Closing Down the Factories By Charles Taylor

     Trump intends to flood America with legal immigrants to take all of the jobs that he supposedly created for Americans. With any luck the jobs will disappear quicker than the migrants can be brought in. Or maybe people will rise up against this madman. Meanwhile back in the real world, not orange-haired clown world, factories are being closed down:

“Middle-class Americans whose livelihoods have been thrown off course after being laid off by General Motors (GM) in Lordstown, Ohio, are fed up with the country’s political and business ruling class in Washington, DC.
For months, the community of Lordstown has had to grapple with GM closing the region’s assembly plant, which has resulted in the immediate layoff of about 1,600 American workers, and since 2017, GM has laid off about 4,500 American workers in Ohio. The GM plant closure is also expected to leave more than 8,000 American workers jobless in and around Lordstown as well as cut out about $8 billion in economic activity in the area. Already, more than 900 workers in supporting industries have been put out of work. At the same time, GM has announced that it will manufacture a slew of new vehicles in South Korea, while GM CEO Mary Barra still plans on idling three other American manufacturing plants — two in Michigan and one in Maryland.”

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Letter to The Editor - For some months you appear to have censored out of existence that large body of Australians firmly opposed to any form of "indigenous constitutional recognition"

To The Age         You are perfectly entitled to defend "the principle of a free media" ("Media must report without fear", 6/6); and you are right to assert further that a free media has "a public-interest duty to report truthfully, responsibly and without fear or favour." Alas, as one who has read your paper regularly for over sixty years, I have to point out that you do not always live up to that ideal. Two areas of discourse at once come to mind. For some months you appear to have censored out of existence that large body of Australians firmly opposed to any form of "indigenous constitutional recognition" or treaty making with indigenous Australians. The other area is responsible right-wing culture, as manifested both in Australia and overseas. There is a yawning gap in your reporting and commentary. This greatly hinders the conservative cause in our nation. Your progressivist lens has been too narrow.
Yours sincerely,
  Nigel Jackson

Letter to The Editor - We all agree that indigenous Australians have a unique status and role to play in our national future

To The Australian         Julian Lucas is wrong (6/6) in seeing "a treaty between Aborigines and non-Aborigines" as an act unlikely to "provoke legal interference with constitutional rights and duties." That is exactly what it would do. A minority of activists of various kinds, for whatever reasons, is endeavouring to drive a wedge between Aboriginal Australians and the rest of us. Constitutional amendment of any kind and treaty-making of any kind would facilitate their cause of Aboriginal separatism, but be against the interests of Australians as a whole. Moreover, it seems clear that no persons living today can justifiably claim to be of, or to represent, an Aboriginal nation; thus a valid treaty cannot be created. We all agree that indigenous Australians have a unique status and role to play in our national future. We all agree that they deserve special support and encouragement in many contexts. This can be done without crossing the red line towards the division of our continent into two nations.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Even New Levels of Big Tech Terror By Chris Knight

     This is getting complicated and journalists with heaps of work naturally look for a quick and easy summary. Here is the best beast I could find:

The Daily Beast recently doxed a black forklift driver and reported Trump supporter for the alleged high crime of creating a parody video of Democrat speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi. But there’s more to the story — it appears Facebook may have helped the left-wing journalists identify him. The Daily Beast identified the video creator as Shawn Brooks, whom they described as a forklift driver and Trump supporter from the Bronx. A Twitter account claiming to be Brooks disputed key details of the story, claiming he is not a Trump supporter, did not create the parody video, and does not live in the Bronx. By doxing Brooks, The Daily Beast followed the example of CNN, which threatened to unmask an anonymous Trump supporter over a parody video, forcing to him apologize in exchange for not revealing his identity. The scandal caused “CNNBlackmail” to trend on Twitter. But there’s another aspect to the Daily Beast story which has major implications for the privacy of Facebook users — according to The Daily Beast reporter himself, Facebook gave him information on Brooks’ activity on the platform.

