The Tyranny of the Central Banks By James Reed

     We have not discussed what the central banks are getting up to for a while. Fortunately in this fabulous information age, people like me, who are getting old and challenged for words, can readily find top quality material to report on.

“Central bankers are now aggressively playing the stock market. To say they are buying up the planet may be an exaggeration, but they could. They can create money at will, and they have declared their “independence” from government. They have become rogue players in a game of their own. Excluding institutions such as Blackrock and Vanguard, which are composed of multiple investors, the largest single players in global equity markets are now thought to be central banks themselves. An estimated 30 to 40 central banks are invested in the stock market, either directly or through their investment vehicles (sovereign wealth funds). According to David Haggith on Zero Hedge:

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Great Liquidity Crisis; Great Social Unrest By James Reed

     Most of know that the next big economic crash is not too far off and that predictions are that it will resemble the Great Depression. There are plenty of crash sites on the internet proposing that and worse. But, what do more mainstream sources say, if we read between the lines?

“Predictions about the next market crash aren’t all flowers and rainbows. But JPMorgan Chase claims that not only will the public be subjected to a major financial crisis, but it will be compounded by the massive social unrest that will follow. J.P. Morgan’s top quant, Marko Kolanovic, predicts a “Great Liquidity Crisis” will hit the financial markets hard and be marked by flash crashes in stock prices and social unrest. According to CNBC, Kolanovic says that the timing of when this next crisis will occur is uncertain but markets appear to be safe through the first half of 2019. Kolanovic is a 43-year-old analyst with a Ph.D. in theoretical physics. He has risen in prominence for explaining, and occasionally predicting, how the new, algorithm-dominated stock market will behave. Kolanovic predicts the market will suffer from sudden and severe stock sell-offs sparked by lightning-fast machines. Unprecedented actions by central banks to shore up asset prices will all lead to social unrest not seen in the United States in half a century.”

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In Praise of Unruly Whites By Charles Taylor

     It is good to see White  folks voting with their feet, or rather hip pocket, against politically correct corporates, doing their pc  thing:

“The Huffington Post has accused “unruly” white people of flying into a “destructive rage,” in response to Nike’s latest “Just Do It” ad featuring Colin Kaepernick. The article claims that social media posts made by Nike customers who are seendestroying their Nike products is an example of dangerous “destructive rage,” MRCTV reported. “Unruly whites were seen vandalizing property, damaging well-mown lawns and setting fire to running shoes that had chiefly been worn for purposes other than running,” the Huffington Post article exclaims.”

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Can it Be?! Can it Really Be? Now Others are Joining the James Reed Global Campaign to Shut Down the Universities! By James Reed

     It is only human to get excited when others, bigger and better than oneself, embrace an idea that one has been shouting about for at least a decade. This is the need for the West to shut down its universities and radically restructure the higher education sector away from politically correct bs, and to embrace STEM and technological developments, with a direct focus upon job creation. In any case, here is the position of Professor Jason Hill, author of We Have Overcome: An Immigrant’s Letter to the American People, (Bombardier Books, 2018):

“TUCKER CARLSON: Jason Hill is a professor of philosophy at DePaul University, but if we follow his advice he could soon be unemployed he just published a remarkable piece in The Hill newspaper saying that universities —and he’s worked in them for a long time — have become so overwhelmed by identity politics, socialism, anti-Americanism and dumbness that essentially they’re beyond saving. He suggests that taxpayers and private donors pull funding and let the whole system collapse for the betterment of the country. Professor Hill is also the author of the book We Have Overcome which I have not read but plan to because his piece is literally that good. . . PROFESSOR JASON HILL: I think these Bolshevik-loving welfare scholars have basically hijacked the system and are indoctrinating our students with not just anti-American invective's, but against the very core values that form our republic — capitalism, free speech, the morality of wealth creation.”

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The Elite Know that the Collapse of Society is Coming … After All, They Planned it that Way! By John Steele

     Here is a good article on how the elites know that the collapse of society is coming, and like rats deserting a ship, running down the mooring ropes to get to some sort of “safety”:

“While most of the general population has been lulled into a false sense of security, bankers and tech executives are spending millions upon millions of dollars to prepare for the collapse of society.  Do they know something that the rest of us do not?  Apparently talk of doomsday scenarios has become very popular at Silicon Valley dinner parties, and as you will see below, having a plan to escape to New Zealand appears to be a very popular “Plan B” among the tech elite.  Of course this is not just a west coast phenomenon.  Many bankers on the east coast have similar concerns and have also been developing contingency plans.  Ladies and gentlemen, they know what is coming and they are feverishly getting prepared for it.  In fact, J.P. Morgan Chase’s head quant just publicly declared that the next financial crisis is going to result in “social unrest not seen in the U.S. in half a century.”

