anyway, what about biodiversity destruction, which is now being linked in the climate change narrative. What should be our position on that?

“AN insect “apocalypse” is under way that could impact on all life on Earth, a report warns. The heavy use of pesticides has helped wipe out around half of all species of insects since 1970, say ¬worried researchers. Prof Dave Goulson added: “It could be much more. We just don’t know, which is scary. "If we don’t stop the decline of our insects there will be profound consequences for all life on earth — for human wellbeing.” An investigation carried out by ecologists at Sussex University for the Wildlife Trusts found that 40 per cent of the one million known insect species are now nearing extinction. Many birds, bats, reptiles, small mammals and fish would starve without insects to eat. And with 87 per cent of plants needing animal pollination, mostly from insects, human food sources are at risk too. Meanwhile the use of ¬pesticides has doubled over the past 25 years, statistics show. During this time at least 23 ¬species of bees and wasps have disappeared.”

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