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Terminator Feminised and Terminated! By John Steele, Man of Steel

     Granny where did you get that rocket launcher? That turn of phrase came to mind when seeing by accident the latest clip of the forthcoming Terminator: Dark Fate movie. This franchise built upon the original “I’ll be back” movie (1984) with classic Arnie Schwarzensplatter, before he became a Dumocrat climate doomster.

     Hollywood is now churning out social justice warrior movies, where old male action figures are replaced by girl power feminists of all races. Good for them. White males simply do not need to waste good money on this garbage, and would be better off putting the money spent paying to be kicked in the gonads, towards manly activities such as red meat, hard liquor, guns, swords, bowie knives, battle axes, combat machetes, power tools, and sheds to build mancaves to keep all of this stuff in. Who needs movies anyway? Real men like me star in their own adventure movie, every day. You should too.

Rallying Behind the Veil-Lifting Doctor By Richard Miller

     People seem to be getting behind the British doctor who was dragged over metaphorical broken glass and drawn and quartered and all the things that medieval English did, that are in a way now back on the menu. Oh, this doctor committed the unforgivable sin for the new regime:

“More than 11,000 people have rallied behind a doctor under investigation for asking a Muslim woman to remove her veil during an appointment. Supporters have signed an online petition in huge numbers demanding Dr Keith Wolverson, 52, keep his job to 'protect his reputation'. The petition also called on the General Medical Council (GMC) to 'treat this man fairly and look at all the evidence' after it was revealed a complaint had been made to them by the patient following the incident at Royal Stoke University Hospital. The doctor said he is unable to find work and is planning to quit medicine and retrain as a cosmetic practitioner. Dr Wolverson claims the woman did not object when he ‘politely’ asked her to remove the face covering, adding he only asked because he was struggling to understand what she was saying about her sick daughter. But her husband later made a complaint and last week the locum GP was shocked to receive a letter from doctors’ regulator the General Medical Council. It said that he was being investigated over allegations of racial discrimination which could result in him being struck off.

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The Coming of the Age of Barbarians By John Steele

     Being a bit of an anti-civilisation barbarian wildman type myself, I was impressed by the arguments given by my favourite neo-masculine Iranian/Armenian non-white writer, Roosh V, about how it all will probably end. He makes the point from history that all civilisations fell apart, generally from internal corruption that allowed more aggressive barbarians to smash their societies to smithereens. Look, there are even scholars, such as Peter Heather in Empires and Barbarians (2012), arguing that ancient Rome fell primarily from barbarian invasions, not over-taxation and other things that obsess conservatives and libertarian free market fanatics:

But, here is a selection of Roosh V’s thoughts

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Whites Now So Degraded that They Need to Lie about their Race! By Brian Simpson

     How low can we go? Plenty and we probably have not hit rock bottom yet. Boy, I am sure glad I am as old as I am so that I will not live through the final stages of this. Who said that death, even if it meant total annihilation (which we Christians reject, but go with the argument for now), is so bad?

“New reports claim that college admissions scam mastermind William “Rick” Singer told white students to lie about their race on their college applications. According to a report from the New York Post, college admissions scandal mastermind William “Rick” Singer encouraged white clients to lie about their child’s race on their college applications. According to Singer, not doing so would put their children at a “competitive disadvantage” to other students. The source that provided this information claimed that Singer had one student apply to colleges as a Native American. However, the student had no Native American ancestry. “There was nothing Native American about this kid,” the source said. Singer plead guilty to multiple charges related to a wide-ranging scandal that involved celebrities like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman as well as major business leaders. Assistant US Attorney Eric Rosen said in March that Singer had a pattern of lying about student’s ethnicities in order to increase their chance of college admission. As a part of the scandal, Singer transferred a large sum in bribes from parents to athletic coaches who would classify the client’s child as an athletic recruit, even if the child did not play the sport. Singer also hired adult standardized test experts to take tests like the SAT and ACT for the students. In some cases, Singer had children manipulate mental health professionals so that they could be classified as needing extra time on college entrance exams. In those cases, an exam proctor hired by Singer would correct the student’s wrong answers before submission to increase their score.

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The Rise of Medical Fascism By Mrs Vera West

     It is coming, full-on medical fascism, since there can never be enough profits for Big Pharma.

