Say Goodbye to Your Meat and Your Lawn! Global Warming, Of Course By James Reed

     I have covered the proposed bans on meat eating by the climate change police, meaning that they want to take away your right to eat meat. Yes, no more steak ands eggs. But as well, don’t think that you can just go outside and enjoy your garden and lawn, as that too uses resources and has greenhouse gas emissions:

The New York Times is out with a new exposé on how lawn care is problematic, once viewed through the lens of social justice. Lawns are contributing to pollution and climate change, asserts narrator David Botti, and their origins are far from woke, in a seven-minute video on the history of American lawns. Botti says lawns are part of the “colonizing of America,” which transformed the landscape from “pristine wilderness” to “identical rows of manicured nature.” “These lawns come on the backs of slaves,” he continues, zooming in on a painting of George Washington in a field to highlight men cutting the grass with scythes. “It’s grueling, endless work.” “By the 1870s we also see American culture slowly start to embrace lawns for the privileged masses,” he states. The video explains that the perfect lawn is associated with being a model citizen, how the first sprinkler was invented in 1871, and about the advent of “so-called trade cards” that “advertised the hell out of lawn and garden products.” The Times also refers to the work of historian Ted Steinberg, who calls lawns the “outdoor expression of ’50s conformism.” To drive home the point, he inserts vintage footage of two women being interviewed in their yards talking about how they moved to their communities to live exclusively near other white people. Neither of them says anything about desiring, having, or maintaining a lawn. 

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The Amazing Bolt-Cutting Wielding Professor of Political Incorrectness By James Reed

     I like this story, a lot:

“A Johns Hopkins University associate professor has been fired for attempting to break up a student protest with bolt cutters. Daniel Povey — who until recently was a research professor at the Baltimore school’s Center for Language and Speech Processing, part of the university’s Whiting School of Engineering — reportedly acted because he feared that his research stored on servers cut off by the protest would be lost. The dust-up occurred in May between Povey and students protesting the school’s relationship with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and a state legislature bill that enabled Johns Hopkins to create an armed police force on campus. Students were in the middle of a month-long sit-in that shut down Garland Hall, Johns Hopkins’ main administrative building, which housed servers containing the research of several people, including Povey, according to The Baltimore Sun. On May 1, the protesting students “locked down the building, chained the doors shut, covered the windows and forced the administration building to close during the final week of the university’s spring semester,” The Sun reported.

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Coming Soon: The Death Penalty for Criticising Immigration By Richard Miller

     Just project things on a few years and the death penalty for Whites making any squeak about the Great Replacement will be made, all the time saying that there is no grand plan at work here:

“German authorities have investigated hundreds of internet users over comments they made on a Facebook video posted by the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. The massive probe, spanning over 250 investigations, was launched in response to the live streaming of a migrant protest by the Bavarian-wing of the AfD party in 2017, German media disclosed on Saturday. Some 97 people were fined and three others were to face incitement charges in the court, the weekly Der Spiegel reported. The massive police investigation is apparently meant as a warning to anonymous internet users critical of the country’s migrant policy. “No one can hide behind a screen, not even with pseudonyms or made-up names,” Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann warned. The Facebook comments against agitating migrants came after a series of riots in refugee centers across Germany. Muslim asylum seekers have repeadetly agitated against supposed lack of consideration shown by the German authorities during the fasting month of Ramadan. “With Ramadan Come the Riots,” a 2018 headline in the Germany daily Bild declared. In 2016, two migrants reportedly burned down a refugee center for allegedly not receiving extra chocolate spread ‘Nutella’ during the Ramanda festivities. The fire ended up causing an estimated $10 million worth of damage.

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He Hung Himself with Wet Toilet Paper! By Chris Knight

     The latest in the Epstein case, that of a globalist paedophile with a child sex island that the 1 percenters visited and were filmed in the act, is that he killed himself with sheets tied to bunk bed posts. The problem here, as detailed by another inmate who was in the same facility is that this is utterly impossible because one, the sheets are like paper and can’t be used for hanging, and two the beds can’t be used for hanging as there is nothing to hang from. Big problem here for the official narrative.

