The Mainstream Confront US Secessionism By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The issue of the breakup of America is becoming mainstream now, with most Trump supporters, well, supporting it. Given the intense conflict between conservatives, and the Left which has become increasingly insane, one would have thought that the Left would be happy for the Great Divorce. Not so; it seems that nothing short of the total vanquishing of their conservative enemies is acceptable, for no live and let live position can be tolerated. It is just the way the Left has acted since the revolution of 1917. Now it is the revolution of 2021. 

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Are Whites Defective Genetic Mutants: Reject X-Men? By James Reed

Although the article has now been deleted, a UK black History Month website proclaimed that White people are “genetically defective mutants.” Yes, that is the way to preserve good racial relationships! The piece was from ultra-woke American psychiatrist Frances Cress Welsing, who theorized that white people who were “genetically defective mutants,” had been driven out of Africa by Black natives there in pre-history. Once Whites were expelled from the African continent, they turned to white supremacy and racism to protect their mutation. She said their lack of melanin, a skin pigment, was responsible for their lack of morality and that being black was “an established basis for moral, or more specially, normal human behaviour.”

This was apparently not satire. Needless to say, none of this bs has any scientific or even philosophical basis. There are oodles of Black immorality, as shown by the crime statistics, American Renaissance is at least good for this. Oh, that is a product of white racism. But, that flies in the face of the Black supremacist thesis, since Blacks no longer have agency and freewill in the presence of Whites.

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The Final Covid Variant is Called Communism! By Chris Knight

The significance of the Covid plandemic is that far from being a new Black Death biological threat, the threat is mainly sociological, an attack by cultural Marxism and totalitarian communist social policies. The measures adopted to control a disease that has typically killed annually that of a bad flu, has been met by social control beyond anything ever experience on Earth, locking people in home detention, prisons at their own expense for months, possibly forever, and controlling even breathing. It is something even Stalin and Mao did not do. And the real scary thing is that the majority of normies have accepted this, so far. But, protests are growing, and may grow more when it is found that lockdowns and/or other measures will be back even after high vaccination rates, as in Israel. Masks are now part of the culture, as much as wearing clothes.

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The “Mysterious” Rise in N-STEMI Heart Attacks Worldwide – Whatever Could be Covid Causing it? By Brian Simpson

There is a rapid rise across the world in a form of heart attack called an N-STEMI attack, due to partially blocked arteries limiting blood supply to the heart. For example, doctors at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Clydebank, recorded a consistent 25 percent rise in N-STEMI heart attacks over the US summer period. The hospital typically receives 240 N-STEMI patients a month, but during the months of May, June and July, the number of N-STEMI heart attack patients was over 300 people per month. The authorities, naturally enough are not pining the blame on the magic vaccines, so the phenomenon is regarded as a mystery. Could it be due to evil spirits, as past generations of humanity would have thought? Black cats? Black magic?

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The Leaky Covid Vaccines By Brian Simpson

The, has an excellent piece summarising the case of the leaky, failing vaccines, assuming that they worked in the first place. The outbreaks of breakthrough infections across the globe is  well explained by a leaky vaccine that fails to sterilize the virus but causes viral immune escape and a degree of vaccine mediated enhancement. That may be what is happening now, and could be Australia’s fate, given its present vaccine cargo cult.

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When is a Vaccine Not a Vaccine? By Chris Knight (Florida)

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a vaccine is "a product that stimulates a person's immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease." Immunity, in turn, is defined as "Protection from an infectious disease," meaning that "If you are immune to a disease, you can be exposed to it without becoming infected." Dr Mercola argues, in a now deleted post, that the mRNA “vaccines,” do not meet the traditional definition of a “vaccine.” While the CDC has redefined the term to try and meet these objections, that is essentially an ad hoc, unjustified move, because terms can always be arbitrarily redefined to meet any objection. Thus, following this argument through, could it therefore be argued that there at present is maybe only one traditional Covid vaccination, and the rest are really gene therapies? So, from this, most vaccination mandates are beside the point unless they explicitly require jabbing with specified gene therapies. The vaccinated may be the great unvaccinated!

