I Guess I Won’t Pay My Home Insurance this Year Either, and Just let the Place Burn Down! By Michael Ferguson

     Well I got my home insurance bill for $870, and was shocked, until I got other quotes some from friendly bank of over $2,000. I was depressed yesterday, but having gone through the five stages of dying, now accept that my life is over, and if the house burns down, it burns down. Maybe I will go with it. At least it will be a warm way to cash out! And my son, who just got $10,000 emergency super release, does not want to chip in and help out his poor old dad, so maybe free board and lodging has gone to his head, and he should put that money to finding somewhere else to live?

“Americans are skipping payments on mortgages, auto loans and other bills. Normally, that could mean massive foreclosures, evictions, cars repossessions and people's credit getting destroyed. But much of that has been put on pause. Help from Congress and leniency from lenders have kept impending financial disaster at bay for millions of people. But that may not last for long. The problem is that these efforts aim to create a financial bridge to the future for people who've lost their income in the pandemic — but the bridge is only half-built. For one thing, the help still isn't reaching many people who need it. "My wife has filed, certified every week for her unemployment for 10 weeks now, and they have done nothing," says Jonathan Baird of Bruceton, Tenn. "We've struggled."Baird is a disabled veteran, not injured in wartime, who gets a small disability pension. When the pandemic hit, his wife lost her job as a home health aide. That was most of their income. And like many other contract workers, she has run into long delays trying to collect unemployment. Meanwhile, Baird says his mortgage company told him that he didn't qualify for a federal program to postpone payments. Many homeowners have been given wrong or misleading information from lenders about that. And it appears that is what happened in Baird's case. Baird also called Ford to try to get a break on the payments for his pickup truck. "When I contacted them, they told me that there was nothing they could do," he says. "Just basically make your payment or suffer the late fees."

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Fabian socialism in the USA, You Guys Next By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     It is all moving so quick now that good folks out there in the green leafy suburbs, especially if they are still in lock down mode, may not be aware of the rapid advances made by socialism during these crazy New World Order times. The US, as always is leading ground for this, and once we go, you Aussies are gone for sure:

“If you didn’t notice yet, we are living under socialist order in the blue states dictated by communist governors. All signs of the new world order are apparent, and if you don’t believe it, visit just about any U.S. state where the governor is a Democrat, and nobody even voted for it yet. Well, they did, but they didn’t realize it at the time. The “new normal” is quite abnormal, compared to living the American dream. That is over and there will be no going back to “normal” if Bill Gates and George Soros keep all their pawns in check (governors who bow down to the ring and will do anything for money). The Constitution is being hung by its neck in the gallows while the peons and paupers all watch in horror. It’s involuntary socialism. There are really no other words for it right now. Americans have no rights to protest peacefully, they must come out bearing legal, fully-loaded automatic weapons and keep their smart devices rolling video live the whole time in order to even have a voice. Then that’s all banned from mainstream media … Nobody can hug, shake hands, or even see each other’s faces anymore. That is all illegal. Practicing religion is illegal too. Ministers are being arrested for leading their churches in prayer, even in cars. The first amendment is also completely dead. Just go online and type in anything pro-Trump and you will see … nothing.

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The Riots in Essence are About Our Unjust Financial System, That does Not Deliver Adequate Purchasing Power By James Reed

     I was inspired by this Canadian black guy’s survivalist take on the US  riots, well  worth seeing, as it gives a different spin on things:

     We really need to move beyond the usual racial realist take on riots and the burning of the West, as seen at various Dissent Right sites, where the violence is  a product of IQ, and genes, and look to the financial causes of Black people and youth smashing up ATM machines and grabbing money, or looting stores to get electronic goods. Let us not worry too much about assaults, murders, and rapes, for the sake of argument. Clearly, these poor, poor, people do not have adequate purchasing power, and simply want the same consumer goods that white folks have. So far social credit theorists have not taken pen to paper, or key board on this issue yet, but Chris Martenson had made a good start to get the stone rolling. Of course, I will ignore his idea that the days of exponential growth are over, since I hope that mass consumption and resource use will ever-expand by many thousands of times, in this age of plenty of goodies:

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Social Credit to the Corona Rescue By James Reed

     You would think that the banks would be in fear and trembling, with the fall of the cliff that the Australian economy has undertaken, businesses shut down, economic activity in the toilet, or not even there, a looming property price crash, jobless levels set to rival, maybe surpass the Great Depression. So, why are the banks so happy? Sure, they are all cashed up, holding more cash than usual, but cash is but a small part of the modern financial sector. Not to worry, the Reserve Bank has plenty of dough to splash around, like a corporate Santa:

“If the cash gets low, the Reserve Bank stands ready to assist. Since 2015, in the wake of the global financial crisis, the RBA has offered Australian banks what's known as the 'Committed Liquidity Facility'. In the RBA's own words, it "entails the central bank committing to stand ready to provide a bank with liquidity against high-quality collateral that would otherwise be illiquid in the market". In other words, in times of distress, banks can bundle up loans into securities and park them with the central bank for a very modest fee, in return for cash. This emergency line of credit is set at more than $220 billion this year — and if that's not enough, the RBA would likely scale it up or set up something else if necessary. The central bank is also offering term funding of "at least $90 billion" to the banking system to allow lenders to support small and medium-sized business, but it will also allow lenders to shore up cheap reserves. Some 130 banks, building societies and credit unions can borrow from the RBA dirt cheap, at a fixed rate of 0.25 per cent, for funds equivalent to up to 3 per cent of their total outstanding credit to households and businesses, in the first instance. "It's not free money but it's close to it," Mr Johnson said.”

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Welcome to Great Depression 2.0; It is Enough to Make One Greatly Depressed By Chris Knight

     I moved back to the US, my original home, at the wrong time, just before the corona freak-out began, and walked right into the lock downs, backed by the iron fist of the law. And, 40 million, no 41 million unemployed, soon to be more than  double the entire population of

     The Democrats and Republicans are set to war about extending the unemployment benefits into this year and maybe next. The harder-nosed Republican neo-cons think that letting the millions die of starvation would be more economical, since migrants can always be brought in to soak up any spillage. Things are so bad that Walmart is selling second hand goods, because people are now too poor to buy new stuff. And, we have not even hit the bottom of the barrel yet!

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Replacing Britain By Richard Miller

     Can it be? Is Britain finally getting a bit of self-respect and waking up, from its pathetic deracinated state? We can only hope:

“More than three-quarters of Britons want the interests of the UK workforce to be put ahead of employers seeking cheap labour from overseas. According to Deltapoll, 77 per cent of respondents to a survey said they think British businesses should prioritise workers already in the UK in an effort to get people back to work following the coronavirus lockdown. Just eight per cent said that it should be “easier to bring in employees from abroad” (15 per cent “don’t know”). The replies came in response to the pollster asking whether Britons agreed with the statement: “With record numbers of people unable to work as usual, the government should ensure that employers prioritise getting British workers back to work instead of making it easier to bring in more employees from abroad.” The results suggest that the government is widely out of step with its post-Brexit Immigration Bill, which would scrap the Resident Labour Market Test. The test is a benchmark that employers have to meet to prove that there were no suitably-qualified candidates already in the United Kingdom before opening up vacancies to international competition. The rules, similar to many around the world, protect the British job market for UK workers. Britons now face the prospect of losing that protection after millions being furloughed due to coronavirus and after already seeing cheap EU labour, thanks to Free Movement, depressing wages for years.”

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Trump and the Money Men Show Their True Colours By Chris Knight

     It was all so predictable; President Donald Duck, who could have prevented the lockdown by shutting the borders fast, as many other nations, such as Mongolia did, but did not since the US is a cuck for migrants, including China, now faces the grim economic prospects of paying people decent unemployment benefits, after destroying their jobs, or let them starve, constraining their dying protests by the guns of the military. A version of this problem will face Australia too, of course. Most of the jobs that have been lost are gone for good, because economies are not like light switches, that can be turned on or off, but more like organisms, who when shot through the heart, simply die:

