The Banking System Has Appropriated the Communal Capital By Wallace Klinck

     Any economic activity that is created with the purpose of “creating Jobs” (i.e. human work) is irrational, wasteful, regressive, immoral and tyrannical.  Increases in production efficiency should provide our needs and wants while releasing us from toil.

     Distribution is an entirely different issue, to be effected increasingly by specific and appropriate means other than by earned income as technology displaces labour as a factor of production.

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Orthodox Finance and Collectivist or Communist Movements are Symbiotic and Mutually Supporting By Wallace Klinck

     Marxist and extreme political ideologues in general typically do not debate.  Their characteristic strategic behaviour is to misrepresent, condemn and intimidate.  

     Their aim is to create social chaos, leaving an opening for them to seize the reins of political power.

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There Exists an Abundance By Wallace Klinck

     Our economy is static rather than dynamic in the sense that as a society we cannot access what we have already produced until we produce even more—not to purchase what we are producing but to buy goods produced in the previous costing cycle.

      In order to purchase the goods upon which we are currently working when they are completed we must first engage in a whole new and additional round of production.  This is consequent to a price-system that pre-maturely cancels purchasing-power and leaves a deficiency when the final goods come off the production line.  

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Signs of Collapse By John Steele

     Previously I have reported on the trend of the financial elites seeking bug out locations in places like New Zealand, as well as building expensive underground security fortifications at their homes:

    It seems now that elites lower down the food chain are starting to move in the same direction; a recent story is of

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High Tech Homelessness By Uncle Len, the Low Tech Homeless

     As a symbolic representation of the existential homelessness of modern Western man, I am always on the lookout for material to tell you about that affirms my raison d’etre, a word which I found on-line, but don’t know the meaning of, having no meaning or point for my existence.

     Anyway, I am getting off topic, which for me is remarkable. But, what was my topic? Think, Len, think. Your fans expect a lot from you, like coherence and all that. Now I remember, I have re-read my title….high tech homelessness. You see the high tech elite at Silicon Valley, which is, I suppose, an entire valley full of silicon, are living in their cars because of the high cost of living. HA! HA, again. Why don’t they just clean up all the silicon and make homes for people? Or, bring in more migrants, who through their economic magic will make even more homes?

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Hacking ATMs? But, What is an ATM? By Uncle Len, Shaken, but Not Stirred by IT

     I probably know the least about technology at this site, but I did have a great Uncle Murphy, after whom, Murphy’s Law is named, which has to count for something. Everything will go wrong at the worst possible time:

     Now take ATM machines. I don’t even know what that stands for, if it stands for anything, but I have seen them. Yes, people who have money, get money out of them. These little boxes of joy seem to be everywhere, like telephone boxes once were, but you don’t see them anymore, do you? But, ATMs? Being on the dole, eternally, I would not know about that.

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Moral: be careful what you gloat about. Questions Every Reader Needs to Ask their Politicians By James Reed

     Economics dominates our world. Some feel that we should be all concerned about existential threats, but the human being is not like that. Take the so-called environmental crisis for example. Now we know it is all a scam, but just as a thought experiment, pretend we are just “normies.” Most kids at school are brainwashed into believing that there is some sort of climate change threat, but even so, hardly anyone changes their consumer behaviour. Now don’t panic, I am not saying that there is any truth here, but making a point. Even true believers, don’t follow through on actions if it is contrary to present interests. The Left support their grab bag of ideologies only because there is no personal price to be paid. It’s easy then when the system rewards treason against life, because of its built-in pathological death wish.

     Now consider debt and the standard of living. If anything is important, surely that is: “Cost of Living ‘crippling Families,’” The Australian, July, 28, 2017, p. 2. Here are the key points:

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The Debt Deluge By James Reed

     The entire world is now in debt by $ 217 trillion, which is the number 217 followed by twelve zeroes: $ 217,000,000,000,000. This is 327 percent of the world’s annual economic output (GPD), according to the Institute of International Finance.      Even China, the so-called miracle economy, is running on debt, which has increased its borrowings by $ 2 trillion, and the IMP is concerned about China’s rising debt levels. Already, China’s debt levels are unsustainable, in conventional economic terms, being 260 percent of its GDP:

     The elephant in the room here is: just precisely whom does every nation owe such unsustainable debt to? The answer is: the international financial system, run by the masters of the New World Order. Governments long ago gave the Masters of the Universe, the power to control credit, and now they rule the world. Having a One World Government may be what many want, but the more sophisticated Demons see this as too much work. What does it really matter who is elected when they can be ruled effectively by the power of money?

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Lock Up Your Cash, When Kid Soros Rides into Town! By Charles Taylor

     Billionaire globalist, George Soros, who must be close to 4,000 years of age, is working on eliminating paper money as part of his plot to create a single world government: This comes, allegedly from a Soros-insider, who has said that young handsome George wants to end the use of anonymous cash and have all payments monitored by the state. Wouldn’t be nice for our side to have even one person with his infinite energy and abilities?

     This does seem to fit the picture. The Indians, in the first New World Order trial run, withdrew 86 percent of the cash in circulation and put a cap on cash transactions, as has been done in France. The European Union is moving towards eliminating cash altogether:

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The Existential Threat of AI By Brian Simpson

     Elon Musk, has joined with Stephen Hawking and claimed that AI is an existential threat to human beings, capable of eliminating all jobs, and sparking a war: The Australian, July 17, 2017, p. 22.   I did not find any more details about the war, but it could be a Luddite revolt of the people versus the machines, as popularised in the Big Arnie Terminator movies. It is possible, if people get hungry enough that they could actually do this, but I tend to view that they might just as easily meekly starve to death in some isolated corner. Time will tell.

     The Musk solution is regulation for the safe development of AI. That could prevent the Terminator scenario, but I am not sure. Once computers reach self-awareness, and infinitely expanding intelligence, which is what our “let’s do it” Dr. Frankenstein scientists are all on about, regulations will not count for much.

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Letter to The Editor - Look again at Douglas Social Credit

to THE AGE     Many voices in the letters column (4/7) are worried about the growth of world population, Melbourne’s burgeoning size and our increasingly deficient infrastructure. Public opposition to further immigration is growing. What to do?     Is it possible that one cause of the growing problem is the kind of financial system operating in the world, which appears to be controlled by the super-wealthy?  It seems that many Australian businesses are forced to support increased immigration in order to survive financially, even though their owners know that long term this is against the interest of the whole population. Should we look again at Douglas social credit and other proposals for reform of the money system?NJ, Belgrave, Vic

No Go zones: The End Result of Multiculturalism By Bruce Bennett

     Champions of diversity and ethno-cultural pluralism are quick to point out that “diversity is our strength.” But, have you ever seen any scientific argument for this claim, that is, proof? Are arguments and counter-arguments carefully evaluated? Of course not; the claim is propaganda, and is enforced at the end of the bayonet of the Law, to keep us under control, until it is demographically too late. Some special, lucky people can seemingly say what they like:, but if the same, or even much less, was done by Whites, the moral outrage would never end. Whole cities would be rocked by unending protests, and the world would quiver on its axis in moral panic.

     With the cucking and deracination of the White population there was probably no need by the elites to use the hardball tactics; we could have been left to slowly die out, but no, the elites are impatient and want their New World Order, yesterday.

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Prepare Now for the Financial Crash of Crashes! By James Reed

     Here is a good article with all the links dealing with the on-going bank collapses in Europe. For example, the sixth largest bank in Spain, Banco Popular, failed in early June this year, with emergency funds being offered, which were burnt through in a mere two days. A sale was eventually arranged by frantic EU regulators to Santander, which held off the evil day of financial reckoning for a time. Other Spanish banks are facing similar vulnerabilities, such as Liberbank.

    Spain is just the beginning. The Italian financial system is unhealthy, showing that all of that pasta and high carb food, really is not that good for you. That site is primarily a financial one, but it has this interesting observation about the ultimate breakup of that artificial construct, Italy:

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Replaced by Robots By Brian Simpson

     While we may accept that many jobs will quickly disappear due to IT and robotics, it is often thought that some lower level jobs like construction will survive. However, the endless march of technology out of our control continues, as illustrated by a MIT robotic system designed a 3D print basic structure for a building in less than 14 hours, using what has been called the Digital Construction Platform:; But in China, whole apartment complexes have been 3D printed, if the press is to be believed:

     The retail industry is also set to be gutted, with a report by investment advisory firm cornerstone Capital Group claiming that almost half of all US retail jobs are under threat due to automation technology: The service industry was supposed to be where industrial workers went once their work paradigm was destroyed, but now, it too is going.

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Bit Coin Bit Off More Coin Than it Could Chow By James Reed

     Most people I know think that I’m crazy:, for not jumping on the Bitcoin train, even a bit. But, in a recent article Mike Adams hoses down the present market euphoria about sky high Bitcoin:     He makes the logical point that the Bitcoin bubble, like all bubbles will burst, and those who have put their savings in it will be squashed. Not only that, but it is going to be hard to even bail out of Bitcoin. Here is the maths:“# of Bitcoins currently in circulation: Roughly 16,350,000Current Bitcoin price vs. the USD: Roughly $25001,000 bitcoins represents roughly 0.006% of the total number of Bitcoins that existAverage drop in Bitcoin price from selloff of just 1,000 bitcoins: $30 (see raw data of price moves at drop in Bitcoin price that would occur from the sale of 10,000 bitcoins (just 0.06% of the Bitcoin supply): $300Estimated drop in Bitcoin price from sale of 100,000 bitcoins (just 0.6% of the Bitcoin supply): $3000 (but wait, Bitcoin is only worth $2,500, so wouldn’t a selloff of 100,000 Bitcoins plunge the price toward zero? YES, it would.)Value of Bitcoin if just 1% of current Bitcoin owners try to sell all their Bitcoins: Approaching $ZERO

     What percentage of current Bitcoin owners think ALL their Bitcoins are worth the current high price: 100%Actual percentage of current Bitcoin owners who can unload Bitcoins without crashing Bitcoin values toward zero: Perhaps 1% – 2%(and that’s generous)Percentage of current Bitcoin owners who are going to learn a very expensive lesson in “tulip bulb mania”: Perhaps 98% – 99%.”     Adams says that this is like a Ponzi scheme:, because the only way of sustaining the price of Bitcoin is to find an increasing number of new people buying into Bitcoin. But, this is not sustainable. The bubble is set to burst, as all financial bubbles do.     Do you still have faith in the system after the Cranston affair, anyway?

A Balanced Budget?

     Yet another treasurer bows to the gods of “the balanced budget” and “the surplus”.A balanced budget is not necessarily good.Most of the dreary comrade societies aimed at a balanced budget – “We take 100% of your income and spend it all”.There is only one tax on the people and that is government spending.The treasurer needs to slash that big tax. All else is flummery.Viv Forbes, Rosevale, Qld This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Adieu La France: L’échec de Le Pen By Peter West

    Predictably enough, Le Pen was crushed by her globalist former Rothschild banker opponent, like a truck going over a biro. I know that there is a large case to be made of dirty tactics, cheating and all the rest, but at some point the good guys need to face up to internal weaknesses that have led to a culture of defeats. Given the weak nature of modern Whites, it is necessary to constantly whistle in the dark, to keep the nerve of the weak up. But, alone here in private, we can talk frankly.

    The fact remains that the majority of the population, at least in France, are not “on side.” They consent to continual immigration and terrorist attacks. That is exactly how the ruling globalist elites will interpret Le Pen’s defeat. France will be slammed by globalism as never before, and no doubt has now reached a tipping point where no (sic) dumocratic solution to its problems is possible. Given the cucked nature of the population, France will disintegrate into chaos, ultimately with a sharia law government gaining control of its nuclear weapons. Prediction: that will happen by 2030 at the latest.

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Look, Up in the Sky…It’s Space Junk! By Brian Simpson

    It is no conspiracy, there really is a lot of space junk floating above the Earth, in orbit:;

    There are over 750,000 hunks of dangerous material orbiting the Earth, coming from 5,250 space launches since 1957. These objects are larger than one cm and there are an estimated 166 million pieces of junk larger than one mm, all of this material traveling faster than a bullet. It is somewhat surprising that more damage has not occurred to modern satellites given that they are essentially in a shooting gallery.

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Letter to The Editor

To the Herald Sun 4/5/17  Fat cats need a diet  As Australia's resources fat cats made the billionaires top 100 list again, I was reminded of Alaska which in 1976, nine years after oil was discovered, amended its Constitution to dedicate its yearly oil revenues, in part, to a state investment fund.Every person since 1982, a permanent fund dividend has been paid to every Alaskan men, woman and child in recognition of the ownership, in part, of its resources.From a 2008 high of $3269, in more recent years the PFD has been between $1000 and $1500 per person.

Similarly, following Norway's discovery of North Sea oil, Norway created the State Petroleum Fund in 1990. A substantial amount of oil profits, viewed as belonging to all Norwegians, has created a found balance of almost $60 billion. Unlike Alaska, however, always priority is to find community-wide benefits.Norway has a steady growth rate, almost no poverty, free health, free education (at all levels) and negligible unemployment. Workers enjoy eight weeks paid leave, liberal sick leave, three-year maternity leave and reliable and inexpensive day care. Creative part-time and tell communicating opportunities help keep women in the workforce.Sadly, I don't see the income from Australia's resources providing the same benefits – it just seems to be making the fat cats fatter.John Seaton, Prospect Vale, Tas.

Charles Ferguson’s 'The Great News' (1915)

This article stemmed from reading a paper written by an Indian chap on a proposal for a National Dividend for India.  An excellent paper, it has just one small historical error:  from his readings, the chap believed that A.R. Orage coined the term ‘social credit’ which was published in an edition of 'The New Age'. Historically, this was not so, and historical accuracy is important, so this error will be corrected.

But it did send me back to Charles Ferguson’s 'The Great News' (1915).

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