Start the Day, the Economist Way! By James Reed

     A great poem by social creditor C. J. Dennis, a poem sometimes quoted, but it should be put on everyone’s fridge door, next to the shopping and to-do list:

Another Economic Riddle
by C.J.Dennis

I venerate economists
As very learned blokes,
But when in paradox they speak
Their meaning oft I vainly seek,
Suspecting subtle jokes.
They say the whole world’s down and out;
But here’s what I can’t see:
If every land, beyond all doubt,
In all the world is up the spout –
Then who’s the mortgagee?
Do we owe money in the moon,
Or some celestial land?
Or have we creditors in Mars,
Or other fixed and unfixed stars,
Who hold our notes of hand?
If not, why all the fuss and fret?
I’ve conned it o’er and o’er,
And find no clear solution yet.
If all the earth is deep in debt,
Who is the creditor?
When men go into bankruptcy
The case is plain as day:
What is not in the dear wife’s name
Grim creditors will promptly claim,
And assets melt away.
But when a whole wide world’s in soak
And cannot raise the tin,
Here’s where I half suspect a joke:
When all the earth goes stony broke,
Who puts the bailiffs in?

     It is the key question that needs to be asked: who are those that every nation in the world is in debt to, and how is this even possible, that control of credit issue has been given away to people that you would not trust to walk your dog? What’s that sonic boom? Is it WWIII already? No, just an earthquake caused by the present corona virus lockdown here in Melbourne, where everyone has over-eaten junk food, causing Melbourne to sink into the sea, I hypothesise. If this is not Biblical end times, I will eat my copy of The Weekend Australian.



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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