The Covid-1984 Recession and the Coming Apocalypse By James Reed

     This 4 Corners (how many corners do they think there are?) segment is worth watching because it tells us what is coming right now economically due to the Corona freak-out. Businesses just being smashed, crushed to dust. Sure, there is there whinging about not having backpackers to pick fruit, the usual immigration bs, which seems to me to be a weak foundation to build upon, but that is only a drop in the ocean. Here is the deepest recession since the big one of 1930s, and it would be worse if business that were dead were not permitted to continue trading, as zombies. Businesses going broke, maybe 500,000, means people don’t have jobs, and when the dole is slashed, get ready for social chaos and disaster, and home invasions for goods, right out into the green leafy suburbs. No-one will be safe. After a while people will be crying out for the Chinese new World Order. Please enslave me! Let me have my consumer goodies back! I don’t need things like freedom! And so on. Just see if Uncle James is right on this one.

     Rudolph Zinn published back in 2010 a fascinating book on home invasions in South Africa, Home Invasion, which we can see as a prelude to what is coming right across the West: 



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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