Notes From Around 30-7-2020 D.B.Smith - Why I Fight

     The following is a passage from J.T. (Jack) Lang’s book“Why I Fight. Jack Lang was a Labour Premier of NSW in the 1930’s. The same Labour Party that gave us the Commonwealth Bank was changing and Jack Lang’s words showed he was not one of the new order that brought down that same bank, and indeed the final sale of the bank that financed our WW1 effort at no cost to the nation, was to be enacted by one of the new white collar labour breed, one Paul Keating. Now we have no one in parliament who would save our nation through our own national bank, they are puppets all to the international bankers who control the world with DEBT finance.
Today there is there is no voice of opposition, all are silenced by the smear, either the “funny money” label, or “the extreme right wing” or even the “anti- semetic” label are swung into action in the media to denigrate and ostracise any who would oppose their program of world control. The churches pat themselves on the back for their ambulance aid work but none question what DEBT is as they are all beholden to the banks to some degree today. As Jeremy Lee said in his book Australia 2000 What Will We Tell Our Children, “It was not always so”. If I am wrong on this point I would love to be made aware of any statements from a leading Church, questioning why we have poverty amid the plenty of this nation of ours, let alone a Christ who would dare throw the money changers out of the temple of human lives. Jack Lang chose to stand against the changes he saw and was expelled from the Labour party.  Are we standing against those “ugly Factors” that are making a mockery of Divine bounty, or will it be left to our children to break the chains that bind them. This world is in a revolutionary state and the Marxists of all persuasions are exploiting the situation to their advantage, ie to divide the community to such a degree as we see in the USA right now. Only a directive from a President to use live ammunition will dispel the riots. Do not be fooled, Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with the death /murder of George Floyd, but was the result of well -prepared and well organised ground for rebellion against political order, the genesis of things to come. Read Solzhenitsyn. Lockdown is not “the new norm” but the thin edge of totalitarian authority.


     In the life of every man there comes a time when he must face up to the solemn procession of the old order passing and turn to salute the new order that arises, deciding with his own conscience where lies the duty of his own generation standing between the two as a powerful factor in the whole course of history.  In this Australia of ours, as in every other country of the modern world, that time has arrived, and each of us must decide for himself whether he will stand with a civilisation that has debauched itself with a gigantic criminal foolishness or give the best that is in him to the recasting of the order of society to eliminate those ugly factors that have made want a mockery of divine bounty and placed human life on the altar of sacrifice to the false gods of personal aggrandisement round which our machine age has grouped itself.

     In the (1929 depression-ed) years that have slipped away we have lived with poverty, making personal acquaintance with the demoralising effects of want; and, in the twenty years that I have given to the Parliamentary service of the splendid people of this, the greatest land that God has bestowed on man, I have striven to straighten out those sharp corners where so many of my countrymen have encountered miseries and hardships that are obviously outside the divine dispensation of human society.  And in that striving I have come to recognise a force that is stronger than society, secret and swift, that secures itself behind the charter of exploitation of the common people of the world. It is a privileged and select autocracy, which knows no nation and cherishes no faith, and has stolen for itself from the long evolution of modern civilisation an assumption of power which it now claims as a right. And where I, and others, would seek to lead the people through to freedom we have encountered this hidden hand entrenched in ramparts that have become almost unassailable.  

     Enthroned in our society is a hierarchy of financial anarchists playing with a world of men and women for sheer personal gain, putting them to work under the whips of hunger, throwing them into idleness to keep them in discipline, massing them for war, dividing them in peace — and from every activity into which it deploys them drawing toll in gold, counted over and over in human tears and blood. To my people I give the call to throw off this yoke, striking at it through the one chink in its carefully constructed armour; and in the following pages I have endeavoured to point the way by disclosing the methods by which this power works and exposing the immoral sacrifice of whole nations of people, and particularly of this young nation of ours, to the cause of greed.     

     I can see the Old Order passing and I salute the New, hoping that the facts I am about to reveal will inspire my fellow Australians, who have been cheated of the heritage God has given them, to stand solidly... for the restoration of our civilisation on the foundations of justice and equity and the rehabilitation of our national economy on a real basis of lasting prosperity expressed in happiness, comfort, and security for the whole of our people.    -- Why I Fight?  By John Thomas (JT) Lang - July, 1934.

     See also further thorough comment on Jack Lang’s words in On Target Vol. 56 No.29 in The Great Fight by Arnis Luks here:- (you will have to find it in archives after Thursday) but here is an excerpt. “The neo-liberals and internationalist labor – twin thistles, cannot produce figs. If you want figs we need to rip out the thistles and plant figs. Eric Butler warned us in his booklet “Releasing Reality”, that evil cannot be defeated by reform, it must be abolished completely. So it is with the political parties (and educational institutions), which undermines our parliament, which removes the recording and accountability of debates from Hansard into the political party room, where all sorts of manoeuvring takes place away from the public gaze”.

Also:-  Australia 2000 What Will We Tell Our Children by Jeremy Lee.
Also:-  read in  Dynoems   The Power of the Hidden Hand by D. Smith



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