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Dying for a Paycheck By Peter West

     A new book by Jeffrey Pfeffer, Dying for A Paycheck (HarperBusiness, 2018), documents the terrible price that modern globalised capitalism, with its manic production schedule is having upon human social life, and health. The focus is largely upon the US, as most research is, but it is still relevant to us in Australia, since we are a microcosm of the US, and most diseases made in America, soon blow to our shores. In one US survey, 61 percent of employees said that workplace stress had made them sick, and of these 7 percent had been hospitalised. Job stress in the US costs employers over $ 300 billion per year, with 120,000 excess deaths annually. China is even worse with an estimated one million people a year dying from overwork, and rising. The world has become a vast sweatshop:

     Here are some insightful comments in an interview which Pfeffer gave about his book:

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China Exploits Africa, But the Left in the West Don’t Care By James Reed

     The big thing about Western colonialism, leading to the great social mess in South Africa, is that the West is eternally guilty. The Left have this as one of their “big things,” but they go to sleep when their communist mummy China does the exploiting. The extent of this exploitation in Africa is staggering, as Doug Casey claims:

“Justin: Is China exploiting Africa? Doug: Of course “exploit” is a loaded word; it implies one-sided, unbalanced dealings, and unfair business—although the word “fair” also has lots of baggage, and politically charged meanings. But, yes, they’re definitely exploiting Africa. We’re seeing a veritable re-colonization of Africa. Every time I visit Africa I see more and more Chinese. It doesn’t matter which country; they’re everywhere. It’s important to remember that Africa doesn’t produce anything besides raw materials. There’s close to zero manufacturing, like 1% of the world’s total, in sub-Saharan Africa. And almost all of that is in South Africa. The little there is, is only produced with the help foreigners—Europeans, but increasingly the Chinese. … The Chinese see the place the way the Spanish saw Mexico and Peru in the 16th C. Of course they won’t say that in public. In fact it’s very non-PC for anyone to make that observation…

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White South Africans to Pay for Their Own Genocide Now! By Bruce Bennett

     It must surely be the ultimate victory; getting one’s enemy to dig their own graves:

“South African farmers subjected to land expropriation without compensation will still have to pay off their debts for property which has been seized by the state, according to a major bank. In an email from Nedbank widely circulated on social media, now confirmed as genuine by Head of Group Media Relations Kedibonea Molopyane, according to The South African, farmers are warned that their debts will have to be paid in full even after their property is confiscated by the government. It reads as follows:

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Deracinated Macron the Macaroni Man By John Steele

     I am against steroid use, but some people need a shot in the butt. “French’ President Macron comes to mind:

“French politicians have reacted with anger after Emmanuel Macron asserted that “true” Frenchmen and Danes “do not exist”, and attacked the people he rules over as stubbornly resistant to change while on an official visit to Denmark. The French president made the remarks while on a three-day tour of Denmark and Finland, where he is hoping to establish a “progressive arc” of nations supporting his vision of a globalised EU superstate, which would revolve around a liberal conception of human rights, ahead of European Parliament elections next year. Speaking before a gala lobster dinner on Wednesday, at which Denmark’s Queen Margaret was in attendance, Macron praised the Scandinavian nation as one which is “completely open to the rest of the world” compared with a France whose people he said showed a “Gaulish stubborn resistance to change”.

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There is Only One Party, and That’s the Party Party! By Michael Ferguson

     How easy it all is when there is really only one party, with one set of anti-traditionalist globalist policies. Even if your dad was prime minister, don’t bother supporting the Liberals, because you can support Labor just as well, and at the end of the day, it is basically the same thing:

“Malcolm Turnbull's son Alex is soliciting donations for Labor ahead of a by-election in his father's former seat of Wentworth, telling followers it is the "best bang for the buck you'll get in political donations in your life".Alex Turnbull, a Singapore-based fund manager, promised to "say what I think a bit more" following his father's ousting as Prime Minister in last week's Liberal Party coup, in which he was replaced by former treasurer Scott Morrison. In a wide-ranging interview with Fairfax Media this week, he said it was "impossible" to vote for the Coalition "in good conscience" because of its climate change stance, and accused the Liberal Party of being hijacked by the coal industry. On Saturday, he plugged his friend Tim Murray, the Labor candidate for his father's former seat of Wentworth in Sydney's eastern suburbs, directing his followers to Mr Murray's donations page. "Best bang for the buck you'll get in political donations in your life," the younger Turnbull tweeted. "Tight race, tight margin for government, big incremental effect whatever happens. If you want a federal election now this is the means by which to achieve it." Mr Turnbull and Mr Murray are friends from the investment world. Mr Murray is the co-founder of investment research firm J Capital, spent nearly two deades working in China and speaks Mandarin.”