“The Trump administration, top Republicans and powerful corporate lobbyists mounted fresh opposition Thursday to extending enhanced unemployment benefits to the growing number of Americans who are out of work, raising the prospect of significant cuts to their weekly checks unless lawmakers act by the end of July. The latest round of threats came hours after U.S. government released dour new jobless figures showing an additional 2.4 million Americans sought unemployment aid just last week, further compounding an economic crisis that already rivals the Great Depression in its severity. Over the span of nine weeks, more than 38 million Americans have filed unemployment claims across the country because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. In March, Congress passed a law that gave people filing for unemployment benefits an additional $600 each week until July. The debate about whether to extend those benefits this summer has touched off fierce debate in Washington over the extent to which continued aid is necessary to stimulate a sagging economy. Some White House officials and Republicans say the extra payments are creating a disincentive for people to return to the workforce, potentially holding back the economic recovery. But so far there is no consensus over how to proceed, with some calling for phasing out the benefits entirely and others supporting a one-time payment that could encourage Americans to return to work.

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Does Mathematical Probability Support Uncle Len’s Life as a Loser and Quitter? By Uncle Len, Who Gives Up Even Before He Starts!

     I started life by reading every soiled self-help book I found tossed out in the trash, and now look at my success, here in my little rusty trusty shed! In the end I decided that I would be better off making big life decisions, by not consciously deciding at all, as beings with agency would do, but by just tossing a coin, then going for the opposite thing I first thought of. In the end the maths got so complicated I just gave up, this being before the age of lap top computers and smart phones, which apparently think for you now. Certainly, the users don’t seem to be doing much thinking.

“Are you having trouble deciding whether or not to move? Is it time to quit your job but you just can’t go through with it? A new study suggests a simple coin flip not only helps people make big choices, but they’re happier when the coin tells them to make such a huge life change. University of Chicago economist Steven Levitt says a study of happiness after making major decisions reveals that people should actually embrace quitting. His study finds that participants who go through with their coin flip choices were living happier lives six months later. “Society teaches us ‘quitters never win and winners never quit,’ but in reality the data from my experiment suggests we would all be better off if we did more quitting,” Levitt said in a statement. The study, published in The Review of Economic Studies, presented subjects with a number of questions such as, “Should I quit my job?” and “Should I propose?” The participants could also make their own questions, like “Should I get a tattoo" The yes or no choices were then assigned to each side of the coin. With a third-party watching the results, participants were surveyed two months and six months after their consequential coin flip. Although people tended to favor sticking with the status quo after two months, their attitudes changed by the six-month mark. Participants and the third-parties observing them found that coin flips telling subjects to make a major life change ended up making them much happier half a year later. Levitt says that participants in the online study also said they’d make the same decision if they had to choose again. The co-author of Freakonomics adds the results differ from basic economic theories because those models focus on gains and losses and not how the choice impacts how you feel. Levitt argues that change is generally the best option when you’re in a tough spot. “A good rule of thumb in decision making is, whenever you cannot decide what you should do, choose the action that represents a change, rather than continuing the status quo.”

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Bring on the Housing/ University Double Super Duper Crash! By James Reed

     Instead of developing a sustainable economy based on sound nationalistic principles, as Australia looked like having in the 19th century, or  at least in the pre-World War II era,  we went down the road of mass migration, building houses/ building anything with walls for our masters in the building industry, and later, the great circus of tourism and the overseas student education racket, where politically correct universities engaged in bringing in fee paying students, who were milked, and then fast tacked as migrants as part. Sum it all up and the whole show is simply the Great Replacement of Anglo-Saxon Australia, almost complete. Well, the corona madness, whatever the anarcho-tyranny aspects, does seem to have dented this globalised Asianised mass society, and there is no reason not to believe that the next plague will wipe this world view off the face of the earth.  That will be especially so if the elites start pegging out.

“The Housing Industry Association’s (HIA) dire forecasts for new housing construction make for chilling reading both for building materials companies and for the broader economy. Housing starts in Australia had already moved into decline in the 2019 financial year but the HIA sees the COVID-19 pandemic pushing these numbers over a cliff to land down 30 per cent and with it half a million jobs. To put this into perspective, in 2018 Australia was building more than 230,000 residential dwellings a year. If the HIA predictions come to pass this number will fall to about 111,000. "The shock to the economy from the halting of overseas migration, the absence of student arrivals and uncertainty over the domestic economy will see the national market at a lower point in December 2020 than it was during the 1990s recession," according to HIA’s regional director, David Bare.”