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Vermont, Highly Vaxxed, but with a Covid Surge By Chris Knight (Florida)

Here is yet another example of a jurisdiction that the Australian authorities should be studying, in their naïve belief that the Covid vaccinations solve all. Vermont is the US state with the highest vaccination rate in the US, but is presently experiencing a surge in Covid cases. The state recorded the highest rate of hospitalizations per 100,000 residents on September 30, breaking a record set on January 31, 2020. Where is the protection supposedly offered by the vaccines?

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FBI to Terrorise Parents Daring to Oppose Critical Race Theory By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The Biden administration will now bring to bear the force of the FBI to terrorise parents who go to school board meetings to oppose the teaching of Critical Race Theory to their children. This is done under the guise that the parents themselves are urban terrorists. Even opposing the mask mandates, on health grounds, is enough to bring out the thugs in the black suits. We live under the greatest tyranny of all time, disguised only by the short-term affluence produced by the age of machines and technology.

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Double Vaxxed, but Still Waxed By Chris Knight (Florida)

US actor, Marc Elliot Pilcher, whom I have never heard of, had no underlying health conditions, got the jab twice, but died of Covid. He has tested negative a number of times, but, to no avail.

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Forced to Vaccinate, Now Crippled … but at Least Safe from Covid (Maybe Not) By Chris Knight (Florida)

Here is another Covid vaccine tragedy as a Denver police officer, facing the prospect of losing his job due to the mandatory vaccination program, got one jab, and ended up with neurological problems, making it hard to walk. Sure, it is low probability, until it happens to you.

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Pfizer’s Covid Vax Declining Effectiveness By Chris Knight (Florida)

There are reports coming in from across the world, published in various peer-reviewed journals, that efficacy of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine falls below 50 percent after about six months after the second dose. That is the conclusion reached by The Pfizer-funded study, published in The Lancet, which  found that Pfizer's vaccine was 88 percent effective in the first month after vaccination, but dropped to 47 percent effectiveness at about six months. There are other studies, reported at this blog a few days ago, indicating that this drop off may begin in as little as two months. That means for the present Australian regime, there will need to be endless booster shots of the Pfizer, to avoid the “fizzer.”

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Anti-Racism as Soviet-Style Social Control By James Reed

Professor Michael Vanyukov, a professor of pharmaceutical sciences, psychiatry and human genetics at the University of Pittsburgh, has argued  that  race has taken the place of class warfare in the narrative of neo-Marxism. He escaped to the US from the former USSR 30 years ago, so he knows communism when he sees it. Race has replaced class in the neo-Marxist scheme of things, so instead of the elites using class warfare, it is now race warfare. Critical Race Theory is but the latest manifestation of the battle that has been conducted since the 1960s so-called civil rights era. Of course, the same can be said for feminism, women’s lib and the gender agenda of transgenderism as well.

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Trump and Pence, Two Traitorous Peas in a Pod By Chris Knight (Florida)

There is something of an open conspiracy to over-report Covid deaths, as well as to under-report Covid vaccine injuries, as argued in detail by Dr Mercola, in a now-deleted post. Deleted because the elites who hound him, want that for some reason rather than shutting everything down, which in time they will no doubt do. Anyway, the motive is to increase the apparent seriousness of the Covid disease, to maintain a culture of fear, and to panic people into getting the jab. It is a self-affirming circle. Neat, but sinister.

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Trump and Pence, Two Traitorous Peas in a Pod By Charles Taylor (Florida)

I have argued since my banned book of 2017, that Trump is a Deep State plant, designed as both a pressure valve for conservatives, who think he is doing something positive, as well as a mechanism to allow the Left to push further in their agenda, saying that they have to counter Trump, who did nothing anyway. Hence, Trump’s rhetoric of building the wall came to nothing, when it could have been built in months. But, the Democrats now open up the borders totally as a backlash. It is Marxist dialectics in action.