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The Reality of the Chinese Economy By James Reed

     With the Asianise Australia lobby still having a massive love affair with the mighty China, it is worthwhile to consider whether the object of their undying love is so “mighty.” There are two sides to the China growth story, and here is the dark side:

“The other half is pure waste, fraud and theft. About 45% of Chinese GDP is in the category of “investment.” A developed economy GDP such as the U.S. is about 70% consumption and 20% investment. There’s nothing wrong with 45% investment in a fast-growing developing economy assuming the investment is highly productive and intelligently allocated. That’s not the case in China. At least half of the investment there is pure waste. It takes the form of “ghost cities” that are fully-built with skyscrapers, apartments, hotels, clubs, and transportation networks – and are completely empty. This is not just western propaganda; I’ve seen the ghost cities first hand and walked around the empty offices and hotels. Chinese officials try to defend the ghost cities by claiming they are built for the future. That’s nonsense. Modern construction is impressive, but it’s also high maintenance. Those shiny new buildings require occupants, rents and continual maintenance to remain shiny and functional. The ghost cities will be obsolete long before they are ever occupied.

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The Zombie Monster of Socialism Arises Again, and Again By James Reed

     It feels like we have to fight the same old battles over and over again. I am referring to the rise of socialism, but in reality, socialism was never defeated, it simply mutated in form, becoming cultural Marxism. Now most young Americans prefer socialism to capitalism:

“A new report from Gallup revealed that young people prefer socialism to capitalism. The Gallup report, which was published on August 13, details American attitudes on socialism and capitalism. The results specifically identified that positive attitude towards socialism amongst millennials. The majority of Americans, aged 18 to 29, now prefer socialism to capitalism. Americans aged 18 to 29 are as positive about socialism (51%) as they are about capitalism (45%). This represents a 12-point decline in young adults’ positive views of capitalism in just the past two years and a marked shift since 2010, when 68% viewed it positively. Meanwhile, young people’s views of socialism have fluctuated somewhat from year to year, but the 51% with a positive view today is the same as in 2010. A report from CNBC on the Gallup poll argued that many young Americans are struggling to get by in the current economy. For example, wages haven’t risen to match the rise in the cost-of-living. As a result, many young Americans are blaming the system for their struggles.

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The Vile, Nasty Democrats By Charles Taylor

     Australians need to watch US politics closely because what we see unfolding is how the Deep State and their puppet government seeks to impose its agenda, and to hell with democracy. The Democrats believe that Clinton, if not Obama, should be in power, and they will do whatever it takes to destroy Trump. The same measures were never done by Republicans in the past. The difference is that progressives are basically grown up versions of antifa, and retain the same lawless desire to utterly destroy enemies, not consider them as fellow citizens. It is unfortunate, but if that is how the game has to be played, sheer survival requires that Trump respond in kind. He probably has only one shot, and to date has constantly dropped the ball because of his weakness, and perhaps lack of intellect to take in the whole picture.

“A spreadsheet reportedly circulating among House Republicans details over 100 potential investigations into President Donald Trump that Democrats will launch if they win the November elections. They intend to impeach him — or, at best, cripple his presidency.The document, reported by Axios on Sunday and hinted at by HuffPost on Friday (which put the number at a mere 52 investigations), is said to have Republicans “getting ready for hell,” as Democrats will use oversight to create gridlock, or worse.Axios reports that some of the investigations, based on requests for inquiries made by Democrats while in the minority, include:

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Ann Coulter on Russian Election Meddling By Chris Knight

     It is good to see Queen Ann Coulter, as she is affectionately called, ripping into the “Russians did it, took the election from dear Hillary” mythos. At long last, someone in the US has made the obvious point, that so what if they did, the US interferes in everybody’s elections, and has even toppled governments, and George Soros, does what he wants:

“She pointed to rising U.S. rival China, influential ally Israel, and Mexico, whose politicians and diplomats have repeatedly called for Mexican dual citizens and American citizens of Mexican descent to oppose tough immigration policies and Republican politicians. “[The Russians] are pikers compared to China, Israel, and Mexico interfering with our elections all the time.” “And, moreover, we do it all day long to other countries,” Coulter said of the United States. “We, I think it’s worth mentioning here, including someone we allow to live and enjoy this country’s largess, George Soros, who has specifically spent a billion dollars intervening in former Soviet satellite states.”

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US Catholic Bishops want More Refugees, Not Fazed by Sex Scandals By Peter West

     Recent sex scandals in the US have not halted the Catholic church in its manic theology of mass immigration of the Third World to the First.