     As noted above Epstein was heard to be shrieking, which would not occur unless he was murdered. Thus, he suffered a hit from the Deep State:

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The Left’s Contempt for the Rule of Law By Ian Wilson LL. B

     This example showing how demonic the Left is with respect to the rule of law comes from the US, where everything that is happening quietly here is out in the open. Thus,

“Democrat presidential candidates and senators this week renewed their threats that unless the U.S. Supreme Court issues liberal rulings on the Second Amendment and other issues, Democrats will fundamentally restructure the nation’s highest court, a shocking threat to judicial independence not seen since the 1930s. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) filed an amicus brief (“friend of the court” legal brief) at the Supreme Court on Monday, joined by follow leftwing partisan Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Mazie Hirono (D-HI), Richard Durbin (D-IL), and presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), demanding that the Supreme Court back out of a case over one of the most restrictive gun control laws in America.”

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Rad Fem Wants To Kill All Men! Go Grrrrl! By Mrs Vera West

     Today, even voicing conspiracies theories contrary to the system gets one labelled as a domestic terrorist, but if one is from the Left, advocating genocide is just fine:

“A rant from feminist YouTube star named Jenny McDermott has gone viral on Twitter over the past few days. In it, McDermott tells her audience that, to create the ideal conditions for the survival of the human race, we must kill all men and male babies. "We need to kill all men. I am sick of being a baby factory that produces more men who will in the future subjugate me. The solution to that is to kill any man that you see in the streets just any swinging dick. We want the species to go on but we only want it to go on with women in it."

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Raping Sweden, Again, and Again… By Richard Miller

     Today some good news from Sweden … no wrong story there, there is no good news:

“It doesn't feel very safe" exclaimed one young Swedish lady following reports of a fourth rape in as many days in the Swedish city of Uppsala. "I even bought a self-defense spray yesterday. I'll have it in my hand when I go home myself. If something should happen, you are always prepared." Women in town should not be worried, but must think how to behave,” the city’s police force said in a statement to newspaper Expressen. “Feel free to walk on illuminated streets and not alone in alleys or parks,” they continued, adding that because officers “cannot be in all places, both men and women have to think ahead.” Women’s rights groups criticized the warning, calling for a greater police presence on the streets: “Reducing girls’ freedom of movement is a serious development,” activist Mariet Ghadimi told SVT Nyheter in March. “It is a structural problem that restricts girls’ freedom and rights, and in the long run affects women generally.” These are not isolated incidents as Sweden’s rape count has been rising since 2005, and jumped ten percent in 2017 alone. Between 2005 and 2017, rapes nearly doubled and sexual molestation incidents more than doubled.”

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Oh, This is Embarrassing! By James Reed

     The ever-eagled eye Andre Bolt has pointed out something mighty interesting that I did not know about, even given my great expanse of “knowledge,” gained from years of dedicated drinking in bars for wisdom, while listening to talk back radio:

“The Uluru Statement from the Heart, written allegedly by Aboriginal representatives, has quickly become the approved definition of the special nature of Aboriginal sovereignty: This sovereignty is a spiritual notion: the ancestral tie between the land, or ‘mother nature’, and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who were born therefrom, remain attached thereto, and must one day return thither to be united with our ancestors. This was presented as a statement straight from the heart of the delegates to a 2017 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Referendum Convention at Uluru:

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The Fantastic Legal Eagle By Ian Wilson LL.B

     I did not know this before, but YouTube has some fanatically fantastic legal material which is highly entertaining, especially on these cold wet winter days. Especially good is Legal Eagle, with a highly articulate lawyer, who deals with legal issues such as what would happen if millions of Americans stormed Area 51, the place of supposed alien technology. The answer is that the Deep State would respond with violence, maybe not killing tens of thousands, but they could if necessary. Legally, if people were aggressive the Deeper’s thugs could kill every one of the million.

