This Should be Interesting By Charles Taylor

     I have been arguing that because the Epstein paedophilia sex island scandal involves many 1 percenters and political leaders, something will happen to shut it all down. But like speculating and dreaming about what one would do if one won the X Lotto, it is nice to dream about justice happening for once in the history of the human race:

“As Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman notes, "The questions about Epstein are metastasizing much faster than they can be answered: Who knewwhat about Epstein’s alleged abuse? How, and from whom, did Epstein get his supposed $500 million fortune? Why did Acosta grant Epstein an outrageously lenient non-prosecution agreement? (And what does it mean that Acosta was reportedly told Epstein “belonged to intelligence”?)" Also illuminating is a statement by attorney Brad Edwards, who said during a Wednesday press conference seated next to Epstein accuser Courtney Wild that "There were other business associates of Mr. Epstein’s who engaged in improper sexual misconduct at one or more of his homes. We do know that," adding "In due time the names are going to start coming out." What's more, the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit will release of approximately 2,000 pages of documents, likely over the next several days, which may reveal sex crimes committed by "numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders," according to the court's three-judge panel. The documents were filed during a civil defamation lawsuit brought by Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a former Mar-a-Lago locker-room attendant, against Epstein’s former girlfriend and alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell. “Nobody who was around Epstein a lot is going to have an easy time now. It’s all going to come out,” said Giuffre’s lawyer David Boies. Another person involved with litigation against Epstein told me: “It’s going to be staggering, the amount of names. It’s going to be contagion numbers.” -Vanity Fair

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Eyes Wide Open By Charles Taylor

     America’s latest scandal may be its biggest ever, which in a truly insane land, is saying something. The short of the long is that 1 percenter Jeffrey Epstein, who was convicted of sex offences, but previously got off rather lightly looks like going down big time now. He previously had a sex island in the ironic Virgin Islands, and he had leading world elites go there to allegedly have sex with under-age girls, no doubt filming everything. The conspiracy theories are flourishing about who would gain from this.

“Jeffrey Epstein is facing two criminal charges in the sex trafficking case filed by federal prosecutors on Saturday, according to an individual who is familiar with the proceedings. Those charges were filed by attorneys for the Southern District of New York after they spoke dozens of victims, who had also been interviewed by both the FBI and NYPD. Almost all of these women claim they were underage when they were asked to give Epstein massages at his Palm Beach or New York City homes, according to a law enforcement official. Those women - some of whom were just 14 at the time of these alleged incidents -  claim that these massages would then lead to Epstein asking that they perform a rape act on him in exchange for money. That same official said that the incidents for which Epstein is now being charged all occurred between 1999 and 2005. This is the same time period during which Epstein first made headlines after flying former president Bill Clinton to Africa on his private jet, which was later nicknamed the Lolita Express. Epstein, 66, will make his first court appearance on Monday in New York, less than 48 hours after he was taken into custody by federal agents at Teterboro Airport. It all happened just before 5pm on Saturday, when Epstein reentered the country for the first time since June 16, when he took off from the same airport bound for Paris. Prior to that trip, Epstein had been crisscrossing the US as he moved between his properties in New York City, Palm Beach, New Mexico and the US Virgin Islands. Epstein's arrest was first reported by The Daily Beast, and comes in the wake of a three-part expose in the Miami Herald detailing his settlements with victims and sweetheart plea deal.”

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Book Review - How They Run the World by Pedro Banos (Ebury Press, UK, 2019) By Nigel Jackson

     This international bestseller caused a few ripples when it was learned that, for this English language version, some references to the power wielded by the Rothschild family which appeared in the original 2017 Spanish first edition, have been omitted. A storm in a teacup: the author appears genuinely to have avoided negative bias against any political, ethnic or religious group. He is a colonel in the Spanish army and was formerly chief of counter-intelligence and security for the European Army Corps. He is said to be one of Europe’s top specialists in geopolitics, terrorism and intelligence.

     It is a sobering account, drawing from worldwide evidence taken from the near and far past, as well as present time. It is an antidote to much of the half-baked idealism common in Australia among political commentators and agitators. In his introduction Banos remarks: ‘The powerful have always tried to seize control wherever their tendencies can reach…..It’s important that we are aware of these strategies that allow the powerful to rule the world. We like to think of ourselves as free individuals who make autonomous choices about our lives….. However, we are in fact continually being induced to make certain choices, and the same thing is happening at the geopolitical level – countries are manipulated into making particular decisions and alliances, and their populations have no say in the matter.’

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The Diminishing Returns of Technology By Brian Simpson

     I am not really interested in the moon landing conspiracy stuff, since I am impressed by the fact that lasers can be shot at the moon to hit some object there that reflects them back, presumably, unless the moon object was put there by extra-terrestrials. Anyway, who cares? Man is not going to the moon on a daily basis, so technology seems to have fizzled out:

“If progress is inevitable, why don’t we have hotels on the moon? For some, it is easier to believe that the moon landing was fake than to accept that technological innovation has just stopped. The Hiatus in Progress
But wait, don’t we have smartphones now, the internet, and all sorts of cool gadgets and apps that didn’t exist 50 years ago? True, the fields of electronics and telecommunications have seen enormous advances, but these few hotspots of innovation cloak the fact that, in almost all other areas, technological development has ceased. Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel documented this decline in his book Zero to One, in which he describes several surprising facts:

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Fear Our AI Overlords By Brian Simpson

     In an age of madness, this is to be expected; Elon Musk, the guy who has cars that sometimes ignite:

     He is working on a project to merge human brains with AI. Whooaha, who gave him permission to do this? Why is this sort of research being permitted? Will the brains catch on fire too? Wait, it is science and technology, and thus part of the official religion of the West, or at least the  insane capitalism-impregnated West, and thus  beyond criticism:

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Google and Treason By Brian Simpson

     Consider Presidents Trump’s latest revelation, that Google may have committed treason:

Donald J. Trump

“Billionaire Tech Investor Peter Thiel believes Google should be investigated for treason. He accuses Google of working with the Chinese Government.” @foxandfriends A great and brilliant guy who knows this subject better than anyone! The Trump Administration will take a look!

9:16 PM - Jul 16, 2019

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Face it, Sydney is Lost By Bruce Bennett

     I lived in Sydney for about 8 years, working in real estate. Travel, the sheer amount of traffic made me ill, I mean really ill in terms of hypertension, going around to properties all day, and drinking alcohol at night. I earnt good money selling the place off to overseas buyers, but eventually I saw the error of my ways, left the evil industry, left Sydney, and went down the coast. Maybe others will do so too, before Sydney simply collapses:

“Sydney's planners suffer from a 'total lack of sense' and seem 'permanently asleep at the wheel' as the city goes through a massive population boom, Mark Latham has warned. In an exclusive interview, the newly elected New South Wales One Nation leader has given a scathing diagnosis of the biggest problem with Australia's largest city. The powerful crossbencher, 58, still lives in Sydney's south-west near Camden with his wife and children and commutes to work by train. But Mr Latham described the area as 'population boom town' and painted a vivid picture of schools and local services already under immense strain. That comes even as the Government plans to build a new city the size of Adelaide on Sydney's outskirts - without setting aside land for a single public hospital. 'I got involved with politics because of bad planning where I grew up ... and fifty years later you're having the same problems,' Mr Latham said. 'You have to wonder, are these people permanently asleep at the wheel? Because these are obvious, obvious problems that come from bad planning.' 

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The Temple of Babylon By Charles Taylor

     Wow, who thought that Pizzagate was just a conspiracy? I did. But the Epstein paedophilia controversy is breaking wide open, like a Californian earthquake! There is so much on the net that it is hard to organise all of the concentrated evil. For those who came in late, Epstein is a convicted paedophile who ran a sex island, where the rich and powerful went to have sex with underaged girls. He had a well-oiled system going, with a recruitment officer who has a story to tell herself with her past and connections. As well, on the island is a weird structure that you can look at on the YouTube reference below via a drone, which some are speculating is some sort of temple to pure evil, something out of a horror movie.  It is certainly not like any religious building we normally see. There is also a secret steel safe that staff were never allow to be around. Guess what might have been in that! Well, guess after reading some of this lot:

     The theory emerging is that Epstein may have got his money from blackmail, and this was of filming rich and powerful fools having deviant sex with underaged girls, and maybe boys. Just to show that this is not a product of my imagination, I now quote from a mainstream media source:

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Brett Stevens on the Civilizational Death Cult of Radical Individualism By James Reed

     Yes, I know that collectivism, a la communism is evil, but can we go too far in the opposite direction, and deny the obvious social nature of humans, documented in anthropology? After all, the individual is a product of culture and upbringing, and did not create language himself as a baby. People are born into traditions, and have a racial and ethnic background.  Sure, identity politics has taken this to extremes, but it does not follow that extreme individualism, as seen in neo-liberalism is therefore correct. Anglo-Saxon culture has embraced this deracinated, de-cultured liberal view of the world, and consequently the Anglo-world has fallen to those who work as tribal teams as documented here by Eric Kaufmann in The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America (2004), and Whiteshift: Populism, Immigration, and the Future of white Minorities (2016). Yes, we cannot even document our own demise, we have become so deracinated by White pathology.

     Brett Stevens, who is a leading dissent Right critic of diversity, has this to say:

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A Good Time for Nihilists: Social Media is Ripping Society Apart By James Reed

     Apart from ethno-racial conflict, which has always been with us, and which humanity, or at least Whites never seem to understand, going through these cycles of civilisation and collapse, there is the new variable of technology. Most people are so addicted to it, especially computers, social media and demonic things like that, that criticism of these institutions is unthinkable, heretical. Some, though are still thinking:

“A former Facebook executive has said he feels “tremendous guilt” over his work on “tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works”, joining a growing chorus of critics of the social media giant. Chamath Palihapitiya, who was vice-president for user growth at Facebook before he left the company in 2011, said: “The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops that we have created are destroying how society works. No civil discourse, no cooperation, misinformation, mistruth.” The remarks, which were made at a Stanford Business School event in November, were just surfaced by tech website the Verge on Monday. “This is not about Russian ads,” he added. “This is a global problem. It is eroding the core foundations of how people behave by and between each other.” Palihapitiya’s comments last month were made a day after Facebook’s founding president, Sean Parker, criticized the way that the company “exploit[s] a vulnerability in human psychology” by creating a “social-validation feedback loop” during an interview at an Axios event. Parker had said that he was “something of a conscientious objector” to using social media, a stance echoed by Palihapitiya who said that he was now hoping to use the money he made at Facebook to do good in the world. “I can’t control them,” Palihapitiya said of his former employer. “I can control my decision, which is that I don’t use that shit. I can control my kids’ decisions, which is that they’re not allowed to use that shit.” He also called on his audience to “soul-search” about their own relationship to social media. “Your behaviors, you don’t realize it, but you are being programmed,” he said. “It was unintentional, but now you gotta decide how much you’re going to give up, how much of your intellectual independence.”

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Sweden’s Small Scale War By Richard Miller

     I report regularly on the social breakdown of Sweden which serves as a model of the faults of mass migration and multiculturalism. One author has described the place as already in a small-scale war:

“Swedish author Björn Ranelid warns that the level of crime and violence the previously sedate country is experiencing amounts to a “small scale war”. Ranelid cites car fires which were previously unknown but have now become commonplace across the country along with an explosion in shootings. The author said that blaming the “frustrations” of young people for the crime wave was a cop out since his generation had it just as touch but didn’t turn to criminality. “They lived crowded in outdated apartments and the economy of many families was poor, but none of my hundreds of acquaintances, friends and playmates burned cars, robbed old people or wore weapons,” he wrote. According to Ranelid, the country is in dire need of a  “spiritual revolution” of ethics, morality and child raising. “It is a small-scale war that affects all people who live and live in Sweden. The supply of explanations is over,” said Ranelid. As we previously highlighted, grenade attacks and deadly shootings in Sweden – concerns over which were once derided as a conspiracy theory by the media – now represent a “national emergency” according to a new report. Deadly shootings in Sweden have also risen by a factor of 10 in one generation, exacerbated by witness intimidation and “a code of silence in the country’s socio-economically weak immigrant areas,” according to Quillette’s Paulina Neuding. The crime of robberies against children and sexual violence has also risen, with a third of young women reporting they feel unsafe going out at night. This has all happened under the watch of a “feminist government” that has opened the borders to mass immigration like never before. A sprawling and generous welfare system has also failed to deter migrants from turning to crime, while light punishments have also incentivized criminal behavior. Meanwhile, head of the Swedish Security Service (Säpo) Anders Thornberg has told Swedes that they better get used to the current conditions. Speaking of the current wave of shootings and violent crime across the country, Thornberg warned, “this can continue for five to ten years.”

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Universal Income and Drugs By James Reed

     Here is an insightful piece that puts an obvious case against universal income schemes, namely that the level of degeneracy and drug use is so high in America, and probably Australia, that if people were given any extra money, a sizable minority would explode the already pandemic drug problem:

“The entire number of US soldiers killed in Afghanistan, from 2001 until today, is 3,568. The same figure for Iraq, starting in 2003, is 4,571. Together they are 8,139, or about one ninth of the total deaths from overdoses in 2017 alone. The total number of American casualties in the Vietnam War was 58,220, less than any two-year pairing of overdose deaths in the last decade. The enormity of this death toll is truly hard to fathom, but consider this comparison: the total overdose deaths for the most recent ten years we have numbers for is 471,935. The estimated population of Miami today is 470,914. And that’s just overdose deaths. It doesn’t take account of the crime committed by addicts to feed their habit, the broken families, the disastrous health consequences of habitual drug use, etc. In terms of numbers, then, what is going on today is a war, and it is a war that we are losing. Since 2012, the percent increase of overdose deaths has gone up nearly every year. From 2012 to 2013, fatal overdoses went up just shy of six percent. From 2013 to 2014, it went up just shy of seven percent. From 2014 to 2015, the increase was about 11.3 percent. From 2015 to 2016, the increase accelerated dramatically, to 21.4 percent. From 2016 to 2017, the increase leveled a bit, going up only ten percent. As such, the numbers for 2018 may be as low as 80,000. That’s an optimistic view, mind you.

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Maybe the Terrorists Have Won? By Peter Ewer

     Who says that the terrorism issue will not impact upon daily life in Australia? A town’s fun run was cancelled because of the high cost of guarding against the threat of terrorism;

“A country town has been forced to axe their annual fun run as the costs to protect against a potential terror attack are too high. The rural town of Bendigo, in country Victoria, won't be putting on their yearly fun run in November as planned due to safety concerns. A large chunk of the cost for setting up the run would come from the installation of concrete bollards - which are worth tens of thousands of dollars. 'We are disappointed that this great event is being cancelled but safety is the number one priority,' Bendigo Health chairman Scott Elkington told the Bendigo Advertiser. He said after costs for anti-terrorism measures are added together, the event would no longer be feasible. Mr Elkington said the amount of time needed to set up and pack down a number of barriers would be another challenge for organisers. There's also a requirement to have 40 vehicles and trucks parked next to the bollards to stop terrorists driving into crowds of runners and spectators.

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The White Faces of Antifa By James Reed

     Ha! I have frequently argued that the young socialist thugs are the children of the elites, and that is why they are given an easy ride, as training foot soldiers. Beating up conservatives is just a workout, and when they fully emerge from their metamorphosis as mature insects, they go on to be young members of the oppressive elites, such as academics, lawyers journalists, financiers, bankers, you name it.

“At Occupy Wall Street, there were two very distinct groups. On one side of the park were the peaceful intellectuals. They ran the library and the general assembly, and organized services in the park. On the other side was the black bloc, a collection of black-clad punks, often with bandanas ready to serve as masks, who mostly engaged in drug use and drum circles. The latter group is directly related to the movement we now know as Antifa. One thing that both of these groups had—and continue to have—in common is that they are mostly young white people. This is not surprising; poll after poll shows us that the vast majority of far-left progressives are white. The intellectuals at Occupy understood and tried to address this, giving special treatment to the speech and ideas of their small cadre of non-white participants. The Black Bloc and Antifa take a different approach; they just cover their faces. But when members of Antifa are arrested, the masks come off. And, as recent mugshots of Portland Antifa members show, these people are about as diverse as the Washington Generals.

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Universities of Regret By James Reed

     Good mourning, after writing the Antifa bit, I am all steamed up to sound off about the universities again. I am not sure why I hate them so much; it is not personal, as I have not been enrolled since the 1960s. Maybe it is because every degenerating thing comes from them. Well, the top-level elites feed higher level demons the basic poison, and the final brew is made at the lower levels of these intellectual chemical weapons factories. But, thankfully, some people going through are regretting the abusive  experience:

“A college education is still considered a pathway to higher lifetime earnings and gainful employment for Americans. Nevertheless, two-thirds of employees report having regrets when it comes to their advanced degrees, according to a PayScale survey of 248,000 respondents this past spring that was released Tuesday. Student loan debt, which has ballooned to nearly $1.6 trillion nationwide in 2019, was the No. 1 regret among workers with college degrees. About 27% of survey respondents listed student loans as their top misgiving, PayScale said. The findings illustrate why education loans burdening millions of Americans have become a hot-button issue among some Democratic presidential candidates. Most recently, Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday proposed a plan to impose a tax on Wall Street trading and use the proceeds to erase that $1.6 trillion of debt. About 70% of college students graduated with student loan debt this year, averaging about $33,000 per student. And as younger grads pay off student loan balances, they're struggling to accumulate wealth or are putting off purchasing homes — some millennials are even struggling to purchase groceries. It's not just millennials. Baby boomers are taking on student loan debt either to help cover college costs for their children or to retrain themselves for a workplace transformed by increased automation, cloud computing and other labor-saving technologies. Some Americans age 62 and older are using their Social Security benefits to pay off more than $86 billion in unpaid college loans.”

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For all Lovers of Decentralisation By James Reed

     Here we love decentralisation, and believe that small is beautiful. For entertainment purposes, here is an article outlining all of the micro states in Europe, only some of which I had previously heard of. Delightful; when are we going there?

     Then again, why not build your own country?

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Brett Stevens on the Meaning of Tradition By Chris Knight

     Brett Stevens has “pipe meditations,” where, as smoking is now beyond the pale, he gets some good tobacco, and lights up his pipe, sitting by the fire in his philosopher’s chair, with his smoking jacket on, and tells us like it is. Here are some pipe meditations on the meaning of tradition from a pro-northern European perspective:

“Pipe tobacco blends represent a different idea. They seek an order which transcends the ages, much as conservatives seek order generally where the Left seeks equality (individualism). You want to be able to smoke what your great-grandfather smoked, and pass it down to your grandson, because we know people and how we like our intoxicants, but in true time-honored form, have chosen the gentlest versions of these and made them excellent, like Royal Yacht. This shows us the nature of tradition. Step one is ego-death; you realize that you are simply a point in time along a long line, and that ultimately none of our concerns here matter that much. This helps, since you stop worrying about whether you got the right car or if your house is the best on the block. The big thing is to be part of something big. After that, you start to see the wisdom in order beyond the individual. You benefit most from a society that is stable and part of a thriving civilization, so that it carries on the things you enjoy and anything good that you do. If you make a stone river bridge in your hometown, it should be there for centuries or longer, as people fix and maintain it, keeping it alive just like the population around it, even as individual stones and humans drop out over time.

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Letter to The Editor - All the genuine arguments supporting indigenous welfare can be met and satisfied without changing the Constitution

To The Age        There are three insuperable arguments against any kind of amendment to the Constitution favouring our indigenous peoples. It is fundamentally inequitable to non-indigenous Australians (the great majority of us). Secondly, by eroding our national unity, it threatens our national security (think of the growing threats of expansionist China and aggressive Islamic fundamentalism in Indonesia). Thirdly, it will cause internal instability through divisiveness based on ethnic difference. All the genuine arguments supporting indigenous welfare can be met and satisfied without changing the Constitution. Nothing in the latest speech of Minister for Indigenous Australians Ken Wyatt successfully addresses these very serious objections.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave

Did You Hear the One about a Legal Chinese Immigrant Who Criticised Illegal Immigration and Got Punished? By James Reed

     You know things are bad when even non-whites who criticise immigration policty get splattered:

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Divorce Can Hit Even the Masters of the Universe, Hard By Ian B. Wilson

      Sadly, they have made marriage a thing to be feared if you are a man and  have something to lose. Here is what happened to the world’s richest man:

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