“Medical fascism is on the rise in America as left-wing medical tyrants push mandatory vaccines and mandatory chemotherapy on the masses, even while they are screaming that the government should “get your hands off my body” when it comes to abortions. According to the twisted, deranged philosophy of Leftists, it’s okay to murder a child that has just been born (infanticide), meaning they assign zero value to a human life. By the same psychopathic thinking, Leftists also believe government can force any human being at gunpoint to be injected with extremely toxic substances that kill living cells and cause permanent damage to the heart, kidneys and brain (chemotherapy agents are derived from the chemical weapons of World War I). We have now entered an era of sheer insanity pushed by the zombified Left, where they believe it’s okay to murder human babies, physically maim their own children in the name of “transgenderism,” and force risky medical interventions on people without their consent. This is medical fascism run amok, and it’s being pushed by radical left-wing Democrats like Calif. state senator Richard Pan, also known as “the Vaccine Joker.” Your ownership over your own body is now being overrun by medical fascists and left-wing lunatics who value no life at all.”

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Fake Families, Papers, Anything Goes By Chris Knight

     There are more illegals crashing through the US system than ever before in US history, and Trump, while talking tough has done nothing to stop them. As Commander-in-chief of the Armed forces, he could stop fighting wars for those who own him for just a moment and secure the US borders using soldiers. Ignore the courts, do what China would do, for they are the new fountain of wisdom:

     Instead, Central America is emptying as whole towns flock to the border to come do what the president of Mexico said they should, enjoy the benefits of America. That is, millions of migrants in a chain of migration that simply makes North America in to South America. Are the Dumocrats and the rich business elites who profit from cheap labour ready for what is coming, or are they so insane that they do not care, or cannot think? Both, perhaps.

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Rapping and Raping the West By Peter West

     This one contains too much profane language for our site to report on, so I will need to approach this one from a safer tangential perspective.

     No, impossible to give quotes as too much horror and profanity. Music about killing and raping whites, the usual stuff. I imagine that the main audience would be ethno-masochistic white university students wanting to be cool. In the end they may end up cooler than they might wish. Like this, viewer discretion, strong anti-white sentiments, violence, sex scenes, definitely R-rated etc., but mainstream from Rihanna with 145 million + views:

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Now Non-Rapists are Rapists! By Mrs Vera West

     This moves everything absurd into the impossible category. What happens when someone who did not want to have sex at all, and ran in the other direction goes down for rape? Why not have a lottery with all men’s names in and just Randomly draw out a name every few minutes to prosecute or execute? Can the system get more putrid? Sure, it can, because as always, good men do nothing, or so little that it simply gets washed away:

“A male student at Columbia University is claiming in a recently filed lawsuit that a female student falsely accused him of rape after he denied her advances. According to a report from the New York Post, expelled Columbia University student Ben Feibleman has filed a lawsuit against the university. Fiebleman claims that the university wrongly expelled him from the school after a female peer falsely accused him of rape. Moreover, Fiebleman claims that the female student only accused him of rape after he refused to sleep with her. According to the lawsuit, Fiebleman and the female student were engaging in consensual kissing before he ultimately decided to slow things down. Fiebleman pointed out that they must stop because the female student had a boyfriend at the time. At that point, the female student allegedly began to verbally berate Fiebleman.

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The Insanity of the Academics By Mrs Vera West

     This one could have gone to James for a “the academics are mad and bad approach,” but I drew the straw. So, unborn babies are “parasites”:

“A professor at the University of California, San Diego, told his students that unborn babies are “parasites” during a class lecture. Now, a scientist from LSU is pushing back against this absurd claim. Breitbart News reported in April that University of California San Diego Professor Pascal Gagnuex told students that fetuses are a “legitimate parasite.” The lecture then compared fetuses to a “cancer” that “rapidly grows,” and “invades” the body. Gagneux has pushed back against criticisms of the slide, arguing that he was not trying to make a political point. “Most of you probably realize that my point was to show that mammals are especially prone to invasive cancers because mammals evolved invasive placentation,” Gagneux wrote. “My point was not to indoctrinate you with the notion that fetuses are cancers, as insinuated in the article.” Scientist and associate Professor Michael Behnke of LSU, who specializes in studying parasites, told the College Fix this week that Gagnuex’s description of unborn children is not only incorrect but also “borderline satanic.” “A parasite is something that takes from a host without providing any significant benefit to that host. An unborn baby carries half the genes of the mother. In a purely gene-centered view of biology, the baby will benefit the mother in the most fundamental way. The more children the mother gives birth to, the more genes she passes on, the more benefit she derives in a biological sense,” Behnke said. A spokesperson for UC San Diego told Fox News that the slides represent an accurate scientific analysis of unborn babies. “The slide presents common, widely accepted scientific concepts and in no way represents a political statement,” the spokesperson said.”

