A Baby Dies; A Toddler Too By Mrs Vera West

This story about a baby dying after receiving the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is not only sad, but raises the bioethical question of whether babies should be in such trials at this stage. But, we live in a vaccination culture, so not much point worrying about that. Have needle, will jab.


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Student Thinks White People Need to be Eliminated! Future Presidential Material By James Reed

A Stanford student made tweets on social media that “white people need to be eliminated.” If she was paying attention in class she would know that the demographic replacement of Whites is well under way, so she may get her wish. But, she needs to be careful what she wishes for. She might then think about what life will be like for her tribe with the new Latino majority in a few decades, or years. I bet she will not be saying the same stuff about Latinos in the world to come.


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Covid, “Sense” from the Left? By Brian Simpson

I get all sorts of material in my ever-hungry feed on Covid to keep readers up to date. Also, stuff from the Left. Here is a bit from someone on the Left, who attacks the West, capitalism, the usual, but still has a few good points against the corporates, and Bill Gates. Just keep for reference in case someone says; nay, Right wing conspiracy. No, Left too! Take that, wham!


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Like James Bond Villains By James Reed

China is seeking, to control the internet, according to leaked documents, maybe on the internet now, so you can see why they want it controlled. You can’t be supreme communist totalitarian ruler of the world, and allow any freedom. Still, the rest of the West is acting pretty much like them, so at the end of the day it is a race about who destroys us first.


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UFOs Go Mainstream By Brian Simpson

A recent article in the mainstream journal, The New Yorker, has all you ever, or never, wanted to know about UFO crashes. Apparently, some of the super-advanced craft were shot down, by primitive earthlings with “spears.” Most crafts just crashed. But, if these green guys with eyes on stalks are so high techy, how come they crash so much? Do they have a green version of Elon Musk, making their space ships?


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A Smoking Covid Gun By Brian Simpson

This is not proof in any legally defined sense, but it is highly suggestive and deserves further investigation.


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Take Back the Port of Darwin! By James Reed

George Christensen, and I agree, says that it is time to take back the Port of Darwin, which should never have been given to the Chinese. You might as well have given them Parliament House Canberra. Anyway, read on for the link to the petition, which we all must sign.

“We have an incredible opportunity to have the Australian Government take back the Port of Darwin and other key infrastructure from the clutches of Communist China.

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Pure, Unadulterated, Totalitarian Madness By Charles Taylor

This post below expresses my black pill feelings of  doom much better than I can. Pure unadulterated, totalitarian madness, is exactly what I have been writing about since I joined this blog last year. Before that I had published a book on this, daring to call out Trump as a Deep State traitor, but sales were so poor from a few one star reviews, that the publisher deleted the title. But, I have been proven right.


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Sonic Weapon Attacks by Martians! By Brian Simpson

It is hilarious how Biden says that White supremacists are the greatest threat to the US, perhaps internally, when we can find without too much trouble evidence of foreign agents using advanced weapons to attack US elites! Apparently, peaceful protests are a threat, but outright physical terrorism, is just business as usual, being done, probably from friendly communist powers, who pay the US elites lots of money.


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Open Borders! Total Freedom! By Chris Knight (Florida)

This story of a recent protest outside the White House, soon to become, if the activists have their way, the Brown House, or better yet, the Rainbow House, shows that antifa, the open migration lobby, and illegal aliens themselves, are getting together as a unified front. It is the sort of thing the Left excels in, being herd animals.


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This May be a Problem for the Lobby; Caitlyn Jenner By Mrs Versa West

The famous transgender, Caitlyn Jenner is candidate for California governor, and is taking a conservative line on some issues. For example, Jenner has caused a storm by opposing trans-boys competing in girls’ sports. This creates an interesting dilemma for the woke brigade, since the usual line taken against feminist (females) is transphobia, but can that be used against Jenner? https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/05/01/candidate-caitlyn-jenner-opposes-trans-biological-boys-competing-in-girls-sports-it-just-isnt-fair/

“Caitlyn Jenner, candidate for California governor, opposes transgendered biological boys competing in girls’ sports, TMZrelieved Saturday.

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Litigation: Use It Before You Lose It! By James Reed

If the universities violate one’s legal rights, suing them is an excellent idea, grand, jolly, indeed. Thus, it fills my heart with joy to read that one US conservative academic is suing his university, following his involvement in the January 6 Trump funny business, you know, the gathering that led nowhere except to one Trumpite being murdered by the Deep State, and scores of people arrested, and now subject to human rights abuses while Trump is silent. Yes, that business, Donnie Duck.


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Food Control Tyranny By Mrs Vera West

One of the latest pieces of communist tyranny is food control, preventing people from keeping animals and growing their own food. This is occurring with rising food prices, and therefore must be part of the on-going conspiracy to engage in complete communist social control. Fail to obey, and no more food buddy! At least the state of Texas is fighting back against this.


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China Controls New Zealand By Bruce “Kiwi” Bennett

This story goes back to 2018, but is still relevant in explaining why New Zealand is so compliant to China’s demands. Its socialist rulers in the Labour Party are naturally at home with China, and comfortable with its communism, which they would no doubt like, full-scale, to see in New Zealand. New Zealand, my former home, a place of great natural beauty, but terrible politics, at the end of the world.


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Here is How Vaccine Passports Will Get In By James Reed

As we know, capitalism is a sacred cow to most conservatives, escaping the criticism it richly deserves, as most critics, like me, spend their days fighting communism, itself a fulltime job. Capitalist tyrannies often get by, but are no less problematic. Thus, while energy is spent dealing with the government putting in vaccine passports, private enterprise, big and small, the real rulers of the world, just put it in, because, we can and we do what we like.


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Calls for Eternal Death and Infinite Torture and Humiliation for Chauvin because … Racism, Racism, RACISM! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The liberals are on a roll. With the kangaroo show trial of Chauvin of the murder of Saint George Floyd, over, the calls are out for hyper-punishment. If it could be eternal death and damnation, they would do it just to terrorise the rest of the White sheeple, and beam it into every skull. But, being made of decaying flesh, that will die and disappear, like the rest of us, they are restricted to puny secular punishments.


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Whoa! Liberals Cracking Up! By Chris Knight (Florida)

This is from The New York Times, so we know that it must be steaming good with woke. Still, a faint glimmer of reason can be seen coming through the clouds of political correctness. Could anti-racism have gone a little bit to far? Who knows; when it all collapses we can rumble through the rubble and make a more careful assessment.


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Incredible Things in the Sputnik Vax! By Brian Simpson

Just as well we are not being shot up with the Russian vax. I mean, something called “Sputnik,” sounds like a cheap Russian car, that ends up in a ditch! Please don’t launch a nuke missile at my house Mr Putin!


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Well, Next Time Eat the Mask! By James Reed

If a comedy show had portrayed this mask bs even two years ago, it would have failed being too far fetched and fantastic. But, here it is. Really if masks were needed, then they should be on all the time, and let the people starve to death!


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The War Against White America By James Reed

The American situation is extraordinary, since it is fast tracking all that has occurred previously at a Fabian pace. As painful as that may be for those in the trenches there, it is at least bringing the boil to a head. Here is more coverage of the madness. At least we can read all of this over a cold beer here in OZ for the moment.


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