The Truly Amazing Adventures of Super George By Tom North

     The things young Georgey Soros gets up to, the little Tom Sawyer, would make a great family movie:

“The head of a Soros-funded organisation described how his group lobbies Germany to pressure Hungary into abandoning its NGO transparency law. Balázs Dénes detailed how the Civil Liberties Union for Europe, supported by George Soros’s Open Society Foundations (OSF), attempts to influence Germany via its links to think tanks close to the German government, according to recordings obtained by The Jerusalem Post. Dénes described his main target as Hungary’s NGO transparency law which seeks for greater transparency of foreign-funded bodies in the country — directly affecting Soros’s open borders charities and pressure groups. “We work very strongly. I’m having a meeting this week with a think tank, an organisation which is influencing the German government and the Foreign Ministry of Germany, and I’m bringing them copies of the law, just translated from Hungarian, and I’m explaining [to] them what they can do against it,” Dénes is reported to have said.”

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Bad Social Credit Scores By James Reed

     This article does not deal with the social credit we know and love in the usual sense, but with China’s perversion of the original Christian concept. 

“No sooner has Xi Jinping donned the mantle of “Paramount” Leader-for-life and ramped-up Internet censorship than the “social credit” system outlined in 2014 has been unleashed upon the Chinese public, with people now being barred from air travel or riding on trains if their “social credit” score is found to be lacking, under the “Once untrustworthy, always restricted” policy. A few months ago, I ran a story about China’s new Sesame Credit-powered social rating system, with China’s answer to Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group Ltd. as one of its architects.

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The Anti-Economy of Less By Peter Ewer

     We would disagree with men of the Left, such as James Howard Kunstler on many things, such as the illusory peak oil (oil will never run out), and climate change (God does not let such disasters occur, since His promise from the flood in Genesis). However, whatever the cause, we agree that a breakdown of Western civilisation is rapidly occurring, so we must seek insights about this from various sources even if we disagree on the details. He has something interesting to say:

“The important story is what happens in the financial sector and how it effects the economy in the next twelve to eighteen months. As we know, the financial system is the most abstract and fragile of all the systems that we depend on because the other systems can’t run without it. The trucks won’t make the food deliveries to the supermarkets unless the finance system works. The gasoline won’t get to the pumps at the stations. Nothing’s going to move if the financial system cracks up. People no longer trust each other to transact, to get paid. And so they stop transacting. We’re talking about a falling standard of living and getting used to an economy of “less”. It sounds kind of Ebenezer Scrooge-ish to suggest that people may have to do with less rather than more, because more has always been the expectation in our lifetime. But that’s probably a fact.

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There Goes the Super By Peter Ewer

     Remember when Donald Trump was elected president of the USA and Mal Turnbull was told the news via his trusty mobile phone? His head sunk, in an “oh poo” moment. Now they are all buddies and Mal intends to use a fair chunk of Australia’s $2.53 trillion superannuation to give to Trump so that the Donald can fix America’s infrastructure, which is rated by engineers at the D or fail level: 

“Australian politicians have pointed to their own success in selling or leasing public assets to finance new construction without incurring new debt -- a concept known as asset recycling. Joe Hockey, now Australia’s ambassador to the US, was a key champion of the initiative when he was federal treasurer and has been pivotal in promoting it in Washington.  “There’s no doubt when it comes to infrastructure and better rollout of infrastructure, Australia has some examples that may be of use to the United States,” Hockey said on Wednesday. Fund managers in Turnbull’s delegation of 22 business leaders will continue the push at the National Governors Association meeting this weekend.

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China and African Colonialism By James Reed

     If there are still doubts by anyone about China’s plans for world conquest, just consider what they are up to in Africa, with not a pip of concern made about this by the Left in the West, who have always been a fifth column for Chinese imperialism: 

“China is employing “neo-colonialism” tactics in Africa in the form of predatory loans collateralized with natural resources and strategic assets, experts cautioned lawmakers on Wednesday. The loans allow Beijing to strengthen its military ties to the continent, enhance political leverage, export communist authoritarian ideology, and gain access to viable army positions that can threaten the American homeland. In written testimony prepared for a House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa hearing on Wednesday, author Gordon Chang, an expert on China, declared: I conclude that [President] Xi Jinping, the Chinese ruler, believes his country should be the world’s only sovereign state, which is the essence of colonialism, and that today his country’s relations with Africa resemble a new form of colonialism. Moreover, I believe Xi’s ambitions for Africa, however one characterizes them, threaten America.