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Can Whites Really Say Anything (Critical) about Africa’s Anti-Gay Laws? By Mrs Vera West

     No, whites cannot do this because of past colonialism, which disqualifies them from the entire global moral community, forever:

“Kenya's high court on Friday upheld a law banning gay sex, keeping same sex relations punishable by 14 years in jail in the East African nation and drawing strong criticism from the United Nations and rights activists. Same-sex relationships are a crime in more than 70 countries around the world, almost half of them in Africa. Neighboring Uganda once enacted a law imposing a life sentence for certain acts of gay sex although it was later nullified by court. South Africa is the only African nation to have legalized gay marriage. "We hereby decline the relief sought and dismiss the combined petition," Justice Roselyn Aburili told a packed courtroom in Kenya's capital Nairobi, relaying the unanimous opinion of the three-justice panel. "We find that the impugned sections are not unconstitutional, accordingly the combined petitions have no merit." Some gay rights activists wept outside the courtroom after the verdict while supporters of the ban clapped, congratulated each other and yelled "thank you" at the judges' bench. Other people backing the ban held placards outside the court with messages, including "homosexuality is an abomination."

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Civil Rights for the Unborn By Mrs Vera West

     Now it is getting interesting, when the rhetoric of civil rights is turned back against the pro-abortion lobby:

“Dr. Alveda King, director of Priests for Life’s Civil Rights for the Unborn project and the niece of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., told Breitbart News that the recently passed pro-life laws in states like Georgia and Alabama seek to grant “civil rights” to babies in the womb and protect women, not punish them. King offered her remarks on Friday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour. Mansour opened the interview by reflecting on how Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail could be read today in response to pro-life conservatives who are concerned that Alabama’s recently passed Human Life Protection Act could harm Republicans in the 2020 election. “I hope it isn’t presumptuous of me for saying this, but when I was hearing people saying, ‘This is untimely and this is unwise,’ the first thing that came to my mind was your uncle’s famous Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” Mansour said. “He makes a brilliant argument in that letter that the time to fight against injustice is always right now.”

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Bob the Butcher’s Top Pick for British PM By Bob the Butcher

     Gidday, Bob the Butcher here to talk about politics, and what a prime cut of meat that is! Here, let me wipe the grease off of my hands, onto my ever-clean blue and white striped apron so that my plump fingers do not slip too badly from the key board. There, all good and ready to go. So, who will be the top piece of pork to run the animal farm of the UK you ask? A good question, and something a butcher can answer. Much like house training pets, there is a head start if the potential PM is already schooled up in the way things go nowadays:

“Tory leadership contender and Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary Jeremy Hunt stood to attention for the Islamic call to prayer at a Ramadan feast in Whitehall on May 23rd. The Remain voter, who will become Prime Minister if he wins to contest to succeed Theresa May as Conservative Party leader, stood for the call to prayer at an Iftar — a sunset feast at which Muslims break their Ramadan fasts — alongside junior minister Tariq Ahmad, also known as the Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon. “Proud to co-host an Iftar [at the Foreign Office] with [Tariq Ahmad],” the Foreign Secretary posted on Twitter. “Britain’s Muslim communities make an invaluable contribution to our national life. Ramadan Mubarak to those celebrating in the UK and around the world.”