“The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) began circulating a petition to President Trump last month through its Justice for Immigrants campaign that urges him to authorize the resettlement of “at least” 75,000 refugees in the United States in FY 2019. One of the nine voluntary agencies that have collectively been paid billions of federal taxpayer dollars since the Refugee Act of 1980 created the Refugee Admission Program to resettle an estimated two million plus refugees in the United States, the organization of Catholic bishops also issued a statement of apology last week for its failure to exercise moral leadership in the burgeoning Pennsylvania sex abuse scandal. The same Catholic bishops apologized for the recent sex abuse scandal that involved 301 priests in Pennsylvania over a 70 year period with over 1,000 victims.”

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The Engineered Collapse of Venezuela By Chris Knight

     We have been covering the economic and social collapse of Venezuela, from socialist economics, which has led to events such as children fighting each other with machetes for the better garbage:

     Inflation is so bad that all one can buy for $ 4 million, is a small block of land with a burnt down house on it:

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When Google Dies? By Brian Simpson

     Metaphorically speaking of course, and to introduce the topic of the end of Google, which I like to doodle as “Gooooooooogle,” as far-fetched as that now sounds.

“American thinker and economist George Gilder joined Breitbart News Daily this week to discuss his book Life After Google, which makes the case that the big data era led by companies like Google is coming to an end. Gilder started by explaining why the Google model cannot last forever. “Their great mistake is addressing the issue of security successfully. One of the reasons for free is because nobody wants to steal free stuff. So the burdens on security for the network are greatly diminished,” Gilder argued. “A free model doesn’t really teach you. Capitalism is based on markets and prices and relationships with customers who you have to serve and who have rights. This is how capitalist progress works.”

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Drowning in Debt By James reed

     Debt debt, everywhere, and not a drop to drink. Simply replacing the word “water” by “debt” produced a sentence which may well describe the fate of nations, as they drown in debt, but the people die from “thirst”:

“As governments raise taxes to cope with their unending spending habits, people are increasingly being forced to supplement their own income with loans. And according to most financial experts, this debt problem is so big that it will usher in a global economic collapse of epic proportions. According to the Institute of International Finance’s latest Global Debt Monitor, the amount of debt held in the world rose by the biggest amount in two years during the first quarter of 2018. It grew by $8 trillion to hit a new all-time high of $247 trillion, up from $238 trillion as of December 31, 2017.  And that’s up by $30 trillion from the end of 2016. Global debt is staggering to the point most of it will never be repaid and as governments continue their spending sprees and the debts keep mounting, the future of the economy looks bleak. There is more than enough economic data out there to show there could be an economic collapse and stock market crash in 2018. Bill Gross stated in 2017 that “our highly levered financial system is like a truckload of nitroglycerin on a bumpy road”. One wrong move and the whole thing could blow sky high, wrote the Epic Economist. Once this bubble pops, it will fling the globe into a financial crisis of epic proportions never before seen.”

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The Cost of “Womyn’s Lib” By Mrs Vera West

     Most of us know that the modern world is in crisis point, and the near future will involve a great reckoning for the dismantling of tried and proven traditional society, in favour of a cosmopolitan experiment based around money and materialism. One of the things that will need to be looked at closely as things fall apart is the cost of modernity to women, who have been made into “womyn”:

“Becoming a mother used to be seen as a unifying milestone for women in the United States. But a new analysis of four decades of births shows that the age that women become mothers varies significantly by geography and education. The result is that children are born into very different family lives, heading for diverging economic futures. First-time mothers are older in big cities and on the coasts, and younger in rural areas and in the Great Plains and the South. In New York and San Francisco, their average age is 31 and 32. In Todd County, S.D., and Zapata County, Tex., it’s half a generation earlier, at 20 and 21, according to the analysis, which was of all birth certificates in the United States since 1985 and nearly all for the five years prior. It was conducted for The New York Times by Caitlin Myers, an economist who studies reproductive policy at Middlebury College, using data from the National Center for Health Statistics.

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Facebook and Banks; Spy Organisations By Michael Ferguson

     After internet censorship comes the next big thing in anarcho-tyranny, where Facebook is asking banks for customer financial data transactions! What next? When will this end?

“Facebook has been asking banks in the United States for their customers’ financial data, including account balances and transactions, according to a report. The Wall Street Journal revealed that the social network has been asking major banks to “share detailed financial information about their customers, including card transactions and checking account balances, as part of an effort to offer new services to users.” The banks asked by Facebook included JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, and U.S. Bancorp, while one “large U.S. bank pulled away from talks due to privacy concerns.” “Facebook has talked about a feature that would show its users their checking-account balances, the people said. It has also pitched fraud alerts,” reported the Wall Street Journal, which claimed, “Facebook has told banks that the additional customer information could be used to offer services that might entice users to spend more time on Messenger.”

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