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Facebook Bans the Bible! By Peter Ewer

     The establishment has recognised that the rise of the Alt Right and alternative movements is a threat to their power base and they are moving to shut down sites. First, they took the easy cases, like neo-Nazi sites, who have little support. But, then they moved down the list shutting down anti-feminist pro-men sites. Now there is a full-on attack on all conservative sites, especially gun sites:

     Even classical liberals are getting censored:

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Why is George Soros Emperor of the World? By John Williamson

     New World Order superman George Soros is pushing for thought control like never before:

“Billionaire open-borders activist George Soros has demanded the European Union (EU) regulate social media because voters’ minds are being controlled and “manipulated”. He claimed the size of social media firms made them a “public menace” and argued they had led people to vote against globalist causes, including electing President Donald J. Trump, in an article for The Guardian published Thursday. The speculator, who runs one of the largest campaigning groups in the world and is noted for his interference in foreign politics and elections, said ultimately unregulated social media threatened democracy and the “integrity of elections”.

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Immigration and Global Capitalism By Charles Taylor

     Here is a clear example of why the immigration agenda is pushed so hard by the capitalist class: it’s the money, honey: 

“Companies are facing pressure to raise wages, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is threatening to punish legislators who deny amnesty for roughly 3.5 million ‘dreamer’ illegals and ‘Temporary Protected Status’ migrants.The threat was delivered via letter as Senators prepare to vote on Democratic-drafted amnesties and on GOP-drafted plans to cut the supply of immigrant chain-migration labor after 2028. The Chamber’s February 13 letter was titled “Key Vote Alert!,” and it said, underlined and in bold, that: The Chamber may include votes on, or in relation to, to amendments addressing these priorities in our annual How They Voted scorecard.

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Financial Crash…Tomorrow? By James Reed

     There was concern, maybe even some delight at various internet sites, about the dramatic stock market crash:

     But, just as suddenly as it went down, markets started to climb again, although cryptos were sluggish:

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The TPP and the Treason of Trump By Charles Taylor

     Most Alt righters in the US see Donald Trump as surrendering on his key election promises, and there is an atmosphere of gloom, mixed with anger as the realisation comes that there will not be a voting box solution to our problems. And, when in history has there ever been? One of Trump’s promises was that the US would not join the TTP, and for a while Trump held to this. Be aware my Aussie friends that he has back tracked on this one under pressure from his buddies in the US business community, and has now said that the US would joint the TPP if it got a better deal:

     There is no better deal for any of us, as the TPP is just a bill of rights for the corporate elites to plunder the world. We looked to Trump as the last politician to take a stand against globalism, as he said he would in his last TV ad during the election campaign. He lied, and thus is worse than Hillary Clinton, because he has betrayed the trust of ordinary working Americans who looked up to him to save them from the degradation of globalism. But, in the end, we can only save ourselves.

All the Fun and Games of Davos By David Williamson

     The members of the open conspiracy to tear down nations and all that we hold dear were at Davos, with the World Economic Forum. George Soros was there to attack President Trump and social media, because, well, George does not get a good run in social media, does he?

     One would have thought that an “open society” would happily embrace the social media and full freedom of thought: certainly the originator of the open society concept, Sir Karl Popper would have:

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Where to Go at World’s End By John Steele

     Here is an interesting article for Plan C people, who like me feel that things have gone so far, that we will be down to survivalist strategies in a post-collapse world: possibility of economic collapse, let alone breakdown from war and nuclear strikes, is a realistic threat today:

     Rural areas will not have the problems associated with high density population centres, which would quickly become disease pits after only a few days of collapse of essential services, such as electricity, rubbish removal and sewage management. However, as the article notes for the US, and this is applicable in Australia too, most rural towns are under-funded and not prepared for any grid down situations. This is so especially in Australia, where rural townships have been economically gutted, so that foreigners can buy up land cheaply, thanks to our local traitorous elite. Nevertheless, one will still be safer in the country than the city, for no other reason than that the cities have been basically lost.

Letter To Senator Bernardi

     Dear Senator Bernardi,Thank you for your ‘weekly dose of common sense’.  I note your comments about Bitcoin and other ‘cryptocurrencies’, but what really took my attention was your comment that:

“Already around 83 per cent of all global transactions are digital in nature. Cash usage is in steady decline and it won’t be long before there are calls for cash to be withdrawn from circulation”…“We have already had some government ministers say the $100 note should be withdrawn from circulation. That is just the beginning… “There are appealing incentives for government to abolish cash. Currency has associated printing and storage costs. It cannot be tracked and can be used for illegal activities.”