     Just as a hypothetical, if most of the US population turned up, practically impossible but still a legal theoretical debating point, what then? In principle, to defend “America” the system could kill most Americans. I imagine that they would replace the entire nation with migrants from South America and Asia overnight, instead of, over a few years as is being done now. Does that sound wrong to you? Just consider the Epstein saga, discussed on these pages elsewhere to see what the Deep State is capable of.

The Desperate Need to Ban Hammers! By John Steele

     The Leftoid gun banner typically argues that where there is some shooting with deaths and injuries, that the gun and the person is at fault, but mainly the guns. No guns, no shooting; simple. Just forget about illegal guns, seen most dramatically in gun-controlled places like Mexico and Chicago. But, what about murders with hammers and other blunt melee weapons and tools?

“The most recent FBI crime stats show that more people were killed in 2017 with hammers and clubs than were killed with rifles of any kind. Breitbart News reported the most recent numbers–those for 2017–on September 26, 2018. Those figures showed that 467 people were killed with “blunt objects (hammers, clubs, etc.),” while 403 were killed with rifles. And it must be noted that the category of “rifles” used by the FBI includes bolt action, pump action, single shot, and semi-automatic, as well as those the left describes as “assault weapons.” This means only a percentage of the 403 deaths attributed to “rifles” would have been carried out with an “assault weapon.” So, the gap between the number of persons beaten to death with hammers and clubs verses those killed with “assault weapons” would be even greater than the gap between those who died in a hammer/club attack versus those who died being shot with “rifles” of any kind. Breitbart News also reported that the 2017 crime figures showed 1,591 people were killed with “knives or cutting instruments” while 403 were killed with “rifles.” This means nearly four times as many people were stabbed to death as were killed with any kind of rifle. (The gap between the number stabbed to death and the number of persons explicitly killed with an “assault weapon” would be even greater.) Yet Democrats are pushing an “assault weapons” ban and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) says legislation for such a ban will be “front and center” when the Senate reconvenes.”

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Is Hollywood Gutless, or Just Suffering from Satanic Overload? By Charles Taylor

     A little while back someone, and it could be me, memory fails me with work overload, covered the story of the Hollywood movie The Hunting, that was set to be released. Its pathetic story was that a group of elites got to hunt down and kill Trump supporters, and this was explicit. Then there were the two shooting sprees, one from the Right and the other from the Left, and the new class decided that they needed to capitalise on the opportunity of portraying all people right to Trump as killers, and this too was stated explicitly. Anyway, now Hollywood has got cold feet about its “beautiful” movie:

“Universal has cancelled the release of the film The Hunt, reportedly featuring liberal elites hunting and killing “deplorables” for sport. The decision comes after the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, and President Donald Trump calling “liberal Hollywood” racist and full of violence. “While Universal Pictures had already paused the marketing campaign for The Hunt, after thoughtful consideration, the studio has decided to cancel our plans to release the film,” the studio said in a statement. “We stand by our filmmakers and will continue to distribute films in partnership with bold and visionary creators, like those associated with this satirical social thriller, but we understand that now is not the right time to release this film.” The shelved film kicked off a firestorm last week after ESPN announced its decision to pull TV ads for The Hunt, a decision the network made in the wake of the deadly mass shootings in Texas, and Ohio that left more than 30 people dead and dozens more injured.”

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Biden: Even Madder and Badder than Hillary! By Chris Knight

     As senile and as bad as Trump is, Joe Biden is right off the planet, basically charging into open borders immigration:

“Former Vice President and leading 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is vowing to greatly increase the number of legal immigrants admitted to the United States every year. In a speech to the Asian and Latino Coalition PAC, Biden promised to increase the level of legal immigration to the country beyond the roughly 1.2 million legal immigrants that are admitted every year, booming the foreign-born population to an unprecedented 45 million — a 108-year record high. Specifically, Biden said the U.S. can “in a heartbeat” import another two million immigrants today.