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The Hyper- Rich have Already Bugged Out, and are not Eating Bugs! By John Steele

     I have covered for some time the story that the hyper-rich have bought up bolt holes in places like New Zealand to go in a SHTF scenario. Well, that has happened now, regardless of how you view Covid-19. It is probably the economic fallout and ensuring social chaos that scares them most, and they are ready for it in style, the style that only big money can buy:

“The world's super rich are buying bunkers with shooting ranges amid fears coronavirus will spark a crime epidemic. Multi-millionaires and billionaires are going underground as the deadly outbreak spreads panic around the world. However, many are not hiding away from the killer virus they are running scared about what may happen in the wake of the pandemic. "People are buying not specifically for the coronavirus, people are buying the shelters for what the coronavirus can bring," said Gary Lynch of the Rising S Company, which manufactures luxury bunkers. "The United States is very vulnerable economically and if there were a collapse we would see civil and social unrest. "What you are going to have is people going door-to-door trying to do harm, trying to steal, trying to take food and trying to take possessions. "So what my clients want to do is go hide underground then they don't have to worry about what is going on outside as they are safe and secure inside their shelter." Many of the shelters are built from protective steel and have bullet-resistant doors, reports the BBC. They are fitted with state-of-the-art air filters which can even remove nuclear dust in the wake of a missile attack. They have huge food storage rooms which can hold up to six months supplies of tinned and freeze-dried goods. Many have huge underground greenhouse gardens so the occupants can grow their own food when their supplies run dry. Mr Lynch revealed some of his clients even have shooting ranges fitted. Texas-based Rising S Bunkers start at $50,000 but can run into millions. The largest they have built measured 13,000 square feet for a mystery client.”

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Economic Effects of Corona Freak-Out Set to Kill More than the Bug Itself! By Chris Knight

     This item comes from our New World Order friends at the UN, so you know that it must be high in salt, and steaming hot with cosmopolitan cholesterol:

“The economic devastation the pandemic wreaks on the ultra-poor could ultimately kill more people than the virus itself. The United Nations predicts that a global recession will reverse a three-decade trend in rising living standards and plunge as many as 420 million people into extreme poverty, defined as earning less than $2 a day. As for the 734 million people already there, the economic tsunami will make it harder for them to ever climb out. “I feel like we’re watching a slow-motion train wreck as it moves through the world’s most fragile countries,” said Nancy Lindborg, president of the nonprofit U.S. Institute of Peace and former head of the Ebola task force at the U.S. Agency for International Development. Hunger is already rising in the poorest parts of the world, where lockdowns and social distancing measures have erased incomes and put even basic food items out of reach. In Guatemala, villagers are begging for food along highways by waving pieces of white cloth at passing drivers. In Colombia, the hungriest hang red flags from their homes in hope of donations. Recent phone surveys in places as disparate as Senegal and rural China suggest that large swaths of society have lost their livelihoods and, as a result, are eating less.The U.N. predicts the coronavirus could push an additional 130 million people to the brink of starvation by the end of 2020. World Vision, an international Christian aid organization, warns that 30 million children are at risk of dying.

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Destroying the Economy to Destroy Trump By Charles Taylor

     I have no doubt that one of the many agendas behind the corona lockdowns, and the destruction of the economy, was to take down Trump, who was building his re-election solely on his big beautiful economy, not on promises such as the wall. Here is what one major liberal thinks:

“Bill Maher said Friday that he is "hoping" for the bottom to fall out of the economy and for the country to enter a recession so we can "get rid of Trump." He said one way to do that is a "crashing economy." Maher said he is "sorry" if it hurts people, but rooting for a recession is a prevention measure to losing democracy. "Can I ask about the economy because this economy is going pretty well? I feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point. And by the way, I'm hoping for it. Because I think one way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy. So, please, bring on the recession. Sorry if that hurts people, but it's either root for a recession or you lose your democracy," Maher said on the Friday broadcast of his HBO show Real Time. "Trump is doing everything you can possibly do to screw up the economy," guest John Heilemann declared. "It's like everything is going great. This is the great thing -- you watch Trump's rhetoric. He says this is the lowest unemployment ever, African-Americans are doing great, we're all doing fantastic, best ever." "But also, 'It's a disaster, we have to change everything. America is getting robbed blind by the foreigners.' It's like what the fuck are you talking about? Are we having a good economy or a bad economy? If we have a good economy, why not just say let it ride. If we have a bad economy, we'll have another conversation, but he's making no sense with his refrain," the political commentator also said.”