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Prepping and Minimalism By John Steele

     With Christmas fast approaching, and also the end of all things, it becomes difficult to balance a busy consumer life style and preparing for impending doom. That is why many sites in the survivalist/prepper field are being helpful and telling us that we need not kill yourselves in supplying pointless consumer products to those who do not ultimately care, but that we can adopt minimalism and be a prepper at the same time:

     It is as easy as falling off a log, breaking one’s hip, or getting stung by angry bees while trying to rob their hive for honey. Simply cut back on all the useless things, which is almost everything, mindless Hollywood entertainment, TV, the fancy mobile phone (I use a pay phone for the two times a year I need to ring anybody), and adopt a basic paleo diet of good quality meats and vegetables, like the Nordic/Viking diet which keeps the Icelanders alive longer than anyone on the planet:

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The Rape of Northern Europe By Richard Miller

     The Left denies that this is a problem, but common sense indicates that Northern European women have been raped as thoroughly as if the Soviet red hordes had moved from raping Germany to raping the rest of Europe. There is a direct correlation between the Nordicness, the lightness of eye, skin and hair and these rapes, indicating an ethno-racial genocide ideology is at work. Look, if this was done to people of colour, the very heavens would be shaken by the rulers of the new anarcho-tyrannical regime. Just rework this story with any other minority substituted:

“More than a half of Swedish women aged between 16 and 29 claim they have been sexually assaulted or harassed, a new study has revealed. Sweden's Public Health Agency claimed this is a 'major public health issue' which needs to be stopped. Officials discovered the alarming statistic after surveying about 50,000 Swedes between aged between 16 and 84 as part of a study into sex habits. The report found that, while most people are satisfied with their sex life, 42 per cent of women claim to have been sexually harassed, compared to nine per cent of men. Also, 39 percent of women and nine percent of men say they've been subjected to sexual assault. The problem is more widespread among younger people, as 57 per cent of women aged between 16 and 29 say they have been sexually harassed. 55 percent of women in the same age group claim they were subjected to some form of sexual assault. 'This is a major public health issue and these types of behaviours must be stopped,' Louise Mannheimer, the head of the Swedish Public Health Agency's sexual health unit said. The survey also found that 11 percent of women have been the victim of attempted rape. This problem is even more widespread among the LGBT community, as 30 percent of lesbians and ten percent of gay men say they have experienced a rape attempt. The Public Health Agency found that women to lower education are more often subjected to harassment or assault than those with higher education.”

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The Internet Kill Switch, Yeah Baby! By Brian Simpson

     What a glorious thing it was for the internet to take a huge kick in the guts and go to the ground, rolling in pain. Sure, it got back up to fight the next round, but there is hope that it could all just die one day, leaving us with glorious chaos for a while, but then something we have not had for a long time, peace.  Here is good old Mike Adams giving his end times like take on all of this, which I always enjoy being in the cranky winter of my life, not made better by arthritis in my lower back that kills me sitting typing for hours, because I am too dumb to get up and stretch, but I digress:

“It is no coincidence that two days after the Trump administration announced a massive DOJ anti-trust investigation into Google, dozens of tech companies have been disrupted via sweeping internet outages that many are calling the “internet kill switch.” Throughout the day today (Sunday), massive outages took down nearly all Google services (Gmail, Google, YouTube, Google Home, Google Hangouts etc.), and hard-hitting glitches hit all the following services …
•    Gmail / Google / Google services
•    YouTube
•    Facebook
•    Twitter
•    Amazon and Amazon Web Services
•    AT&T, T-Mobile, Comcast, Verizon and Spectrum
•    Apple Store and iCloud

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Letter to The Editor - Such a division is so obviously against the interests of Australians

To The Age        Is it really true that the Aboriginal flag "has united everybody, all over Australia, from all the Aboriginal nations" ("Aboriginal flag ban shocks businesses", 12/6)? That looks like the kind of wild exaggeration that revolutionaries have been indulging in for centuries. Such doubts are only reinforced by Laura Thompson's further statement that the flag "represented a struggle and a resistance movement." Yes, it is clearly an expression of the campaign for Aboriginal separatism and the division of this continent into two nations. Such a division is so obviously against the interests of Australians generally that it is astounding that so many more Australians do not speak out more clearly in favour of indissoluble national unity in this context.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave