There Goes Tasmania! By Peter Ewer

     Do we ever get any good news anymore? Certainly if I had some I would share it, just like if I had a packet of boiled sweets, I would give you one, being extraordinarily generous.  But, alas, there goes Tasmania:

“A proposed mega-development on Tasmania’s east coast has prompted concerns about fast-tracked development and foreign investment in the island state. The Cambria Green proposal was announced to the public in late April, four days before a local council meeting which voted to progress an application to create a special development zone that could house 550 accommodation units and hotel rooms, two golf courses, and an 80-bed health spa that could one day be used as a palliative care unit. The proponent, Cambria Green Agricultural Tourism Management, helmed by Shandong businessman Liu Kejing and Melbourne-based Ronald Hu, says on its Facebook page — it does not have a website — that it wants to “bring the surrounding community along our long-term journey” to support the “integrated, eco-tourism development”.

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A White Awakening? By James Reed

     Can it be? Could White people really wake up in time to see whom is eating them alive? First, from our friends at the NYT, all the news fit to print:

     This was so rambling politically correct that I could not work out what was the juiciest, choicest cut to cook here, ultimately nodding off and dribbling all over the keyboard,  so, racing against the clock, I move on to this:

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The Face of Social Collapse By John Steele

     Venezuela gives us an image of what social collapse is going to be like, only the vast multicult, multiracial empires of the West will hit the dust even harder. We have been warned many times by numerous prophets, but most people only listen to those who make the “profits”:

“Perhaps it would help the leftists see the light if they knew that doctors, engineers, oil workers, teachers and electricians were all fleeing the failed socialist nation of Venezuela before the entire society crumbles like a house of cards. So far, in 2018, a total of 48,000 teachers (which is a number equivalent to 12 percent of all primary and high school staff nationwide) have quit their jobs and are now seeking an escape from the long food lines and empty shelves at the grocery stores. Some of these educators include Aquiles Nazoa (who fled to Chile one year ago), Reinaldo Cordero (leaving behind his class and his $29 USD per month salary), Esperanza Longhi (who is currently in the process of fleeing to Peru), and Principal Deliana Flores.

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More Bad News from Britain: What Else? By Richard Miller

     Britain seems to be leading the race to national suicide, slightly ahead of Sweden and Germany, but things could change at any moment, because the entire resources of these societies are now devoted to destroying any trace of traditional existence:

“Sajid Javid is planning a major relaxation of immigration laws before Brexit and will ease a cap on foreign medics working in the UK to allow the NHS to recruit more staff. The new Home Secretary will remove doctors and nurses from the annual 20,700 ‘tier 2’ visa limit on non-EU workers. Other employers will be able to recruit an extra 8,000 skilled migrants a year, including IT experts, engineers and teachers, effectively raising the cap by 40 per cent. Mr Javid is expected to announce tomorrow that health workers from outside the EU will be exempt from the ‘tier 2’ visa cap to help the NHS fill staff shortages. Businesses will also be given a higher allocation, according to The Daily Telegraph. The move marks Mr Javid’s first major intervention on migration policy and a significant softening of the Government’s position on non-EU migration since Theresa May became Home Secretary in 2010. But sources made clear that there are no plans to drop Mrs May’s target for bringing net annual immigration below 100,000.”

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The New World Asian Order By James Reed

     The elites want it to happen, and have been working tireless on it for centuries, while of course, making handsome profits; destroy the West and replace it by Asia, a place, and race that they are more comfortable with:

“The Astana Economic Forum in Kazakhstan centered on how mega-partnerships are changing world trade. Participants included the president of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) Jin Liqun; Andrew Belyaninov from the Eurasian Development Bank; former Italian Prime Minister and president of the EU Commission Romano Prodi; deputy director-general of the WTO Alan Wolff; and Glenn Diesen from the University of Western Sydney. Diesen, a Norwegian who studied in Holland and teaches in Australia, is the author of a must-read book, Russia’s Geoeconomic Strategy for a Greater Eurasia, in which he analyzes in excruciating detail how Moscow is planning “to manage the continent from the heartland by enhancing collective autonomy and influence, and thus evict US hegemony directed from the periphery.” In parallel, as Diesen argues, Moscow aims “to ensure the sustainability of an integrated Eurasia by establishing a balance of power or ‘balance of dependence’ to prevent the continent from being dominated by one power, with China being the most plausible candidate.”

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The Sorrows of Soros: Time to Organise a Chook Raffle for George By Peter Ewer

     The fantastically deep bags under his eyes, bags vast enough to hide billions, just got deeper, because things are just not going the way George wants them to go. Yes, I know the feeling, but for me, an entire life of being on the losing side has conditioned me to see that failure and utter destruction is not as bad as it is hyped up to be. After all, every bright cloud has a dark lining. Wait … have I got that mixed up? George, some help, please:

“George Soros, the billionaire investor and liberal donor, sat in his hotel suite by Lake Zurich this week, lamenting the turn much of the world has taken in recent years: “Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.”His favored presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost to President Trump, whose “America First” platform runs counter to the globalism Soros embraces. Trump, he said, “is willing to destroy the world.” The European Union, which Soros once hoped would be so successful that he could end his charitable work in the region, is contending with the impending loss of Britain and a rise of anti-immigrant sentiment. And Soros himself has emerged as a political target in elections from Hungary to California, where his donations have been used as a cudgel against the causes he supports. The 87-year-old Holocaust survivor, who has poured much of his fortune into promoting liberal values around the globe, is now confronting a wave of nationalist sentiment washing against issues he has championed.”

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Oxford and Cambridge: Your Number is Up! By Richard Miller

     The British elites like to send their sons and daughters to universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, as finishing schools, before the little darlings go into the business of globalism. But, there is so much more to the spirit of globalism, for there is the hidden dimension of equity and diversity, that the elite seem to have forgotten about, when applied to THEIR lifestyle:

“Oxford and Cambridge’s failure to take in more students who are black or from less privileged backgrounds is “staggering”, the universities minister has said. Sam Gyimah criticised the elite institutions for not doing enough and warned that they could be fined by the new higher education regulator if they do not meet admissions targets. Mr Gyimah, an Oxford graduate himself, said the universities should not just focus on academic results during their admissions process to ensure they achieve more diverse intakes.

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Western Civilization and Progressive Hysteria By Peter Ewer

     We have heard it all before, so it is no surprise the read it again on “their’ ABC website from: “Dirk Moses is Professor of Modern History at the University of Sydney and senior editor of the Journal of Genocide Research.” Ok, we can guess  what is coming:

“Why would an otherwise level-headed commentator like Greg Sheridan commence his column in The Australian with the extraordinary statement that the ANU’s decision “is a pivotal moment in modern Australian history”? Do members of the right-wing commentariat think that Western countries are succumbing to a poisonous cocktail of multiculturalism, Muslim immigration, political correctness and cultural Marxism that dilutes the white population and brainwashes young people at school and university? It seems that, much like Steve Bannon, they do. We are on the precipice of disaster, they seem to believe. The sense of crisis and doom is unmistakable. But it is not new. A closer examination of the critics reveals a generation of Australian men who were politically socialized in the 1960s and 1970s when the clash between communism and the Roman Catholic Church split the labour movement. The new Democratic Labor Party formed a home for socially conservative Roman Catholics who became active against “the left” at Australian universities. I well remember the apocalyptic sensibility of National Civic Council operatives during the 1980s, locked in an imaginary cosmic battle against the forces of communist evil, although you could count the far-left adherents at the University of Queensland on one hand. For most of us, the threat to democratic institutions was the Bjelke-Petersen government, not a communism that had long been a spent force. In the end, most Queenslanders agreed.

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George Soros and World Disorder From: The Mindszenty Report

     The following article is from the Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation, St Louis, Missouri, the United States, which encourages circulation. We acknowledge the great work and writing which has gone into this exposure of a leading globalist.

“Hungarian-born multi-billionaire George Soros has spun an immense web of left-wing organizations and groups intent on transforming the world. The list of the organizations he finances extends over two single-spaced pages. They are active in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Soros-supported organizations include Black Lives Matter,, the Center for American Progress, America Coming Together, the pro-marijuana Drug Policy Alliance, Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change, the Georgian Open Society Foundation, various open border immigration organizations in Europe, and multiple groups calling for boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel for its treatment of Palestinians.

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The Threat to Freedom of a Cashless Society By James Reed

     It is good to see Ron Paul plunging into battle on the threat to freedom that a cashless society will bring. Many of us have said the same, but here is the take from across the lake:

“The crash of the dollar is not a matter of if…but when! The modus operandi for the inner cabal of the global elite is and always has been to provide order out of chaos…sometimes the chaos happen organically and sometimes it has to be created. Money has always been used as their greatest mechanism for control ever since the introduction of usury in the ancient world.”

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The “Not Smart Department” By Bruce Bennett

     Do you get annoyed during movies when the hero, or villain, does the Hollywood speech, looks to the camera, thus allowing the opponent to get the drop on him? It is called entertainment, and plot armour, but in real life we would call it “suicidal telegraphing.” In boxing, beginning an attack with a long wind up circular punch gives the game away. It happens in politics too, with often disastrous results:

“Bechir Rabani infiltrated Antifa and threatened to expose Soros before he died Bechir Rabani vowed to expose George Soros before he died an investigative journalist, who went undercover to infiltrate violent leftist groups such as Antifa, has been found dead shortly after he vowed to expose billionaire globalist, George Soros.33-year-old Bechir Rabani was a hugely popular Swedish independent reporter, well known for his daring exposés. He was found dead at his home on Friday night in “suspicious circumstances” according to Police. He was working on an investigation into radical leftist mainstream journalist Robert Aschberg and his connection to George Soros funded extremist organizations when he was killed. Shortly before he died, Rabani had revealed he was about to lift the lid on mass corruption that linked Soros and Aschberg.Culture Wars reports: Bechir Rabani gained popularity when he tried to confront Expressen’s (left wing newspaper) editor in chief Thomas Mattson and journalist Diamant Salihu in their homes in Stockholm.”

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Financial Storm is a Comin’; Listen to What the Man Says By James Reed

     Shucks, if this guy does not know about financial crisis and the collapse of economies after years of raiding, then no-one knows:

“In a speech delivered Tuesday in Paris, billionaire investor George Soros warned that the world could be on the brink of another devastating financial crisis, as debt crises re-emerge in Europe and a strengthening dollar pressures both the US’s emerging- and developed-market rivals. And Europe, with Italy dragging worries about the possible dissolution of the euro back to the forefront, won’t be far behind. Political pressures like the dissolution of its transatlantic alliance with the US will eventually translate into economic harm. Presently, Europe is facing three pressing problems: The refugee crisis, the austerity policy that has hindered Europe’s economic development, and territorial disintegration - not only Brexit, but the threat that countries like Italy might follow suit...”

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Elon Musk On Who Owns the Media By Peter Ewer

     Good  old Elon Musk, a corporate capitalist, who is seeing bad times, and is under attack, but is fighting back by naming those who are trying to destroy him. And, the media is upset with him. Consider this extract from The Sydney Morning Herald:

“He is prone to unhinged Twitter eruptions. He can’t handle criticism. He scolds the news media for its purported dishonesty and threatens to create a Soviet-like apparatus to keep tabs on it. He suckers people to fork over cash in exchange for promises he hasn’t kept. He’s a billionaire whose business flirts with bankruptcy. He’s sold himself as an establishment-crushing iconoclast when he’s really little more than an unusually accomplished BS artist. His legions of devotees are fanatics and, let’s face it, a bit stupid. I speak of Tesla chief executive Elon Musk, the Donald Trump of Silicon Valley.”

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The Muslim World of the Future By Michael Ferguson

     There is good news and bad news. The good news, for us, is that by 2035, the non-religious will face a birth dearth, and begin the descent to extinction. Great! But, the bad news for Christians is that babies born to Muslims will outnumber babies born to Christians:

“More babies were born to Christian mothers than to members of any other religion in recent years, reflecting Christianity’s continued status as the world’s largest religious group. But this is unlikely to be the case for much longer: Less than 20 years from now, the number of babies born to Muslims is expected to modestly exceed births to Christians, according to new Pew Research Center demographic estimates. Muslims are projected to be the world’s fastest-growing major religious group in the decades ahead, as Pew Research Center has explained, and signs of this rapid growth already are visible. In the period between 2010 and 2015, births to Muslims made up an estimated 31% of all babies born around the world – far exceeding the Muslim share of people of all ages in 2015 (24%). The world’s Christian population also has continued to grow, but more modestly. In recent years, 33% of the world’s babies were born to Christians, which is slightly greater than the Christian share of the world’s population in 2015 (31%).”