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They All Knew By Chris Knight

     This is panning out just like in the aftermath of 9/11, where there were accusations that some people knew what was about to go down, and stayed home. Well, here with the corona lockdown, it is the case of over one hundred bigtime CEOs leaving before the crisis even started. Talk about being ahead of the curve:

     Disputed by the mainstream, of course:

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Jobless Until 2024, Then Replaced by Migrants By James Reed

     The joys of Centrelink … like mother’s milk …in Bangladesh, or wherever it is now that people are starving … maybe Australia … soon …

“Some forecasts of the unemployment rate have reached as high as 15.1 per cent – but getting this figure down to pre-coronavirus level won’t be in reach for another four years, a Deloitte economist has said. According to Deloitte Access Economics partner Chris Richardson, Australia will have to “champion a new round of much-needed economic reforms” if it is to address the major shortfall in national income even after the virus crisis is over. Deloitte estimates the federal government’s budget deficit will hit $143.1 billion in the 2019-20 financial year, well undercutting the government’s own forecast of a $5 billion surplus from its December mid-year review. But fixing the budget won’t lie in raising taxes: it will be on boosting the economy. “Our defence against the coronavirus has been world-leading. But just beating back the virus isn’t enough,” Richardson said. Prime Minister Scott Morrison recently said that flattening the unemployment curve would be Australia’s next priority. The jobless rate is expected to hit 10 per cent or even higher under forecasts by both the Grattan Institute and the governor of the Reserve Bank. But unemployment goes down much faster than it comes back up, Richardson pointed out. “The ‘mission accomplished’ signs can’t be put up until unemployment is back at 5%. On our forecasts, that doesn’t happen until late 2024. “We’re years away from returning unemployment to the 5 per cent rate it was at when this crisis hit.”

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We are All Communists Now, Like It or Lump It! By Richard Miller

     The Left are falling over themselves here in the UK at the creation of a socialist Big Government society beyond the Orwellian politically correct cesspool that the UK was before the Covid-19 panicdemic.

“More than half of British adults are now receiving money from the state, it emerged today - as Chancellor Rishi Sunak warned the situation is 'not sustainable'. The scale of the impact of the coronavirus lockdown is becoming clearer after the government revealed it is subsidising the wages of 6.3million workers under its furlough scheme. Meanwhile, more than 1.8million new claims for Universal Credit have been received, as people find their incomes slashed by the crisis. If the unemployed, 5.4million public sector workers and 12million pensioners are taken into account, the state now pays just over half the 52million UK adults. It came as new data suggested the UK economy is on course for a downturn deeper than anything seen in living memory as the service sector plummeted to a new record low. The closely watched IHS Markit/CIPS purchasing managers' index (PMI) for services dropped to 13.4 in April, by far the worst score since the survey started in 1996. In an interview last night, Mr Sunak tried to reassure workers and businesses that they will not face a 'cliff edge' of subsidies being withdrawn immediately when lockdown measures are eased. But amid signs of strains within government about the huge burden on the country's finances, Mr Sunak pointed out that the furlough scheme could soon be costing the same as the NHS budget. 'I'm working, as we speak, to figure out the most effective way to wind down the (furlough) scheme and to ease people back into work in a measured way,' he told ITV. 'As some scenarios have suggested, we are potentially spending as much on the furlough scheme as we do on the NHS, for example. Clearly that is not a sustainable situation.'" 