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Fear the Cashless Society By James Reed

     The trial run was in India, but across the world, the power elites are beginning the movement towards the cashless society, and Australia is no different:

“The Reserve Bank is introducing new technology this year which will push Australia even further towards being a cashless society. Later this year the bank will roll out a new system called the New Payment Platform (NPP). The NPP will mean money can be transferred almost instantaneously, even when the payer and payee are members of different banks. The technology will also support “overlay” services, meaning banks will be able to create their own payment services to entice customers. Professor Richard Holden, from the University of New South Wales, has been studying the rise of the electronic economy and said the NPP would make electronic payments “super easy.”

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The Curse of the Baby Boomers By James Reed

     I am just a bit too old to be a baby boomer, but I grew up with them, went to university with them, and hated them in the 1960s, all their self-righteousness, selfishness and lack of humility. Indeed, it turns out that this generation, who have essentially set Western civilisation on fire with their greed, do not want to leave anything for their children at all:

“The majority of over-50s would rather spend their money now than give it to their kids, research by life insurer SunLife has found.Fifty six per cent of those babyboomers surveyed said that they wanted to keep hold of their hard-earned cash instead of passing it on to someone else, and 62 per cent said that the money was ‘there to be spent’.This is despite one in 20 people saying they are relying on their parent’s cash, with one in ten complaining that their parents are having too much fun with their ‘inheritance’."

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Socialism: The Way of Death By James Reed

     While young tigers at our universities put up posters on round cement structures telling us about the joys of communism/socialism, and how great the Russian revolution was, the reality of socialism is seen in every socialist experiment. Venezuela is the latest failure:

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All They Have Left is their Blood Plasma By James Reed

     Hey, you know that you are really poor when all you have left to sell is your blood plasma, as many millennials now face:

“One former community college student spoke about how she visits an Oregon plasma donation center twice a week following a reduction in her hours at work.  At the center, people who donate plasma can earn anywhere from $25 to $150 per week over a maximum of eight visits per month.The center she frequents markets itself to millennials, touting its close location to the University of Oregon on its website and mentioning that students are able to do their homework while donating. Around a third of the donors at that Eugene center are estimated to be under the age of 24.It’s a popular approach, with ABC News reporting that 94 percent of the plasma in the world comes from the U.S.  It’s a $16.8 billion global industry that is still growing. Not surprisingly, four-fifths of the nation’s plasma centers are found in poor neighborhoods. The plasma is used for therapies to treat various diseases.”

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Bitcoin to Bite the Dust By James Reed

     Mike Adams has been keeping us informed about all aspects of the Bitcoin bubble and its coming crash.  What I find interesting is how the Bitcoin young folk, who have invested their money, maintain the faith even in the face of a coming crash.  Sure, it will go down, but it will go back up again.  Yet, the false premise here is that the gangster banksters are going to let that happen.  Already, there are moves underway across the world to control crypto currencies and pull them into central control:

     Here are some Bitcoin problems:

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More Sexual Enlightenment By Mrs Vera West

     Following in the aftermath of the glorious victory for human rights in the same sex marriage vote, something which the entire history of humanity has been building up to, there has been other noteworthy achievements in previously, somewhat slow Australia, namely:

“It’s a big win for transgender teens today in Australia.Australia was the last place in the world transgender children needed court authorisation to receive Stage 2 hormone treatment, even if they or their parents consented to the procedure.That’s now no longer the case thanks to a landmark decision in the country’s Family Court on Thursday, ending the need for the unnecessary and stressful legal process.Since 2013, it’s been a requirement that courts need to approve Stage 2 treatment. Stage 2 hormone treatment involves the administration of oestrogen or testosterone, allowing an adolescent to develop the pubertal characteristics of the gender they associate with. It follows Stage 1 hormone treatment, which delays puberty.”

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The Bitcoin Bubble By James Reed

     Mike Adams continues his outpouring of critique on Bitcoin:

     I have no competency on this matter, but I find his articles informative, and personally, if I had money to invest, which I do not, I would not be acting as many young people are, and having faith in this cryptocurrency, just because it is gee whiz, high tech, computer based. I do not see what prevents the entire system from collapsing. The reply is that conventional fiat currency faces the same problem.

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