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Biofuels Baloney By Viv Forbes

     Burning forests to generate electricity is probably the worst green energy stupidity. It destroys forests, creates its own pollutants, is less efficient than coal to harvest, handle and burn and has a low heat value. If all factors are counted, it will take decades of forest regrowth to match the CO2 emissions of burning high-energy coal. Most coal-fired power stations are built on a coal field with reserves to last the life of the power station. The coal is mined efficiently, the fuel is of known quality and sizing and efficient repetitive methods are used to extract and prepare the coal and convey it continuously into the power station. The most infamous wood-burning power station in the world is DRAX in Britain. It burns more wood than UK produces and more than any other station in the world. It gets huge subsidies for felling forests as far away as America, then chipping and drying the wood and transporting pellets across the Atlantic. Every step on the way causes large emissions of CO2, but these are conveniently ignored in the mindless war on coal.
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Letter to the Editor - I doubt that the Stone Age hunter-and-gatherer culture of the Aboriginals achieved anything remotely comparable in its long occupation of this continent

To The Australian         As a graduate of the University of Melbourne, I am outraged that Duncan Maskell, the present vice-chancellor, has wrongfully dishonoured the achievements of the university since its foundation ("Lessons of Garma shape the future", 14/8). His claim that the university's "history pales into insignificance compared with the thousands of years of history and culture" of Aboriginals, put forward without any substantiating evidence, is sentimental and populist rhetoric. The university has a distinguished history of achievement by its scholars since its foundation, including discoveries of worldwide importance. Moreover, its history extends back through the European university tradition to the learning centres of the ancient world, Egyptian, Greek and Roman. I doubt that the Stone Age hunter-and-gatherer culture of the Aboriginals achieved anything remotely comparable in its long occupation of this continent. Maskell shows no awareness of the powerful case that has been brought against Aboriginal constitutional recognition by a number of our leading intellectuals. Has he read Keith Windschuttle's books, for instance?
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Sex differences 101 By Mrs Vera West

     With all we hear in the media is about how sex differences are a social construction, for a breath of air, consider some basic physiology, neatly summarised here, which is good once I got past a few bits of course language that nowadays seems to fill blogs:

“Men have about 61 percent more muscle mass than women (which is attributed to higher levels of testosterone); most of the muscle mass difference is allocated to the upper body—men have about 75 percent more arm muscle mass than women which accounts for 90 percent greater upper body strength in men. Men also have about 50 percent more muscle mass than women, while this higher percentage of muscle mass is then related to men’s 65 percent greater lower body strength (see references in Lassek and Gaulin, 2009: 322). Men have around 24 pounds of skeletal muscle mass compared to women, though in this study, women were about 40 percent weaker in the upper body and 33 percent weaker in the lower body (Janssen et al, 2000). Miller et al (1993) found that women had a 45 percent smaller cross-section area in the brachii, 45 in the elbow flexion, 30 percent in the vastus lateralis, and 25 percent smaller CSA in the knee extensors, as I wrote in Muscular Strength by Gender and Race, where I concluded:

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How Long before Sweden Ceases to Exist? By Richard Miller

     How can Sweden continue to exist? It should have died long ago. An entity as mad as it, should have blown itself apart by now. But, then again, maybe Sweden is dead, and what we are seeing is an actual walking dead society, which is dead, and decaying, but has a zombie existence. Strange things happen:

“As Steve Sailer noted here recently, the epitome of smiley-faced socialism is suffering a wave of bombing attacks that are unusual for a nation not at war. From 2011 through December 5, 2018, data from Swedish Public Service TV show, police recorded 116 hand-grenade attacks. That’s an average of more than one a month every month. Explosions are the new normal. An example is the bombing of an apartment complex in the normally sleepy university city of Linköping on June 19, that was, reportedly the fallout from a beef between immigrant gangs: Twenty-five people were hurt and 250 apartments were damaged. Even worse, the cops didn’t arrest anyone. [It’s Time for Sweden to Admit Explosions Are a National Emergency, by Paulina Neuding, Quillette, June 11, 2019] For some time, has tracked the intensifying violence in once-peaceful Sweden, which suffered riots in 2008, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2017. The last one, in Rinkeby, inspired some choice commentary from Trump, which in turn caused former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt—a “conservative” of the country’s Moderate Party—to return fire with incredulous, rhetorical questions. The American Main Stream Media pounced. Trump was a liar and an idiot, they claimed, and possibly to blame. Incredibly, though several officers were injured and forced to fire on the masked rioters, the violence also ended with no arrests [No arrests after Rinkeby riots, The Local, February 22, 2017].

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Chicago is One Mass Shooting! By Charles Taylor

     With the elites having exciting times smashing the deplorables, Trump supporters, and anyone they have with the meme: you are a mass murder if you oppose anything we support, in any shape or form, there is the inconvenient truth of Chicago, which is like a mini Sweden:

“One of Chicago’s major hospitals was forced to temporarily shut its doors to new patients last weekend after being overrun by wounded victims following a record-breaking non-white gun crime spree which saw over 59 shootings and seven fatalities. According to local reports, Chicago’s Mount Sinai Hospital temporarily stopped accepting patients Sunday morning because they were at capacity following a series of shootings. Chicago Police Public Information Officer Anthony Guglielmi told media that that officers responded to several multi-victim shooting incidents on the “west side of Chicago stemming from gang conflict.” The west side of Chicago has been completely overrun by masses of black, Hispanic and Puerto Rican gangs, who engage in a bustling criminal lifestyle including drugs, prostitution, theft and so on. The extent of the non-white violence is apparent from an audio recording released by Chicago police, which gives an idea of the ferocity of the gun battles in which the non-white gangs engage: it literally sounds like a war zone.”

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The Truth ABOUT Communist China, Multiculturalism and Asianisation By Michael Ferguson

     This was way before my time, but our founding father Eric Butler in a tremendous little leaflet, The Truth about the Chinese Communists “Agrarian Reformers” or Moscow Agents? first published c.1956, is just as relevant to today as when it first hit the streets of once was what Anglo-Australia. Butler said:

“If the Communist conspiracy against Western Civilization is successful — and there is a grave danger that it may — victory will have been accomplished not primarily by force of arms, but by a propaganda campaign which was designed to undermine potential victims' beliefs in fundamental principles upon which their way of life has been erected. As has been demonstrated time and time again, the real Communist menace is the manner in which conspiratorial methods have been used to influence and pervert the policies of all Western Governments and organizations. Even more menacing is the manner in which large numbers of influential members of the community, particularly those in the position to influence public opinion, are used unconsciously to disseminate propaganda which suits the Communists' purposes.”

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The Murderous Left in Action By Chris Knight

     Here is yet another example of the Left going mad:

“Thursday on MSNBC’s “All In,” network regular and Above the Law executive editor Elie Mystal called for aggressive protesting outside of the home of Stephen Ross, the owner of SoulCycle and the Miami Dolphins, for holding a fundraiser for President Donald Trump. Mystal said acknowledged the Hamptons were “very nice,” but indicated it didn’t have to be. “People of color are already targets under this administration,” he said. “I have no problem with shining the light back on the donors who fund this kind of racialized hate. I mean, I go further. I want pitchforks and torches outside this man’s house in the Hamptons.” “I’ve been to the Hamptons, it’s very nice,” Mystal continued. “There’s no reason it has to be. There’s no reason he should be able to have a nice little party. There’s no reason why people shouldn’t be able to be outside of his house and making their voices peacefully understood.”

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The Right Stuff By John Steele

     With the lack of Masculinity produced by our matriarchal society, it is good to read something with some testosterone in its lines, like this one, from the usually liberal Quora, but a good one:

Robert Whaley, former Strategic & Tactical Planning Mgr Info Systems (1978-2002)

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