Then we have the events of January 6, 2021, where Trump calls the faithful to Washington DC, finds out that Pence has betrayed him, then tells everyone to go home. Of course, the crowd has been whipped up, and there are Deep State agents there to direct the protest into the Capitol beehive. Pence simply allowed certification with the cloud of electoral fraud over the entire result. But, as indicated below, a few days on, Pence is forgiven by Trump. Sometime later Trump said that he would consider running with Pence! No patriot in their right mind would have done all of this, so Trump is no patriot; Trump is low IQ, but not totally stupid. Again the January 6 event was used to begin the war against Trump supporters beginning with the execution in cold blood of Ashli Babbitt, which the system has allowed as an example of what they are prepared to do.

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White Guilt a Precondition for University By Richard Miller (London)

In this advanced stage of the decay of the West, we should not be surprised to find policies taking centre stage that attack foundation groups, and for Britain that means white British. Thus, matriculating students at St Andrews University must pass courses where they accept their “personal guilt” in order to confront their “unconscious bias” before starting their programme. But, has it been proven that these students are full of guilt? Of course, there is the argument that if they are white they are cursed with guilt, like an original sin. This belief is at the level of the belief in witches in the village causing crop failure. Only here most people are defined as “witches”! The “logical” conclusion to this is the ban all whites from the universities, including the staff, both administrative and academic. If whites are so guilty, this must be done. Do it now oh Great Lords of Evil and Darkness!

All this is happening as there was no resistance to this in the post-World War II period, with the people at the time being weary from war, and wanting to consume, producing a generation of boomers, who from the inevitable decadence that comes from affluence, began the decay of the West. Now the Great Rot is accelerating by the day. 

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Britain’s Baby Shortage: What Else is New? By Richard Miller (London)

The UK Social Market Foundation (SMF) has  said that  the British birth-rate was almost half what it was at its post-war peak in the 1960s.  The country’s ageing population could lead to economic decline. To digress, as I see it, this is a problem throughout the West, and is, apart from racial revenge, one of the key reasons for the elites advancing the Great Replacement agenda through open doors migration of the Third World, to eliminate whiteness. Of course, the end result is not what the elites had hoped for in terms of keeping the economy ticking over, with the majority of the newcomers on welfare in most jurisdictions. But, the main thing though is demographic dilution of the dreaded whiteness. No more racism in a coloured, diverse world, as depicted in the song, Imagine.

However, the Social Market Foundation appears to be focusing on increasing the birth-rate through a number of measures, such as better childcare provisions, as the typical British working parents spend 22 percent of their income on full-time childcare, more than double the average for Western economies. This is a sounder long-term response than the knee-jerk increase immigration, since migrants will age, and soon adopt the same reproductive patterns of locals.

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PM Morrison should take some Aussie Coal to Chilly Glasgow By Viv Forbes


The Saltbush Club, Australia’s defenders of coal, cattle and cars, says that PM Morrison should not attend COP26 unless he also takes some high-energy Australian black coal to show the energy-starved Europeans the best source of stored solar energy.

(In 2017, Scott Morrison took a lump of black coal into the Australian Parliament to show those members wearing green goggles what a real solar energy storage battery looked like.)

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Pork Barrel Corruption: Media Handouts! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Buried in the Democrats massive spending bill is a US $ 1.3 billion taxpayers’ dollars for the media. Yes, really. As hypothesised below, it is likely a payoff for the mainstream media to keep the lid on things like electoral fraud and the goings on of Hunter Biden. Such is life in a banana republic, without the bananas which are imported along with the migrants.

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The Reign of Terror of the Police State By Charles Taylor (Florida)

John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead at comment upon the reign of terror that has now been inflicted upon people by the Covid state. They focus upon the US courts, which are delivering judgments increasingly contrary to freedom and traditional liberalism. This is significant because it gives Australians an idea of where the ball is going. You have definitely seen this with your lockdowns, the most oppressive in the world. We Americans have asked what is wrong with the Australians for putting up with this, but really, we here face the same type of creeping totalitarian, as now detailed.

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The Bioweapons of Biden By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Continuing with the Civil War II/breakdown of America theme, one symptom of this is the vast double standard that now exists. American citizens are subjected to the Covid culture and vaccine mandates, but the flood of illegals are not and are freely moved into red states to infect them. It has been  said that Biden is using people as bioweapons, which is shocking, but true when you think about it.


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