Katter calls for minor parties to come together and don’t forget the Culleton factor

Ref: https://cairnsnews.org/2017/03/13/one-nation-wa-election-fall-out/
KAP Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter watched Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party’s performance in the Western Australia (WA) election closely. It is Mr Katter’s little party, the KAP – who stand to gain or lose the most from One Nation’s performance in the looming Qld election.

Mr Katter said, “Anyone in Qld who thinks One Nation is dead in the water is badly misreading the situation. The LNP is toxic in WA, but the difference in Qld is, so is the ALP (as well as the LNP).
“The disaster of One Nation giving all their preferences to Liberals, and voting with them all the time in Canberra… (This brought down Tony Windsor who was always voting with the ALP), One Nation is beginning to look like a LNP lamb in wolf’s ‘Third Force’ clothing, the Hanson Party must realise the reason people vote for them is because they’re not one of the majors.

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The Rise of the Machines by Brain Simpson

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) accelerate, with a new tool  allowing AI to learn to do almost anything on a computer, learning to use Apps like humans do: https://www.wired.com/2016/12/openais-universe-computers-learn-to-use-apps-like-humans/.
Open AI, the Ai lab backed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, has released “Universe,” a virtual world for AI to learn, which covers any software, everything that a human can do with a computer. Universe is thus a software platform, software for running other software, and in principle this will lead to AI being able to solve any problem, better than humans can do. This is early days yet, but that was so with facial and digital image representation previously.

A recent article in The Australian: “Future Shock: What Happens When Robots Take Our Jobs” (January 17, 2017, p. 9) discusses the idea of a universal income scheme for dealing with the “end of work” problem. A side bar discussion notes that India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, after scrapping two high-value bank notes which account for 86 percent of India’s currency by value, now wants to introduce a universal basic income which directly gives cash to India’s poorest. His goal is, apparently, to control corruption in India.
India, after Russia, is the world’s second most unequal country, where the top 1 percent own 60 percent of the wealth.

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"The Delusion of Super-Production" - C. H. Douglas. English Review, December, 1918

It is hardly necessary to draw attention to the insistence with which we are told that in order to pay for the war we must produce more manufactured goods than ever before--a powerful section of the Press would have the whole military, political, social and industrial policy of the Allied Governments directed to the purpose, that, when by a complete victory we have acquired control of raw material and disposed of our most dangerous competitor, we may adjust our internal differences and settle down to an unfettered era of commercial activity, from which all other desirable things will, it is suggested, proceed naturally.

There are an almost infinite number of aspects to this proposition which is not dissimilar, so far as it goes, from that with which Germany went to war: it is possible to attack it from the point of view of the historian, the psychologist, or even the physiologist. It is even possible that certain quite indispensable suffrages have still to be obtained for it. But it is sufficiently interesting to take it as it stands on a frankly material, "practical" basis, and see what are its logical consequences.

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The Triumph of Trump by Chris Knight

President Donald J. Trump’s inauguration speech was magnificent. He basically said that the power mad Washington DC elites had rule like tyrants for too long, and now it ends. It was a speech that brought tears to any patriot’s eye. Bill Clinton, on the stage with the rest of the folk Trump was attacking was looking with lust at Trump’s daughter Ivanka (you can see it on YouTube), and Obama looked like he had been kicked in the guts. He had.

There seems to be even a slight awareness that a profound revolution against globalist ideology is occurring. Here are some interesting words from someone who needs no introduction to this site,  Greg Sheridan, The Australian’s foreign editor, “Trump’s Triumph Explained: Xi and Obama Fuel America’s Revolt,” The Australian, January 19, 2017, p. 1.
“Two presidents, China’s Xi Jinping and America’s Barack Obama, have taken actions which do much to explain why Donald Trump is triumphant.
Xi Jinping, at the World Economic Forum at Davos no less, posed as the champion of globalisation, even preaching against protectionism and populism.
“Just blaming economic globalisation for the world’s problems is inconsistent with reality, and will not help solve them,” he said.
You have to admire Xi’s chutzpah. If every nation in the world practised globalisation in the way the Chinese government does, it would be a world of constant chaos and near inevitable conflict.

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The Globalist War Against Cash, the Internet and Freedom by Richard Miller

In India millions of people are already in revolt against new anti-cash laws which has led to hundreds of millions of poor people being unable to access their savings:

The global financial elites want to eliminate cash as this will give them even more control over the ordinary people, and India is being used as a test-run for what is planned across the world. Without cash the New World Order overlords can readily control what one buys and what one does.
The Australian government, following calls from multinational finance companies, is examining abolishing the Australian hundred-dollar note, done under the guise of reducing the “black market economy”:
As Mike Adams points out, the attack on cash is part of a globalist offensive on freedom, including freedom of the internet (Natural News.com, December 5, 2016) There is already censorship of the social media in German:

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