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People Never Learn: Millennial’s Socialism By John Steele

     Ooops, I almost said a bad cuss word … but this report made me drop the guard I keep on my tongue: the young generation are turning to socialism, big time:

“You would think that events in socialist Venezuela would knock some sense into these young people, but a new survey from GenForward shows increasing support for socialism. The report looks at how the millennial population thinks about politics and offers us a look at how the next generation thinks. Support for socialism is strongest among African-Americans and capitalism is supported by a small majority of white Americans. Among Asians and Latinos there is marginally more support for socialism. Given the support for the Bernie Sanders campaign this result is not surprising. When asked questions about whether strong government or the free market is the key to solving social problems, respondents believed that government is the answer by two to one. The majority felt the government was doing a good job with the economy, especially those that identified as Republican.

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Conventional Economics Clashes with Mathematical Impossibility By James Reed

     The only real question is how long can the great Ponzi scheme of conventional finance keep rolling along?

“Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, admits that the current system of runaway debt cannot be stopped and there is no way to default on the debt because the Federal Reserve can always print more money and increase the national debt, “guaranteeing” treasury bonds that can never mathematically be paid back, which are not backed by any commodity or gold standard. As the U.S. national debt exceeds 21.15 trillion and as global debt exceeds $164 trillion, Greenspan says “there is zero probability of default.” This means that inflation will continue to destroy the dollar’s purchasing power — a tax into perpetuity. What exactly have we enslaved ourselves to? How do we exit a system that can inflate itself forever, without accountability or recourse? Governments are no longer interested in paying down debt because it is no longer feasible to do so.

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Musking the Media By Peter Ewer

     Whoooaaah, first Trump and now our friend with the cars and spaceships, I think, Elon Musk, unloading on the establishment media, right along Trumpesque  lines, of “false news.” Thus, for the reader’s amusement, since we all know that the mainstream media is deceit with a purpose, here are Elon’s delightful Tweets. They are hard hitting and to the point, or should I say, “On Target.” 

Elon Musk✔@elonmuskThe holier-than-thou hypocrisy of big media companies who lay claim to the truth, but publish only enough to sugarcoat the lie, is why the public no longer respects them …3:55 AM - May 24, 2018

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The Malignant Financial System By James Reed

     Each week, at least one of us rages against our cancerous financial system. For a change, here is a Russian saying it as only a Russian can, so join me in having a vodka with lemon:

“Any country that does not have full control of its own financial affairs is not truly sovereign. No matter how well intentioned or patriotic its leaders may be, it will always have to operate within the artificially strict confines of current economic theories and the dominance of the international financial system. The international financial system (or, more correctly, the international banking system) may or may not be run by deliberately evil people but the top of this structure is dominated by a disdain for nationhood and thus also a disdain for community and family, a peoples’ heritage and personal freedom. No matter how noble its propaganda may sound the appalling and destructive drive for any sort of “world order” always will create “disorder” and harm. Such a highly centralized and powerful structure cannot be anything other than a war against reality and the ordinary human spirit.

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The Slow Death of America By Charles Taylor

     America is slowly dying and I see it here every day in my home city of Tallahassee, Florida. I cannot imagine what it would be like living in a city such as Baltimore, which is essentially a warzone. Yet, leaving crime to one side, it is economic decline, contrary to Trump, which is evident, everywhere:

“You know all those reports about how lots of Americans can’t afford a $1000 surprise expense like a medical bill or a car repair? Well, forget additional expenses. It turns out that nearly half of the families in America are struggling to pay for food and rent. And that means that the economic collapse isn’t just “coming.” It’s HERE. United Way has done a study on a group of Americans they call ALICE: Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. The study found that this group does not make the money needed “to survive in the modern economy.” ALICE is your child care worker, your parent on Social Security, the cashier at your supermarket, the gas attendant, the salesperson at your big box store, your waitress, a home health aide, an office clerk. ALICE cannot always pay the bills, has little or nothing in savings, and is forced to make tough choices such as deciding between quality child care or paying the rent. One unexpected car repair or medical bill can push these financially strapped families over the edge.

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Deconstructing Jordan Peterson By Brian Simpson

     Jordan Peterson has been considered part of an “intellectual dark web,” a loose knit of thinkers who are daring to question sacred cows of the modern regime. That shows how much in decline the universities are, since one would have expected academics to perform fundamental questioning as part of their pay. But, no.

     Peterson himself has done good work on the gender agenda and on manhood. However, he has a critical weakness on race and immigration, as these critics have established: 

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