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The Rule of Technocracy By Peter Ewer

     What we have seen with the Covid-19 pandemic is the rise and continual rise of the technocracy, the rule by elites, wielding alleged technical and scientific knowledge. This was first seen with the climate change debate, but it was not as explicit, as the technocrats were behind the politicians. Yet today, it is all out in the open. Technical elites, who differ from the usual capitalists and financiers, set down rules that the rest of the capitalist must follow under pain of apocalypse. No doubt at the highest levels, the unseen and unknown demons who rule, control the technocrats, but from what we can see of the iceberg, the newer new class technical elites have called the shots on the corona freak-out.

“This is not a new trend. Over the past several decades—and especially since the New Deal—official experts in government have gradually replaced elected representatives as the primary decision-makers in government. Public debate has been abandoned in favor of meetings among small handfuls of unelected technocrats. Politics has been replaced by "science," whether social science or physical science. These powerful and largely unaccountable decision-makers are today most noticeable in federal courts, in "intelligence" agencies, at the Federal Reserve, and—long ignored until now—in government public health agencies. Technocracy as a style of governing has been around at least since the Progressive Era, although it has often been restrained by traditional legislative and elected political actors and institutions. Globally, it has gained prominence in a variety of times and places, for example in Mexico during the 1980s and 1990s. But the technocracy's power has long been growing in the United States as well. This may seem odd in a world where we are told democracy is among the highest political values, but technocrats have nonetheless managed to justify themselves through myths asserting that technocrats make scientific decisions guided only by The Data. These technocrats, we are told, care nothing of politics and only make sound decisions based on where the science leads.

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How to Build a Dirt Cheap Hydrogen Boron Fusion Reactor for China By James Reed

     Asiatimes.com features Australian plasma physicist Heirich Hora who believes that a fusion reactor can be built for as little as $ 100 million. “Producing electric power from the hydrogen-boron microexplosions is relatively straightforward in principle. The shower of positive-charged alpha particles emitted by a microexplosion in the center of the chamber generates a powerful current pulse, which can be harvested using technology already developed in the context of ultra-high-voltage DC electric power transmission systems. The DC pulse is then transformed into alternating current.”

     Here is the Hora et al. scientific paper:

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Even Our Water is Sold; Pathetic By James Reed

     In the driest continent on Earth, which is perennially in drought, with endless battles over limited water resources, the endgame is to let China buy water from the Murray Darling; my God, why don’t they just give it to them!

“Chinese state-owned enterprises have acquired water entitlements in Australia and some foreign water investors face limited scrutiny by the Foreign Investment Review Board.
Key points:

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Smug Facebook By Bruce Bennett

     Yep, one by one they fall from Facebook, with the anti-immigration site vDare now copping it. Well, this is a war, and they, like us, will have to carry on regardless. I hate bloody Facebook, and would rather be subjected to the Chinese water torture than have to look at it every five minutes just to see who let off wind today (I just did, sorry, it was me, it’s the high meat diet):

“Recently, Facebook decided to go down the dark path of hive-mind conformity and zapped longstanding Right-wing think tank VDARE from the platform. As Peter Brimelow writes: My refutation of Facebook’s ridiculous rationale for banning us.

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Will You have a Smoking Corona with Your Climate Change? By Chris Knight

     It was predictable; the globalist Left never let a good crisis go to waste, however it turns out. Thus, Covid-19 is now linked with climate change and the planetary crisis, at least in the minds of the acting class:

“Left-wing politicians have woken up to the fact that  the coronavirus pandemic “would be a terrible crisis to waste,” in the words of Hillary Clinton. Now a group of wealthy Hollywood stars is also capitalizing on the crisis to push a sweeping climate change agenda. Celebrities including Robert De Niro, Madonna, Barbra Streisand, Jane Fonda, and Joaquin Phoenix have signed their names to an editorial published Wednesday in France’s largest newspaper, Le Monde, demanding a total overhaul of economies around the world in the name of saving the environment and fighting global warming. “The Covid-19 pandemic is a tragedy. This crisis, however, has an upside in giving us the chance to examine what is essential,” the editorial says. “The ongoing ecological catastrophe is a ‘meta-crisis’: the massive extinction of life on Earth is no longer in doubt, and all indicators point to a direct existential threat. Unlike a pandemic, however serious it may be, it’s a question of a global ecological collapse whose effects will be immeasurable.”

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